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**************                          Jersey City, NJ 07303

                                        tel: 201-963-6030
                                        fax: 201-963-6530

Owner   : Jay Farrar (Son Volt member)
Distr.  : US -
          UK - Norman/Rough Trade/Piccadilly/
Style   :

TS      2016 1  SON VOLT                NOTES OF BLUE                   LP      02.2017
TS      2016 2  SON VOLT                NOTES OF BLUE                   CD      02.2017

        1.      Promise the World
        2.      Back Against the Wall
        3.      Static
        4.      Cherokee St
        5.      The Storm
        6.      Lost Souls
        7.      Midnight
        8.      Sinking Down
        9.      Cairo and Southern
        10.     Threads and Steel
TS      2018 LP SON VOLT                THE SEARCH                      2LP     03.2018
                (Note : 2LP on Transmit sound, pressed on sea foam green
                vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket)
TS      2018 CD SON VOLT                THE SEARCH                      CD      03.2018
TS      2019 LP SON VOLT : OKEMAH AND THE MELODY OF RIOT                2LP     05.2018

(Note : double gatefold opaque red vinyl with bonus tracks and custom sticker)
TS      2020 LP SON VOLT                UNION                           LP      04.2019
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
TS      2020 P  SON VOLT                UNION                           LP      04.2019
                (Note : lim. ed. indies only)
TS      2020 CD SON VOLT                UNION                           CD      04.2019

        1.      While Rome Burns
        2.      The 99
        3.      Devil May Care
        4.      Broadsides
        5.      Reality Winner
        6.      Union
        7.      The Reason
        8.      Lady Liberty
        9.      Holding Your Own
        10.     Truth to Power Blues
        11.     Rebel Girl
        12.     Slow Burn
        13.     The Symb

Led by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jay Farrar, Son Volt became one of the
leading bands in the alternative country community, attracting critical praise and
an audience that was loyal if not always large. Farrar has collaborated with Ben
Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)
and several other well respected artists / musicians. Union is the bands 10th studio
album and mixes present and past into strong confluence.The thirteen new songs written
by Farrar confront our turbulent politics and articulate the clarity and comfort music
can offer in the tumult.