Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : jazz / fusion /

TOL     001     WILDFLOWER              BETTER TIMES                    LP        .2021

        1.      Blue                                            04:14
        2.      Yellow                                          03:48
        3.      Green                                           05:51
        4.      Red                                             08:07

Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard and Tom Skinner present their third studio album as
Wildflower, and the inaugural release by the new Tropic Of Love label. As ever,
‘Better Times’ sees the trio take jazz and various musical influences from around
the world and forge them into a groove-based aesthetic.
TOL     002     TELEPHONE MAN           ANGEL                           12"     03.2022

        1.      Angel                                           05:38
        2.      Burning                                         06:09
        3.      Stand Up                                        06:37
        4.      Stand Up (Dub)                                  06:42

Four cuts of classic disco from Telephone Man who are a collaboration between
Nostalgia 77 and DrumTalk. Influenced by the library label KPM and the live disco
of the likes of Dinosaur L, these tracks were recorded by a bunch of stellar
musicians then tweaked in the studio by the duo. Ambitious, stately and colourful