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KHZ     1001    SIR RICHARD BISHOP+W. DAVID OLIPHANT:Beyond All Defects LP      05.2019
                : Mount Meru Anthology Series Vol. 1

        01.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Dharmakaya
        02.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Sambhogakaya
        03.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Nirmanakaya
        04.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Semde
        05.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Longde
        06.     Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant : Upadesa

Although Sir Richard Bishop (SRB) and W. David Oliphant (WDO) worked together
periodically in the '80s through Sun City Girls and Maybe Mental, they never set
out to simply work together as a duo. Fast forward to 2011, SRB, feeling the need
to temporarily step out of his solo guitar zone, approached WDO with the idea of this)
joint collaboration... Beyond All Defects was composed and recorded live in the studio
in Phoenix, Arizona in December of 2011 (remastered in 2018 by Mark Gergis) and
presented on vinyl for the first time by Twenty One Eighty Two Recording Company.
The sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in Tibet, and are heavily
inspired by Tibetan Buddhism -- specifically the body of teachings known as Dzogchen.
Many of the musical ideas for this project were literally derived from dreams the
night before they were created. The remaining ideas were formed centuries ago. Sir
Richard Bishop plays acoustic guitar throughout. Often detuned, bowed, and beaten,
the guitar was "treated" by Oliphant during the live recording process. SRB also
provided audio from field recordings he captured in India. WDO used a variety of
computer software with a MIDI controller to create all the other sounds. All tracks
were captured in real-time, direct to disk. Beyond All Defects is the first in a
series celebrating the audio adventures created by Arizona sonic composers.
Clear vinyl; Edition of 500.
KHZ     1002    SUN CITY GIRLS:Live at the Sky Church-Sept. 3rd, 2004   LP+DVD  06.2020

        01.     Sun City Girls          NoKoReach
        02.     Sun City Girls          Keep Your Eyes Open
        03.     Sun City Girls          Sending Young Children To Kill Them
        04.     Sun City Girls          You Are Extinct
        05.     Sun City Girls          On The Cusp of Being Arrested
        06.     Sun City Girls          Brother Number One
        07.     Sun City Girls          Wear Your Love Like Venom
        08.     Sun City Girls          With Pleasure, Master!
KHZ     1003    SUNN TRIO               ELECTRIC ESOTERICA              LP      06.2020

        01.     Sunn Trio               Alhiruiyn
        02.     Sunn Trio               Majoun
        03.     Sunn Trio               Kunz-Pnjua
        04.     Sunn Trio               Japa 3 Aiwass
        05.     Sunn Trio               Roktabija The Promulgator
        06.     Sunn Trio               Tantric Feedback Resistor
        07.     Sunn Trio               Taqsim For Atargatis
        08.     Sunn Trio               Khons at Karnak
        09.     Sunn Trio               Ilm Al-Huruf
        10.     Sunn Trio               The Eye of Apopis
        11.     Sunn Trio               The Evocation of King Taresh