TRUANT RECORDINGS                       London
*****************                       UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/Bleep/
Style   : concrete music / modern classical / experimental house and techno
          / ambient /

TRNT    001
TRNT    002     KINBRAE                 LANDFORMS                       LP      04.2019

        1.      Movement Of Light
        2.      Meander
        3.      The Bridge At Night
        4.      The River Awakens
        5.      Confluence
        6.      Tatha
        7.      Arrival Of Winter
        8.      Wave Propagation
        9.      Tributaries

Landforms" is the second album by Scottish twin-brothers Kinbrae and follows their
acclaimed debut ‘Tidal Patterns’. The latest album explores the River Tay, its
surrounding landscape and the impact growing up on its banks had on the brothers.

TRNT    004     XOROS                   XOROS                           LP      02.2020
TRNT    004     XOROS                   XOROS                           DL      02.2020

        1.      Opening
        2.      The Gift
        3.      Cascading
        4.      The Machine
        5.      Paradise Cinema
        6.      Master Blaster
        7.      XOROS
        8.      Futures

A collaboration between electronic musician Will Ward and former Portico Quartet
member Jack Wyllie, Xoros began life as an intriguing experiment to see if the
saxophone could form the basis of a proper techno record, with synthesisers and
field recordings padding it out. Xoros is therefore a highly intriguing and sensual
experience, emphasising texture and headspace.