Distr.  : UK -
Style   : reissue - 60's soul / r&b /

TR      62011   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.1           LP      08.2007
TR      62012   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.2           LP      08.2007
TR      62013   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.3           LP      08.2007
TR      62014   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.4           LP      08.2007
TR      62019   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.9           LP      03.2014

                The Demons              EL LOBO
                Note & Toe & The Grenadiers : I GOT A COLD
                Felix & His Fabulous Cats : HEY TIGER
                Lenny Welch             CHANGA ROCK
                Damal & Rasheed         ARRIBA
                Gary U.S. Bonds         I WANNA HOLLER
                Alan & The Flames       WHATCHA GONNA DO
                Linda Gayle             MAGGIE’S FARM
                Los Rebeldes De Rock    SWIM
                Iraj                    BABY SHAKE WITH ME
                H-Bomb Ferguson         MARY LITTLE MARY
                Little Jerry            CHAPEL ON THE HILL
                Syd Hale                THE HELL RAISERS
                Fred Harris’ Red Tops   THE BULL
                The Moonglows           CHICKIE UM BAH
TR      62020   V / A                   TWISTIN' RUMBLE VOL.10          LP      03.2014

                Len Wade                BOSS BEAT
                L. B. Wilson            DON’T
                Felix Garcia & His Guitar : TWO TACOS
                Vernon Harrel           SLICK CHICK
                The Admirals            SAWMILL
                The Nobletones          CALYPSO BABY
                Cecil DAVIS             LETS HAVE A BALL
                Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy Orchestra : KNOCKED OUT
                The Imperialites        LET’S GET ONE
                The Medallions          LOLO BABY
                The Peridots            HULLY GULLY ALL NIGHT LONG
                Earl Forest             THE DUCK
                Ludaway                 THE PIG
                The Valiants            WALKIN’ GIRL
                David Del Conte         I LIE
                Willard Burton          TWISTIN' TWIST