TRIBUNAL RECORDS                P.O.Box   49322

****************                Greensboro
                                NC  27419-1322

                                tel. : (336) 632 9877

Start  : summer 1999
Distr. : US - Very Distr.
Style  : hardcore / death metal / trash metal /

TRB     001     PRAYER FOR CLEANSING    The Rain In Endless Fall        CD        .1999
TRB     002     SEVER THE FALLEN : In Pieces Lie The Remains Of Hope    MCD
TRB     003     FACEDOWN                Forgetting The Constant Fear    MCD
TRB     004     AZAZEL                  Music For The Ritual Chamber    MCD
TRB     005     BLOODJINN               Murder Eternal                  CD
TRB     006     SCARLET                 Breaking The Dead Stare         MCD
TRB     007     SENNACHERIB             Beyond A Wall Of Fire           CDS
TRB     008     DAYLIGHT DIES           Idle                            MC
TRB     009     SOCIAL PHOBIA           Such Simple Horrors             CD
TRB     010     FROM HERE ON            Hope For A Bleeding Sky         CDEP
TRB     011     HYDE                    The Sky's False Parsona         MCD
TRB     012     APATHEMY : Encased In Black This Is Forever             CD
TRB     013     AGE OF RUIN             Black Sands Of The Hourglass    MCD
TRB     014     HEARTSCARVED            Tomorrow We Escape              MCD
TRB     015     FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES    Sin Sorrow And Sadness          CD
TRB     016     EYES UPON SEPARATION    The Leaves Fall With Grace      CDS
                (Note : cancelled)
TRB     018     V / A                   Born In Hell,raised In Jail     CD
TRB     019     FACEDOWN                Blinded By Delusions            CD
TRB     020     DARKMOON.308            Antichrist                      MCD
TRB     021     NIENTARA                The Summer's End                MCD
TRB     022     AGE OF RUIN             Autumn Lanterns                 MCD
TRB     023     ATREYU                  Fractures In The Facade         MCD
TRB     024     A LONG WINTER           I'm So Bad With Goodbyes        CD
TRB     025     DARKNESS REMAINS        To Touch The Depths Of Sorrow   CD
TRB     026     SAMADHI                 The Finest Of Sorrow            MCD
TRB     027     END OF ALL              End Of All                      CD
TRB     028     HYDE                    A Beutiful Nightmare            CD
TRB     029     ARIA                    As If Forever Really Exists     MCD
TRB     030     GRIEVING THE DAYS TO COME : The Unsaid Everything       MCD
TRB     031     SWIFT                   Waging War                      CD
TRB     032     KILLWHITNEYDEAD         Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet CDEP
TRB     033     EVERAFTER               Fading Into Bright              CD
TRB     034     HEARTSCARVER            Epilogue                        CDEP
TRB     035     DARKNESS REMAINS        Lamia                           CD
TRB     036     AMAZING DEVICE          The Quiet Room                  CD
TRB     037     THE UNDERWATER          Bleed Me Blue                   MCD
TRB     038     SWIFT                   Thoughts Are Thought            CD
TRB     039     SWIFT                   A Communication Manual          MCD
TRB     040     ADIOS                   The Ropes                       CD
TRB     041     A LONG WINTER           Breathing Underwater            demo
TRB     042     CANVAS SOLARIS          Spatial / Design                MCD
TRB     043     BRAND NEW DISASTER      Maybe We Should Run             CD
TRB     044     RIFLES AT RECESS        To Whisper In Tongues           CD
TRB     045     ANIMOSITY               Shut It Down                    CD
TRB     046     SCHOOL FOR HEROES       Listen                          CD
TRB     047     WIDOW                   Midnight Strikes                CD
TRB     048     PRAYER FOR CLEANSING    The Rain In Endless             CD
TRB     049     ONE SIX CONSPIRACY      Words Fill Time                 CD
TRB     050     V / A                   Tribunal Records No.50          2CD
TRB     051     THE KISS OF DEATH       The Kiss Of Death
TRB     052     AGE OF RUIN             Black Sands Of The Hourglass    CD
TRB     053     SCHOOL FOR HEROES       Arrivals / Departures           CD
TRB     054     DEADSOIL                Forever The Enemy               MCD
TRB     055     KILLWHITNEYDEAD         Never Good Enough For You       CD
TRB     056     HE IS LEGEND 91025      He Is Legend 91025              CD
TRB     057     CANVAS SOLARIS          Sublimation                     CD
TRB     058     KILLING THEORY          Dead Buried Forgotten           MCD
TRB     059     SONOMA AREO             Sonoma Areo                     CDEP      .2004
TRB     060     THE CHASE THEORY        Scrapbook 1998-2001             CD        .2004
TRB     061     KILLWHITNEYDEAD SO PRETTY SO PLASTIC                    CD        .2004
TRB     062     THE CARDINAL EFFECT     Red Light Carousel              CD        .2004
TRB     063     SLOWMOTION APOCALYPSE   My Own Private Armageddon       CD      05.2004
TRB     064     FROM HERE ON            Hope For A Bleeding Sky         CDEP    05.2005
TRB     065     BRAND NEW DISASTER      Hold Fast The Summer            CD      05.2005
TRB     066     THE TASTE OF BLOOD      Predator                        CD      05.2005
TRB     067     SWIFT                   The Absolute Uncontrollable     CD      07.2005

TRB     069     V / A                   Tribunal Records                DVD     01.2006

TRB     072     CENTURY                 Faith And Failure               CD      01.2006
TRB     073     NEW REPUBLIC            Libertad                        CD      05.2006
TRB     074     THE MURDERED : And The Maggots Shall Inherit The Earth  CD      05.2006
TBR     075     DREAMCSAPES OF THE PERVERSE : Gignesthai                CD      04.2006
TBN     076
TBN     077     THE DEMONSTRATION       Existence                       CD      07.2006
TBN     078     KILLWHITNEYDEAD         Scene Of The Crime              DVD     08.2006
TBN     079     THE DAMASCUS INTERVENTION : Carefully Built/Carelessly  CDEP    08.2006
TBN     080     HER CANDANE             No Battle !                     CD      11.2006
TBN     081     SCHOOL FOR HEROES       The Answer                      CDEP    02.2007
TBN     082     UPSIDE : Jim Beam & The American Dream                  CD.DVD  04.2007
TBN     083     LIFERUINER              No Saints                       CD      04.2007
TBN     084     WOE OF TYRANTS          Behold The Lion                 CD      05.2007
TBN     085     FROM THE SHALLOWS       Beyond The Unknown              CDEP    04.2007
TBN     086     KILLWHITNEYDEAD         Nothing Less Nothing More       CD      05.2007
TBN     087
TBN     088     JONIN                   The Secret                      CD      10.2007
TBN     089     THE DEMONSTRATION       Words Of A Con-Artist           CDEP    08.2007
TBN     090     LAST CHANCE TO REASON   LVL.1                           CD      08.2007
TBN     091     THE FEDS                A Touch Of Panic                CD      08.2007
TBN     093     HEREAFTER AN ODYSSEY    HUMAN IS AS HUMAN               CDEP    05.2008
TBN     094     AZAZEL                  ASHES TO ASHES                  CD      02.2009
TBN     095     ANEMY IS US             VENOMIZED                       CD      02.2009
TBN     096     SIX REASONS TO KILL     ANOTHER HORIZON                 CD      02.2009
TBN     097
TBN     098     A SECRET DEATH          A SECRET DEATH                  CD      07.2009
TBN     099     INFERI                  THE END OF AN ERA               CD      07.2009
TBN     100
TBN     101
TBN     102     VALE OF PNATH           VALE OF PNATH                   CD      07.2009
TBN     103     BLATANT DISSATRAY       EVERYONE DIES ALONE             CD      03.2010
TBN     104     IRON THRONES            VISIONS OF LIGHT                CD      07.2009
                - A TRILOGY OF TERROR