Distr. : Tweenet
Style  : indie

TWEE    001     [TWEENET WEB SITE]                                      WS      09.1994
TWEE    002     V / A                   SEVEN SUMMERS                   CD      11.1998
                (Note : co-release with Kindercore Rec. KC 24)
TWEE    003     [WWW.SIDDLEYS.COM]                                      WS      07.2001
TWEE    004     THE DESERT WOLVES       Pontification                   CD      08.2000
                Mexico / Love Scattered Lives / Desolation Sunday
                Morning / Passion In The Afternoon / Speak To Me
                Rochelle / Besotted / November / The Gunmetal Jaguar
                / Loce Scattered Lives (CD-rom video)
                (Note : co-release with Firestation Rec. FST 18 , vinyl
                was released in Japan only)
TWEE    005     V / A                   SOUND OF LEAMINGTON SPA         LP.CD   10.2000

a.      BIG RED BUS             Cathedral Walls
        THE MAN FROM DELMONTE   Drive Drive Drive
        HEY PAULETTE            I Really Do Love Penelope
        WHERE GARDENS FALL      Search
        THE ANYWAYS             Silver
        METRO TRINITY           Spend My Hole Life Loving You
        THE HEPBURNS            Andy & Valerie
        ASIA FIELDS             Dazed
        THE SIDDLEYS            Sunshine Thuggery

b.      HOT RAIN                Time Is On Our Side
        THE DESERT WOLVES       Mexico
        THE CLAMHEADS           Summer's Coming Down
        SISTER RAIN             Burt Reynolds
        CHERRY ORCHARD          So Blind
        NORTH OF CORNWALLIS     Billy Liar
        THE WINDMILLS           The Day Dawned On Me
        LAST PARTY              Barbecued
        THE WISHING STONES      Beat Girl
        THE AURBISONS           Holy Cow

(Note : Bilberry Rec.   BILB 05
        Firestation Tower Rec. FST 008)