Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : noise / psych. /

TV      001     SKULLFLOWER             PURITY                          CD      02.2020

        1.      Clarity                                         17:29
        2.      Rune                                            16:26
        3.      Ursa                                            21:00
        4.      Sirius                                          07:42

Black psychedelia, noise, metal, drone... Whatever you’d like to call it, Skullflower
are one of thee finest exponents of it. Matthew Bower is the constant at the center of
this world. Recently he has been working on the project with Samantha Davies. There’s
been a whole bunch of stuff available digitally, but with Purity, they return to the
physical format for the first time in two years. This one's a total stunner.