TRASH WAX                               IRELAND

Owner   : Charlie Spliff (Trasharama) & Darren Ross
Distr.  : IR - Get Hip
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : reissue / garage rock / punk / r&r / rockabilly / garage punk /
          psychobilly / surf /

(m)     mono issue


        A       I Was A Teenage Werewolf
        B       Rippersville
TW7     2       THE SMOGGERS/CHARM BAG  SPLIT                           7"      10.2016

        1       It's My Time
        2       Presence Of The Beast
TW7     003     OH! GUNQUIT             NOMADS OF THE LOST              7"      10.2016

        A       Nomads Of The Lost
        B       Walking The Streets
                (Note : 7" , 400 copies)
TW7     004     MARCEL BONTEMPI         BLACK CAT                       7"      11.2016

        A1      Black Cat
        A2      Boss Eyed Cat
        B1      Black Cat
        B2      Cat Man
TW7     005     THE X-MEN               PEEL SESSION 13/9/1984          7" (m)  08.2017

        A1      The Witch
        A2      Little Girl
        B1      Count Von Black
        B2      X-Tremental
TW7     006     LEADFOOT TEA            SHAKE WILD WITH                 7"      01.2017

        A1      Let's Shake It Up
        A2      Snake Shake
        B1      Shake Wild
        B2      Shake Sherry Lee
TW7     007     THE STRANGE BLUE DREAMS : REVERBERATIN' LOVE            7"      08.2017

        A       Reverberatin' Love
        B       Sun & Moon
TW7     008     THE BUGS                THE WORKS EP                    7"      01.2018

        A1      One Of These Days
        A2      The Bummer
        B1      Hate
        B2      I Must Be Mad
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 copies)

Trash Wax's 'Garbage Grails' series serves up another prime slab of vintage garage
trash from the 1980s, with four unreleased tracks by cult band The Bugs. The tracks
were recorded in between tours of the UK and Europe in early 1988 while the band were
still promoting their debut album 'Darkside', which had been released by Big Beat in
1987. The recordings feature the new revamped line up following LLoyd Tripps' move to
the USA which notably includes a certain bass player who later went on to form indie
rock band Lush. The E.P. features pounding new versions of band original 'One Of
These Days' and 'Hate' (The Stoics) which had both appeared on the LP, along with
further fuzz drenched versions of 'I Must Be Mad' (The Craig) and 'The Bummer'
(Lincoln St. Exit). Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.
TW7     009     THEE GRAVEMEN           MY WITCH                        7" (m)  10.2017

        A       My Witch
        B       Trick Or Treat
                (Note . 7" , 300 copies on pink orange vinyl)
TW7     010     THE RAMBLERS : RAMBLIN' BACK TO THE GRAVE               7"      02.2018

        A       Ramblin' Back...
        B       Rainy Days

Legendary garage punk recorded in the mid '80s and pressed in the mid '90s. A true
classic that finally gets released after more than 30 years. A handful of promo copies
got into circulation at the time and are considered a holy grail to collectors.
The flipside 'Rainy Days' is a previously unheard track which could easily be mistaken
for The Seeds. Real '60s style garage punk at its very best. 450 copies on blue vinyl.
TW7     011     GO GO CULT              WE HAD LOVE                     7"      09.2018

        A       We Had Love
        B       I Melted Mind
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
TW7     012     THE CHEATING HEARTS     ALRIGHT                         7"      10.2018

SIDE 1: 1.      Alright
        2.      Bad Habit
SIDE 2: 1.      Gimmie Gimmie
        2.      Got To Be My Lover

Hamburg heartbreakers The Cheating Hearts are back with a 4 track EP, containing more
songs of love and hate for today's 21st century dysfunctional lovers and cluster
B types. The EP is a follow up to their sold out 2016 LP 'Fuck Love' and is guaranteed
to drive listeners wild with desire as they seduce you once again with their trashy
songs of lust and bad romance. Love is a drug, Rock'n'roll is the medicine. Limited
to 300 copies on pale blue vinyl in nice high quality thick sleeve.
TW7     13      THE BITCHWAVES          BAT ATTACK                      7"      04.2019

        A       Bat Attack
        B       Batty Flap
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on clear-red vinyl)
TWLP    1       THE VIBES : VOODOO JUJU-LIVE AT THE FORUM ENGER 1985    LP      11.2015

        A1      Mini Skirt Blues
        A2      Ain't No Friend Of Mine
        A3      Inside Out (I See All)
        A4      Something Ain't Right
        A5      Egyptian Thing
        A6      Ain't It Hard
        A7      I Hear Noises
        A8      I'm Mad
        B1      Psychedelic Woman
        B2      Hasil Adkins In My Head
        B3      I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)
        B4      Judgement Day
        B5      What'cha Gonna Do About It
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
TWLP    2       GO GO CULT              VALLEY OF THE GO GO CULT        LP      11.2015

        A1      Navajo Joe
        A2      My Baby Drives A Ufo
        A3      Old Nick The Revelator
        A4      Roller Girl Baby
        A5      I'll Drive
        A6      Devils Cowboy
        A7      Rocket To Neptune
        B1      Beware The Lair Of The Go Go Bear
        B2      Swamp Liquor
        B3      Ghost Rider
        B4      My Girl Is Bad
        B5      Lon Chaney Watusi
        B6      Nosferatu Crawl
        B7      Hoodoo Voodoo
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)

CD      Western Star    WSRC 065        2012    UK
TWLP    3       GUITARACULAS            TWO BOTTLES OF BLOOD            LP      11.2015

        A1      The Menace
        A2      Catch 22
        A3      Roach Racing
        A4      Love's Secret Domain
        A5      Insomania Of The Mummies
        A6      Shadow Of A Spy
        B1      Accidental Death Of An Optimist
        B2      The Omen Hotel
        B3      Sadistic Satanic Super Criminal
        B4      Roswell Area 51
        B5      House Of Exorcism
        B6      Vampira's Curse
        B7      Human Jungle Revisited
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
TWLP    4       MESSER CHUPS            SPOOKY HOOK                     LP      07.2016

        A1      Gotham City                                     2:23
        A2      Fast Food Diablo                                2:24
        A3      Rock It                                         3:06
        A4      Doctor Spook                                    2:22
        A5      They Call Me Zombie                             3:05
        A6      Ghost Party                                     2:09
        A7      Billy Bond                                      2:29
        A8      Horns And Hooves                                2:32
        B1      Dead Cat On The Line                            2:09
        B2      Tomb Sweet Tomb                                 3:06
        B3      Munster Theme                                   2:05
        B4      Cheap Holidays On The Moon                      2:14
        B5      Ghost Hop                                       2:04
        B6      Cryptobilly Tales                               2:19
        B7      Curse Of Stephen Kong                           2:34
        B8      The Prowler                                     2:01
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies copies)

Line Up:        Baritone Saxophone              Alexey Kanev
                Bass, Vocals                    Zombierella
                Drums                           Rockin' Eugene
                Guitar                          Gitaracula
TWLP    5       THE CHARITY CASE        HOW TO FALL                     LP      03.2016

        A1      Safe In The Mind                                3:59
        A2      Thank God You're Gone                           3:29
        A3      Victory Gin                                     3:19
        A4      Goodbye To All That                             3:25
        A5      Don't Worry                                     2:07
        A6      The Golden Hello                                2:31
        B1      How To Fall                                     4:26
        B2      Positively Negative                             1:30
        B3      Only Lovers Left Alive                          3:04
        B4      In My Mind                                      4:07
        B5      I've Found Another Way                          2:50
        B6      Sandie Shaw - World War                         3:14
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)

        A1      Messer Chups            Call Me Zombie          3:03
        A2      Messer Chups            Hollywood Devils        2:19
        A3      Messer Chups            Flesh'n'Blood           2:21
        A4      The Bonecollectors      Moriarty Woogie         2:13
        A5      Messer Chups : Dracula Hates Photoshoots        2:48
        A6      The Bonecollectors      Bela Lugosi's Dead      4:04
        A7      Messer Chups : Insomnia Of The Mummies          3:47
        A8      The Bonecollectors      Death Tattoo            2:21
        B1      Messer Chups : Dead Cat On The Line             2:07
        B2      The Bonecollectors : Lucretia, My Reflection    3:12
        B3      Messer Chups            Dead Down Comedy        3:22
        B4      Messer Chups            Rockin' Zombie          2:34
        B5      The Bonecollectors      Jason Bond 0013         2:56
        B6      Messer Chups : Christopher Lee Vs Bruce Lee     2:16
        B7      The Bonecollectors      Jimmy Lector            2:43
        B8      Messer Chups            Ghost Party             2:07
        B9      Messer Chups            Cryptobilly Tales       2:18
TWLP    7       MONDO A GO GO           IN GO GO WE TRUST               LP      12.2015

        A1      Mondo A Go-Go                                   1:50
        A2      In Go-Go We Trust (Single Version)              2:09
        A3      Wild Guitar                                     2:10
        A4      Sister Street Fighter                           2:10
        A5      Vigilante (Single Mix)                          2:33
        A6      Crazy Date                                      3:05
        A7      Kool In A Girl (The True Measure)               1:54
        A8      Outta Body Rock 'n' Roll Experience             2:05
        A9      Shakedown                                       0:46
        A10     You Dig My Grave                                2:54
        B1      The Ballad Of Dario Banzai                      2:22
        B2      45 RPM (It's About Time)                        1:50
        B3      Kozure Ohkami                                   1:59
        B4      Born To Lose                                    1:03
        B5      Gearhead                                        1:35
        B6      Dracula, Prisoner Of Frankenstein               2:34
        B7      The Day I Was Born                              2:05
        B8      Faceless                                        3:03
        B9      Lucky The Inscrutable                           2:51
        B10     La Comtesse Noire                               2:36

(Note : LP is pressed on translucent red vinyl and includes an alternate sleeve inner,
        superb illustrations and extensive liner notes, and a download code. This is
        a hand-numbered edition of only 300 copies)
TWLP    8       THE CHEATING HEARTS     FUCK LOVE                       LP      08.2016

        A1      Ch-Ch Cheating Hearts
        A2      R'N'R Sex Punk
        A3      I Want Your Drug
        A4      I Don't Want You No More
        A5      Your Love So Fine
        A6      Another Lover
        B1      Don't Let Me Down
        B2      Baby C'Mon
        B3      One More Time
        B4      Fuck Love
        B5      Gotta Have Your Lovin'
        B6      Only Girl Child
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
TWLP    9       MEGATONS                MELTDOWN                        LP      01.2017

        01.     JUMP BABY JUMP
        02.     HONEY HUSH
        03.     LONESOME BABY BLUES
        04.     HOW CAN YOU BE MEAN TO ME?
        05.     FROGGY WENT A COURTIN'
        06.     PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING - TAKE #1
        07.     PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING - TAKE #2
        08.     PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING - TAKE #3
        09.     FOOL I AM
        10.     LITTLE BITTY MAMA
        11.     ROCKIN' MAMA
        12.     SWEET LOVE
        13.     ICE COLD BABY
        14.     MOVE BABY MOVE
        15.     DO ME NO WRONG
        16.     BLUE SWINGIN' MAMA
        17.     CALDONIA
        18.     BABY DON'T LOVE ME NO MORE

Long before Boz Boorer became Morrisey's right hand man, he'd already enjoyed fame
as the guitarist of The Polecats. But in late 1982 he'd joined forces with Rockin'
Lloyd Tripp (The Vibes, The Bugs, The Sting Rays, Blubbery Hellbellys, Zipguns), Bob
Martin (The Vibes, Margin Of Sanity) and Gary 'Gaz Voola' Boniface (The Vibes, Purple
Things, Terminal Cheesecake) to record this (now legendary) session.
TWLP    10      THE KINGS OF HONG KONG : STRANGE THING                  LP      04.2017

        A1      Hong Kong Stomp
        A2      Sliced 'N' Diced
        A3      Nightbeat
        A4      House Of Snakes
        A5      Scream For Love
        A6      Drift Guitar / Knock Down
        B1      Stay Sick Baby
        B2      Rumble / Run Chicken Run
        B3      Mystery Plane
        B4      Slow Down
        B5      Take A Trip To The Other Side

The Kings Of Hong Kong's perfect blend of trashy garage punk and raw rockabilly really
hits the spot. Hailing from the Midlands in the UK, the band has taken the scene by
storm, playing sold out gigs in London, Scotland, the South Coast as well as on the
TWLP    11      MESSER FUR FRAU MULLER : BEST                           LP      07.2018

        01.     AGENTS AND SPIES
        02.     SMILE, BUT DON'T MOVE
        03.     SUPER SONIC VIBRATOR
        04.     SEX INSPECTOR
        05.     I LIKE I
        06.     BARMALEY 66
        07.     THE BEST GIRL IN THE USSR
        08.     AUF WIEDERSEHEN, JOHN
        09.     MR PSHIK
        10.     ALLO SUPERMAN
        11.     SALUTE, ADIEU

A limited edition reissue of one of the rarest albums by Messer Für Frau Müller,
originally from 2012. Here are 11 tracks from the now legendary pre-Messer Chups
formation of Oleg Gitarkin and Oleg Kostrow (1996-2008). An eclectic mix of exotica,
mondo-electronica, lounge-surf and sampledelic sounds.
TWLP    12      THE GUITARACULAS        PREACHER OF THE NIGHT           LP      07.2017

        A1      Hula Drag-U-La
        A2      Nobody Wins
        A3      Vampira Curses Again
        A4      Big Noise From The Jungle
        A5      The Stroll Of Lady Doom
        A6      The Shadow Knows
        B1      Midnight Call
        B2      The Days Of Pearly Spencer
        B3      Dante's Inferno
        B4      Surfing De L'Amour
        B5      The Box
        B6      Christopher Lee Vs Bruce Lee

The second LP from these Russian masters of trash macabre, featuring members of
St. Petersburg-based Messer Chups as well as Manchester exile Sasha 'Bassferatu'
Skvortsov, and Rockin' Eugene from Moscow. Taking their love of B-movies and '50s
rockabilly, and mixing it with a surf sound that owes far more to Link Wray than
to Dick Dale, they deliver 12 spine-jangling tunes that will have you checking
under the bed and sleeping with the light on!
TWLP    13      THE MEMPHIS MORTICIANS : DIAL 'M' FOR MORTICIAN         LP      09.2017

        02.     FINAL KICK
        03.     LINDA LEE
        04.     WILD STREAK
        05.     PRIMITIVE TRASHMEN
        06.     PHANTOM LOVER
        07.     SPOOK FACTOR
        08.     FULL MOON HOP
        09.     TRASH DEVIL ROCK
        10.     WAILIN' WELL
        11.     HALLOWEEN SOCKS 
        12.     13 O'CLOCK ROCK

        01.     PLANET CLAIRE
        02.     THE INVASION IS COMING
        04.     MYSTERY PLANE
        05.     SHOCK ME (LOVE ME)
        06.     I CAN'T FIND MY MIND
        07.     THE BLOB
        08.     7 & 7 IS
        09.     ROCKET USA
        10.     EST. TRIP TO THE MOON
        11.     OUTER LIMITS
        12.     TEENAGERS FROM MARS
        13.     SCARY MONSTERS
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies)

The second full length LP from the duo that is Vince Ripper and Andy Ratfink Wilson
(ex-Alien Sex Fiend). This time on a tripped up voyage through space featuring
13 manic tunes which include The B52's classic 'Planet Claire' and a cover of
The Cramps' 'Mystery Plane'. An homage to a time of space rockets, alien invasion
and B-movie schlock! It's garage punk, it's electro, it's rockabilly... but not
as you know it! Housed in a beautifully designed heavyweight sleeve on 180 gram
vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
TWLP    15      THE HILLMANS            TAKING THE TRASH BACK IN        LP      04.2018

        01.     SWAMP DEVIL V1
        02.     I FEEL ALRIGHT
        03.     CHANGE
        04.     GONNA MISS ME
        05.     WALKING IN THE WOODS
        06.     DOG MAN
        07.     THE DT'S
        08.     WHOA BLUE BABY
        09.     LAZY BONES
        10.     COME ON LITTLE MAMA
        11.     HEY OLD KIDDIE
        12.     SWAMP DEVIL V2

The 4th album but the 1st to be released on vinyl from Brighton (UK) based
The Hillmans. Ed. of 500 copies.
TWLP    16      THE MESSER CHUPS        COCKTAIL DRACULINA, VOL.2       LP      04.2018

        A1      The Night Of The Open Coffins
        A2      Super Megera
        A3      Inferno Image
        A4      Sperm Donor
        A5      Coffin Mobile
        A6      Monstro Crescendo
        B1      Dark Story
        B2      Tchaikovsky Beat
        B3      Transistor Boogie
        B4      Blood With Gas
        B5      Retrocaine
        B6      Skeleton Dance

Album number 21 for those very talented Russians led by Oleg Fomchenkov and Co, also
the last album to feature the bombshell that was Zombierella. All of the featured
tracks have been remixed and remastered by Oleg himself for this release and all
appear on vinyl for the first time. 12 tracks of not your usual surf/rockabilly
crossover. Check out the warped 'Brand New Cadillac' riffs or their take on the Johnny
Fortune instro classic 'Dragster'. They take from electronica and sampling to drag
their '50s and '60s influences into the present, distilling a very heady concoction
indeed. As with all Messer Chups releases, this one is limited to 500 copies and will
sell out very quickly.
TWLP    17      THE MINGS               THE MINGS                       LP      10.2018

        01.     UP IN SMOKE
        02.     HEAVY WATER
        03.     I LIED
        04.     DECAPITATION
        05.     MONDO A GO GO
        06.     CHANGE YOUR MIND
        07.     DO THE MING!
        08.     MERCILESS
        09.     FLASH IN THE PAN
        10.     OUT OF SIGHT
        11.     HAND OF MING

The debut album finally here! Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Sir Bald Diddley),
Wild Ming (Marky from Dead Rocks) deliver one hell of a blistering LP. 11 tracks of
incredible, shit kicking garage punk, from the killer 'I Lied' which sounds like a
'65 lost Texas punk gem to the surf influenced crazed trash of 'Out Of Sight' or
their take on the uber classic Los Saicos 'Demolicion' ('Decapitation'). All Killer,
absolutely no filler! Not a paisley shirt or pointy boot in sight! This one is limited
to 500 copies, but order fast!
TWLP    18      LEADFOOT TEA            GREAT AND OIL                   LP      10.2018

        01.     YOU GET MY MOTOR RUNNING
        02.     SHAKE IT ON DOWN
        03.     SHE'S MINE
        04.     GREASE AND OIL
        05.     SHAKE THEM BONES
        06.     ENDLESS SLEEP
        07.     BIG BLACK, FAST BACK
        08.     (HERE I GO) ON MY OWN AGAIN
        09.     LOVE ME TONIGHT
        10.     (I'M JUST A) HOG FOR YOU
        11.     LOVE HAS GONE
        12.     (I GOT THE) VOODOO BLUES

With 5 7" releases and a 12" mini album (all sold out) Trash Wax thought that it was
about time he had a full length album out. Recorded during the chilly months in
Southern Sweden at the Grave Cave Studio in the first part of 2018, Lee (also one
half of Thee Gravemen and ex-Branded) played all the instruments, recorded and mixed
the album himself using vintage analogue equipment which gives these recordings an
authentic '50s, early '60s feel. Drawing on early rockabilly and R&B influences this
should appeal to fans of both genres as well as folk already familiar with his
previous releases. The fine artwork is by Chris 'Sick' Moore. Limited to 500 copies.
TW      19      HOWLIN' BONES           JUICE THE GOOSE                 LP      08.2018

        01.     CHICKEN
        03.     SHUT THE GATE
        04.     TIGHT SKIRT
        05.     ASK THE HAND
        06.     CAT
        08.     HOT LIPS
        09.     JOHNNY DO WRONG
        10.     HE SAID

Part punk, part hillbilly, all trash! Three guys from the Midlands in the UK unleash
their first slab of vinyl after a couple of CD only releases. There's a little of Hasil
Adkins in there but these folk know how to play their instruments and it's one hell of
a hayride and their take on the classic 'She Said'...'He Said' is to die for.
Unconventional rockabilly to say the least... A classic album in the making! Trash
rockabilly dragged screaming into the 21st Century.
TWLP    20      LOS TIKI PHANTOMS       COLECCION DE HUESOS             LP      07.2018

        01.     REGRESAN DE LA TUMBA
        02.     MUNDANKA
        03.     KILAHUEA
        04.     KALIFORNIA
        05.     PATADA TRUENO
        06.     JUSTICIA
        07.     ROCK MANDALA
        09.     MUERTOS Y FURIOSOS
        10.     LOCOS SOBRE RUEDAS
        11.     SIBERIA
        12.     EL HOMBRE GAMBA
        13.     VULCAN
        14.     JUNO
        15.     BALA DE PLATA

Great compilation from Catalan surf heros Los Tiki Phantoms. Taking the best tracks
from their first 4 LPs (all long out of print) this vinyl only release brings together
gems such as their blistering version of The Dead Kennedys' 'Kalifornia Uber Alles'
and the spooky 'Regresan De La Tumba'. 15 killer tracks in total. Comes housed in
a heavy weight gold and matt black sleeve and limited to just 500 copies. File between
The Ghastly Ones and Messer Chups!
TWLP    21      THE VOO-DOOMS           DESTINATION DOOMSVILLE          LP      09.2018

        02.     HANGMAN'S STOMP
        03.     COME ON
        04.     GONE GIRL
        05.     NO REFLECTION
        06.     ONE FINE DAY
        08.     MEET ME HERE (IN NEW ORLEANS)
        09.     VON DEVIL'S GIRL
        10.     DO THE PLAGUE
        11.     TEENAGE GHOUL
        12.     I WANT YOU TO KNOW

Debut LP from London based The Voo-Dooms, but these guys are hardly new-comers,
featuring garage punk veterans Bruce Brand (Pop Rivets, Milkshakes, Headcoats,
Masonics, etc), Kev Smith (Thee Vicars, Baron Four), Dave Prince (The Sundowners,
The Untamed, etc) and Mick Cocksedge (The Untamed, Cordwood Draggers and The Dead
Bone Ramblers), serving up 12 tracks of crypt kicking, stylish trash! Freak out to
the doomtastic sounds of 'Do The Plague', shimmy to 'The Hangman Stomp' and take
a trip on 'The Greenline To Doomsville'. This one is limited to 500 copies and will
sell out very quickly.

        01.     HAPPY HALLOWEEN
        03.     DEAD
        04.     GOIN' TO A GRAVEYARD
        05.     THE WITCH
        06.     IGOR'S PARTY
        08.     DINNER WITH DRAC
        09.     JACK THE RIPPER
        12.     WOMBIE ZOMBIE
        13.     THE MONSTER HOP

Mondo X play 13 tracks of monster R'n'R, in homage to such notables as Zacherle,
The Sonics, Link Wray, Screamin' Lord Sutch and The Revillos! They even cover The
Tall Boys (Meteors) classic 'Just Another Half Hour 'Til Sunrise'. A fine blend of
garage punk, surf and '50s influenced R'n'R which will get even the most zombified
up and moving. Tunes to wake the dead indeed! Features members of The Band From
Planet X (Canada) and Mondo A Go Go (Scotland) recorded on Halloween 2017. The fine
artwork is by Marcel Bontempi. Limited to 500 copies.
TWLP    23      HEXXERS                 FREAKS WITH THE SAVAGE BEAT     LP      02.2019

        A1      Straight Home
        A2      I Can Beat Your Drum
        A3      Strangled
        A4      You Put Me On
        A5      No One Knows Where My Wild Seeds Are Sown
        A6      Tell Me Pretty Baby
        A7      Somethin's Got A Hold Of My Heart
        B1      Headstomp Rock
        B2      Bones By My Bedside
        B3      Sidewinder Crawl
        B4      I Take What I Want
        B5      Griddle Greasin' Daddy
        B6      Let's Dance
        B7      Knockin' On Gravestones
        B8      Like What, Me Worry?

The near legendary Hexxers album, available on vinyl at last. BUT these mixes are
the more savage and wilder tracks (different than the CD). Also comes with extra
tracks not on the CD. A genre defining album, a truly 'savage' album from start to
finish with not a single weak track present. The Sonics meet The Mummies via 'Back
From The Grave' and 'Desperate R'n'R'! 'Freaks With The Savage Beat' is the band's
first release. There has not been a record this savage since The Sonics and The
TWLP    24      ALOHA SWAMP             SWAMP VACATION                  LP      04.2019

        A1      Aloha Swamp
        A2      Midnight, The Stars And You
        A3      Wait Locomotive
        A4      Lovely Hula Hands
        A5      Mini Skirt
        A6      Hawaii Roll
        A7      Charade
        B1      Hula Tikula
        B2      Titi Caca Titi
        B3      Love Birds
        B4      Werewolf Or Fourth Dimension
        B5      Dick Tracy
        B6      Tales From The Crypt

This release from members of Messer Chups and The Guitaraculas is a journey into
a wonderful world of rockin' exotica. Rockabilly rhythms mixed with Hawaiian influences
take you on trip to far flung musical places and some classic Messer Chups' style surf
leaves you in no doubt where this comes from, the palm tree lined, white sand beaches
of Waikiki meet a chilly St. Petersburg indeed! Messer Chups main man Oleg showcases
his steel guitar skills with some mesmerizing tunes and really does conjure up images
of relaxed times among the islands...
TWLPG   25      UG & THE CAVEMEN        UG & THE CAVEMEN                LP+DVD  06.2019
TWLPP   25      UG & THE CAVEMEN        UG & THE CAVEMEN                LP+DVD  06.2019

        A1      Go Gorrila
        A2      Tarzan's Jungle Home
        A3      Nightmare
        A4      Be A Caveman
        A5      Under The Door
        A6      I'm Evil
        A7      Rev Up
        B1      Switchblade
        B2      Shake It 'Injun'
        B3      Bo Diddley
        B4      Mean Teen Mama
        B5      Astro Stratosphere Stardust Cadillac
        B6      Live In Paris Intro.
        B7      Willie The Wild One
        B8      Rev Up

LP in gatefold sleeve on "Livid Lime" vinyl, limited to 250 copies with the full Ug
& The Cavemen story by Bal Croce (Sting Rays, Earls Of Suave, Ug & The Cavemen).
LP in gatefold sleeve on "Shocking Pink" vinyl, limited to 250 copies.
Includes 4 bonus tracks and a DVD of them supporting The Cramps in 1990. Revamped
artwork by Bruce Brand too. A TRULY AMAZING album featuring members of The Sting Rays,
The X-Men, The Vibes, Headcoatees, Earls Of Suave, Purple Things etc... Trash royalty
of the highest order, at last this near legendary album from 1987 is once more
TWLP    026     DAS CLAMPS              SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE      LP        .2019
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on black vinyl)
TWLP    026     DAS CLAMPS              SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE      LP        .2019
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on green vinyl)

        A1      I'm Clamped
        A2      New Kind Of Fix
        A3      Goo Goo Muck
        A4      Bad Taste
        A5      Primitive
        B1      You Got Good Shit
        B2      Quahog Stomp
        B3      People Ain't No Good
        B4      Human Clam

Bloody hell... you'd buy this for the cover alone! The sexiest Cramps influenced duo
ever! Featuring Tina (from Oh Gunquit!) and her gorgeous sidekick Clementine, these
two gals deliver an absolute killer album of monumental Crampsesque proportions. This
ain't no tribute, cabaret bullshit... it's pure r'n'r, stripped down big noise, oozing
sex and decadence. Just look at those vixens! Do the Quahog Stomp while you get
Clamped by the Human Clams, but... don't bend over, they're driving! These gals have
quite a rabid following. So let's be frank about this, it ain't going to be around
for very long so get in  early and Stay Sick! Limited to 500 copies.
TWLPO   27      KINGS OF HONG KONG      PRIMITIVE                       LP      06.2019
                (Note : LP , 150 copies on orange mvinyl)
TWLPP   27      KINGS OF HONG KONG      PRIMITIVE                       LP      06.2019
                (Note : LP , 150 copies on pink mvinyl)

        A1      Primitive
        A2      Little Lil
        A3      Voodoo Queen
        A4      Hell Yeah
        A5      Retro Kid
        A6      Ancient Land
        A7      The Zigster
        B1      Motorpsycho
        B2      Headhunter
        B3      Sea Of Broken Hearts
        B4      Good Guys
        B5      Weirdo
        B6      Dirtbomb
        B7      Burgandy Shirt

Driving, rockabilly influenced garage punk. "Like being hit by a steamroller at
100mph." ~Moffo Magazine. Probably one of the best 'trash' bands out there today
and like all the classic trash bands (Vibes, Sting Rays et al) of the early/mid
'80s they've a double bass player showing their rockin' influences without being
a 'billy' band. This LP just hits you right between the eyes, the perfect mix of
garage punk and psycho influenced rockabilly with a touch of punk to keep it dirty
TWLP    28      EMPTIFISH               SONIC LOVE                      LP      06.2019
                (LP , 300 copies on clear-red vinyl)
TWLP    28      EMPTIFISH               SONIC LOVE                      LP      06.2019
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on white vinyl.)

        A1      I Hate You
        A2      Party On The Beach
        A3      Why Why Why
        A4      Haunted
        A5      Jesus From Venus
        B1      Bad Girl
        B2      Oh Honey
        B3      Long Long Time
        B4      Loake Boots
        B5      Psychedelic Surfer Girl

Garage punk legends Emptifish deliver another blistering platter. It has been a bit
of a long wait for this but totally worth it, as Portsmouth's legendary trash masters
serve up an album of killer tracks. Older fans will recognise their inimatable style
from the kick off as there are a couple of tracks from way back which have been given
a make over and if that's not enough, the original Damned skin basher Rat Scabies
joined them for a few tracks too. Old meets new and south coast garage royalty no
less as ex-Green Hornet Craig B, brings an additional guitar, making that surf
influenced trash sound even more impressive. Plenty of new material for you to get
your teeth into and all with the unmistakable 'Fishbeat' stomped all over it.
TWLP    29      THE DINZ                THE DINZ                        LP      06.2019

        A1      We Are The Dinz
        A2      No Gods No Masters
        A3      10 - 85
        A4      Going Nowhere
        A5      I Don't Wanna Be Like U
        B1      Wake Up.... Time 2 Live
        B2      Gunga Din
        B3      I Don't Care
        B4      Terror Attack
        B5      Don't

Punk rawk from Pompey (Portsmouth in England). A blistering album of 77-78 styled
punk (although they only got together in April 2018). All original tracks and banged
out over a couple of weeks... A bit of early SLF, a touch of The Adicts, a nod to
The Clash and a whole heap of attitude... Not surprising this is such a good album
considering their previous! (Bananafish, Mild Mannered Janitors, SKAW, Racketeers).
300 copies on a rather fetching shade of banana yellow!
TWLP    30      GUITAR SLINGERS         LIVE IN HAMBURG                 LP      12.2019

        A1      Guns of Diablo                                  3:05
        A2      I Feel Psycho                                   2:51
        A3      Geraldine                                       3:47
        A4      Seven Deadly Sins                               2:47
        A5      Satanic Stomp                                   3:06
        A6      The Invaders                                    2:23
        A7      Never Steal The Devils Wheels                   3:25
        B1      Hang Em High                                    2:31
        B2      Bop A Lena                                      2:30
        B3      King Kong                                       3:15
        B4      Like a Rocket                                   2:03
        B5      Johnny Dangerously                              3:05
        B7      The Fly With The Xray Eyes                      2:33

Stunning release which captures Doyley & The Slingers at their best. The man has done
such a great job on the mastering that you would swear you are there! The fantastic
setlist includes a killer version of The Outcasts' 'Seven Deadly Sins', The Guns Of
Diablo and 'The Fly With The X-Ray Eyes' 14 tracks of roof lifting sound which will
please any fan of rockinpsychosurftrash! Strictly limited to 300 copies total.
TWLP    31      THE SPACEWASTERS        THE BAND THAT WOULDN'T DIE      LP      12.2019

        A1      Action
        A2      Red Hot
        A3      Uxb
        A4      Gone
        A5      Motivator
        B1      Don't Like You
        B2      Leave Me Alone
        B3      The Letter
        B4      Comin' For You
        B5      Sweet Love On My Mind

The Spacewasters are one of London's finest trash/garage (with a hint of 'billy')
combos. 10 tracks of top notch trash on lovely red vinyl with fantastic artwork by
King Rat (Gilles from The Garbage Bags). Only 300 copies of this monster have been
pressed on red vinyl.
TWLP    32      MESSER CHUPS            CRAZY PRICE                     LP      11.2019

        A1      Fantomasophobia
        A2      Sex Euro And Evils Pop
        A3      Chasing For Yang Blood
        A4      3 Minutes Till Massacre
        A5      Ghost Rider To West
        A6      Bing Bang Bang Bong Kong
        A7      Anton La Vey 66.6 FM
        B1      Diabolik Boogie
        B2      Make Music But Not Trash
        B3      A Plateful Brain
        B4      Gangster They Called Horizon-Man
        B5      Not Made In Japan
        B6      Satan Jeans
        B7      Super Sonic Vibrator

First time on vinyl. Brilliant retro release of 'Crazy Price', remastered for vinyl
by Oleg himself and includes the amazingly wigged out 'Fantomasophobia'. 14 tracks
of mind bending instro madness. '3 Minutes To Massacre' is a play on Lee Hazlewood
and Duane Eddy's 'Girl On Death Row'. 'Ghost Rider To West' is a tremolo heavy rocker
with a rather speedy double bass break! 'Satan Jeans' is a straight up lift of
'Radioactive Kid'... but not as you know it! The usual eclectic mix of surf,
rockabilly, jazz beats, B-movie samples, lounge and and a pretty warped mind putting
them altogether. Originally released on CD only in 2003 by Solnze SCD 032/2003.
TWLP    33      UGLY FLY GUYS           CULT OF BUZZ                    LP      12.2019

Probably the baddest, meanest band in Trashland and they ain't going to win any beauty
contests either! Scuzzy, dirty throbbing bass lines, echoey, reverb laden guitar and
a touch of spooky keyboards make this 21st century crossover between The Mummies,
Mudhoney and The Phantom Chords, a welcome breath of fresh air in a world of samey,
copycat crap! Retro these guys are not! Scuzz and fuzz with a trashabilly beat.
Get the buzzzz!
TWLP    34      UGLY FLY GUYS           CULT OF BUZZ                    LP      02.2020

Probably the baddest, meanest band in Trashland and they ain't going to win any beauty
contests either! Scuzzy, dirty throbbing bass lines, echoey, reverb laden guitar and
a touch of spooky keyboards make this 21st century crossover between The Mummies,
Mudhoney and The Phantom Chords, a welcome breath of fresh air in a world of samey,
copycat crap! Retro these guys are not! Scuzz and fuzz with a trashabilly beat.
Get the buzzzz!
TWLP    35      FIFTY FOOT COMBO        EVIL A GO-GO                    LP      01.2020

        A1      Last Of The Monstrophonics
        A2      Ali Baba
        A3      Mondo Bandito
        A4      Dragstrip 69
        A5      Mickey B's Mambo
        A6      Inciende En El Inferno
        A7      Pygmy Dance
        B8      Rising Of Im Ho Tep
        B9      The Uninvited
        B10     Firing Squad
        B11     Addis Abeba
        B12     Amor
        B13     God Made Man
        B14     Never Get Out Of The Boat

Yes! At last... The phenomenal Fifty Foot Combo album 'Evil A Go-Go' is available
again, 20 years after its original release. Now you can own this slab of garage punk
influenced surf for a mere fraction of the collectors market price!
Edition of 300 black/200 coloured copies.
TWLP    36      MESSER CHUPS            CHURCH OF REVERB                LP      02.2020

The holy grail of Messer Chups vinyl! Originally released on a small Russian label
in 2013, this album typifies the surf/rockabilly sound they have become famous for.
This album (and the album 'The Incredible Crocotiger') are their 2 most sought after
releases with the price on the 2nd hand market hovering around the 100 euro mark.
Yours for a fraction of the price, be quick, this will sell out fast!
TWLP    37      MESSER CHUPS            THE INCREDIBLE CROCOTIGER       LP      02.2020

Messer Chups holy grail #2... Limited edition of the 2015 album that came out on
a short run (on a Russian label). Another 100 euro + album that you can nab for
fraction of the collector price! All reverb soaked, echo laden surfabilly (no lounge
exotica on this). Their signature 'NOW' sound, considered by many as their best album
along with 'Church Of Reverb'.
TWLP    38      X RAY CAT TRIO          LOVE, BLOOD & MONSTERS          LP      03.2020

14 tracks recorded over the course of 2019 picking up from where their last album
('Out For Blood') left off. The X Ray Cat Trio (from Leeds, UK) deliver a killer
blend of dark surf ('Mermaid Of Fiji'/'Demiurge'), Ramones inspired r'n'r ('Don't
Wanna Be In The Getalong Gang') and some seriously kick ass tunes, there's even a
touch of spaghetti western mariachi on ('Deathrace 2000'). There's a double bass
in here but don't let that fool you, these aren't some 'throwback' show, they're
just looking back while going firmly forward. Dirty r'n'r at its finest. Limited
edition of 500 copies.

Fantastic album from these two South American trash mongers... Gun Club/Suicide/Cramps
mash up with haunting vocals... Hailing from Chile, Bang Bang Girl Band should need
no introduction as she's rather well known already through her other releases, radio
show and frequent tours/gigs... Trash Colapso is from Argentina and a bit of a local
legend (Bloodshot Bill style). In a world populated by plenty of power duos and one
man bands, here are a couple that really stand out, if you like your trash bluesy
with solid Gun Club influences, you'll love this, if you like your rockabilly primitive
and menacing, you'll love this... If you've a decent pair of ears, you'll love this!
TWLP    40      GARBAGE BAGS            HUNTING FOR THE WILD            LP      07.2020

The latest rawk'n'roll sensation! Belgium based The Garbage Bags have been ripping
it up across Europe and the UK with their savage sound to much acclaim recently
(until lockdown that is). Featuring veteran bass player Jens (50ft Combo, The Grave
Bros etc), Nico and Gilles (both formerly Adios Pantalones) and Deveny on drums.
And now Trash Wax is releasing their first LP, and believe me you won't be
disappointed. They are on red hot form.
TWLP ?  40      MINISKIRT BLUES         MINISKIRT BLUES                 LP      08.2020

Another classic album rescued from the trashcan of oblivion. Recorded almost 20 years
ago, these 13 tracks are now released for the first time ever. Heavily influenced by
the early releases of The Monsters (from Switzerland) this is a gnarly album of snotty,
hard hitting garage punk that leaves the revival bands far, far behind. Titch's
(ex-The Klingonz) vocals come across somewhere between Lemmy and Beatman, the guitars
produce a wall of sound that's pretty much relentless and the drummer could have
easily have absconded from Ministry or The Revolting Cocks... Artwork by up and coming
graphic artist K-Rat (Gilles Dechamps) and mastered for vinyl by Doyley at Diablo
studios. A fantastic slice of garage/trash history not to be missed.



TWLP    45      MESSER CHUPS            BERMUDA 66                      LP      08.2020

Messer Chups are something of an institution these days, leading the way in the
instro/surf scene they have dominated the sound for the last few years with their
unique blend of reverb laden surf and tremolo heavy riffs lifted from classic
rockabilly. These 15 tracks were remastered and mixed by Oleg (Guitaracula) over
the 2019/2020 winter in St. Petersburg. Long after the sold out album 'Voice Of
Zombierella' you're treated once more to the dulcet tones of Svetlana singing on
a couple of these tracks too. Fabulous artwork by the very talented Sol Rac leave
no doubts as to the content and you can be sure that it won't stay in the racks for
very long either. Limited to just 500 copies.

TWLP    47      THE EARLS OF SATAN      TAKE ME DOWN TO HELL            LP      03.2021

The long awaited debut LP from UK based The Earls Of Satan. A diabolical mix of surf,
moody garage with just a hint of rockabilly on some tracks. You get the impression
that these guys have been watching a lot of Tarantino movies, in fact the album could
quite easily be a score to your favourite, sleazy B-movie! The production on this is
absolutely top notch, crystal clear and perfectly balanced, bordering on brilliant
actually. Go get 'Earled', you won't be disappointed.
TWLP    52      THE DISTRACTORS         SUBVERSIV DEKADENT              LP      04.2022

"Subversiv Dekadent," released via Trashwax, is the debut album by Belgium and
the world's fabulous Distractors! Recorded to capture the sound of Elvis fighting
Bruce Lee, it features 12 slices of rock'n'roll mayhem guaranteed to make you want
to steal a car and punch somebody in the face.
TWLP    53      MENTAL SHAKEDOWN        INSIDE OUT                      LP      03.2022

Rockabilly, it's where old punks and psychobillies go to die! The second album from
these Berlin based guys, mixing authentic sounding, primal rockabilly with a touch
of '80s trash. They bring an edge that's been absent from the more traditional
scene for way too long... Coloured vinyl, 300 copies only.
                BEDLAM FESTIVAL

In March of 2020, 3 of the original 4 members of cult 'trash' band The Sting-Rays,
plus 2 original members of The X-Men were tempted to play at the Bedlam Festival
in the UK. Although having played with his various combos (Ug & The Cavemen, Earls
Of Suave), this was the first time since the mid-'80s that Bal had managed to get
the guys together and perform live. Unfortunately, Alec Palao lives in San Francisco
and couldn't make it! 300 copies only.
TWLP    56      THE BONECOLLECTORS      BONE TO BONE                    LP      10.2021

Beautiful package, GLOW IN THE DARK SLEEVE + insert, 14 killer tracks. Truly fantastic
release... For many years folks have been asking for this classic album to be released
on vinyl and with the original CD version fetching upwards of 70.00 euros, it's about
time! This is the album which catches Messer Chups playing their self styled surf with
the maximum of rockabilly influences... Absolutely brilliant and quite possibly our
favourite release by these guys, pure genius... and you get Zombierella on vocals too!
As with all of our limited Messer Chups releases, they will sell out very fast...
Be quick if you want one. Black vinyl version. Also available in standard black
vinyl_..A bit cheaper !

 This is a joint production with the band and some of you may be familiar with a
 certain Mr B. who has published a bunch of articles and the 'ABC Of The Cramps'
 book over the years (in French if you're wondering). Anyway, this is what happens
 when you let a bunch of crazy French Cramps fanatics into a recording studio...
 It's rather good, not straight covers thank fuck (had enough of those to last
 several lifetimes)... It's dedicated to the sorely missed Gildas Cosperec (Nineteen,
 Dig It, Shoo Chain Bros and all round R'n'R bon vivant, RIP Gildas mon pote).
TWCD    1       THE VIBES : VOODOO JUJU-LIVE AT THE FORUM ENGER 1985    CD      11.2015

        1       Mini Skirt Blues
        2       Ain't No Friend Of Mine
        3       Inside Out (I See All)
        4       Something Ain't Right
        5       Egyptian Thing
        6       Ain't It Hard
        7       I Hear Noises
        8       I'm Mad
        9       Psychedelic Woman
        10      Hasil Adkins In My Head
        11      I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)
        12      Judgement Day
        13      What'cha Gonna Do About It
                (Note : CD , 250 copies)
TWCD    2       THE SHOCKWAVES          THE SHOCKWAVES                  CD      12.2015

        1       Catapult
        2       Diana Ross
        3       Big Bad Mescalin
        4       Southern Mad Man
        5       Gangway
        6       20:20
        7       Real Live Wire
        8       Inside Your Mind
                (Note : CD , 250 copies)

Originally recorded in 1987 for Mike Spenser (of Cannibals notoriety) by Dave Goodman
(Sex Pistols producer) but never released!
TWCD    3       THE RAYMEN              THE GOO GOO MUCK SESSIONS       CD      03.2016

        1       (It Came From) Outer Space                      2:37
        2       Man From Mars                                   3:02
        3       Go, Bo Diddley                                  4:02
        4       Goo Goo Muck                                    3:35
        5       The Hoodoo Tribe                                3:27
        6       Ju-Ju Brain                                     2:53
                (Note : CD , 250 copies)

The first ever vinyl release of these legendary recordings, made in 1984 and originally
released as a limited fanclub cassette. This issue comes with completely remastered
sound and artwork inspired directly bt the cassette release. The title takes its name
from one of the very first cover versions of a song made famous by The Cramps.









TWSAM   001     V / A                   13 GHOSTS-A SAMPLER             CD      04.2016

        1       Vince Ripper & The Rodent Show : Rippersville   3:37
        2       The Smoggers            It's My Time            3:05
        3       Mondo A Go-Go           Crazy Date              3:04
        4       The Guitaraculas        Vampira's Curse         2:42
        5       The Cheating Hearts     Another Lover           2:38
        6       Oh! Gunquit             Walking The Street      2:47
        7       The Shockwaves          Gangway                 2:25
        8       Messer Chups            Horns And Hooves        2:29
        9       The Raymen              Goo Goo Muck            3:32
        10      The Charity Case        Victory Gin             3:17
        11      The Vibes               Something Ain't Right   3:03
        12      The Go Go Cult          Nosferatu Crawl         4:42
        13      The Memphis Morticians : Just Whistle & I'll
                Come To You                                     4:00
                (Note : CD , promo only)
TW10    001     STERLING BOSWELL QUARTET : THE LONESOME DEATH OF        10"     05.2018
                JOHNNY ACE

        A1      Sterling Roswell Quartet : The Lonesome Death Of Johnny Ace
        B1      Manuela                 Rambling Woman
        B2      Sterling Roswell Trio : I Can't Hardly Stand It Blues
                (Ode To Charlie Feathers)

The Sterling Roswell Quartet. Sterling Roswell (Spacemen 3, The Darkside), Jim
Sclavunos (N.Cave & Badseeds, Grinderman and The Cramps), Matt Radford (Neanderthals,
Panasonics Etc, Etc) & Steve Donnelly. An atmospheric tale of 50's R&B star Johnny Ace
who blew his brains out playing Russian Roulette on X-Mas day 1954. The flip has
`Ramblin Woman' featuring `Manuela' on vocals, a haunting tale of a woman's loneliness
and a truly `out there' version of the Charlie Feathers classic `I Can't Hardly Stand
It' which manages to out Cramps The Cramps_..Rockabilly dragged screaming into the
21st Century. Edition of 500.
TW10    102     SIROCCO BROS. & LOBO JONES : BEWITCHED                  10"     08.2019

        A       Bewitched
        B       Twilight

Two exclusive tracks on Trash Wax from cult band The Sirocco Bros. with Lobo (Elliot)
Jones on a 10" 45 format. The 18th release from this mysterious duo, accompanied by
upcoming sensation Elliot Lobo Jones. Their trademark, haunting, almost voodouesque
rockabilly sound sits perfectly with the vocals on both tracks. Primitive and primal
rockabilly from one of the top combos out there. Limited to just 400 copies + insert.
All nores taken from: