TRANSATLANTIC RECORDS                   68 Berwick Street
*********************                   London  WC1R  4PF

                                        tel. : 071 434 9926
                                        fax. : 071 494 0198

Exist    : 1961-1977
           1977-1980 as Logo Records
           1999 - Sanctuary
           2007 - Universal Music Group
Found    :  Nathan Joseph
Chairmen :  A. Johnson
A & R    :  K.Franklin
Distr.   :  self
            PYE         1972
            RCA         1980
Sub lab:    Big T/XTRA/
Lab code:  LC 0372

Series :  TRA 100 - TRA 259
          TRA     260 - TRA      360
          TRASAM    1 - TRASAM    44
          TRS     100 - TRS      118
          MTRA   2001 - MTRA    2017
          LPm ..........mono
Style  :  jazz / folk / blues / rock / celtic folk / spoken / political /
          comedy / parody / brass & military / prog. rock / jazz rock /
          easy listening / country / bluegrass / disco /

Transatlantic Records was a British independent record label. It was established in
1961. It began primarily as an importer of American folk, blues and jazz records by
many of the artists who influenced the burgeoning British folk and blues boom. Within
a couple of years, the company had started recording British artists. The company's
philosophy was intentionally eclectic.
The label was founded by a young Englishman Nat Joseph who started the company at the
age of 21 after visiting the US and realizing that there was a wealth of music of
interest that was not being made available in the UK to British music fans. They
imported labels from the US such as Prestige, Tradition (US) and Riverside. From the
outset, many of the covers included photography and design by Brian Shuel. Transatl.
were also instrumental in the importation of MK records (a Russian classical label),
which were then issued with the original Russian labels, but with an English printed
The company's first commercial success came not from music but from three sex education
albums. The controversy about these records led to sales approaching 100,000 and the
resulting financial lift gave the company money to develop its musical base.
Some of their early records included artists as diverse as The Dubliners, actress
Sheila Hancock, jazz singer Annie Ross, actresses Jean Hart and Isla Cameron, and
Shakespearean actor Tony Britton. They managed to mix the folk music interest with the
money making capacity of the sex education records by issuing "When Dalliance was in
Flower" – a series of bawdy songs performed by Ed McCurdy and licensed from Elektra
in the US. As often happened, these were issued first on the Transatlantic label in
the UK and then on the subsidiary label XTRA. The catalogue numbers often contained
"TRA" within the prefix, thus MTRA, XTRA, and LTRA were all used. The latter prefix 
was used with a series of LPs produced by Bill Leader (who worked with Nat Joseph from
the outset as an engineer). Amongst these "Leader" records were recordings by Nic
Jones, Martin Simpson, Mick Ryan, Bandoggs (another Nic Jones group), Andrew Cronshaw,
and Al O'Donnell.
With the advent of psychedelia and flower power the Transatlantic stable of artists
achieved increasing popularity, culminating in the formation of the supergroup
Pentangle. Meanwhile, Transatlantic had been extending its eclecticism, recording
such as the eccentric audio collageist Ron Geesin, and The Purple Gang, whose "Granny
Takes A Trip" was banned by the BBC in 1967.[1] CBS had released the extremely
successful contemporary music budget sampler with The Rock Machine Turns You On in
1967. Before CBS could follow up, Transatlantic released Listen Here! early in 1968.
Like 'Rock Machine' the record was priced at 14/11d (GBP0.75) – but Transatlantic took
promotion one stage further by not only printing the track listing on the front, but
also the price. The record was designed to preview not only the forthcoming Pentangle
double album, but solo records by members Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. Listen Here!
also served to introduce a new group The Sallyangie, with siblings Mike Oldfield and
Sally Oldfield.
In 1975, Joseph sold a 75% share of his company to Sidney Bernstein's Granada Group 
and the company became part of Granada. There was a culture clash between the
independent-spirited Transatlantic and the corporate sensibilities of Granada and two
years later Granada sold its share in Transatlantic to the Marshall Cavendish
publishing company, which also acquired Joseph's 25% share. The new company was
renamed Logo Records. In the 1990s Logo Records and the Transatlantic Records
catalogue was sold to Castle Communications (now Sanctuary Records).

TRA     101     DR. KEITH CAMMERON : LIVE WITH LOVE VOLUME 1            LPm       .1961

        A       The Biology Of Sex
        B       The Meaning Of Sex
TRA     102
TRA     103
TRA     104
TRA     105     ISLA CAMERON & TONY BRITTON : Songs Of Love , Lust And  LPm       .1963
                Loose Living

        A1      Oh, No John, No John, No!
        A2      Ophelia's Song
        A3      Not All Can Do It That Will
        A4      Died for Love
        A5      The Art of Love
        A6      Westron Wynde
        A7      The Logical Song
        A8      Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
        A9      On His Mistress Going to Bed
        A10     Take Me Out of Pity
        B1      My Mother Chose My Husband
        B2      The Wanton Country Maid
        B3      John Anderson
        B4      After the Pangs of a Desperate Lover
        B5      As I Roved Out
        B6      Wha's Been Here Afore Me Lass?
        B7      To His Coy Mistress
        B8      Still Growin'
        B9      Blow the Candles Out
TRA     106     SHEILA HANCOCK          Putting Out The Dust Bin        LPm       .1963

        A1      Coming Down From Aldermaston
        A2      My Last Cigarette
        A3      My Father Was A Cupid
        A4      Landlord And Tenant
        A5      Blow The World To Kingdom Come
        A6      Mixed Up Old Man
        A7      Gentlemen Preferred
        B1      Waiting For The Film To Come
        B2      Putting Out The Dustbin
        B3      Watch 'Em Nell
        B4      Put The Moon In The Dustbin
        B5      My Mum Was A Woman
        B6      Better Take A Book To Bed
        B7      Socialism In Our Time
        B8      When I Was On The Jury

        A1      Bellini
        A2      The Ballad of the Water and the Flame
        A3      The Ass' Song
        A4      The Liberal Man
        A5      Johnny
        B1      Sick Man
        B2      Things
        B3      He
        B4      Go to the Wall
        B5      The Ballad of the Ape and the Judge
        B6      The General
        B7      Western Ladies
TRA     108     CY GRANT WITH BILL SHEPHERD SINGERS                     LPm       .1963
TRA     109     ISLA CAMERON            LOST LOVE                       EP        .1963
TRA     110     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : This Is                   LPm       .1963

        A1      Twa Recruiting Sergeants
        A2      The Keel Row
        A3      The Unquiet Grave
        A4      To Hear The Nightingale Sing
        A5      The Drover's Dream
        A6      Traditional Medley (Instrumental)
        A7      Rockin' The Cradle
        A8      The Jute Mill Song
        A9      Johnny Lad
        B1      Blow Boys Blow
        B2      Down In The Coal Mine
        B3      Garton Mother's Lullaby
        B4      The Bells Of Rhymney
        B5      The Apprentice's Song
        B6      Rocky Road To Dublin And Drops Of Brandy (Instrumental)
        B7      Homeward Bound
        B8      The Waters Of Tyne
        B9      The Wee Cooper Of Fyfe
TRA     111     JEAN HART : My Name Is Jean Hart And I Sing             LPm       .1963

        A1      I Never Will Marry
        A2      Cotton Eyed Joe
        A3      All The Pretty Little Horses
        A4      Soon One Morning
        A5      She Moved Through The Fair
        A6      Home In That Rock
        B1      Erie Canal
        B2      Frankie & Johnny
        B3      Dear Companion
        B4      House Of The Rising Sun
        B5      Motherless Child
        B6      He's A Friend Of Mine
TRA     112     ANNIE ROSS              Go To The Wall EP               LPm       .1963

        A1      Go To The Wall
        A2      Bellini
        B1      Johnny
        B2      The Ass' Song
TRA     113
TRA     114     ADRIAN MITCHELL         POEMS                           7"EP      .1963

        A1      Remember Suez
        A2      The Observer
        A3      Little Lord Linley
        B1      P - A - L
        B2      Nostalgia 3d. Off
TRA     115     ED McCURDY              When Dalliance Was In Flower    LPm       .1963

        A1      Go Bring Me A Lass
        A2      The Trooper
        A3      A Young Man And A Maid
        A4      A Wanton Trick
        A5      There Was A Knight
        A6      Two Maidens Went Milking One Day
        A7      A Lusty Young Smith
        A8      Tom And Doll
        B1      A Riddle
        B2      A Maiden Did A-Bathing Go
        B3      The Jolly Tinker
        B4      Old Fumbler
        B5      The Three Travelers
        B6      Kitt Hath Lost Her Key
        B7      To A Lady
        B8      The Four Able Physicians
        B9      Sylvia The Fair
TRA     116     THE DUBLINERS           The Dubliners                   LPm       .1963

        A1      The Wild Rover
        A2      The Ragman's Ball
        A3      Preab San Ol
        A4      The High Reel
        A5      The Holy Ground
        A6      Tramps And Hawkers
        A7      Home Boys Home
        B1      Rocky Road To Dublin
        B2      Banks Of The Roses
        B3      I'll Tell My Ma
        B4      Swallow's Tail Reel
        B5      Jar Of Porter
        B6      Love Is Pleasing
        B7      The Nightingale
TRA     117     ALEXIS KORNER BLUES INCORPORATED : Red Hot From Alex    LPm       .1964

        A1      Woke Up This Morning
        A2      Skippin'
        A3      Herbie's Tune
        A4      Stormy Monday
        A5      It's Happening
        B1      Roberta
        B2      Jones
        B3      Cabbage Greens
        B4      Chicken Shack
        B5      Haitian Fight Song
TRA     118     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : Cross The Hills           LPm       .1964

        A1      Ian And Lorna           Across The Hills
        A2      Lorna And Group         Come Kiss Me Love
        A3      Ian And Group           The Blind Man He Could See
        A4      Lorna And Group         I Know My Love
        A5      Brian And Group         Derby Ram
        A6      Lorna                   Mary Mild
        A7      Lorna And Group         Remember Me
        B1      Ian And Group           The Cockfight
        B2      Lorna And Group         Gipsy Rover
        B3      Ian And Group           Cho Cho Losa
        B4      Ian And Group           The Keeper
        B5      Dave, John And Brian    Instrumental
        B6      Ian                     The Collier Laddie
        B7      Ian And Group           We're Nae Awa To Bide Awa
TRA     119
TRA     120     Liane Aukin, Ralph Trainer, Sam Hutt, Leon Rosselson,   LP        .1964
                Stephen Sedley, Chris Hilton, James E Butchart : VOTE
                FOR US

        A1      Tories All Out
        A2      Flagging
        A3      Battle Hymn Of The Liberal Revival
        A4      Listen With Granny
        A5      Foot In Mouth Disease 	
        A6      Ballard Of The Crutty Men
        B1      It's All Relative
        B2      Ever Been Ad?
        B3      To Deter Or Not To Deter
        B4      Stand Firm
        B5      Party Pops
        B6      A Few Home Truths
TRAEP   121     THE DUBLINERS FT. RONNIE DREW : IN PERSON               TRAEP     .1964

        A1      Rare Old Mountain Dew
        A2      McAlpine's Fusiliers
        B1      Willie Gannon
        B2      Mrs McGrath

        A1      Magnolia
        A2      Father's Got The Sack
        A3      The Old Dun Cow
        A4      I'll Tell You Where To Put It
        A5      Alice Is At It Again
        A6      Sitting On The Ice
        B1      Ay Tiddle Ay Tay Island
        B2      If It Wasn't For The Houses In Between
        B3      A Little Bit Off The Top
        B4      If You See Her You Can Tell Her From Me
        B5      A Proper Cup Of Coffee
TRA     123     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : Coaldust Ballads          LPm       .1964

        A1      Come All You Gallant Colliers
        A2      Down In The Coalmine
        A3      The Cammy Miner Lad
        A4      Sandgate Girl's Lament
        A5      Rap Her Te Bank
        A6      The Blantyre Explosion
        A7      Instrumental Medley
        A8      Pay Friday
        B1      The Colliers' Rant
        B2      Geordie Black
        B3      The Sandgate Dandle
        B4      Drunken Bella Roy
        B5      Blackleg Miners
        B6      My Miner Lad
        B7      Cushy Butterfield
        B8      The Plodder Seam
        B9      Colleir Laddie
TRA     124     THE DUBLINERS           In Concert                      LPm       .1964

        A1      Roddy Mac Corley
        A2      The Twang Man
        A3      Reels, Sligo Maid And Colonel Rodney
        A4      The Woman From Wexford
        A5      The Patriot Game
        A6      Roisin Dubh
        A7      Air-- Fa La La Lo
        B1      Peggy Lettermore
        B2      Easy And Slow
        B3      My Love Is In America
        B4      The Kerry Recruit
        B5      The Old Orange Fluit
        B6      Reels, The Donegal Reel And The Longford Collector
        B7      The Leaving Of Liverpool
TRA     125     BERT JANSCH             Bert Jansch                     LPm       .1965

        A1      Strolling Down The Highway
        A2      Smokey River
        A3      Oh How Your Love Is Strong
        A4      I Have No Time
        A5      Finches
        A6      Ramblings Going To Be The Death Of Me
        A7      Veronica
        A8      Needle Of Death
        B1      Do You Hear Me Now?
        B2      Alice's Wonderland
        B3      Running From Home
        B4      Courting Blues
        B5      Kasbah
        B6      Dreams Of Love
        B7      Angie
TRA     126     V / A                   SECOND WAVE                     LP        .1965

        A1      Harvest of Hate
        A2      Ice Cream Man
        A3      Kids Colour Bar
        A4      Buy Me a Rifle
        A5      College Days
        A6      Ballad of the Five Continents
        A7      Jimmy Murphy
        A8      The Chesapeake and the Shannon
        B1      The Quiet Beast
        B2      The Motorbike Kid
        B3      The Big Bird
        B4      Talking Cowman Blues
        B5      Pretty Polly
        B6      Strange Fruit
        B7      Geordie
TRA     127     OWEN HAND               Something New                   LP        .1965

        A1      Sally Free And Easy
        A2      Last Thing On My Mind
        A3      Acre Of Girl To A Foot Of Ground
        A4      My Donal'
        A5      She Likes It
        A6      Morning Train
        B1      One Day Old
        B2      The Ogie Man
        B3      Take A Look
        B4      Jimmy Wilson
        B5      You, Like The Sun
        B6      Rambling Boy
TRAEP   128     IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : Sampler                       EP        .1965
TRAEP   129     THE DUBLINERS : A SAMPLER OF THE DUBLINERS              7"EP      .1965

        A1      Peggy Lettermore
        A2      The Ragmans Ball
        B1      Reels: Sligo Maid / Colonel Rodney
        B2      Home Boys Home
TRA     130     ALBERT AYLER            Spirits                         LPm       .1965

        A1      Spirits                                         6:35
        A2      Witches And Devils                              11:55
        B1      Holy, Holy                                      11:00
        B2      Saints                                          6:05
TRA     131     PETER COOK AND OTHERS : Private Eye's Blue Record       LP        .1965

        A1      Frosty Winds May Blow
        A2      Lenny Drob
        A3      Chunder In The Old Pacific Sea
        A4      The Seductive Brethren
        A5      Le Pizz Off Song
        A6      Macmillan Sings
        B1      St Francis Of Assisi
        B2      I Wouldn't Say No
        B3      John Osbum On Arthur Cock
        B4      Stick A Finger Up Your Bum
        B5      Spiggy Topes & The Turds
        B6      Listen With Mother
        B7      God Save The Queen
TRA     132     BERT JANSCH             It Don't Bother Me              LP        .1966

        A1      Oh My Babe
        A2      Ring-A-Ding Bird
        A3      Tinker's Blues
        A4      Anti Apartheid
        A5      The Wheel
        A6      A Man I'd Rather Be
        A7      My Lover
        B1      It Don't Bother Me
        B2      Harvest Your Thoughts Of Love
        B3      Lucky Thirteen
        B4      As The Day Grows Longer Now
        B5      So Long (Been On The Road So Long)
        B6      Want My Daddy Now
        B7      900 Miles
TRAEP   133     HARVEY ANDREWS          HARVEY ANDREWS                  7"EP      .1966

1 side  1       Most Peculiar Man
2 side  1       Child Of Hiroshima
1 side  2       You're On Your Own
2 side  2       Death Come Easy
TRA     134     THE NEW DEPATURES QUARTET : New Departures Quartet      LP        .1966

        A1      McTaggart
        A2      Afro Charlie
        B1      Culloden Moor
        B2      Love With Variations
                (Note : with Stan Tracey)
TRA     135     JOHN RENBOURN           John Renbourn                   LP        .1966

        A1      Judy
        A2      Beth's Blues
        A3      Song
        A4      Down On The Barge
        A5      John Henry
        A6      Plainsong
        A7      Louisiana Blues
        A8      Blue Bones
        B1      Train Tune
        B2      Candy Man
        B3      The Wildest Pig In Captivity
        B4      National Seven
        B5      Motherless Children
        B6      Winter Is Gone
        B7      Noah And Rabbit
TRAEP   136     THE DUBLINERS           MAINLY BARNEY                   7"EP      .1966

        A1      King Of The Fairies
        A2      Mason's Apron
        B1      Kitty Come Down From Limerick
        B2      The Cuilin
TRA     137     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : Contemporary Campbells    LP        .1966

        A1      Marilyn Monroe
        A2      Dirty Old Town
        A3      Thirty Foot Trailer
        A4      My Donal
        A5      Battle Of The Somme
        A6      Hard Life On The Cut
        A7      Net Hauling Song
        B1      Death Come Easy
        B2      Rights Of Man
        B3      Liverpool Lullaby
        B4      Four Pounds A Day
        B5      The Dove
        B6      Bloody Orkney
        B7      D Day Dodgers
TRA     138     OWEN HAND'S             I Loved A Lass                  LP        .1966
TRA     139     THE DUBLINERS : At The Gate Theatre 1-Finnegan Wakes    LP        .1966

        A1      Finnegan's Wake
        A2      Sunshine Hornpipe/The Mountain Road
        A3      Mento
        A4      The Dublin Fusiliers
        A5      Chief O'Neill's Favourite
        A6      The Sea Around Us
        B1      McAlpine's Fusiliers
        B2      Hot Asphalt
        B3      The Glendalough Saint
        B4      Within A Mile Of Dublin
        B5      Will You Come To The Bower
        B6      Nelson's Farewell
TRA     140     THE BLACK COUNTRY THREE : The Black Country Three       LP        .1966

        A1      The Boxing Match.                               3:32
        A2      Long Ago,Far Away                               1:51
        A3      Buttermilk Hill.                                1:45
        A4      Song Of The Western Man                         2:50
        A5      The Three Ravens                                2:49
        A6      Jolly Joe                                       2:51
        A7      Row Bullies Row.                                2:27
        B1      The Wedgefield Wake.                            3:28
        B2      Villancico.                                     2:22
        B3      The Wine Of Gaul.                               2:11
        B4      She Moved Through The Fair.                     1:55
        B5      The Mission Of San Miguel.                      3:24
        B6      The Riflemen Of Benington.                      2:45
        B7      All Bells In Paradise.                          3:18
TRA     141     DAVID CAMPBELL          David Campbell                  LP        .1966
TRA     142     THE YOUNG TRADITION : The Young Tradition               LP        .1966

        A1      Byker Hill
        A2      The Bold Fisherman
        A3      Betsy The Serving Maid
        A4      Henry The Poacher
        A5      The Lyke Wake Dirge
        B1      The Banks Of Claudy
        B2      The Innocent Hare
        B3      Dives And Lazarus
        B4      Derry Down Fair
        B5      The Truth Sent From Above
        B6      Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth
TRA     143     BERT JANSCH             Jack Orion                      LP        .1966

        A1      The Waggoner's Lad                              3:22
        A2      The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face             1:45
        A3      Jack Orion                                      9:50
        B1      The Gardener                                    1:40
        B2      Nottamun Town                                   4:30
        B3      Henry Martin                                    3:17
        B4      Black Water Side                                3:49
        B5      Pretty Polly                                    4:07
TRA     144     JOHN RENBOURN & BERT JANSCH : Bert And Jansch           LP        .1966

        A1      East Wind                                       1:24
        A2      Piano Tune                                      1:43
        A3      Goodbye Pork Pie Hat                            3:54
        A4      Soho                                            3:03
        A5      Tic-Tocative                                    1:58
        A6      Orlando                                         1:44
        B1      Red's Favorite                                  1:30
        B2      No Exit                                         1:28
        B3      Along The Way                                   2:06
        B4      The Time Has Come                               2:58
        B5      Stepping Stones                                 2:46
        B6      After The Dance                                 2:31
TRAEP   145     BERT JANSCH             NEEDLE OF DEATH                 7"EP      .1966

        A1      Running From Home                               2:20
        A2      Tinker's Blues                                  1:05
        A3      Needle Of Death                                 3:15
        B1      Green Are Your Eyes (Courting Blues)            3:56
        B2      The Wheel                                       1:45
TRAEP   146     IAN CAMPBELL            HIGHLANDS                       EP        .1966
TRAEP   147     MARC BRIERLEY           MARC BRIERLEY                   EP        .1966
TRAEP   148     ALEX CAMPBELL           MY OLD GIBSON GUITAR            7"EP      .1966

        A.1     My Old Gibson Guitar                            3:01
        A.2     Don't You Put Me Down                           3:05
        B.1     Why Oh Why?                                     2:21
        B.2     Plane Wreck At Los Gatos                        4:40
TRA     149     JOHN RENBOURN           Another Monday                  LP        .1966

        A1      Another Monday                                  1:48
        A2      Ladye Nothing's Toye Puffe                      1:27
        A3      I Know My Babe                                  3:27
        A4      Waltz                                           1:57
        A5      Lost Lover Blues                                1:54
        A6      One For William                                 2:48
        B1      Buffalo                                         2:31
        B2      Sugar Babe                                      4:31
        B3      Debbie Anne                                     1:37
        B4      Can't Keep From Crying                          2:01
        B5      Day At The Seaside                              1:11
        B6      Nobody's Fault But Mine                         1:56
TRA     150     JOSH MACRAE             Josh MacRae                     LP        .1967

        A1      T For Texas
        A2      Talking Union Blues
        A3      The Whiskey Seller
        A4      The Klan
        A5      I Loved A Lass
        A6      The Ballad Of Lee Oswald
        B1      Dobie Bill
        B2      The Castlereagh
        B3      Wild Flying Dove
        B4      One Day Old
        B5      Girl From The North Country
        B6      Talking Atomic Blues
TRA     151     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : New Impressions Of        LP        .1967

        A1      Lord Of The Dance
        A2      Berwick Brose
        A3      The Snow Is Falling
        A4      The Bold Benjamin
        A5      New York Gals
        A6      The Shoemaker
        A7      Baron O' Brackley
        A8      Ay Waukin O
        B1      Lover Let Me In
        B2      Greensleeves
        B3      Can Ye Sew Cushions
        B4      Farewell To Tarwathy
        B5      Gulls O' Invergordon
        B6      The Laird O' The Windy Wa's
        B7      The Card Song
TRAEP   152     THE DUBLINERS           MORE OF THE DUBLINERS           7"EP      .1967

        A1      Master McGrath
        A2      Walking In The Dew
        B1      The Cook In The Kitchen
        B2      Boulavogue
TRA     153     DAVID CAMPBELL          Young Blood                     LP        .1967

        A1      Guyana Brothers
        A2      Don Juan's song
        A3      Young Blood
        A4      Her Hair Did Not Hang Down Low
        A5      Brown Boy
        A6      Requiem In September
        B1      Warning To Rachel
        B2      Rock Me Home
        B3      Don't Cry Don't Bow Your Head
        B4      It's Easy
        B5      Sleep Talk
        B6      It's Only Morning
TRA     154     DAVE AND TONI ARTHUR : Morning Stands On Tiptoe         LP        .1967

        A1      A Maiden Came From London Town
        A2      Morning Stands On Tiptoe
        A3      Female Rambling Sailor
        A4      Padstow Drinking Song
        A5      The Guilty Sea Captain
        A6      The Eynsham Poaching Song
        A7      Green Grass
        B1      The Barley Grain For Me
        B2      The Jolly Ploughboy
        B3      The Blackburn Poachers
        B4      John Peel
        B5      Bold Robinson
        B6      Green Broom
        B7      Bendigo Champion Of England
        B8      The Football Match
TRA     155     THE YOUNG TRADITION : So Cheerfully Round               LP        .1967

        A1      Daddy Fox                                       3:12
        A2      The Season Round                                4:02
        A3      The Bold Dragoon                                2:18
        A4      Watercress-O                                    3:08
        A5      The Old Miser                                   3:50
        A6      The Foxhunt                                     1:40
        B1      Knight William                                  4:39
        B2      The Single Man's Warning                        2:36
        B3      The Pretty Ploughboy                            5:25
        B4      The Hungry Child                                3:48
        B5      The Whitsuntide Carol                           2:15
TRAEP   156     HAMISH IMLACH           LIUVE!                          7"EP      .1967

        A1      Samson
        B1      Oyster Girl
        B2      Twa Corbies
TRA     157     BERT JANSCH             Nicola                          LP        .1968

        A1      Go Your Way My Love                             4:20
        A2      Woe Is Love, My Dear                            2:16
        A3      Nicola                                          2:50
        A4      Come Back Baby                                  2:56
        A5      A Little Sweet Sunshine                         2:15
        A6      Love Is Teasing                                 2:04
        B1      Rabbit Run                                      2:38
        B2      Life Depends On Love                            1:45
        B3      Weeping Willow Blues                            3:37
        B4      Box Of Love                                     2:02
        B5      Wish My Baby Was Here                           1:39
        B6      If The World Isn't There                        3:16
TRA     158     THE DUBLINERS           THE BEST OF                     LP        .1968

        A1      Off To Dublin In The Green                      2:21
        A2      Sunshine Hornpipe / The Mountain Road           2:35
        A3      Will You Come To The Bower                      3:55
        A4      Peggy Lettermore                                1:45
        A5      Donegal Reel / The Longford Collector           2:01
        A6      Roddy McCorley                                  2:48
        B1      I'll Tell Me Ma                                 2:02
        B2      The Mason's Apron                               3:42
        B3      The Foggy Dew                                   3:22
        B4      The Old Orange Flute                            2:45
        B5      Roisin Dubh                                     3:44
        B6      The Holy Ground                                 2:15
TRA     2.158   HE DUBLINERS            THE BEST OF                     2LP       .1972

LP 1    A1      Off To Dublin In The Green                      2:21
        A2      Sunshine Hornpipe / The Mountain Road           2:35
        A3      Will You Come To The Bower                      3:55
        A4      Peggy Lettermore                                1:45
        A5      Donegal Reel / The Longford Collector           2:01
        A6      Roddy McCorley                                  2:48
        B1      I'll Tell Me Ma                                 2:02
        B2      The Mason's Apron                               3:42
        B3      The Foggy Dew                                   3:22
        B4      The Old Orange Flute                            2:45
        B5      Roisin Dubh                                     3:44
        B6      The Holy Ground                                 2:15

LP 2    C1      The Wild Rover                                  3:11
        C2      Easy And Slow                                   2:50
        C3      Home Boys Home                                  3:07
        C4      Chief O'Niell's Hornpipe                        2:14
        C5      The Rocky Road To Dublin                        2:26
        C6      The Leaving Of Liverpool                        4:43
        D1      Nelson's Farewell                               4:08
        D2      The Twang Man                                   1:45
        D3      Jar Of Porter                                   1:34
        D4      Boulavogue                                      2:49
        D5      The Glendalough Saint                           2:19
        D6      Air Fa La La La                                 3:06
TRA     159     THE GLENSIDE CEILIDH BAND                               LP        .1968
TRA     160     THE GREHAN SISTERS   On The Galtymore Mountains         LP        .1968

        A1      Victoria
        A2      On The Galtymore Mountains
        A3a     Gallaher's Frolics
        A3b     Leitrim Jig
        A4      The Lake Of Coolfin
        A5      The Fairy Boy
        A6      The Blue Velvet Band
        B1      Lonely Banna Strand
        B2      My Uncle's In The Dail
        B3      Tommy McDonagh
        B4      The Donegal Reel
        B5      The Wexford Massacre
TRA     161     RON GEESIN              A raise Of Eyebrows             LP        .1968

        A1      A Raise Of Eyebrows                             2:14
        A2      Freedom For Four Voices And Me                  2:25
        A3      Psychedelia                                     1:06
        A4      Positives                                       2:13
        A5      It´s All Very New, You Know                     5:36
        A6      A Female!                                       0:21
        A7      Certainly Random                                2:49
        B1      The Eye That Nearly Saw                         4:29
        B2      Two Fifteen String Guitars For Nice People      2:28
        B3      From An Electric Train                          3:22
        B4      A World Of Too Much Sound                       2:05
        B5      Another Female!                                 0:05
        B6      We´re All Going To Liverpool                    3:56
        B7      Ha! Ha! But Reasonable                          1:36
TRA     162     THE PENTANGLE           THE PENTANGLE                   LP      05.1968

        A1      Let No Man Steal Your Thyme                     2:37
        A2      Bells                                           3:52
        A3      Hear My Call                                    3:01
        A4      Pentangling                                     7:02
        B1      Mirage                                          2:00
        B2      Way Behind The Sun                              3:01
        B3      Bruton Town                                     5:05
        B4      Waltz                                           4:54

        Bass                    Danny Thompson
        Design [Cover]          Osiris (Visions) Ltd.*
        Drums                   Terry Cox
        Guitar                  John Renbourn
        Guitar, Vocals          Bert Jansch
        Liner Notes             John Peel
        Photography By [Cover]  Robert Dowling
        Producer                Shel Talmy
        Vocals                  Jacqui McShee
TRA     163     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : Ian Campbell Folk Group   LP        .1968

        A1      The Iron Road
        A2      Private Harold
        A3      The Circle Game
        A4      The Lady Came From Baltimore
        A5      The Old Man's Song
        A6      Wooed And Married
        A7      North Sea Holes
        B1      Paddy Lay Back
        B2      Do You Remember
        B3      Willie's Gone
        B4      I'm Not Saying
        B5      I Think It's Going To Rain Today
        B6      Doctor Junk
        B7      On The M.1
TRA     164     THE YOUNG TRADITION     CHICKEN ON A RAFT               7"EP      .1967

        A1      Chicken On A Raft
        A2      Randy Dandy - Oh
        B1      Fire Maringo
        B2      Hanging Johnny
        B3      Bring `Em Down
        B4      Haul On The Bowline
TRA     165     RALPH MCTELL            Eight Frames A Second           LP        .1968

        A1      Nanna's Song                                    3:05
        A2      The Mermaid And The Seagull                     4:05
        A3      Hesitation Blues                                2:43
        A4      Are You Receiving Me?                           3:37
        A5      Morning Dew                                     3:10
        A6      Sleepytime Blues                                3:50
        B1      Eight Frames A Second                           3:20
        B2      Willoughby's Farm                               2:00
        B3      Louise                                          3:45
        B4      Blind Blake's Rag                               1:55
        B5      I'm Sorry - I Must Leave                        2:15
        B6      Too Tight                                       2:29
        B7      Granny Takes A Trip                             2:40
TRA     166     BOB BUNTING : You've Got To Go Down This Way            LP        .1968
                THYNG & YE GRENE KNYGHTE

        A1      The Earle Of Salisbury                          1:19
        A2      The Trees They Do Grow High                     3:26
        A3      Lady Goes To Church                             2:50
        A4      Morgana                                         7:22
        B1      Transfusion                                     1:58
        B2      Forty-Eight                                     2:51
        B3      My Dear Boy                                     1:15
        B4      White Fishes                                    3:46
        B5      Sweet Potato                                    3:17
        B6      Seven Up                                        3:45
TRA     168     FINBAR AND EDDIE FUREY : Finbar And Eddie Furey         LP        .1968

        A1      The Spanish Cloak
        A2      Come By The Hills
        A3      Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain Of The Women)
        A4      Dainty Davy
        A5      Jig : Tattered Jack Welch
        A6      The Flowers In The Valley
        A7      Reel: Pigeon On The Gate
        B1      Jig: Graham's Flat
        B2      Leezy Lindsay
        B3      Set Dance: Piper In The Meadow Straying
        B4      The Curragh Of Kildare
        B5      Eamonn An Chnuic (Ned Of The Hills)
        B6      This Town Is Not Your Own
        B7      Jig: Rocking The Baby
TRA     169     THE JOHNSTONS           The Johnstons                   LP        .1968

        A1      They'll Never Get Their Man                     1:53
        A2      The Tunnel Tigers                               2:13
        A3      'Fhir A' Bhata                                  4:55
        A4      O'Carolan's Concerto                            2:17
        A5      The Lark In The Morning                         2:35
        A6      The Whistling Thief                             3:10
        A7      The Rounding Of Cape Horn                       4:00
        B1      The Dublin Jack Of All Trades                   3:15
        B2      Apprentice Song                                 2:04
        B3      Caillerch An Airgid                             1:43
        B4      Reels (Hand Me Down The Tackle & Jenny's Welcome
                To Charlie                                      3:06
        B5      The Rambler From Clare                          3:25
        B6      The Lambs On The Green Hills                    4:54
        B7      The Frog's Wedding                              3:09
TRA     170     SWEENEY'S MEN           Rattlin' And Roarin' Willy      LP        .1968

        A1      Rattlin' Roarin' Willy                          2:25
        A2      Sullivan's John                                 3:15
        A3      Sally Brown                                     2:20
        A4      My Dearest Dear                                 3:53
        A5      The Exile's Jig                                 1:39
        A6      The Handsome Cabin Boy                          4:45
        B1      Dicey Riley                                     1:41
        B2      Tom Dooley                                      2:32
        B3      Willy O'Winsbury                                4:57
        B4      Dance To Your Daddy                             2:14
        B5      The House Carpenter                             3:57
        B6      Johnstone                                       3:40
        B7      Reynard The Fox                                 3:26
                A HAND GRENADE

        A1      Flower Power = Bread                            3:30
        A2      Take Stalk Between Teeth / Pull Stalk From
                Blossom / Throw Blossom Over Arm Towards Enemy
                / Lie Flat And Await Explosion                  1:45
        A3      She Was Crazy, He Was Mad                       3:48
        A4      A Party Political Protest On Behalf Of The
                Burial Party                                    3:18
        A5      Judgements                                      3:55
        A6      The Oxford Hysteria Of English Poetry           4:13
        B1      To Whom It May Concern                          1:55
        B2      Jumbo The Elephant                              4:33
        B3      Ode To An Assassination Of President Johnson    1:46
        B4      History Lesson                                  2:42
        B5      Vroomph                                         2:35
        B6      Palaces Of Gold                                 3:00
        B7      To You                                          2:58
        B8      The Rules Of The Game                           3:04
TRA     172     THE YOUNG TRADITION     Galleries                       LP        .1968

        A1      Intro: Ductia                                   0:58
        A2      The Barley Straw                                2:15
        A3      What If A Day                                   2:13
        A4      The Loyal Lover                                 1:15
        A5      Entracte: Stones In My Passway                  1:00
        A6      Idumea                                          2:07
        A7      The Husbandman And The Serving Man              1:43
        A8      The Rolling Of The Stones                       0:54
        A9      The Bitter Withy                                2:18
        A10     The Banks Of The Nile                           2:09
        B1      Wondrous Love                                   2:46
        B2      Mediaeval Mystery Tour                          2:14
        B3      Divertissement: Upon The Bough                  0:30
        B4      Ratcliff Highway                                1:56
        B5      The Brisk Young Widow                           1:43
        B6      Interlude: The Pembroke Unique Ensemble         1:01
        B7      John Barleycorn                                 2:24
        B8      The Agincourt Carol                             4:38
TRA     173     JOHN FAHEY : The Transfiguration Of Blind John Death    LP        .1968

        A1      Beautiful Linda Getchell                        1:50
        A2      Orinda-Moraga                                   3:55
        A3      I Am The Resurrection                           2:53
        A4      On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean                  3:13
        A5      Tell Her To Come Back Home                      2:40
        A6      My Station Will Be Changed After While          2:02
        A7      101 Is A Hard Road To Travel                    2:17
        B1      How Green Was My Valley                         2:15
        B2      Bicycle Built For Two                           1:10
        B3      The Death Of The Clayton Peacock                2:52
        B4      Brenda's Blues                                  1:45
        B5      Old Southern Medley                             6:08
        B6      Come Back Baby                                  2:20
        B7      Poor Boy                                        2:25
        B8      Saint Patrick's Hymn                            0:55
TRA     174     THE PURPLE GANG         STRIKES                         LP        .1968

        A1      Auntie Monica                                   3:04
        A2      Bootleg Whisky                                  3:18
        A3      Viola Lee Blues                                 3:10
        A4      The Wizard                                      3:49
        A5      Mr Aldred Jones                                 2:57
        B1      Granny Takes A Trip                             2:38
        B2      Overseas Stomp                                  2:15
        B3      Freightliner                                    2:50
        B4      The Sheik                                       3:08
        B5      Rising Sun                                      2:23
        B6      Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green                   2:30
TRA     175     GORDON GILTRAP          GORDON GILTRAP                  LP        .1968

        A1      Gospel Song                                     2:54
        A2      Fast Approaching                                1:54
        A3      Don't You Feel Good                             2:40
        A4      Birth Of Spring                                 1:44
        A5      Won't You Stay Awhile Suzanne                   2:32
        A6      Wilderness                                      2:32
        B1      Adolescent Years                                2:05
        B2      Saturday Girl                                   2:40
        B3      Don't You Hear Your Mother's Voice              3:15
        B4      Ives Horizon                                    2:16
        B5      Blythe Hill                                     1:37
        B6      Willow Pattern                                  4:13
TRA     176     THE SALLYANGIE          CHILDREN OF THE SUN             LP        .1968

        A1      Strangers                                       1:12
        A2      Lady Mary                                       3:41
        A3      Children Of The Sun                             4:56
        A4      A Lover For All Seasons                         3:42
        A5      River Song                                      3:40
        A6      Banquet On The Water                            4:28
        B1      Balloons                                        5:28
        B2      Midsummer Night's Happening                     4:08
        B3      Love In Ice Crystals                            3:00
        B4      Changing Colours                                0:21
        B5      Chameleon                                       2:20
        B6      Milk Bottle                                     0:31
        B7      The Murder Of The Children Of San Francisco     4:00
        B8      Strangers                                       1:12
TRA     177     RALPH MCTELL            Spiral Staircase                LP        .1968

        A1      Streets Of London                               4:06
        A2      Mrs. Adlam's Angels                             2:43
        A3      Wino And The Mouse                              0:59
        A4      England 1914                                    3:04
        A5      Last Train And Ride                             2:31
        A6      The Fairground                                  4:07
        B1      Spiral Staircase                                3:30
        B2      Kind Hearted Woman Blues                        2:43
        B3      Bright And Beautiful Things                     1:53
        B4      Daddy's Here                                    4:22
        B5      Rizraklaru                                      1:44
        B6      (My) Baby Keeps Staying Out All Night Long      1:52
        B7      Terminus                                        1:53
TRA     178     THE PENTANGLE           SWEET CHILD                     2LP       .1968

LP 1    A1      Market Song
        A2      No More My Lord
        A3      Turn Your Money Green
        A4      Haitian Fight Song
        A5      A Woman Like You
        A6      Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
        B1c     Three Dances: Brentzel Gay/La Rotta/The Earle Of Salisbury
        B2      Watch The Stars
        B3      So Early In The Spring
        B4      No Exit
        B5      The Time Has Come
        B6      Bruton Town

LP 2    C1      Sweet Child
        C2      I Loved A Lass
        C3      Three Part Thing
        C4      Sovay
        C5      In Time
        D1      In Your Mind
        D2      I've Got A Feeling
        D3      The Trees They Do Grow High
        D4      Moon Dog
        D5      Hole In My Coal
TRA     179     BERT JANSCH             Birthday Blues                  LP        .1968

        A1      Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We Can All
                Get Along The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long And Dusty Road 2:01
        A2      The Bright New Year                             1:31
        A3      Tree Song                                       2:33
        A4      Poison                                          3:12
        A5      Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell                    2:09
        A6      I've Got A Woman                                5:11
        B1      A Woman Like You                                4:22
        B2      I Am Lonely                                     2:21
        B3      Promised Land                                   2:48
        B4      Birthday Blues                                  1:10
        B5      Wishing Well                                    2:13
        B6      Blues                                           2:41
TRA   180       THE FUGS                Tenderness Junction             LP        .1968

        A1      Turn On / Tune In / Drop Out
        A2      Knock Knock
        A3      The Garden Is Open
        A4      Wet Dream
        A5      Hare Krishna
        B1      Exorcising The Evil Spirits From The Pentagon October 21, 1967
        B2      War Song
        B3      Dover Beach
        B4      Fingers Of The Sun
        B5      Aphrodite Mass (In 5 Sections)
        B5a     Litany Of The Street Grope
        B5b     Genuflection At The Temple Of Squack
        B5c     Petals In The Sea
        B5d     Sappho's Hemn To Aphrodite
        B5e     Homage To Throb Thrills
                (Note : LP , some with poster)

LP      Reprise         R6280           1967    US      mono
LP      Reprise         RS6280          1967    US      stereo
TRA     181     THE FUGS             It Crawled Into My Hand Honest     LP        .1968

        A1      Crystal Liaison
        A2      Ramses II Is Dead My Love
        A3      Burial Waltz
        A4      Wide Wide River
        A5      Life Is Strange
        B1      Johnny Pissoff Meets The Red Angel
        B2      Marijuana
        B3      Leprechaun
        B4      When The Mode Of The Music Changes
        B5      Whimpers Of The Jello
        B6      The Divine Toe (Part I)
        B7      We're Both Dead Now, Alice
        B8      Life Is Funny
        B9      Grope Need (Part 1)
        B10     Tuli, Visited By The Ghost Of Plontinus
        B11     More Grope Need (Grope Need - Part 2)
        B12     Robinson Crusoe
        B13     Claude Pelieu And J. J. Lebel Discuss The Early Verlaine
                Bread Crust Fragments
        B14     The National Haiku Contest
        B15     The Divine Toe ( Part II)
        B16     Irene

LP      Reprise         R6305           1968    US      mono
LP      Reprise         RS6305          1968    US      stereo
TRA     182     RAVI SHANKAR WITH ALLA RAKHA : A SITAR RECITAL          LP        .1968

        A1      Desi - Morning Raga
        A2      Sudh Sarang - Early Afternoon Raga
        B       Yaman Manj - Evening Raga
TRA     183     Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan With Kanai Dutt And NC     LP        .1968
                Kumar And Ashish Kumar : Music Of India: Dhun And Raga

        A       Dun Palas Kafi
        B       Raga Bilashkhani Todi
TRA     184     THE JOHNSTONS           GIVE A DAMN                     LP        .1968

        A1      Give A Damn                                     2:38
        A2      You Keep Going Your Way                         3:01
        A3      Urge For Going                                  3:50
        A4      Port Of Amsterdam                               2:42
        A5      Funny In A Sad Sad Way                          2:45
        A6      Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye                2:57
        B1      Both Sides Now                                  3:10
        B2      Julia                                           2:52
        B3      Sweet Thames Flow Softly                        3:40
        B4      I Loved                                         3:44
        B5      I Don't Mind The Rain On Monday                 2:14
        B6      Walking Out On Foggy Mornings                   2:27
TRA     185     THE JOHNSTONS           THE BARLEY CORN                 LP        .1968

        A1      Ye Jacobites By Name                            2:50
        A2      The Coleraine Regatta                           4:37
        A3      The Newry Highwayman                            2:54
        A4      Joseph's Fancy / A Trip To Durrow               2:40
        A5      What Put The Blood?                             3:10
        A6      The Fenians From Cahiciveen                     2:43
        B1      The Barleycorn                                  3:04
        B2      Sorry The Day I Was Married                     1:34
        B3      The Flowers Of Northumberland                   4:30
        B4      The Nine Points Of Roguery/The Humours Of Tulla 3:09
        B5      Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore                    3:46
        B6      Fuigfidh Mise'n Baile Seo                       3:03

        A1      Why Don't They Come Back To Dunoon              4:12
        A2      My Dixie Darling                                2:32
        A3      Now I Feel So Old                               1:59
        A4      Give Me A Little Of Your Time                   2:06
        A5      Salt Coats At The Fair                          3:06
        A6      Victory Rag                                     1:39
        B1      Will You Follow Me                              1:58
        B2      Little Blue Lady                                1:46
        B3      Travel Away                                     1:45
        B4      Come Drink My Wine                              3:24
        B5      Cripple Creek                                   1:58
        B6      Close Your Eyes                                 1:21
        B7      Windy & Warm                                    1:27
TRA     187     RITCHIE HAVENS          ELECTRIC HAVENS                 LP        .1968

        A1      Oxford Town                                     3:17
        A2      900 Miles                                       3:40
        A3      I'm A Stranger Here                             3:55
        A4      My Own Way                                      2:15
        B1      Boots And Spanish Leather                       5:40
        B2      C.C. Rider                                      3:25
        B3      3'10 To Yuma                                    3:15
        B4      Shadow Town                                     3:53

LP      Douglas         SD 780          1968    US
                BLUES BAND

        A1      Long Distance Call                              3:50
        A2      Chicken Shack                                   3:15
        A3      Love 'N' Trouble                                3:18
        A4      Mini Dress                                      2:30
        A5      Looking To My Baby                              3:05
        B1      Watch Dog                                       2:55
        B2      Mud In Your Ear                                 3:10
        B3      I'm So Glad                                     3:15
        B4      Love Without Jealousy                           2:16
        B5      Excuse Me Baby                                  2:05

LP      Douglas         SD 781          1968    US
TRA     189
TRA     190     MALCOLM X               TALKS TO YOUNG PEOPLE           LP        .1969

        A       Talks To Young People
        B       Talks To Young People

LP      Douglas         SD 795          1968    US
TRA     191     FINBAR AND EDDIE FUREY : THE LONESOME BOAT MAN          LP        .1968

        A1      Bill Hart's Favourite
        A2      Dance Around The Spinning Wheel
        A3      Let Me Go To The Mountains
        A4      McShane
        A5      Colonel Fraser
        B1      The Lonesome Boatman
        B2      Carron Lough Bay
        B3      The Prickly Bush
        B4      Bogy's Bonny Belle
        B5      The Fox Chase
TRA     192     ALLEN GINSBERG          Ginsberg's Thing                LP        .1969

        A1      Zen Buddhist Chant "High Perfect Wisdom"
        A2      Message II
        A3      Cafe In Warsaw
        A4      Who To Be Kind To
        A5      Portland Coliseum
        A6      First Party At Ken Keesy's (With Hell's Angels)
        A7      Uptown
        A8      To The Body
        A9      Small Spoleto Mantra
        B       Allen Ginsberg Reading Translations Of The Poetry
                Of Guiseppe Ungaretti

LP      Dougas          SD 801          1970    US
TRA     193     PANDIT PRAN NATH        EARTH GROOVE                    LP        .1969

        A       Raaga Bhoopali
        B       Raaga Asavari

LP      Dougas          SD 784          1968    US
TRA     194     MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELL : IN LONDON, VOL.1            LP        .1969

        A1      Some Sweet Day
        A2      Mojo Hand
        A3      Amazing Grace
        A4      My Second Mind
        A5      I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
        B1      My Babe
        B2      Take Your Picture, Darling
        B3      Diving Duck Blues
        B4      I Don't Need No Heater

LP      Sire            SES 97018       1970    US
TRA     195     LENNY BRUCE             THE BARKELEY CONCERT            2LP       .1969

LP 1    A1      Craphouse
        A2      The Law
        A3      Obscenity
        B1      Crime
        B2      Marijuana
        B3      Lyndon Johnson
        B4      Ruby

LP 2    C1      Guys Exposing Themselves
        C2      Midgets
        C3      How The Negro & Jew Got Into Show Business
        C4      Postman
        C5      Mark Eden Method
        D1      Dating Advice
        D2      Guys Don't Cheat On Girls
        D3      Get Even
        D4      Deny It
        D5      Ralph Gleason
        D6      Alaska

2LP     Reprise         2XS 6329        1969    US
TRA     196     AMALGAM                 PRAYER FOR PEACE                LP        .1969

        A1      Tales Of Sadness                                14:28
        A2      Judy's Smile I                                  9:55
        B1      Judy's Smile II                                 10:09
        B2      Judy's Smile III                                8:41
        B3      Prayer For Peace                                7:33
TRA     197     THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION : UNCLE MEAT                   2LP     04.1969

LP 1    A1      Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme                    1:54
        A2      The Voice Of Cheese                             0:27
        A3      400 Days Of The Year                            5:56
        A4      Zolar Czakl                                     0:57
        A5      Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague           5:51
        A6      The Legend Of The Golden Arches                 1:24
        A7      Louie Louie (Live At Royal Albert Hall, London) 2:28
        A8      The Dog Breath Variations                       1:36
        B1      Sleeping In A Jar                               0:49
        B2      Our Bizarre Relationship                        1:05
        B3      The Uncle Meat Variations                       4:40
        B4      Electric Aunt Jemima                            1:53
        B5      Prelude To King Kong                            3:24
        B6      God Bless America (Live At The Whiskey A Go Go) 1:22
        B7      A Pound For A Brown On The Bus                  1:29
        B8      Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live On Stage In
                Copenhagen)                                     5:08

LP 2    C1      Mr. Green Genes                                 3:10
        C2      We Can Shoot You                                1:48
        C3      "If We'd All Been Living In California..."      1:29
        C4      The Air                                         2:57
        C5      Project X                                       4:47
        C6      Cruising For Burgers                            2:19
        D1      King Kong Itself (As Played By The Mothers In
                A Studio)                                       0:53
        D2      King Kong (Its Magnificence As Interpreted By
                Dom DeWild)                                     1:15
        D3      King Kong (As Motorhead Explains It)            1:44
        D4      King Kong (The Gardner Varieties)               6:17
        D5      King Kong (As Played By 3 Deranged Good Humour
                Trucks)                                         0:29
        D6      King Kong (Live On A Flat Bed Diesel In The
                Middle Of A Race Track At A Miami Pop Festival
                ... The Underwood Ramifications)                7:22

2LP     Bizarre         2MS 2024        1969    US
TRA     198
TRA     199     RICHIE HAVENS           Richie Haven's Record           LP        .1969

        A1      I'm Gonna Make You Glad
        A2      It Hurts Me
        A3      Chain Gang
        A4      Drown In My Own Tears
        A5      I'm On My Way
        B1      Babe, I'm Leaving
        B2      Norah's Dove
        B3      Daddy Roll 'Em
        B4      The Bag I'm In
        B5      Down In The Valley

LP      Douglas         SD 779          1968    US
TRA     200     SWEENEY'S MEN           THE TRACK OF SWEENEY            LP        .1969

        A1      Dreams For Me
        A2      The Pipe On The Hob
        A3      Brain Jam
        A4      Pretty Polly
        A5      Standing On The Shore
        B1      A Mistake No Doubt
        B2      Go By Brooks
        B4      Afterthoughts
        B3      When You Don't Care For Me
        B5      Hiram Hubbard
        B6      Hall Of Mirrors
TRA     201     THE HUMBLEBUMS          THE HUMBLEBUMS                  LP        .1969

        A1      Look Over The Hill & Far Away
        A2      Saturday Round About Sunday
        A3      Patrick
        A4      Everybody Knows That
        A5      Rick Rack
        A6      Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
        B1      Please Sing A Song For Us
        B2      Joe Dempsey
        B3      Blood & Glory
        B4      Coconut Tree
        B5      Silk Pyjamas
        B6      Good-Bye-ee!

LP      Liberty         LST 7636        1969    US
TRA     202     GORDON GILTRAP          PORTRAIT                        LP        .1969

        A1      Portrait
        A2      Thoughts In The Rain
        A3      Never Ending Solitude
        A4      Tuxedo
        A5      All Characters Fictitious
        A6      Lucifer's Cage
        B1      Careful As You Go
        B2      Free For All
        B3      William Taplin
        B4      Hands Of Fate
        B5      Confusion
        B6      Young Love
TRA     203     MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELL : IN LONDON, VOL.2            LP        .1969

        A1      What's The Matter With Papa's Little Child      3:30
        A2      Levee Camp Blues                                5:53
        A3      Got To Move                                     2:52
        A4      Get Right Church                                3:41
        A5      Big Fat Mama                                    3:30
        B1      Unknown Blues                                   4:15
        B2      Good Morning Little Schoolgirl                  3:43
        B3      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning              3:40
        B4      You Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore           3:12
        B5      The Train I Ride                                5:15

LP      Everest         FS 253          1969    US
TRA     204     THE DEVIANTS            THE DEVIANTS                    LP        .1969

        A1      Billy The Monster                               3:23
        A2      Broken Biscuits                                 2:09
        A3      First Line                                      2:43
        A4      The People's Suite                              2:24
        A5      Ramblin B(l)ack Transit Blues                   5:32
        B1      Death Of A Dream Machine                        2:45
        B2      Playtime                                        3:06
        B3      Black George Does It With His Mouth             1:20
        B4      Junior Narco Rangers                            0:15
        B5      People Of The City                              1:27
        B6      Metamorphosis Exploration                       8:49
                (Note : LP some with booklet , rare)

LP      Sire            SES 97016       1969    US
TRA     205     THE PENTANGLE           BASKET OF LIGHT                 LP        .1969

        A1      Light Flight (Theme From "Take Three Girls")
        A2      Once I Had A Sweetheart
        A3      Springtime Promises
        A4      Lyke-Wake Dirge
        A5      Train Song
        B1      Hunting Song
        B2      Sally Go Round The Roses
        B3      The Cuckoo
        B4      House Carpenter

LP      Reprise         RS 6372         1969    US
TRA     206
TRA     207     CIRCUS                  CIRCUS                          LP        .1969

        A1      Norwegian Wood                                  7:22
        A2      Pleasures Of A Lifetime                         8:21
        A3      St. Thomas                                      3:33
        A4      Goodnight John Morgan                           1:47
        B1      Father Of My Daughter                           3:19
        B2      II B.S.                                         6:28
        B3      Monday Monday                                   4:18
        B4      Don't Make Promises                             4:42
                (Note : Mel Collins band)
TRA     208     LITTLE FREE ROCK        LITTLE FREE ROCK                LP        .1969

        A1      Roman Summer Nights
        A2      Lost Lonely
        A3      Blud
        A4      Castles In The Sky
        A5      Dream
        B1      Tingle
        B2      Evil Woman
        B3      Age Of Chivalry
        B4      Making Time
TRA     209     RALPH MCTELL            MY SIDE OF YOUR WINDOW          LP        .1969

        A1      Michael In The Garden
        A2      Clown
        A3      Girl On A Bicycle
        A4      Father Forgive Them
        A5      All Things Change
        B1      I've Thought About It
        B2      Factory Girl
        B3      Blues In More Than 12 Bars
        B4      Kew Gardens
        B5      Wait Until The Snow
        B6      Silver Birch And Weeping Willow
TRA     210     JODY GRIND              ONE STEP ON                     LP        .1969

                One Step On 	
        A1.i    In My Mind
        A1.ii   Nothing At All
        A1.iii  Interaction
        A1.iv   Paint It Black
        B1      Little Message
        B2      Night Today
        B3      U.S.A.
        B4      Rock 'N' Roll Man

LP      United Artists  UAS 6774        1969    US

JODY GRIND One Step On (Rare debut 1969 5-track stereo vinyl LP by the band
comprising at the time Tim Hinkley [Keyboards], Ivan Zagni [Guitars] and Barry
Wilson [Drums], with all tracks written by Zagni & Hinkley. Now a highly regarded
album,it disappeared almost without trace at the time and copies seldom surface.
The front-laminated gatefold picture sleeve remains in very nice condition with
little in the way of shelfwear, just some light laminate creasing in places
and a bit of mild edge scuffing.
TRA     211     THE JOHNSTONS           BITTER GREEN                    LP        .1969

        A1      Jesus Was A Carpenter                           5:46
        A2      The Gypsy                                       2:47
        A3      Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender                     4:39
        A4      The Kilfenora Jig                               3:59
        A5      Fiddler's Green                                 4:50
        B1      The Story Of Isaac                              3:49
        B2      Bitter Green                                    2:19
        B3      The Penny Wager                                 3:37
        B4      Marcie                                          4:09
                Reels                                           3:30
        B5a     The Fair Haired Boy
        B5b     Kiss The Maiden Behind The Barrel
        B5c     The Dawn
        B6      The Spanish Lady                                2:42
TRA     212     MICK FARREN             MONA-THE CARNIVOROUS CIRCUS     LP        .1970

        A1      Mona (A Fragment)
                Carnivourous Circus Part I
        A2      The Whole Thing Starts
        A3      But Charlie It's Still Moving
        A4      Observe The Ravens
        A5      Society Of The Horseman
        B1      Summertime Blues
                Carnivourous Circus Part II
        B2      Don't Talk To Me Mary
        B3      You Can't Move Me
        B4      In My Window Box
        B5      An Epitaph Can Point The Way
        B6      Mona (The Whole Trip)
TRA     213     MARSUPILAMI             MARSUPILAMI                     LP        .1970

        A1      Dorian Deep                                     7:21
        A2      Born To Be Free                                 5:33
        A3      And The Eagle Chased The Dove To Its Ruin       6:25
        B1      Ab Initio Ad Finem (The Opera)                  10:32
        B2      Facilis Descencus Averni                        9:19

MARSUPILAMI Marsupilami (Rare 1970 UK 6-track LP on the Transatlantic Records label,
the debut album from the progressive rock band from Taunton, UK; housed in a textured
picture sleeve printed by MacNeill Press Ltd.
TRA     214     THE PEOPLE BAND         THE PEOPLE BAND                 LP        .1970

                Seven Extracts From A Continuous Performance By The People Band
        A1      Part 1
        A2      Part 2
        B1      Part 3
        B2      Part 4
        B3      Part 5
        B4      Part 6
                (Note : with Charlie Watts)
TRA     215     THE DUBLINERS           BEST OF, VOL.2                  LP        .1970
TRA     216     STRAY                   STRAY                           LP        .1970

        A1      All In Your Mind                                9:15
        A2      Taken All The Good Things                       5:30
        A3      Around The World In Eighty Days                 3:35
        A4      Time Machine                                    4:30
        B1      Only What You Make It                           3:59
        B2      Yesterdays Promises                             4:15
        B3      Move On                                         5:40
        B4      In Reverse / Some Day [# see note]              8:55

STRAY Stray (Rare 1970 UK first issue 8-track vinyl LP on the purple & white
Transatlantic label with A1/B1 matrices, a killer slice of early seventies rock,
with superb die-cut gatefold thick card sleeve.
TRA     217     STEFAN GROSSMAN         YAZOO BASIN BOOGIE              LPm       .1970

        A1      Adam's Voice
        A2      Tickle Dew
        A3      Dallas Rag
        A4      I'm So Glad
        A5      Katz Rag
        A6      Texas Lemon Flavour
        A7      Sunday Rag
        A8      Pigtown Fling
        A9      Red Pepper Rag
        B1      House Carpenter
        B2      Maple Leaf Rag
        B3      Colored Aristocracy
        B4      Slow Blues In C
        B5      Aurora's Powder Rag
        B6      County Line
        B7      Last Of Callahan
        B8      Yazoo Basin Boogie
TRA     218     THE HUMBLEBUMS          OPEN UP THE DOOR                LP        .1970

        A1      My Apartment                                    2:47
        A2      I Can't Stop Now                                4:37
        A3      Open Up The Door                                3:21
        A4      Mary Of The Mountains                           3:00
        A5      All The Best People Do It                       2:51
        A6      Steamboat Row                                   2:59
        A7      Mother                                          2:55
        B1      Shoeshine Boy                                   3:12
        B2      Cruisin'                                        3:15
        B3      Keep It To Yourself                             3:07
        B4      Oh No                                           2:12
        B5      Song For Simon                                  2:18
        B6      Harry                                           2:57
        B7      My Singing Bird                                 3:04

LP      Liberty         LST 7656        1970    US
TRA     219     JOHN JAMES              MORNING BRINGS THE LIGHT        LP        .1970

        A1      If Only I
        A2      One Long Happy Night
        A3      Pickles And Peppers
        A4      Liverpool Lullaby
        A5      Hogans Alley (Black Eyed Blues)
        A6      Once I Lived By The Sea
        B1      Picture Rag
        B2      A Little Blues
        B3      So Long Since I Was Home
        B4      Ostrich Walk
        B5      Lampeter
        B6      Morning Brings The Light
TRA     220     STORY TELLER            STORY TELLER                    LP        .1970

        A1      Floor Of The Park
        A2      Man In The Moon
        A3      Alice Brown
        A4      The Lake
        A5      Ginger Bread Man
        A6      Over The Hills
        B1      Story
        B2      First Week In Januari
        B3      Has Been
        B4      Morning Glow
        B5      Ballad Of Old Three-Laps
        B6      Song For Buster
        B7      Love's A Blind
TRA     221     JODY GRIND              FAR CANAL                       LP        .1970

        A1      We've Had It
        A2      Bath Sister
        A3      Jump Bed Jed
        A4      O Paradiso
        B1      Plastic Shit
        B2      Vegetable Oblivion
        B3      Red Worms & Lice
        B4      Ballad For Bridget
TRA     222     PETER BARDENS           THE ANSWER                      LP        .1970

        A1      The Answer                                      5:15
        A2      Don't Goof With A Spook                         7:23
        A3      I Can't Remember                                10:42
        B1      I Don't Want To Go Home                         5:15
        B2      Let's Get It On                                 6:39
        B3      Homage To The God Of Light                      13:33

LP      Verve Forecast FTS 3088         1970    US
TRA    E223     STEFAN GROSSMAN         THE RAGTIME COWBOY JEW          2LP       .1970

LP 1    A1      So They Say
        A2      Sound Techniques Recording Blues
        A3      The Birthday Song (People Get Ready)
        A4      Odyssey
        B1      The Alibi
        B2      Georgia Camp Meeting
        B3      A Prairie Song
        B4      Waterfalls
        B5      New Pony Blues
        B6      Bye And Bye

LP 2    C1      Matesa
        C2      Morning Blues
        C3      Satisfied And Tickled Too
        C4      High Society
        C5      Soldier's March
        C6      Fat Man
        C7      Kokomo
        C8      Belzona Blues
        D1      Orphan Sunday
        D2      Little Sally Walker
        D3      Make Believe Stunt
        D4      Roseberry Hill
        D5      Yonder Comes The Blues
        D6      A Pretty Little Tune
TRA     224     JOHN RENBOURN           THE LADY AND THE UNICORN        LP        .1970

        A1.a    Trotto                                          0:40
        A1.b    Saltarello                                      1:53
        A2.a    Lamento Di Tristan                              1:58
        A2.b    La Rotta                                        0:55
        A3.a    Veri Floris                                     0:44
        A3.b    Triple Ballade (Sanscuer-Amordolens-Dameparvous)2:00
        A4.a    Bransle Gay                                     1:13
        A4.b    Bransle De Bourgogne                            1:34
        A5.a    Alman                                           1:25
        A5.b    Melancholy Galliard                             2:47
        A6      Sarabande                                       2:41
        B1      The Lady And The Unicorn                        3:21
        B2.a    My Johnny Was A Shoemaker                       4:16
        B2.b    Westron Wynde                                   1:25
        B2.c    Scarborough Fair                                7:22

LP      Reprise         RS 6407         1970    US
TRA     225     ERROL DIXON : THAT'S HOW YOU GOT KILLED BEFOREre        LP        .1970
TRA     226     MR.FOX                  MR. FOX                         LP        .1970

        A1      Join Us In Our Game
        A2      The Hanged Man
        A3      The Gay Goshawk
        A4      Rip Van Winkle
        A5      Mr. Trills Song
        B1      Little Woman
        B2      Salisbury Plain
        B3      The Ballad Of Neddy Dick
        B4      Leaving The Dales
        B5      Mr. Fox
TRA     227     RALPH MCTELL            REVISITED                       LP        .1970

        A1      Streets Of London                               4:00
        A2      Michael In The Garden                           4:20
        A3      Last Train And Ride                             3:30
        A4      Kew Gardens                                     2:15
        A5      Fairground                                      5:55
        B1      Spiral Staircase                                3:10
        B2      Factory Girl                                    5:50
        B3      Bright And Beautiful Things                     1:55
        B4      Father Forgive Them                             2:25
        B5      Clown                                           3:15
        B6      Terminus                                        1:55
TRA     228     THE PENTANGLE           CRUEL SISTER                    LP        .1970

        A1      A Maid That's Deep In Love
        A2      When I Was In My Prime
        A3      Lord Franklin
        A4      Cruel Sister
        B       Jack Orion

LP      Reprise         RS 6430         1970    US/CA
TRA     229     DUFFY POWER             INNOVATIONS                     LPm       .1970

        A1      Rosie                                           2:00
        A2      Leaving Blues                                   3:00
        A3      It's Funny                                      2:06
        A4      God Bless The Child                             4:12
        A5      Comin' Round No More                            1:34
        A6      Give Me One                                     1:50
        A7      Mary Open The Door                              3:30
        B1      Help Me                                         2:31
        B2      Louisiana Blues                                 3:31
        B3      Little Boy Blue                                 2:25
        B4      Exactly Like You                                2:27
        B5      One Night                                       2:30
        B6      There You Go                                    2:25
        B7      Red White & Blue                                2:12
TRA     230     MARSUPILAMI             ARENA                           LP        .1971

        A1      Prelude To The Arena
        A2      Peace Of Rome
        A3      The Arena
        B1      Time Shadows
        B2      Spring
TRA     231     THE JOHNSTONS           COLOURS OF THE DAWN             LP        .1971

        A1      Hello, Friend                                   3:40
        A2      Crazy Anne                                      3:18
        A3      Brightness, She Came                            3:33
        A4      If I Could                                      3:30
        A5      Angela Davies                                   3:37
        B1      Colours Of The Dawn                             4:39
        B2      I'll Be Gone In The Morning                     4:39
        B3      Seems So Long Ago, Nancy                        3:50
        B4      The Old Man's Tale                              3:27

LP      Vanguard        VSD 6572        1971    US/CA
TRA     232     STORYTELLER             MORE PAGES                      LP        .1971

        A1      Night Games
        A2      Remarkable
        A3      Bosworth Field
        A4      Laugh That Came Too Soon
        A5      Singular Day
        A6      Beautiful Affair
        B1      Wolf In The Water
        B2      Fall In All Directions
        B3      Name Certainly Rings A Bell
        B4      Bull Jack
        B5      For You Today
        B6      Really - Truly
TRA     233     STRAY                   SUICIDE                         LP        .1971

        A1      Son Of The Father                               5:45
        A2      Nature's Way                                    3:26
        A3      Where Do Our Children Belong                    3:35
        A4      Jericho                                         4:51
        B1      Run Mister Run                                  3:52
        B2      Dearest Eloise                                  2:26
        B3      Do You Miss Me                                  6:25
        B4      Suicide                                         7:34

LP      Mercury         SRM 1.611       1971    US/CA
TRA     234     JAN DUKES DE GREY       MICE AND RATS IN THE LOFT       LP        .1971

        A       Sun Symphonica
        B1      Call Of The Wild
        B2      Mice And The Rats In The Loft
TRA     235     BERT JANSCH             ROSEMARY LANE                   LP        .1971

        A1      Tell Me What Is True Love?                      1:57
        A2      Rosemary Lane                                   4:00
        A3      M'Lady Nancy                                    2:30
        A4      A Dream, A Dream, A Dream                       2:40
        A5      Alman                                           1:20
        A6      Wayward Child                                   2:03
        A7      Nobody's Bar                                    2:58
        B1      Reynardine                                      5:19
        B2      Silly Women                                     3:12
        B3      Peregrinations                                  1:45
        B4      Sylvie                                          4:26
        B5      Sarabanda                                       1:30
        B6      Bird Song                                       2:55
TRA     236     MR.FOX                  THE GIPSY                       LP        .1971

        A1      Mendle
        A2      The Gipsy
        B1      Aunt Lucy Broadwood
        B2      House Carpenter
        B3      Elvira Madigan
        B4      Dancing Song
        B5      All The Good Times
                (Note : gatefold sleeve)
TRA     237     C.M.U.                  OPEN SPACES                     LP        .1971

        A1      Henry                                           4:42
        A2      Voodoo Man                                      4:31
        A3      Slow And Lonesome Blues                         5:03
        A4      Chantecleer                                     6:07
        B1      Japan                                           2:42
        B2      Clown                                           2:31
        B3      Mystical Sounds                                 3:09
        B4      Open Spaces                                     11:31
TRA     238     UNICORN                 UPHILL ALL THE WAY              LP        .1971

        A1      P.F. Sloan
        A2      115 Bar Joy
        A3      I've Loved Her So Long
        A4      Don't Ever Give Up Trying
        A5      Country Road
        B1      Something To Say
        B2      Ain't Got A Lot Of Future
        B3      Never Going Back
        B4      You, You, Hate Me
        B5      Please Sing A Song For Us
TRA     239     USTAD VILAYAT KHAN      RAGA TILAKKAMOD                 LPm       .1971

        A       Raga "Tilak-Kamod"
        B       Raga "Bhairavi" (Thumri)

LP      His Master's Voice EALP 1259    1961    India           mono
LP      Odeon              MOAE 169     1961    UK              mono
TRA     240     THE PENTANGLE           REFLECTION                      LP        .1971

        A1      Wedding Dress                                   2:48
        A2      Omie Wise                                       4:23
        A3      Will The Circle Be Unbroken?                    4:06
        A4      When I Get Home                                 4:55
        A5      Rain And Snow                                   3:49
        B1      Helping Hand                                    3:27
        B2      So Clear                                        4:49
        B3      Reflection                                      11:14

LP      Reprise         RS 6463         1971    US
TRA     241     GERRY RAFFERTY : CAN'T I HAVE MY MONEY BACK?            LP        .1971

        A1      New Street Blues                                2:59
        A2      Didn't I?                                       3:42
        A3      Mr. Universe                                    2:50
        A4      Mary Skeffington                                2:31
        A5      Long Way Round                                  4:31
        A6      Can I Have My Money Back?                       1:51
        A7      Sign On The Dotted Line                         2:34
        B1      Make You, Break You                             3:29
        B2      To Each And Everyone                            2:46
        B3      One Drink Down                                  2:50
        B4      Don't Count On Me                               3:49
        B5      Half A Chance                                   4:26
        B6      Where I Belong                                  2:03
TRA     242     JOHN JAMES              JOHN JAMES                      LP        .1971

        A1      To Meet You I Hurry Down                        3:02
        A2      Original Rags                                   3:10
        A3      Jazzbo's Holiday                                3:24
        A4      Evening Comes Quickly                           4:01
        A5      Three Through The Lanes                         3:07
        A6      Tim E Whay                                      4:35
        B1      Song Around A Square                            2:46
        B2      Rolling On Down                                 2:35
        B3      Stoptime                                        2:20
        B4      Daughter Of The Wind                            4:03
        B5      Listening To That Old Rag & Ragtime Dance       7:03
TRA     243     PETER BARDENS           PETER BARDENS                   LP        .1971

        A1      North End Road
        A2      Write My Name In The Dust
        A3      Down So Long
        A4      Sweet Honey Wine
        B1      Tear Down The Wall
        B2      Simple Song
        B3      My House
        B4      Feeling High
        B5      Blueser

LP      Verve Forecast  FTS 3091        1971    US
TRA     244     REVEREND GARY DAVIS     RAGTIME GUITAR                  LP        .1971

        A1      Cincinatti Flow Rag                             4:39
        A2      West Coast Blues                                2:13
        A3      Buck Rag                                        2:37
        A4      St. Louis Tickle                                4:34
        A5      Two Step Candyman                               2:29
        B1      Walkin' Dog Blues                               5:09
        B2      Italian Rag                                     3:16
        B3      C. Rag                                          2:56
        B4      Waltz Time Candyman                             1:53
        B5      Make Believe Stunt                              4:21
TRA     245     BRIAN SHORT             ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH            LP        .1971

        A1      Ring That Bell                                  3:32
        A2      Emily                                           3:50
        A3      Don't Need You Anymore                          3:50
        A4      With You On My Side                             2:30
        A5      Blue Tuesday                                    3:45
        A6      I Think It's Going To Rain Today                3:35
        B1      Mother Molly                                    4:20
        B2      Anything For A Laugh                            3:25
        B3      Wishing Well                                    3:15
        B4      Winter Comes                                    3:20
        B5      Goodbye Brother Paul                            3:23
        B6      Always Another Train                            2:55
TRA     246     STEFAN GROSSMAN         THOSE PLEASANT DAYS             LP        .1971

        A1      Rise Up Lazarus                                 2:55
        A2      Blues Jumped The Rabbit                         3:06
        A3      Teddy Roosevelt                                 2:36
        A4      Man's Confidence                                2:52
        A5      Song For A Brother                              4:43
        B1      River Of Jordan                                 4:03
        B2      Those Pleasant Days                             3:12
        B3      Flowers On The Wall                             2:29
        B4      Hi Dum Diddle                                   2:56
        B5      Bo's Rag                                        2:03
        B6      My Travelling Song                              2:22
TRA     247     JOHN RENBOURN           FARO ANNIE                      LP        .1972

        A1      White House Blues                               3:35
        A2      Buffalo Skinners                                3:37
        A3      Kokomo Blues                                    3:54
        A4      Little Sadie                                    3:16
        A5      Shake Shake Mamma                               3:33
        B1      Willy O'Winsbury                                5:39
        B2      The Cuckoo                                      3:57
        B3      Come On In My Kitchen                           3:52
        B4      Country Blues                                   3:36
        B5      Faro Annie                                      3:25
        B6      Back On The Road Again                          3:12

LP      Reprise         RS 2082         1972    US
TRA     248     STRAY                   SATURDAY MORNING PICTURES       LP        .1972

        A1      Our Song                                        5:58
        A2      After The Storm                                 6:42
        A3      Sister Mary                                     4:15
        A4      Move That Wigwam                                5:18
        B1      Leave It Out                                    4:30
        B2      How Could I Forget You?                         6:45
        B3      Mr. Hobo                                        2:37
        B4      Queen Of The Sea                                6:00
                (Note : LP gatefold sleeve)

LP      Mercury         SRM 1.624       1971    US

        A1      I'm Going To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River 3:20
        A2      Twelve Gates To The City                        4:15
        A3      (I Heard The) Angels Singing                    4:00
        A4      Twelve Sticks                                   2:30
        A5      Long Way To Tipperary                           3:32
        B1      When The Train Comes Along (Meet You At The
                Station)                                        4:22
        B2      Come Down And See Me Sometime                   4:52
        B3      Buck Dance                                      2:12
        B4      Soldier's Drill                                 7:35
TRA     250     JOHN JAMES AND PETER BERRYMAN : SKY IN MY PIE           LP        .1972

        A1      And Sam Came Too                                1:30
        A2      Sailor's Farewell                               2:55
        A3      Mammy O'Mine                                    1:42
        A4      Easy Street                                     3:13
        A5      Out On The Rolling Sea                          2:07
        A6      Sky In My Pie                                   2:55
        A7      Conquistador                                    3:30
        B1      Bach Goes To Town                               1:36
        B2      Kicking Up The Dust                             2:10
        B3      Nola                                            2:26
        B4      Quiet Days                                      3:09
        B5      Weeping Willow                                  2:25
        B6      Blap Bam Boom                                   1:31
        B7      Be Mine Or Run                                  2:41
        B8      Turn Your Face                                  2:33
TRA     251     THE JOHNSTONS           IF I SANG MY SONG               LP        .1972

        A1      The Wind In My Hands
        A2      Won't You Come With Me
        A3      Border Child
        A4      If I Sang My Song
        A5      December Windows
        B1      I Get To Thinking
        B2      Continental Trailway Bus
        B3      Bread And Wine
        B4      You Ought To Know
TRA     252     STEVE TILSTON           COLLECTION                      LP        .1972

        A1      Falling
        A2      Mind How You Go
        A3      City Life
        A4      All In A Dream
        A5      Highway
        B1      One Man Band
        B2      I'm Coming Home
        B3      Reaching Out
        B4      All In Her Time
        B5      Don't Let It Get You Down

LP      MCA             MCA 315         1972    US

        A1      Maple Leaf Rag                                  2:52
        A2      Castle House Rag                                2:43
        A3      Stop Time Rag                                   3:05
        A4      Red Carpet Rag                                  4:08
        A5      Ragtime Oriole                                  2:42
        A6      Wedding Of The Painted Dolls                    2:50
        B1      Kitten On The Keys                              3:44
        B2      At A Georgia Camp Meeting                       1:42
        B3      Temptation Rag                                  3:15
        B4      Eccentricity Rag                                2:36
        B5      Dill Pickles                                    2:47

LP      Asch            ASH 3528        1971    US      Folkways Rec.Inc.
TRA     254     LEA NICHOLSON/STAN ELLISON : God Bless The Unemployed   LP        .1972

        A1      Lazy Afternoon                                  4:42
        A2      Mr Finch                                        3:53
        A3      Boogaloo                                        3:33
        A4      Hitch Hike Song                                 0:33
        A5      Pipe On The Hob / Boring With The Gimlet        2:28
        A6      A Mistake No Doubt                              2:06
        A7      God Bless The Unemployed (An Anthem)            3:33
        B1      Just Because                                    4:11
        B2      Song For A Dead Mole                            3:55
        B3      Jules' Birthday                                 3:22
        B4      Just Another Song                               2:48
        B5      Sootyfoot                                       2:03
        B6a     Living By The Water                             5:41
        B6b     The Dark Islander                               5:41
                (Note : LP + 4 p. insert with puzzle)
TRA     255     DAVE CARTWRIGHT         A LITTLE BIT OF GLORY           LP        .1972

        A1      Song For Susan                                  2:29
        A2      Rainbow Green                                   3:30
        A3      Blue Eyed Jean                                  2:56
        A4      We All Need A King                              3:54
        A5      Tom All Alone                                   4:01
        A6      Song Of Davey                                   4:47
        B1      It Hardly Ever Rains                            3:52
        B2      Oh Sweet Momma                                  2:58
        B3      50 Miles Of Blue                                3:03
        B4      Middle Of The Road                              3:44
        B5      Good Times Are Coming Again                     4:01
TRA     256
TRA     257     STEFAN GROSSMAN         HOT DOGS                        LP        .1972

                Medley                                          (2:17)
        A1a     Hot Dogs
        A1b     Cincinatti Flow Rag
        A1c     New York City Rag
        A2      Roll And Tumble Blues                           3:18
        A3      Shake Sugaree                                   3:08
        A4      Martin's Joy                                    2:15
        A5      Promised Land                                   3:19
        A6      Candyman                                        4:19
        B1      Morning Comes                                   1:23
        B2      Take A Whiff On Me                              3:10
        B3      The Do It All Over You Boogie                   3:08
        B4      Blues For Mr. Sam                               3:08
                Medley                                          (3:57)
        B5a     Vestapol
        B5b     That's No Way To Get Along
        B6      Those Lazy Blues                                3:42

LP      Kicking Mule    KM 131          1972    US
TRA     258     BILLY CONNOLLY          LIVE!                           LP        .1972

        A1      Stainless Steel Wellies (Govan Dunnie Blues)
        A2      Song For A Small Man
        A3      The Donkey
        A4      Telling Lies
        A5      Glasgow Central
        A6      Good Love
        B1      A Little Of Your Time
        B2      Near You
        B3      Winchburgh Junction
        B4      Oh Dear
        B5      McGinty

LP 1            Billy Connolly Live!
        A1      Stainless Steel Wellies
        A2      Song For A Small Man
        A3      The Donkey
        A4      Telling Lies
        A5      Glasgow Central
        A6      Good Love
        B1      A Little Of Your Time
        B2      Near You
        B3      Winchburgh Junction
        B4      Oh Dear
        B5      McGinty

LP 3            Solo Concert
        C1      Glasgow Accents...Nine And A Half Guitars       9:07
        C2      Marie's Wedding                                 9:29
        D1      Harry Campbell And The Heavies                  7:14
        D2      Nobody's Child                                  5:45
        D3      A Life In The Day Of                            11:43

LP 3    E1      The Jobbie Wheecha!!!!                          16:11
        E2      The Short Haired Police Cadet                   3:11
        F1      Leo McGuire's Song                              3:40
        F2      The Crucifixion                                 16:04
TRA     259     C.M.U.                  SPACE CABARET                   LP        .1972

                Space Cabaret
        A1      Space Cabaret                                   1:56
        A2      Archway 272                                     6:17
        A3      Song From The 4th Era                           2:18
        A4      A Distant Thought, A Point Of Light             6:50
        A5      Doctor, Am I Normal?                            4:56
        B1      Dream                                           9:40
        B2      Lightshine                                      10:16
TRA     260     SKIN ALLEY              TWO QUID DEAL?                  LP        .1972

        A1      Nick's Seven                                    5:00
        A2      So Many People                                  6:07
        A3      Bad Words And Evil People                       6:13
        A4      Graveyard Shuffle                               4:45
        B1      So Glad                                         5:23
        B2      A Final Coat                                    5:00
        B3      Skin Valley Serenade                            3:40
        B4      The Demagogue                                   5:16
        B5      Sun Music                                       5:00

LP      Daffodil        SBA 16031       1972    CA
LP      Stax            STS 3013        1973    US
TRA     261     RENIA                   FIRST OFFENDER                  LP        .1973

        A1      You'd Best Believe It                           3:48
        A2      Friend Out On The Road                          4:42
        A3      Breakneck                                       5:05
        A4      Shelter                                         4:45
        B1      Cowboy's Dream                                  3:45
        B2      Slow Down                                       3:47
        B3      Drive Me Wild                                   4:38
        B4      I Suppose It's For The Best                     3:23
        B5      Mighty Queen                                    5:32
TRA     262     THE GRYPHON             THE GRYPHON                     LP        .1973

        A1      Kemp's Jig                                      3:07
        A2      Sir Gavin Grimbold                              2:45
        A3      Touch And Go                                    1:29
        A4      Three Jolly Butchers                            3:54
        A5      Pastime With Good Company                       1:31
        A6      The Unquiet Grave                               5:40
        B1      Estampie                                        4:53
        B2      Crossing The Stiles                             2:25
        B3      The Astrologer                                  3:12
        B4      Tea Wrecks                                      1:06
        B5      Juniper Suite                                   4:43
        B6      The Devil And The Farmer's Wife                 1:44
TRA     263     MICK MOLONEY            WE HAVE MET TOGETHER            LP        .1973

        A1      Two Jigs                                        2:29
        A2      The Invisible Man                               3:29
        A3      The Pipe On The Hob                             1:05
        A4      Belfast Town                                    2:50
        A5      Bodhrán Solo                                    0:41
        A6      Don't Cry In Your Sleep                         2:54
        A7      Reel On Mandolin                                1:17
        A8      Farewell To The Rhondda                         2:23
        A9      Vi Skal Ikkje Sova Burt Sumar Natta             5:18
        B1      Bean Pháidín                                    1:54
        B2      Bodhrán Solo                                    0:32
        B3      Molloy's Favourite And The Earl's Chair         3:23
        B4      Avondale                                        3:59
        B5      The Leitram Fancy                               3:04
        B6      An Gaoth Andheas                                3:44
        B7      Flute Solo                                      1:11
        B8      The Fields Of Vietnam                           4:44
TRA     264     STEFAN GROSSMAN         LIVE!                           2LP       .1973

Medley 	(3:59)
LP 1    A1a     Wake Up Mama
        A1b     Kokomo Blues
        A1c     Blues On The Run
        A2      Soldier's March                                 6:44
        A3      Little Sally Walker                             2:05
        A4      Lena Anne                                       1:55
        A5      Richland Woman Blues                            1:25
        A6      West Coast Blues                                3:35
        B1      Danish Drone                                    3:02
        B2      New Stoned Pony Blues                           4:38
                Medley                                          2:25
        B3a     Hot Dogs
        B3b     Cincinnati Flow Rag
        B3c     New York City Rag
        B4      Satisfied And Tickled Too                       2:37
        B5      Mississippi Blues Number Two                    3:35
        B6      Roll And Tumble Blues                           3:22

LP 2    C1      High Society                                    3:42
        C2      All My Friends Are Gone                         3:44
        C3      Tribute To Big Bill Broonzy                     2:35
        C4      Teddy Roosevelt                                 2:13
        C5      Dallas Rag                                      2:00
        C6      Candyman                                        5:38
        D1      River Of Jordan                                 3:43
        D2      Matesa                                          2:03
        D3      Whistlin' Blues                                 4:29
        D4      Powder Rag                                      1:53
        D5      Make Believe Stunt                              2:06
                Medley                                          4:53
        D6a     Vestapol
        D6b     That's No Way To Get Along

        A1      King Dog                                        3:50
        A2      Starchild                                       4:17
        A3      Wildman                                         4:15
        A4      Baroques Off                                    2:18
        A5      The Headrow Song                                5:04
        B1      Kirkstall Forge                                 4:36
        B2      Jesus Christ Sitting On Top Of A Hill In The
                Lake District                                   4:07
        B3      Gypsy Stomp                                     5:37
        B4      Entr'acte From "The Shipbuilder"                1:50
        B5      The Cows And The Sheep                          3:02
TRA     266     CAROLANE PEGG           CAROLINE PEGG                   LP        .1973

        A1      Open The Door                                   4:17
        A2      A Witch's Guide To The Underground              3:40
        A3      Mouse And The Crow                              2:48
        A4      The Sapphire                                    3:54
        A5      Fair Fortune's Star                             9:57
        B1      Clancy's Song                                   4:50
        B2      The Lady And The Well                           4:25
        B3      Wycoller                                        2:47
        B4      The Lizard                                      3:13
        B5      Man Of War                                      3:12
        B6      Winter Pole                                     4:50
TRA     267     DAVE CARTWRIGHT         BACK TO THE GARDEN              LP        .1973

        A1      Nights Of Magic                                 4:45
        A2      My Delicate Skin                                2:50
        A3      Cobweb Broom                                    3:50
        A4      To Make Tomorrow Green                          3:25
        A5      A Little Bit Of Glory                           3:35
        B1      Dark Eyed Sailor                                3:55
        B2      Shepherd's Return                               5:30
        B3      Chains                                          4:00
        B4      Angeline                                        2:45
        B5      Dance Of The Seasons                            3:30
        B6      Back To The Garden (Reprise)                    1:05
TRA     268     STRAY                   MUDANZAS                        LP        .1973

        A1      Changes                                         1:04
        A2      Come On Over                                    4:08
        A3      Alright Ma                                      3:08
        A4      Oil Fumes And Sea Air                           4:56
        A5      Gambler                                         3:34
        A6      Hallelujah                                      3:27
        B1      I Believe It                                    6:45
        B2      Pretty Things                                   5:40
        B3      Soon As You´ve Grown                            2:41
        B4      Leave It Down To Us                             5:05
                (Note : LP gatefold sleeve)
TRA     269     SNAPE (ALEXIS KORNER):Accidentally Born In New Orleans  LP        .1973

        A1      Gospel Ship                                     3:33
        A2      One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer               3:00
        A3      Sweet Sympathy                                  3:49
        A4      Rock Me                                         6:27
        B1      Don't Change On Me                              3:46
        B2      You Got The Power (To Turn Me On)               4:41
        B3      Lo And Behold                                   6:53
        B4      Country Shoes                                   4:07
TRA     270     GERRY RAFFERTY          GERRY RAFFERTY                  LP        .1973

        A1      Shoeshine Boy                                   3:17
        A2      Rick Rack                                       2:48
        A3      All The Best People Do It                       2:59
        A4      Look Over The Hill And Far Away                 3:40
        A5      Blood And Glory                                 2:31
        A6      Song For Simon                                  2:21
        A7      I Can't Stop Now                                4:41
        B1      So Bad Thinking                                 3:20
        B2      Patrick                                         3:22
        B3      Steamboat Row                                   2:05
        B4      Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway                4:35
        B5      Keep It To Yourself                             3:16
        B6      Coconut Tree                                    1:57
        B7      Please Sing A Song For Us                       2:45
        B8      My Singing Bird                                 3:18
TRA    D271     V / A                   GUITAR WORKSHOP                 2LP       .1973

LP 1    A1      Simon Boswell : Trout Joins The Cavalry         2:03
        A2      Chris Hardy             Nefarious Doings        4:17
        A3      Philip John Lee         Black Scrag             3:50
        A4      Pete Berryman           One Blue Guitar         2:32
        A5      Willy Barrett : The Loneliness Of The Long
                Distance Guitarist                              8:38
        B1      Davey Murrell           Ferdinand The Spider    4:50
        B2      Steve Tilston           Rock Salmon Suite       2:40
        B3      Mike Rogers : South Devon Atmospheric           3:25
        B4      Chris Hardy             Mica                    4:21
        B5      Simon Boswell           Trout Sundae            2:49

LP 2    C1      Philip John Lee         Stalks And Seeds        3:42
        C2      John Rogers             The Entertainer         4:40
        C3      Davey Murrell : Kenneth's Riverbank Song        5:10
        C4      Willy Barrett : Hair Across The Frets           3:50
        C5      John Rogers & Mike Rogers : Brother Nature      5:30
        D       Mark Warner & Graeme Taylor : Eighteen Bricks
                Left On April 21                                18:30
TRA     272     PUNCHIN' JUDY           PUNCHIN' JUDY                   LP        .1973

        A1      Settle Down                                     3:34
        A2      So Long                                         5:50
        A3      Ring That Bell                                  4:20
        A4      Pictures In A Broken Mirror                     5:53
        B1      Superwitch                                      5:13
        B2      Taxi Jo                                         4:10
        B3      Since We First Met                              2:52
        B4      The Loser                                       7:45
TRA     273     SKIN ALLEY              SKIN ALLEY                      LP        .1973

        A1      If I Only Had The Time                          3:50
        A2      At A Quarter To One                             3:51
        A3      How Long                                        3:28
        A4      Surprise Awakening                              4:14
        A5      Broken Eggs                                     4:05
        B1      Maverick Woman Blues                            3:55
        B2      The Heap Turns Human                            3:50
        B3      What Good Does It Do?                           5:02
        B4      Mr Heavy                                        3:28
        B5      Instermental                                    3:41

LP      Stax            STS 3022        1973    US
TRA     274     STEFAN GROSSMAN         MEMPHIS JELLY ROLL              LP        .1973

        A1      Memphis Jellyroll                               3:30
        A2      Black Mountain Rag                              2:25
        A3      Hambone Rag                                     2:00
        A4      Delta Exposition Of 1917                        3:37
        A5      Buck Dance                                      1:00
        A6      Mississippi Swamp March                         3:27
        A7      Blue Space 19                                   2:48
        B1      Boogie On Main Street                           4:14
        B2      Avalon Blues                                    1:57
        B3      Shuffle Rag                                     2:20
        B4      Mirage                                          3:02
        B5      Lottie's Blues                                  2:12
        B6      Miss McLeod's Reel                              1:25
        B7      Afterthought                                    0:48
        B8      Don't Let My Baby Catch You Here                1:48

LP      Kicking Mule    KM 118          1973    US
TRA     275     PORTSMOUTH SYNFONIA : The Rare And Beautiful Music      LP        .1973

A1      From Peer Gynt Suite No. 1: "Morning"                           3:23
A2      From Peer Gynt Suite No. 1: "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"  3:00
A3      From The Nutcracker Suite: "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy"      2:18
A4      From The Nutcracker Suite: "Waltz Of The Flowers"               4:05
A5      Fifth Symphony In C Minor, Op. 67                               6:18
A6      William Tell Overture                                           2:00
B1      Also Sprach Zarathustra Op. 31                                  2:06
B2      Blue Danube Waltz Op. 314                                       4:36
B3      "Air" From Suite No. 3 In D Major                               4:37
B4      "Farandole" From L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2                       4:05
B5      "Jupiter" From The Planets, Op. 32 (Excerpt)                    4:28

LP      Columbia        KC 33049        1974    US

        A1      Pub With No Beer
        A2      Earl's Court Blues
        A3      There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall
        A4      Where Have They Gone
        A5      Washed Down The Gutter
        A6      Swaggie Jock
        B1      Bazza's Rock
        B2      Bazza's Love Song
        B3      One-Eyed Trouser Snake
        B4      Old Shep
        B5      Chunder In The Old Pacific

LP      Festival        FI 34733        1972    Australia
TRA     277     RICHARD DIGANCE    England's Green And Pleasant Land    LP        .1973

        A1      England's Green And Pleasant Land               4:20
        A2      My Friend Upon The Road                         2:53
        A3      Nadine's Song                                   3:32
        A4      The Hijacker                                    4:30
        B1      Shoemaker Shuffle                               3:05
        B2      Migration Memoirs                               5:25
        B3      A Natural Gas                                   2:51
        B4      As The Crow Flies                               3:16
        B5      Mr. Jailer                                      3:22
TRA     278     CONTRABAND              CONTRABAND                      LP        .1973

        A1      Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
        A2      The Black Rogue-jigs
        A3      Lady For Today
        A4      The Devil's Fiddle
        A5      On The Road
        A6      The Spanish Cloak-jigs
        A7      Alec's Interlude
        B1      Stainforth Blues
        B2      Come Up Smiling
        B3      The Banks Of Claudy
        B4      Edward Sayers' Brass Band
TRA     279     BILLY CONNOLLY          SOLO CONCERT                    2LP       .1974

LP 1    A1      Glasgow Accents...
        A2      ...Nine And A Half Guitars                      9:07
        A3      Marie's Wedding (Musical Appreciation)          9:29
        B1      Harry Campbell And The Heavies                  7:14
        B2      Nobody's Child                                  5:45
        B3      A Life In The Day Of                            11:43

LP 2    C1      The Jobbie Wheecha!!!!                          16:11
        C2      The Short-Haired Police Cadet                   3:11
        D1      Leo McGuire's Song                              3:40
        D2      The Crucifixion                                 16:04
TRA     280     BOB PEGG/NICK STRUTT    THE SHIPBUILDER                 LP        .1974

        A       The Shipbuilder Part 1                          18:30
        B       The Shipbuilder Part 2                          19:20
TRA     281     STRAY                   MOVE IT                         LP        .1974

        A1      Tap                                             1:20
        A2      Move It                                         6:27
        A3      Hey Domino                                      4:50
        A4      Customs Man                                     3:35
        A5      Mystic Lady                                     3:58
        A6      Somebody Called You                             4:06
        B1      Give It Up                                      5:09
        B2      Like A Dream                                    3:39
        B3      Don't Look Back                                 4:18
        B4      Right From The Start                            5:07
        B5      Our Plea                                        3:21
                (Note : LP die-cut sleeve with inner)
TRA     282     GRYPHON                 MIDNIGHT MUSHRUMPS              LP        .1974

        A       Midnight Mushrumps                              18:58
        B1      The Ploughboy's Dream                           3:02
        B2      The Last Flash Of Gaberdine Tailor              3:58
        B3      Gulland Rock                                    5:21
        B4      Dubbel Dutch                                    5:36
        B5      Ethelion                                        5:15

        A1      Kilfenora Reels
        A2      John Joes/Bridgie McGrath's Single Jigs
        A3      Reels: Down The Broom/The Donegal Reel/Peadar's Reel
        A4      Belfast Town
        A5      Reels: Mullin's/The Reel Of Rio/Paddy Murphy's Wife
        A6      Polkas: The Flower Of Edinburgh/The Stack
        A7      Reels: The Reel Of Bogy/The Kerry Reel/The Sailor On
                The Rock/The Lady On The Island/The Stony Steos
        B1      Reels: Austin Tierney's/I'm Waiting For You/The Boys
                Of Ballisodare/5 Mile Chase
        B2      Double Jigs:The Humours Of Glendart/Joys Of My Life
        B3      Reels:Rattigan's/Morning Star/Dublin Porter
        B4      Coming Back To Miltown
        B5      Reels:McDermot's/Tierney's/Lady Montgomery
        B6      Double Jigs:The Gold Ring/The Lucky Penny
        B7      Reels:The Flaxen Bloom/Dinny O'Brien's Reels/Come West
                Along The Road

LP      Pickwick        HPE 609         1974    IR
TRA     284     DAVE CARTWRIGHT         DON'T LET YOUR FAMILY DOWN      LP        .1974

        A1      Travelling Show
        A2      Don't Let Your Family Down
        A3      England
        A4      Joanna
        A5      Do You Remember?
        B1      It Isn't Easy
        B2      Court Of The Queen
        B3      Maggie My Dear
        B4      When Love Comes Home
        B5      Song And Dance Man
TRA     285     THE PORTSMOUTH SYNFONIA : HELLELUJAH                    LP        .1974

        A1      Mr. Michael Bond's Address                      1:05
        A2      From The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a - March      1:57
        A3      From The Karelia Suite, Op.11 - Intermezzo      3:54
        A4      Marche Militaire In D Major                     5:33
        A5      Piano Concerto No. 1 In Bb Minor, Op. 23        10:38
        B1      Overture 1812                                   10:28
        B2      William Tell Overture                           2:21
        B3      From The Messiah, Pt. 2 - Hallelujah Chorus     6:02

LP      Antilles        AN 7002         1974    US

        A1      Paddlin' Madelin' Home                          2:17
        A2      You've Got Me Crying,Again                      4:01
        A3      Wob-A-Ly Walk                                   3:08
        A4      Love In Bloom                                   3:54
        A5      Me And Jane In A Plane                          3:05
        A6      Savoy Christmas Medley                          4:24
        B1      Nagasaki                                        3:05
        B2      Muddy Water                                     5:31
        B3      Varsity Drag                                    3:02
        B4      Can't We Be Friends                             4:29
        B5      Eccentric                                       2:26
        B6      Charleston                                      2:52
        B7      Come On Baby                                    2:54

US      Island          ILPS 9324       1974    UK/US
TRA     287     GRYPHON                 RED QUEEN TO GRYPHON THREE      LP        .1974

        A1      Opening Move                                    9:42
        A2      Second Spasm                                    8:15
        B1      Lament                                          10:45
        B2      Checkmate                                       9:50

LP      Bell            BELL 1316       1975    US
TRA     288     THE HUMBLEBUMS          THE HUMBLEBUMS COMPLETE         3LP       .1974

LP 1            First Collection Of Merry Melodies (1969)
        A1      Why Don't They Come Back To Dunoon              4:17
        A2      My Dixie Darling                                2:39
        A3      Now I Feel So Old                               2:03
        A4      Give Me A Little Of Your Time                   2:12
        A5      Saltcoats At The Fair                           3:18
        A6      Victory Rag                                     1:42
        B1      Will You Follow Me                              2:02
        B2      Little Blue Lady                                1:50
        B3      Travel Away                                     1:48
        B4      Come Drink My Wine                              3:30
        B5      Cripple Creek                                   2:02
        B6      Close Your Eyes                                 1:23
        B7      Windy And Warm                                  1:29

LP 2            The New Humblebums (1969)
        C1      Look Over The Hill & Far Away                   3:41
        C2      Saturday Round About Sunday                     2:32
        C3      Patrick                                         2:23
        C4      Everybody Knows That                            3:02
        C5      Rick Rack                                       2:49
        C6      Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway                4:36
        D1      Please Sing A Song For Us                       2:44
        D2      Joe Dempsey                                     1:44
        D3      Blood And Glory                                 2:32
        D4      Coconut Tree                                    1:57
        D5      Silk Pyjamas                                    2:36
        D6      Good-Bye-Ee!                                    1:56

LP 3            Open Up The Door (1970)
        E1      My Apartment                                    2:54
        E2      I Can't Stop Now                                4:43
        E3      Open Up The Door                                3:30
        E4      Mary Of The Mountains                           3:06
        E5      All The Best People Do It                       3:00
        E6      Steamboat Row                                   2:05
        E7      Mother                                          3:00
        F1      Shoeshine Boy                                   3:17
        F2      Cruisin'                                        3:23
        F3      Keep It To Yourself                             3:19
        F4      Oh No                                           2:19
        F5      Song For Simon                                  2:21
        F6      Harry                                           3:03
        F7      My Singing Bird                                 3:19
TRA     289     RICHARD DIGANCE         HOW THE WEST WAS LOST           LP        .1974

        A1      The Joe Louis Story
        A2      How The West Was Lost
        A3      Drag Queen Blues
        A4      Working Class Millionaire
        A5      Dear River Thames
        B1      Edward Sayers' Brass Band
        B2      Show Me The Door
        B3      I Hear The Press Gang
        B4      Bless The Evening

LP      Mercury         SRM 1.1042      1975    US
TRA     290     RANDY                   LADY LUCK                       LP        .1974
TRA     291     COUNTRY GAZETTE         COUNTRY GAZETTE LIVE            LP        .1974

        A1      Black Mountain Rag                              3:14
        A2      Roses For A Sunday Morning                      3:11
        A3      Blue Blue Day                                   2:37
        A4      To Prove My Love To You                         2:27
        A5      Lonesome Road                                   2:15
        A6      Will You Be Lonesome Too                        3:11
        A7      Only Way Home                                   2:53
        B1      Sally Goodin                                    3:55
        B2      My Baby's Gone                                  3:25
        B3      Sunday Sunrise                                  3:07
        B4      Laughing Guitar                                 1:55
        B5      Never Ending Love                               2:40
        B6      Holland Holiday                                 1:28
        B7      Down In The Bluegrass                           2:32

LP      Antilles        AN 7014         1976    US
TRA     292     RICHARD HARVEY          DEVISIONS ON A GROUND           LP        .1975

        A1      Concerto In C Major, Op. 44, No 11 - Allegro
                -Largo-Allegro Molto                            10:35
        A2      Variations From "Der Gooden Fluyt Hemel"        2:09
        A3      Sonata In F Major Op.1, No 11-Larghetto-Allegro
                -Sicilliano-Allegro                             8:09
        B1      Divisions On A Ground                           2:01
        B2      Variations On "Amarilli Mia Bella"              4:14
        B3      Sonata In G Minor Op.3 No3 - Affetuoso Et Grave
                -Allegro-Adagio-Allegro                         10:44
                (Note : ex.Gryphon member)
TRA     293     STEFAN GROSSMAN         BOTTLENECK SERENADE             LP        .1975

        A1      Tightrope
        A2      Lullaby For Anna
        A3      Bottleneck Serenade
        A4      The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
        A5      Birdnest Two-Step
        A6      Dance Of The Blind Minotaur
        B1      Tomorrow
        B2      Working On The New Railroad
        B3      Concrete Parachute
        B4      For Elvie (And Then Some)
        B5      Delta Slide Of 1928
        B6      Friends Forever

LP      Kicking Mule    KM 121          1975    US
TRA     294     MARCEL DADI             THE GUITAR OF MARCEL DADI       LP        .1975
TRA     295     MARCEL DADI             LA GUITARE A DADI               LP        .1975

        A1      La Madrugada                                    2:28
        A2      Saturday Night Shuffle                          2:11
                Medley                                          (1:24)
        A3.a    Doc's Guitar
        A3.b    Old Aunt Dinah
                Medley                                          (2:19)
        A4.a    Windy And Warm
        A4.b    My Town
        A4.c    I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
        A5      Walking The Strings                             1:17
        A6      Oh By Jingo! Oh By Jee                          1:54
        A7      Hawaiian Slack Key                              1:56
                Medley                                          (1:48)
        A8.a    Nine Pound Hammer
        A8.b    I'm A Pilgrim
        A8.c    Steel Guitar Rag
        A9      Rose Time                                       1:22
        B1      The Claw                                        1:57
                Medley                                          (2:18)
        B2.a    Blue Bell
        B2.b    My Old Kentucky Home
        B3      Black Mountain Rag                              2:38
        B4      Mayan Dance                                     1:03
        B5      Cannonball Rag                                  1:20
        B6      Windy & Warm                                    1:37
        B7      Drive In                                        1:55
        B8      Blue Finger                                     2:34
        B9      When You Wish Upon A Star                       2:28
TRA     296     THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH : LIVE!                           LP        .1975

        A1      The Kincora Jig / Behind The Haystack
        A2      The Day Dawn (Listening Tune) / Pit Hame Da Borrowed
                Claes / Da Fashion O'da Delting Lasses / Da Perrie House
                Under Da Hill
        A3      General Guiness
        A4      The Boys Of Twenty-five / The Boyne Hunt / Chase Her
                Through The Garden
        A5      The Flower Of Magherally
        A6      The Hound And The Hare
        B1      The Cameron Highlanders / The Balkan Hill / The Atholl
                And Breadalbane Gatherings
        B2      The New Set
        B3      The Shores Of Lough Bran
        B4      Ar Eirinn Ni'Neosfainn Ce Hi (Slow Air) / The Whinny
                Hills Of Leitrim / Another Jig Will Do
        B5      The Darling Baby
        B6      The Oak Tree / The Nine Points Of Roguery
TRA     297     MAE MCKENNA             MAE MCKENNA                     LP        .1975

        A1      Dying To Live
        A2      Once In The Morning
        A3      All In Love Is Fair
        A4      The Other Side Of Me
        A5      Song For Simon
        A6      Together We Get By
        B1      Elderberry Wine
        B2      How Could We Dare To Be Wrong
        B3      Imagine
        B4      Black Eyed Susan
        B5      Said The Major
        B6      Old Man

LP      PYE Inter.      PYE 12117       1975    US
TRA     298     HARVEY ANDREWS/GRAHAM COOPER : Fantasies From A Corner  LP        .1975

        A1      The Mistress
        A2      A Little Moon'N'Juning
        A3      Lady Of The Light
                Daisy-Autumn Song (Two Songs In One Set)
        A4      Daisy
        A5      Autumn Song
        A6      (I'm Resigning) From Today
        B1      Targets
        B2      Me And The Empty Glasses
        B3      Lazy Days
        B4      Fantasy From A Corner Seat
        B5      Darby And Joan
        B6      Lullaby
TRA     299     BOB PEGG                ANCIENT MAPS                    LP        .1975

        A1      The One-Eyed Merchant                           3:48
        A2      The Map                                         1:11
        A3      In The Wood                                     2:00
        A4      The Woman On The Road                           1:48
        A5      Darkrider's Song                                3:07
        A6      In The Land Of The Snow Queen                   3:28
        A7      The River                                       1:09
        B1      Gipsies' Song                                   2:34
        B2      Love Song                                       2:16
        B3      The Wild Man Appears                            0:43
        B4      The Wild Man Of The Hills                       2:43
        B5      The Beacon                                      0:40
        B6      The Keeper Of The Fire                          2:13
        B7      The Waste Land                                  2:21
        B8      The Golden Valley                               3:04
TRA     300     V / A                   THE BLACK MICADO                LP        .1975

        A1      If You Want To Know Who We Are (Gentlemen Of
                Japan)                                          2:32
        A2      A Wand'ring Minstrel I (Shreds And Patches)     5:20
        A3      Behold The Lord High Executioner (Taken From
                The County Jail)                                2:19
        A4      Three Little Maids From School (Filled To The
                Brim With Girlish Glee)                         1:58
        A5      So Please You Sir We Much Regret (Youth Of
                Course Must Have Its Fling)                     2:40
        A6      Finale. Act One                                 16:07
        B1      The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze(The Sun And I)5:18
        B2      Mi-Ya-Sa-Ma (From Every Kind Of Man)            1:23
        B3      A More Humane Mikado (My Object All Sublime)    6:38
        B4      The Criminal Cried (Snicker Snee)               3:35
        B5      The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring            1:39
        B6      On A Tree By A River (Tit Willow)               2:56
        B7      Alone And Yet Alive (Hearts Do Not Break)       4:00
TRA     301  THE PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA : GOOD NEWS                    LP        .1975

        A1      Good News                                       2:58
        A2      Vo Do Do De Blues                               2:46
        A3      Stormy Weather (Keeps Raining All The Time)     5:20
        A4      My Canarie Has Cirkels Under His Eyes           3:00
        A5      Choo-Choo                                       3:00
        A6      Three Little Words                              2:56
        A7      Home                                            4:28
        A8      Everything Stops For Tea                        2:35
        B1      Pasadena                                        2:55
        B2      Sugarfoot Stump                                 2:40
        B3      Sing Holly! Go Whistle! Hey Hey!                2:15
        B4      Georgia                                         4:51
        B5      That's My Weakness Now                          3:08
        B6      The King's Horses                               3:45
        B7      The Mooch                                       4:38
        B8      Here's To The Next Time                         2:26
TRA     302     GRYPHON                 RAINDANCE                       LP        .1975

        A1      Down The Dog                                    2:44
        A2      Raindance                                       5:37
        A3      Mother Nature's Son                             3:08
        A4      "Le Cabrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir"            2:14
        A5      Ormolu                                          1:00
        A6      Fontinental Version                             5:36
        B1      Wallbanger                                      3:33
        B2      Don't Say Go                                    1:48
        B3      (Ein Klein) Heldenleben                         16:03
TRA     303     MR.FOX                  THE COMPLETE MR. FOX            2LP       .1975

LP 1            Mr. Fox
        A1      Join Us In Our Game
        A2      The Hanged Man
        A3      The Gay Goshawk
        A4      Rip Van Winkle
        A5      Mr. Trill's Song
        B1      Little Woman
        B2      Salisbury Plain
        B3      The Ballad Of Neddy Dick
        B4      Leaving The Dales
        B5      Mr. Fox

LP 2            The Gipsy
        C1      Mendle
        C2      The Gipsy
        D1      Aunt Lucy Broadwood
        D2      House Carpenter
        D3      Elvira Madigan
        D4      Dancing Song
        D5      All The Good Times
                (Note : reissue of TRA 226 & TRA 236)
TRA     304     DECAMERON               THIRD LIGHT                     LP        .1975

        A1      Rock And Roll Away                              3:20
        A2      All The Best Wishes                             5:16
        A3      The Strawman                                    4:33
        A4      Saturday                                        3:01
        A5      Wide As The Years                               6:04
        B1      Journey's End                                   4:41
        B2      Road To The Sea                                 3:08
        B3      Trapeze                                         4:52
        B4      The Ungodly                                     4:08
        B5      Morning Glory                                   5:32
TRA     305     JOHN JAMES              HEAD IN THE CLOUDS              LP        .1975

        A1      Georgemas Junction                              2:22
        A2      Black And White Rag                             2:28
        A3      Head In The Clouds                              3:04
        A4      Slow Drag                                       3:29
        A5      Wormwood Tangle                                 2:47
        A6      Stranger In The World                           5:02
        B1      Rags To Riches                                  2:29
        B2      Blues For Felix                                 3:47
        B3      Heliotrope Bouquet                              4:00
        B4      Secrets In The Sky                              3:25
        B5      Stretching Of A Young Girl's Heart              4:30
TRA     306     RICHARD DIGANCE         TREADING THE BOARDS             LP        .1975

        A1      The Midnight Windmill                           3:00
        A2      Money Machine                                   3:35
        A3      Will We Ever See Them Again                     4:08
        A4      Game Of Chess                                   6:45
        A5      Man Of Many Words                               3:00
        B1      The Red Lights Of Antwerp                       3:55
        B2      Rosemary McLaren Of The Strand                  3:00
        B3      As Far As The Eyes Can See                      3:15
        B4      Time Passes On / Song For Charlie               6:10
        B5      Final Bow                                       3:00
TRA     307     SIMON BOSWELL           THE MIND PARASITES              LP        .1976

        A1      Ideal Love
        A2      Yangtse Gangster
        A3      The Mind Parasites
        A4      Wet Mexicans
        A5      As I See You
        A6      Punchline
        B1      Too Much Thinking
        B2      Maidstone
        B3      Undertones
        B4      Crawling Away
        B5      Lemming's Lament
        B6      When The Sun Sets On The Sage

                Saxophone Quartet                               (11:42)
        A1      Allegro Moderato
        A2      Scherzo And Trio Alla Musette
        A3      Adagio Molto
        A4      Alla Marcia, Con Spirito
        A5      The Agincourt                                   2:02
                Patterns                                        (8:01)
        A6      Preamble
        A7      Polygram
        A8      Prolation
        A9      Postlude
                Quatuor Pour Saxophones                         (9:14)
        B1      Ouverture, Brillante
        B2      Doloroso
        B3      Spirituoso
        B4      Andante-Presto
                Suite On Rumanian Folk Tunes, Op. 90            (14:37)
        B5      Allegro Vivace
        B6      Andante Con Moto
        B7      Scherzo Leggiero
        B8      Andante Cantabile
        B9      Rude Et Tres Rhythmé
TRA     309     GREYHOUND               MANGO ROCK                      LP        .1975

        A1      Dream Lover                                     2:40
        A2      Stand For Our Rights                            2:48
        A3      Jamaica Rum                                     3:43
        A4      Sky High                                        3:25
        A5      Wily                                            3:15
        A6      Only Love Can Win                               2:46
        B1      Mango Rock                                      5:35
        B2      Unchained Melody                                4:00
        B3      Hold On To Your Happiness                       3:30
        B4      Wappadusa                                       2:53
        B5      Some Dark City                                  7:14

LP      Mercury         SRM 1.1054      1975    US
TRA     310     THE PARLOUR QUARTET : The Parlour Quartet               LP        .1975
TRA     311     THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH : LOCHABER NO MORE                LP        .1975

        A1      Lochaber No More                                3:50
        A2      The Laird O'Drumblair / Mil Brae                1:58
        A3      The Blantyre Explosion                          4:00
        A4      The Blarney Pilgrim / Jackson's Jig             2:57
        A5      The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow   3:38
        A6      The Trowie Burn                                 2:55
        B1      Haughton House / Kataroni / Da Back Reel        3:53
        B2      One Thing Or The Other                          2:27
        B3      A'Da Ships Are Sailin' / Shelder Geo / Tame Her
                When Da Snaw Comes                              2:29
        B4      The Bonnie Blue-Eyed Lass                       4:00
        B5      Jackie Donnan's Mazurka / Bonnie Charlie        3:45
        B6      Farewell To Ireland                             3:23

LP      Philo           PH 1031         1976    US
TRA     312     MIKE WESTBROOK'S BRASS BAND : Plays "For The Record"    LP        .1975

        A1      Tuba Gallicalis
        A2      Le Ballet Comique De La Reine
        A3      Fortune Song
        A4      Brigitte Bardot
        A5      Punchinello
        A6      Brother Can You Spare A Dime
        A7      Come Sunday
        A8      London Song
        A9      Let The Slave
        B1      Shall We Gather At The River
        B2      Jelly Roll Blues
        B3      Captives Rejoice
        B4      Bartelmy Fair
        B5      Kanonen Song
        B6      Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
        B7      Round Midnight
        B8      A Poison Tree
        B9      I See Thy Form
TRA     313     THE SADISTA SISTERS     THE SADISTA SISTERS             LP        .1976

        A1      What Happened To You                            2:59
        A2      Electric Birth                                  3:02
        A3      Baby Doll                                       3:12
        A4      Decadent Taint                                  2:58
        A5      Love, Honour And Obey                           2:22
        A6      Black/White                                     3:41
        B1      Sadie's Song                                    3:01
        B2      Intellectomania                                 2:05
        B3      Sister Amazonia                                 4:07
        B4      River Song                                      3:38
        B5      Earth Mother                                    2:51
TRA     314     THE PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA : ON TOUR-LIVE              LP        .1976

        A1      Black Bottom                                    2:35
        A2      Top Hat, White Tie, And Tails                   3:20
        A3      East St. Louis Toodle-Oo                        3:23
        A4      Mississippi Mud                                 3:05
        A5      Blue Skies                                      3:42
        A6      Ball And Chain                                  3:12
        B1      It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That
                Swing)                                          2:56
        B2      Bye Bye Blackbird                               2:58
        B3      Clarinet Marmalade                              2:43
        B4      Meadow Lark                                     3:40
        B5      Temptation Rag                                  3:07
        B6      Nagasaki                                        2:30
        B7      Encore: Pasadena                                3:08
TRA     315     V / A                   GUITAR WORKSHOP VOL.2           LP        .1976

        A1      Isaac Guillory          Fingerlude
        A2      Bob Foster              Northside 33
        A3      Adrian Legg             Modulations
        A4      Bernie Holland          Valse
        A5      Isaac Guillory          Quasimodo
        A6      Pete Willsher           Minda
        B1      Pete Banks              Dancing Angel
        B2      Pete Willsher           Stealin' And Dealin'
        B3      Adrian Legg             Hackney Picker
        B4      Bernie Holland          Autumn Song
        B5      Bob Foster              Annie Lou
        B6      Pete Banks              Warning; Rumble Strips
TRA     316     ALBERTO Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS : s/t                     LP        .1976

        A1      Torture You
        A2      Pavlov
        A3      I Like Gurls
        A4      Dread Jaws
        A5      Follow The Gure
        B1      Dead Meat
        B2      Anadin
        B3      6.45
        B4      Jesus Wept
        B5      Mandrax Sunset Variations Parts 1, 2 & 3
TRA     317

        A1      Still Feeling Blue
        A2      Sure Didn't Take Him Long
        A3      Out To Lunch 	
        A4      Melody For Baby
        A5      Sing A Sad Song
        A6      Sunny Side Of The Mountain
        B1      Down Down Down
        B2      Why You Been Gone So Long
        B3      Forked Deer
        B4      Time Left To Wander
        B5      Last Thing On My Mind
        B6      Uncle Cloony Played The Banjo (But Mostly Out Of Time)
        B7      Blue Light

LP      Flying Fish     FF 027          1976    US
TRA     319
TRA     320
TRA     321     MAE MCKENNA             EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHES ME      LP        .1976

        A1      For Shame Of Doing Wrong                        3:33
        A2      My Town                                         2:57
        A3      Thinking Of You                                 3:30
        A4      Crying In The Rain                              2:12
        A5      Late For The Sky                                4:57
        B1      Love Hurts                                      3:43
        B2      I Have Waited                                   3:07
        B3      (I Ended Up) Losing You                         3:09
        B4      Everything That Touches Me                      3:47
        B5      Lady For Today                                  2:55
        B6      Sixty Seconds Got Together                      1:26
TRA     322     DRANSFIELDS             THE FIDDLER'S DREAM             LP        .1976

                Up To Now
        A1      Up To Now                                       4:15
        A2      The Blacksmith 1                                2:45
                Losers And Winners
        A3      The Alchemist And The Pedlar                    7:30
        A4      It's Dark In Here                               4:07
        A5      The Handsome Meadow Boy                         6:07
                The Fool
        B1      The Fool's Song                                 3:46
        B2      The Ballad Of Dickie Lubber                     4:37
                The Beginning Of The Never Ending
        B3      The Blacksmith 2                                2:27
        B4      What Will We Tell Them?                         2:30
        B5      Violin                                          6:38
TRA     323     MIKE WESTBROOK O. : LOVE/DREAM AND VARIATIONS           LP        .1976

        A1      Slow
        A2      Medium
        A3      Fast
        A4      Reprise
        A5      Latin
        B1      Waltz Part I
        B2      Waltz Part II
        B3      Creole Love Call
        B4      Bridge
        B5      Ending Part I
        B6      Ending Part II
TRA   D 324     V / A                   FOLK FESTIVAL                   2LP       .1976

LP 1    A1      Mike Waterson & Lal Waterson : Bright Phoebus   2:51
        A2      Ralph McTell            Streets Of London       4:11
        A3      Pentangle, The : Let No Man Steal Your Thyme    2:49
        A4      John Renbourn:Bransie Gay/Bransie De Bourngogne 2:52
        A5      Mr Fox  : The Ballad Of Neddy Dick              2:52
        A6      Gryphon : Pastime With Good Company             1:34
        A7      Decameron               Saturday                3:04
        A8      John James              Head In The Clouds      3:10
        B1      Reverend Gary Davis     Buck Dance              2:13
        B2      Stefan Grossman         Teddy Roosevelt         2:10
        B3      Pete Stanley & Roger Knowles : Stoney Moutain
                Twist                                           2:30
        B4      Pete Sayers' Grand Ole Opry Road Show : Lock
                Your Doors                                      2:54
        B5      Stéphane Grappelli      Flamingo                3:37
        B6      Mickey Baker            Make Your Bed Up Manta  3:52
        B7      John Kirkpatrick : Puddleglum's Misery
                /Accordionism/Jump At The Sun                   3:36

LP 2    C1      The Dubliners : Donegal Reel /The Longford
                Collector                                       2:02
        C2      The Boys Of The Lough : The Oak Tree /The Nine
                Points Of Roguery                               3:37
        C3      Sweeney's Men           Reynard The Fox         3:28
        C4      The High Level Ranters  The Hen's March         3:37
        C5      The Young Tradition     The Banks Of The Nile   2:11
        C6      Robin Dransfield & Barry Dransfield : Who
                Liveth So Merry                                 3:22
        C7      Archie Fisher           Bogie's Bonny Belle     2:53
        C8      The McCalmans           Dingle Regatta          2:51
        D1      Richard Digance         Drag Queen Blues        2:57
        D2      Hamish Imlach           History Of Football     2:12
        D3      Mike Harding            The Number 81 Bus       3:10
        D4      Alex Campbell           I'm A Rover             2:36
        D5      Derek Brimstone         Mrs Fisher              3:16
        D6      Vin Garbutt             Streets Of Staithes     3:09
        D7      Tony Rose               John Blunt              1:54
        D8      Nic Jones               Duke Of Marlborough     4:12
TRA     325     DECAMERON               TOMORROW'S PANTONIME            LP        .1976

        A1      The Deal                                        4:40
        A2      Fallen Over                                     2:25
        A3      Ask Me Tomorrow                                 5:14
        A4      Dancing                                         3:07
        A5      Tomorrow's Pantomime                            4:39
        B1      Single-Handed                                   4:00
        B2      Crazy Seed                                      2:48
        B3      The Shadows On The Stairs                       6:23
        B4      So This Is God's Country / Peace With Honour    8:50
TRA     326     STEFAN GROSSMAN         MY CREOLE BELLE                 LP        .1976

        A1      Tribute To Blind Lemon                          1:47
        A2      Oh Babe, Ain't No Lie                           3:05
        A3      Mabel's Dream                                   3:48
        A4      Heliotrope Bouquet                              5:35
        A5      Turn Your Money Green                           2:15
        A6      John Henry                                      2:08
        B1      Glory Of Love                                   1:20
                Medley:                                         (4:16)
        B2.a    My Creole Belle
        B2.b    Katz Rag
        B3      The Entertainer                                 5:56
        B4      Down South Blues                                2:50
        B5      Mississippi Swamp March Number Two              6:17
TRA     327     BERNARD WRIGLEY : SONGS, STORIES & ELEPHANTS            LP        .1976

        A1      Queens Of The Highway
        A2      The Man Who Waters The Workers Beer
        A3      Little Aggie
        A4a     Cheek To Cheek
        A4b     Making Whoopee
        A4c     Blues For Albert
        A5      Nelly The Elephant
        B1a     The Schoolmaster
        B1b     Psalm 23 1/2
        B1c     Workers Prayer
        B2      Lancashire Lassies
        B3      The Police Constable And The Rare Butterfly
        B4      September In The Rain
        B5      The Ballad Of Knocking Nellie And The Sixty-Niner

        A1      Moira McKeller And Kenneth Anderson
        A2      The Brass Band
        A3      The Plumpstead Ladies Male Voice Choir
        A4      Gilbert And Sullivan
        B1      The Scouts Jamboree Show
        B2      The Russian Choir
        B3      The Boys In The Ballet
        B4      The Short & Fat Minstrels
TRA     329     HARVEY ANDREWS          SOME DAY                        LP        .1976

        A1      Why (When Somebody Picks A Fight)
        A2      Jane
        A3      Song For Phil Ochs
        A4      Together (Day By Day)
        A5      Mr. Homberg Hat
        A6      Someday
        B1      Gang Of '64
        B2      He Played For England
        B3      Man With A Gun
        B4      Movies On T.V.
        B5      I Think I'll Get Drunk Again
TRA     330     IVOR RAYMOND ORCHESTRA : DICKENS OF LONDON              LP        .1976

        A1      Dickens Of London Theme
        A2      Let's Go Down To The Seaside
        A3      Mary's Theme
        A4      Raisin' The Wind
        A5      Maria
        A6      Spring Is Here
        A7      John Dickens
        A8      Desdemona
        B1      Boz
        B2      The Catsmeat Man
        B3      The Honeymoon Theme
        B4      Pickwick Themes
        B5      Gads Hill Walk
        B6      Marshalsea
        B7      Closing Titles
TRA     331     V / A : A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick            LP        .1976

        A1      John Cleese : A Brief Introduction
        A2      Peter Cook & John Fortune : Asp
        A3      Eleanor Bron & John Fortune : Happy, Darling?
        A4      John Cleese & Jonathan Lynn : The Last Supper
        A5      Alan Bennett : Telegram
        A6      Bill Oddie & Tim Brooke-Taylor & Graeme Garden : Funky Gibbon
        A7      Eleanor Bron : Appeal
        B1      Peter Cook & Graham Chapman & John Cleese & Carol Cleveland
                & Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones & Michael Palin : Court Room
        B2      Jonathan Miller : Portraits From Memory
        B3      John Fortune & John Bird : You Say Potato
        B4      Eleanor Bron & John Fortune : Baby Talk
        B5      Peter Cook & Jonathan Miller & Alan Bennett & Terry
                Jones : So That's The Way You Like It (Shakespeare Sketch)
        B6      The Entire Cast Of 'A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)'
                : Lumberjack Song
TRA     332     THE GERALDO ORCHESTRA   HELLOO AGAIN...AGAIN            LP        .1976

        A1      Hello Again
        A2      Strike Up The Band
        A3      Lullaby Of Broadway
        A4      My Foolish Heart
        A5      A Fine Romance
        A6      Love Is A Many
        A7      Speldoured Thing
        B1      Soft Show Shuffle
        B2      The Continental
        B3      All The Things You Are
        B4      Mone Lisa
        B5      Come On, A My House
        B6      The Folks Who Live On The Hill
TRA     333     THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH : THE PIPER'S BROKEN FINGER       LP        .1977

        A1      Lady Anne Montgomery. The Highland Man That
                Kissed His Grannie. O'Connor Donn's             2:57
        A2      The Greenland Man's Tune. Da Forefit O'Da Ship.
                Heave And Go                                    2:51
        A3      O'Reilly From The Co. Cavan                     4:00
        A4      Colonel Robertson. The Atholl Highlanders       3:55
        A5      The Shamrock Shore                              3:48
        A6      Da Sixereen. Gordon's Favourite                 2:37
        B1      The Lament For Limerick                         3:44
        B2      Millbank Cottage. Sandy Duff. The Ale Is Dear   3:30
        B3      The West Of Ireland                             2:20
        B4      Johnny Will You Marry Me?                       2:13
        B5      The Rushes Green                                3:58
        B6      The Torn Petticoat. The Piper's Broken Finger.
                The Humours Of Ballyconnell                     2:43
        B7      The Old Favourite. Bobby Gardiner's

LP      Philo           PH 1042         1976    US
TRA     334     BERT JANSCH             THE BEST OF                     LP        .1977
TRA     335     THE PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA : ISN'T IT ROMANTIC         LP        .1977

        A1      Isn't It Romantic                               4:03
        A2      I Won't Dance                                   3:31
        A3      I Told Every Little Star                        3:06
        A4      Cheek To Cheek                                  2:46
        A5      Hey Miss Moonlight                              3:00
        A6      Singing In The Rain                             4:08
        B1      Whispering                                      3:02
        B2      I'll See You Again                              2:15
        B3      Dream A Little Dream Of Me                      2:24
        B4      Creole Love Call                                3:34
        B5      Soft Shoe Shuffle Blues                         2:50
        B6      Sunday                                          3:36
TRA     336     JOHN RENBOURN           THE HERMIT                      LP        .1977

        A1      The Hermit
        A2      John's Tune
        A3      Little Alice
        A4      Old Mac Bladgitt
        A5      Faro's Rag
        A6      Caroline's Tune
        B1      Three Pieces By O' Carolan
        a       The Lamentation Of Owen Roe O' Neill
        b       Lord Inchiquin
        c       Mrs. Power (O' Carolan's Concerto)
        B2      The Princess And The Puddings
        B3      Pavanna (Anna Bannana)
        B4a     A Toye
        B4b     Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home

CD      Shanachie       97014           1991    US
TRA     337     DAVE SWARBRICK          SWARBRICK                       LP        .1977

        A1      The Heilanman/Drowsey Maggie                    2:39
        A2      Carthy's March                                  2:31
        A3      The White Cockade/Doc Boyds Jig/Durham Rangers  3:09
        A4      My Singing Bird                                 3:37
        A5      The Nightingale                                 2:18
        A6      Once I Loved A Maiden Fair                      1:57
        A7      The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure                  2:37
        A8      Lady In The Boat/Rosin The Bow/Timor The Tartar 4:10
        B1      Byker Hill                                      5:07
        B2      The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering                   2:11
        B3      Hole In The Wall                                1:19
        B4      Ben Dorian                                      1:36
        B5      Hullichans/Chorus Jig                           2:00
        B6      The 79th's Farewell To Gibralter                3:26
        B7      Arthur McBride/Snug In The Blanket              4:32

        A1      For Elise                                       4:37
        A2      Lullaby                                         4:11
        A3      Prince Igor 1st. Theme From Polovetsian Dance   4:17
        A4      Syphony No. 5 From The New World                4:30
        B1      Piano Concerto                                  3:15
        B2      Reverie                                         4:10
        B3      1812 Overture                                   6:10
        B4      A La Turka                                      3:39

LP      Capricorn       CPN 0179        1977    US
TRA     339     THE RAY MCVAY BAND      THE RAY McVAY BAND              LP        .1977

        A1      Dancing Queen
        A2      Words
        A3      That'll Be The Day
        A4      Obladi Oblada
        A5      Stop In The Name Of Love
        A6      Mah Na Mah Na
        B1      Black Is Black
        B2      That's The Way (I Like It)
        B3      Racing Driver
        B4      Drift Away
        B5      I Only Want To Be With You
        B6      I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
TRA     340     METRO                   METRO                           LP        .1977

        A1      Criminal World
        A2      Precious
        A3      Overture To Flame
        A4      Flame
        A5      Mono Messiah
        B1      Black Lace Shoulder
        B2      Paris
        B3      One-Way Night
        B4      Jade

LP      GRT             5147.6041       1976    US
TRA     341     DAVE SWARBRICK          SWARBRICK 2                     LP        .1977

        A1      The Athole Highlanders
        A2      Shannon Bells / Fairy Dance / Miss McLeod's Reel
        A3      The King Of The Fairies
        A4      Chief O'Neill's Favourite / Newcastle Hornpipe
        A5      Sheebeg And Sheemore
        A6      The Rocky Road To Dublin / Sir Phillip McHugh
        A7      Planxty Morgan Mawgan
        A8      The Swallows Tail / Rakes Of Kildare / Blackthorn Stick
        B1      Sheagh Of Rye / The Friar's Breeches
        B2      Derwentwater's Farewell / The Noble Squire Dacre
        B3      Teribus / Farewell To Aberdeen
        B4      Bonaparte's Retreat
        B5      Shepherd's Hey
        B6      Lord Inchiquin
        B7      The Coulin
TRA     342     ROYSTON AND HEATER WOOD : NO RELATION                   LP        .1977

        A1      A Shepherd Of The Downs
        A2      Come Ye That Fear The Lord
        A3      Foolish, Incredibly Foolish
        A4      Bold Benjamin-O
        A5      The Bold Astrologers
        A6      St Patrick's Breastplate
        B1      The Cutty Wren
        B2      Will You Miss Me?
        B3      The Cellar Door
        B4      Lovin' Bessie
        B5      Chaconne In G Minor
        B6      Gloria Laus
TRAG    343     TIM SOUSTER             SWIT DRIMZ                      LP        .1977

        A1      Afghan Amplitudes                               8:16
        A2      Arcane Artefact                                 13:41
        B1      Music From Afar                                 3:03
        B2      Spectral                                        14:42
                Surfit                                          (5:02)
        B3a     Good Vibrations
        B3b     Heroes & Villians
        B3c     Whistle In
        B3d     Let's Go Away For A While
TRA     344     SONNY WORTHING          TEENAGE DREAM                   LP        .1977

        A1      Run For Cover
        A2      Out Of My Head
        A3      Dance Lady Dance
        A4      Love At First Sight
        A5      Teenage Dream
        B1      Goodbye California
        B2      Seasons Of Sorrow
        B3      Third Song
        B4      Sally
        B5      It Never Rained
TRA     345     MAE MCKENNA             WALK ON WATER                   LP        .1977

        A1      Driven Away
        A2      Love Me Tomorrow
        A3      There's Been A Mistake
        A4      What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
        A5      Sailin'
        B1      Love Struck
        B2      He's A Man After My Own Heart
        B3      Love Hangover
        B4      For You My Love
        B5      I Want To Believe In You
                (Note : LP , translucent red vinyl)
TRA     346     THE MCCALMANS           SIDE BY SIDE BY SIDE            LP        .1977

        A1      Side By Side By Side                            0:19
        A2      Romeo And Juliet                                3:25
        A3      Dancing Days                                    3:22
        A4      Bellman's Song                                  3:36
        A5      The Chair At The Table                          2:33
        A6      Hornpipe                                        1:04
        A7      Farewell To Sicily                              4:37
        B1      Sheriff Muir                                    3:08
        B2      Loving Hanne                                    3:12
        B3      German Lairdie                                  2:17
        B4      Standing In The Rain                            2:28
        B5      Broadside Man                                   2:07
        B6      Bound To Go                                     3:51
        B7      Side By Side                                    0:20
TRA     347     COUNTRY GAZETTE : WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING           LP        .1977

        A1      Goodbye Mitchell Jayne
        A2      Loving You
        A3      Dark Hollow
        A4      In Despair
        A5      Old Old House
        A6      Beautiful Life
        B1      One Woman Man
        B2      White Washed Chimney
        B3      On My Mind
        B4      Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
        B5      Last Letter
        B6      Nantyglo R.F.C.

LP      Ridge Runner    RRR 0008        1977    US
TRA     348     THE JOHN RENBOURN GROUP : A MAID IN BEDLAM              LP        .1977

        A1      Black Waterside
        A2      Nacht Tanz / Shaeffertanz
        A3      A Maid In Bedlam
        A4      Gypsy Dance / Jews Dance
        A5      John Barleycorn
        B1      Reynardine
        B2      My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
        B3      Death And The Lady
        B4      The Battle Of Aughram / 5 In A Line
        B5      Talk About Suffering

LP      Shanachie       79004           1977    US

        A1      Old Trust                                       3:22
        A2      Brrr!                                           0:41
        A3      I'll Come If You Let Me                         2:09
        A4      Invocation Of The Fundamental Orifice Of St.
                Agnes                                           0:51
        A5      No Change                                       1:13
        A6      Peon In The Neck                                1:46
        A7      Happy To Be On (An Island Away From) Demis
                Roussos                                         2:06
        A8      Teenager In Schtuck                             2:50
        A9      Italians From Outer Space: (A) The Ballad Of
                Colonel Callan (B) A Fistful Of Spaghetti       5:38
        B1      Mandrax Sunset Variations Part VI               1:38
        B2      Neville                                         2:31
        B3      Breakfast                                       1:15
        B4      Wholefood Love                                  2:20
        B5      Holiday Frog                                    2:46
        B6      Teenage Paradise                                2:33
        B7      It Never Rains In El Paso                       3:55
        B8      Whispering Grass                                2:12
        B9      Death Of Rock And Roll                          2:50
TRA     350     BERNARD WRIGLEY         TEN TON SPECIAL                 LP        .1977

        A1      Home Brewed
        A2      My Own Dear Yorkshire Lass
        A3      Robin Hood And The Bogey Rolling Contest
        A4      The Transport Digs
        B1      Rocking The Tango
        B2      When Annie Gets Her Gun
        B3a     Tea For Two
        B3b     Shuffle In F
        B3c     Nice Work If You Can Get It
        B4      The Teabag In My Coffee
        B5      Rain In My Eyes
        B6      Fosdykes Arise
TRA     351     THE RAY MCVAY ORCHESTRA : COME DANCING                  LP        .1978
TRA     352
TRA     353     NA FILI                 CHANTERS TUNE                   LP        .1978

        A1      The Maid And The Spinning Wheel                 2:11
        A2      Ceol And Phíobaire (The Music Of The Piper)
                / Micheal Murphy's                              3:29
        A3      Mo Mhuirnín Bán (My Fair Haired Darling)        2:03
        A4      Give Us A Drink Of Water / Hunting The Hare     2:14
        A5      Na Connerys (The Connerys)                      3:14
        A6      Chanter's Tune / An Samhradh Crua / Green Fields
                Of Rossbeigh / Murphys                          6:52
        B1      Inis Dhún Ramha (Inish Doon Rawa) / Paidín Ó
                Raifeartaigh                                    3:54
        B2      Maidin Ró-Mhoch (Early One Morning)             2:51
        B3      Trip To Athlone / Pat McGillarney               2:41
        B4      Sweet Kingwilliamstown                          2:20
        B5      Cait Ní Dhuibhir (Kate O'Dwyer) / Flannel JAcket
                 / Dwyers                                       4:44
        B6      Johnny Murphy / Dan Coakley / Ballydesmond      2:46

LP      Pickwick        HPE 650         1977    IR
TRA     354     THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH : GOOD FRIENDS...GOOD MUSIC       LP        .1978

        A1      Breton Wedding March / Wild Irishman / The Scolar
        A2      Down The Broom / Gatehouse Maid
        A3      Gaelic Mouth Music
        A4      79th Farewell To Gibraltar / Captain Horne / High
                Road To Linton
        A5      Far From Home / Da Road To Houll
        A6      Hillswick Wedding / Robertson'sReel
        A7      Cadam Woods / Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord
        A8      Grande Chaine / Newly Weds' Reel
        B1      Kitchen Girl / New Riggit Ship
        B2      Canadian Waltz
        B3      Hop-High Ladies
        B4      Dennis Murphy's Hornpipe / Leather Britches
        B5      Humours Of Ennistymon / First House In Connaught / Roll
                Her In The Rye-Grass
        B6      Kitty's Gone A-Milking / Master McDermott's
        B7      The Flail / Paddy Doory's / Pride Of Leinster
        B8      Midsummer's Night / Tinker's Daughter / Crock Of Gold

LP      Philo           PH 1051         1977    US
TRA     355     JOHN RENBOURN           THE BLACK BALLOON               LP        .1978

        A1      Moon Shines Bright
        A2      The English Dance
        A3      Bourrée I And II
        A4      Medley: The Mist Covered Mountains Of Home/The Orphan
                /The Tarboulton
        B1      The Pelican
        B2      The Black Balloon
TRA     356     THE JOHN RENBOURN GROUP : ENCHANTED GARDEN              LP        .1978

        A1      The Maid On The Shore
        A2      Douce Dame Jolie
        A3      A Bold Young Farmer
        A4      Sidi Brahim
        B1a     Pavane "Belle, Qui Tiens Ma Vie"
        B1b     Tourdion
        B2      The Truth From Above
        B3      Le Tambourin
        B4      The Plains Of Waterloo
TRA     357     THE MCCALMANS           BURN THE WITCH                  LP        .1978

        A1      Fare Ye Well Ye Mormond Braes                   2:10
        A2      The Lion (Edinburgh Castle)                     2:51
        A3      Jenny Lasswade                                  1:33
        A4      Farewell To Nova Scotia                         2:58
        A5      She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor          2:38
        A6      Aye Waukin O                                    3:42
        A7      Gin I Were Where The Gaudie Rins                2:38
        A8      Veronica                                        2:57
        B1      Burn The Witch                                  3:03
        B2      Bonnie Lass O' Gala Water                       2:34
        B3      Jock Stewart                                    3:20
        B4      The March Of The Cameron Men                    2:24
        B5      The Phantom Whistler / Random Jig               2:28
        B6      Doon In The Wee Room                            2:43
        B7      The Recuiting Service Drum / Sons Of Heroes     5:34
TRA     358     CHRIS GROOMS            SWEET GYPSY                     LP        .1978

        A1      Sweet Gypsy
        A2      Likkety-Split
        A3      Red River Rag
        A4      Fanfares
        A5      Celtic Twilight
        A6      Solstice
        A7      Tom's Trip (To The Ozone)
        B1      Rhiannon Of The Bird
        B2      Tonia's Waltz
        B3      McGee's Rag
        B4      Kemp's Jig
        B5      Lands End
TRA     359     THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH : WISH YOU WERE HERE              LP        .1978

        A1      The Mermaid/Chase Her Through The Garden
        A2      The Larks March
        A3      The Red Haired Man's Wife
        A4      The Resting Chair/Leaving Glenurquhart/The Fairy Dance
        A5      The Full Rigged Ship/Naked And Bare/Greamsay Jig
        A6      The Chuilhionn/The Athol Highlanders Farewell To Loch
                Katrine/Lady Mary Ramsay/The Spey In Spate
        B1      Michey Docherty's Slip Jig/The West Clare Reel/Gorman's
                Two Step
        B2      On Board Of The Victory
        B3      Lady Livingstone/The Iron Man/ The Humours Of Tulla
        B4      Mary McMahon/The Galway Rambler/The Castlebar Tramp
        B5      The Glasgow Police Pipers/The Curlew
        B6      The Green Fiels Of America/The Bag Of Potatoes/Puck's Reel

LP      Flying Fish     FF 070          1978    US
TRA     360     BRENDA WOOTTON          CARILLON                        LP        .1978

        A1      Cornwall The Land I Love
        A2      Carillon
        A3      Rape Of The Mackerel Shoals
        A4      In Love Again
        A5      Kenawo Dew Genough-Why
        A6      Apple Wine
        B1      Paris
        B2      Silver Net
        B3      The Reed-Beds Of Erygh
        B4      Loves Old Sweet Refrain
        B5      Eles (She Angel)
        B6      Country Style









TRASAM  1       V / A:The Acoustic Side Of Transatlantic And Electric   LP        .1968
                Side Of Transatlantic    .1969

        A1      The Johnstons : Continental Trailways Bus       3:22
        A2      Gerry Rafferty          Didn't I                3:42
        A3      John James & Peter Barryman : Quiet Days        3:09
        A4      Stefan Grossman         Joe Hill                3:40
        A5      Pentangle, The : Will The Circle Be Unbroken    4:05
        A6      Steve Tilston           Falling                 3:27
        B1      Unicorn                 P.F. Sloan              4:26
        B2      Stray                   Our Song                6:01
        B3      Jody Grind              Bath Sister             3:25
        B4      Peter Bardens           Tear Down The Wall      7:21
TRASAM  2       V / A : LISTEN HERE! A TRANSATLANTIC SAMPLER            LP        .1968

        A1      Pentangle, The          Travellin' Song         2:58
        A2      Ralph McTell : Eight Frames A Second            3:20
        A3      Gordon Giltrap : In Love With A Stranger        2:56
        A4      Bert Jansch & John Renbourn : Tic Tocative      1:58
        A5      John Renbourn           Song                    1:56
        A6      The Ian Campbell Group : The Circle Game        3:51
        B1      The Johnstons           Urge For Going          3:47
        B2      Bert Jansch : Harvest Your Thoughts Of Love     2:12
        B3      The Sallyangie          Love In Ice Crystals    3:12
        B4      Bob Bunting             Blues For Dominique     2:55
        B5      Ron Geesin              Certainly Random        2:46
        B6      The Purple Gang         Granny Takes A Trip     2:29
TRASAM  3       V / A :  15/5 And All That Jazz - A Prestige Sampler    LP        .1968

        A1      Brother Jack McDuff     Hey Lawdy Mama          4:00
        A2      The Jaki Byard Trio     St. Louis Blues         3:57
        A3      Jimmy Witherspoon       Trouble In Mind         2:20
        A4      Eric Dolphy & Freddie Hubbard : G.W.            3:33
        A5      Thelonious Monk         Little Rootie Tootie    3:05
        A6      John Coltrane : Soft Lights And Sweet Music     4:37
        B1      Modern Jazz Quartet     Delaunay's Dilemma      3:54
        B2      Richard "Groove" Holmes : Blues For Yna Yna     3:35
        B3      Mose Allison            Parchman Farm           3:15
        B4      Oliver Nelson           Freedom Dance           4:34
        B5      Miles Davis             No Greater Love         5:15
TRASAM  4       THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP SAMPLER                     LP        .1969

        A1      The Cockfight
        A2      Collier's Rant
        A3      Rap Her Te Bank
        A4      I Know My Love
        A5      Campbell's Fancy & The Masons Apron
        A6      Highland Widow's Lament
        A7      Lover Let Me In
        B1      Come Kiss My Love
        B2      Highland Harry
        B3      Pay Friday
        B4      Mary Mild
        B5      The Banks Hornpipe
        B6      One Eyed Reilly
        B7      The Card Song
TRASAM  5       THE MIKE RAVE BLUES SAMPLER                             LP        .1969

        A1      Leadbelly               Little Children's Blues
        A2      Jimmy Witherspoon       Evenin'
        A3      Dr. Ross                After Hours Blues
        A4      Gary Davis              Say No To The Devil
        A5      Big Joe Williams        Bottle Up And Go
        A6      Memphis Slim            Frankie And Johnny
        B1      Sonny Terry             Louise
        B2      Jesse Fuller            Brownskin Girl
        B3      Mable Hillery           It's So Hard To Be A Nigger
        B4      Blind Willie McTell     A Married Man's A Fool
        B5      Scraper Blackwell       "A" Blues
        B6      Lightnin' Hopkins       Blues In A Bottle
TRASAM  6       THE ALEX CAMPBELL SAMPLER                               LP        .1969

        A1      Been On The Road So Long
        A2      I'm A Rover
        A3      The Overgate
        A4      Round Cape Horn
        A5      Plane Wreck At Los Gatos
        A6      My Old Gibson Guitar
        B1      Love Is Teasing
        B2      Glesca Peggy
        B3      John Gordon
        B4      Kissing In The Dark
        B5      My Singing Bird
        B6      Why Oh Why
        B7      Don't You Put Me Down

        A1      Woke Up This Morning
        A2      Skippin'
        A3      Herbie's Tune
        A4      Stormy Monday
        A5      It's Happening
        B1      Roberta
        B2      Jones
        B3      Cabbage Greens
        B4      Chicken Shack
        B5      Haitian Fight Song
TRASAM  8       MATT McGINN             SAMPLER                         LP        .1969

        A1      Rob Roy McGregor
        A2      The Ballad Of Q4
        A3      The Dundee Ghost
        A4      Big Sammy
        A5      The Pill
        A6      The Red Yoyo
        B1      The Boys From Lisbon
        B2      I Have Seen The Highlands
        B3      Willie MacNamara
        B4      Moaning
        B5      The Ballad Of John MacLean
        B6      The Heilan' Man
TRASAM  9       THE HAMISH IMLACH SAMPLER                               LP        .1969

        A1      The Tall Tale
        A2      It's Better In The Dark
        A3      The Oyster Girl
        A4      The Twa Corbies
        A5      The Wind Blew The Bonnie Lassie's Pladie Awa'
        B1      The Cumbie Boys
        B2      The Copper's Song
        B3      I Am A Miller
        B4      The Clapped Out Motor Car
        B5      Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice
        B6      The Scottish Breakaway
TRASAM  10      THE BERT JANSCH SAMPLER                                 LP        .1969

        A1      Rabbit Run
        A2      The Wheel
        A3      Go Your Way My Love
        A4      Come Back Baby
        A5      Angie
        A6      Needle Of Death
        B1      Wishing Well
        B2      The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
        B3      Nottamun Town
        B4      Blackwater Side
        B5      Veronica
        B6      Running From Home
TRASAM   11     V / A                   HERE'S TO THE IRISH VOL.2       LP        .1969

        A1      The Johnstons : Nine Points Of Roguery & The Humours
                Of Tulla
        A2      Finbar* & Eddie Furey   Come By The Hills
        A3      The Glenside Ceilidh Band :The Bridge Below The Town
        A4      The Grehan Sisters      Cricklewood
        A5      Larry Cunningham        Sweet Youghal Bay
        B1      Larry Cunningham        Pretty Little Girl From Omagh
        B2      Finbar & Eddie Furey    The Lonesome Boatman
        B3      The Johnstons           Cailerch An Airgid
        B4      The Glenside Ceilidh Band : The Hurricane's Victory
                & The Providence Reel
        B5      Sweeney's Men           Sullivan's John
        B6      The Grehan Sisters      Victoria
TRASAM   12     THE IAN CAMPBELL FOLK GROUP : SAMPLER VOL.2             LP        .1969

        A1      New York Gals
        A2      Cushy Butterfield
        A3      The Shoemaker
        A4      The Derby Ram
        A5      Cho Cho Losa
        A6      The Blind Man He Could See
        A7      Down In The Coalmine
        B1      Cam Ye O'er Frae France
        B2      Aye Waukin O'
        B3      Can Ye Sew Cushions
        B4      Berwick Brose
        B5      The Earl Of Moray
        B6      Drunken Bella Roy
TRASAM   13     THE YOUNG TRADITION SAMPLER                             LP        .1969

        A1      Chicken On A Raft                               3:30
        A2      The Innocent Hare                               2:46
        A3      The Whitsuntide Carol                           2:15
        A4      Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth                        1:41
        A5      The Banks Of The Claudy                         2:47
        A6      Randy Dandy O                                   2:37
        B1      Byker Hill                                      1:42
        B2      Daddy Fox                                       3:13
        B3      The Fox Hunt                                    1:39
        B4      The Lyke Wake Dirge                             2:45
                Shanties                                        5:31
        B5a     Fire Marengo
        B5b     Hanging Johnny
        B5c     Bring 'Em Down
        B5d     Haul On The Bowline
TRASAM   14     V / A : THE CONTEMPORARY GUITAR SAMPLER                 LP        .1969

        A1      Ralph McTell            Willoughby's Farm       2:02
        A2      Bert Jansch             The Gardener            1:41
        A3      Gordon Giltrap          Fast Approaching        1:53
        A4      John Pearse             McGees Rag              2:28
        A5      John Fahey : The Death Of Clayton Peacock       2:51
        A6      John Renbourn           Day At The Seaside      1:10
        A7      Pentangle, The : Goodbye Pork Pie Hat           3:30
        B1      John Pearse             Guitar Train            2:21
        B2      Bert Jansch & John Renbourn : Stepping Stones   2:40
        B3      Ralph McTell            Wino And The Mouse      0:59
        B4      Bert Jansch             Tinker's Blues          0:58
        B5      John Fahey              I Am The Resurrection   2:50
        B6      John Renbourn           Judy                    1:53
        B7      Ralph McTell            Rizraklary              1:45
        B8      Gordon Giltrap          Ive's Horizon           2:15
TRASAM   15     V / A : THE CONTEMPORARY GUITAR SAMPLER VOL.2           LP        .1969

        A1      Bert Jansch/John Renbourn : East Wind           1:23
        A2      Gordon Giltrap          Lucifer's Cage          3:39
        A3      Stefan Grossman         Pigtown Fling           1:12
        A4      Pentangle               Bells                   2:48
        A5      Mike Rogers             Marigold Chrome         4:03
        A6      Ron Geesin : Two Fifteen-String Guitars For
                Nice People                                     3:00
        A7      John Renbourn           One For William         2:50
        B1      Pentangle               Hole In My Coal         2:44
        B2      John James:And The Dog Was Sleeping In The
                Corner                                          2:55
        B3      Mike Rogers             Vestapol                2:26
        B4      Bert Jansch : Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell      2:07
        B5      Stefan Grossman         Aurora's Powder Bag     2:01
        B6      Bert Jansch/John Renbourn : After The Dance     2:24
        B7      Gordon Giltrap          Confusion               3:15
TRASAM 14/15    V / A : SUPERB SUPER GUITAR SESSION                     2LP       .1973
TRASAM   16     THE JOHNSTONS           THE JOHNSTONS SAMPLER           LP        .1970

        A1      Spanish Lady                                    2:42
        A2      Both Sides Now                                  3:07
        A3      The Barleycorn                                  3:04
        A4      Dublin Jack Of All Trades                       3:15
        A5      Lord Thomas & Fair Ellinder                     4:39
        B1      O'Carolan's Concerto                            2:17
        B2      Frog's Wedding                                  3:09
        B3      You Keep Going Your Way                         3:00
        B4      Kilfenora Jig                                   3:59
        B5      Flower Of Northumberland                        4:30
TRASAM   17     V / A : THE GREAT SCOTS SAMPLER                         LP        .1970

        A1      Watt Nicoll             The Fifie
        A2      Hamish Imlach : The Wind Blew The Bonnie Lassie's Pladie Awa'
        A3      Matt McGinn             Rolling Hills Of The Border
        A4      Ian And Lorna Campbell : A Man's A Man For A' That
        A5      Archie Fisher           The Kilder Hunt
        A6      Matt McGinn             Loch Lomond
        B1      Archie Fisher           Bogie's Bonny Belle
        B2      Hamish Imlach           McPherson's Farewell
        B3      Matt McGinn             I Have Seen The Highlands
        B4      Ian And Lorna Campbell : Keach In The Creel
        B5      Hamish Imlach           Johnny O'Breadislee
TRASAM   20     JOHN RENBOURN           THE JOHN RENBOURN SAMPLER       LP        .1970

        A1      Judy
        A2      Song
        A3      I Know My Babe
        A4      Debbie Anne
        A5      Nobodys Fault But Mine
        A6      Sweet Potato
        A7      Lord Franklin
        B1      Lady Nothynge's Toye Puffe
        B2      The Trees They Do Grow High
        B3a     Alman
        B3b     Morgana
        B4a     One For William
        B4b     Orlando
        B4c     My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
TRASAM   21     V / A                   THE GREAT SCOTS SAMPLER VOL.2   LP        .1970

        A1      Hamish Imlach           The Calton Weaver       2:28
        A2      Archie Fisher           The Three Gipsies       2:57
        A3      Lorna Campbell          Wife Of Ushers Well     4:36
        A4      Alex Campbell           Mormond Braes           2:10
        A5      Owen Hand               I Loved A Lass          3:01
        A6      Watt Nicoll : The Fiddler And The Dancer        2:32
        B1      Ian Campbell            The Canny Miner Lad     2:05
        B2      Alex Campbell           The Banks Of Claudy     4:41
        B3      Matt McGinn             Ros In The Bow          3:01
        B4      Isla Cameron            As I Roved Out          2:50
        B5      Archie Fisher           The Terror Time         2:39
        B6      Ian Campbell            Wooed And Married       1:36
TRASAM   22     V / A : 5.227.706 SCOTSMEN CAN'T BE WRONG!              LP        .1970

        A1      Watt Nicoll             Plumbers & Jiners       2:53
        A2      Matt McGinn  : Skinny Ma Linky Long Legs        2:31
        A3      Watt Nicoll             Wee Bird                2:09
        A4      Hamish Imlach : The Soldier's Prayer            2:10
        A5      Watt Nicoll             Scriptures              4:07
        A6      Matt McGinn             Two Foot Tall           2:32
        B1      Matt McGinn             Biddie McGrath          2:21
        B2      Watt Nicoll             The Whistling Duke      2:21
        B3      Hamish Imlach           The Horny Bull          2:35
        B4      Matt McGinn             The Cleansing Man       2:15
        B5      Watt Nicoll             Just Made It Legal      2:27
        B6      Matt McGinn             The Footba' Refree      2:50
TRASAM   23     PENTANGLE               HISTORY BOOK                    LP        .1971

        A1      Courting Blues                                  4:01
        A2      Lucky Thirteen                                  3:33
        A3      Can't Keep From Crying                          2:03
        A4      No Exit                                         1:23
        A5      Waltz                                           5:08
        A6      Forty Eight                                     2:55
        B1      The Time Has Come                               3:11
        B2      Train Song                                      4:47
        B3      Sally Go Round The Roses                        3:39
        B4      Cruel Sister                                    7:07
TRASAM   24     V / A                   20TH CENTURY MUSIC SAMPLER      LP        .1971

A1      Anatole Fistoulari And The London Symphony Orchestra
        : Lezghinka - From Gayaneh Ballet Suite
A2      Sir Eugene Goossens And The London Symphony Orchestra
        : The Little Train Of The Caipira - From Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2
A3      Sir Malcolm Sargent And The London Symphony Orchestra
        : Troika - From Lieutenant Kije Suite, Op. 60
A4      Malcolm Arnold And The London Philharmonic Orchestra
        : Peasants - From Four Scottish Dances, Op. 59
A5      Leopold Stokowski And New York Stadium Symphony Orchestra
        : Second Movement From Symphony No. 5 In D Major, Op. 47
B1      Jacques Février
        : 1ere Gnossienne - From The Music Of Erik Satie
B2      Guy Deplus
        : 3 Pieces For Clarinet - From Homage To Stravinsky
B3      Pierre Boulez And Orchestre Du Domaine Musical
        : The Park Of Nara And The Stone Lanterns - from Seven Haikai
B4      Pierre Boulez And Orchestre Du Domaine Musical
        : Song (Without Words) - From Serenade, Op. 24
B5      Pierre Boulez And Orchestre Du Domaine Musical
        : Equivalences For 18 Instruments
TRASAM   25     V / A                   BLUES FOR YOUR POCKET           LP        .1971

        A1      Blind Willie Johnson : Dark WasThe Night, Cold Was The Ground
        A2      Son House               New Pony Blues
        A3      Furry Lewis             Pearlee Blues
        A4      Jazz Gillum             Key To The Highway
        A5      Big Bill Broonzy        Guitar Shuffle
        A6      Brownie McGhee          Sportin' Life Blues
        B1      Memphis Slim            Boogie Woogie Piano Styles
        B2      Little Brother Montgomery : Lonesome Mama
        B3      Sticks McGhee           Drink Of Wine Mop Mop
        B4      J. D. Short             So Much Wine
        B5      James "Son" Thomas      Beefsteak Blues
        B6      Fred McDowell           Mojo Hand
TRASAM   26     V / A                   PICTURE RAGS                    LP        .1972

        A1      David Laibman & Eric Schoenberg:Maple Leaf Rag  2:58
        A2      John James              Picture Rag             2:46
        A3      Stefan Grossman         Dallas Rag              2:10
        A4      Ralph McTell            Blind Blake's Rag       1:56
        A5      Reverend Gary Davis     St Louis Tickle         3:36
        B1      Reverend Gary Davis     Italian Rag             3:16
        B2      Stefan Grossman         Red Pepper Rag          2:55
        B3      John James              Original Rags           3:10
        B4      Pete Berryman           Weeping Willow          2:24
        B5      David Laibman & Eric Schoenberg:Red Carpet Rag  4:15
TRASAM   27     BERT JANSCH             BOX OF LOVE                     LP        .1972

        A1      Oh How Your Love Is Strong
        A2      In This Game
        A3      The Gardener
        A4      Soho
        A5      I Am Lonely
        A6      Peregrinations
        B1      Casbah
        B2      Dissatisfied Blues
        B3      As The Day Grows Longer Now
        B4      Box Of Love
        B5      Birthday Blues
        B6      Nobody's Bar

        A1      Lady Goes To Church                             2:48
        A2      Another Monday                                  1:49
        A3      Shake Shake Mamma                               3:20
        A4a     Bransle Gay                                     1:12
        A4b     Bransle De Bourgogne                            1:34
        A5      So Clear                                        4:51
        A6      The Lady And The Unicorn                        3:23
        B1      Plainsong                                       3:45
        B2      Blues Run The Game                              3:04
        B3      Waltz                                           1:58
        B4      Westron Wynde                                   1:22
        B5      The Cuckoo                                      3:53
        B6      Transfusion                                     1:58
        B7      Country Blues                                   2:35
TRASAM   29     THE PENTANGLE           PENTANGLING                     LP        .1972

        A1      I've Got A Feeling                              4:23
        A2      Helping Hand                                    3:26
        A3      Pentangling                                     7:09
        A4      When I Get Home                                 4:58
        B1      Rain And Snow                                   3:48
        B2      Lyke Wake Dirge                                 3:32
        B3      The Trees They Do Grow High                     4:15
        B4      A Maid That's Deep In Love                      5:26
        B5      Once I Had A Sweetheart                         4:38
TRASAM   30     THE YOUNG TRADITION     GALLERIES REVISITED             LP        .1972

        A1      Intro: Ductia                                   0:58
        A2      The Barley Straw                                2:15
        A3      What If A Day                                   2:13
        A4      The Loyal Lover                                 1:15
        A5      Entr'Acte: Stones In My Passway                 1:00
        A6      Idumea                                          2:07
        A7      The Husbandman And The Serving Man              1:43
        A8      The Rolling Of The Stones                       0:54
        A9      The Bitter Withy                                2:18
        A10     The Banks Of The Nile                           2:09
        B1      Wondrous Love                                   2:46
        B2      Mediaeval Mystery Tour                          2:14
        B3      Divertissement: Upon The Bough                  0:30
        B4      Ratcliff Highway                                1:56
        B5      The Brisk Young Widow                           1:43
        B6      Interlude - The Pembroke Unique Ensemble        1:01
        B7      John Barleycorn                                 2:24
        B8      The Agincourt Carol                             4:38

        A1      The McGreggors                                  2:55
        A2      The Mountain Dew                                2:24
        A3      The Gaudie                                      2:03
        A4      The 37 Bus                                      4:23
        A5      I Got Fooled                                    3:25
        A6      The Calton Weaver                               2:25
        B1      The Soldier's Prayer                            2:10
        B2      Macpherson's Farewell                           4:10
        B3      History Of Football                             2:05
        B4      Lang Johnny Moore                               6:45
        B5      Little Maggie                                   2:54
TRASAM   32     BILLY CONNOLLY          WORDS & MUSIC                   LP        .1973

        A1      If It Was'nae For Your Wellies
        A2      Everybody Knows That
        A3      Saltcoats At The Fair
        A4      Silk Pyjamas
        A5      Harry Campbell &The Heavies
        B1      Leo McGuire's Song
        B2      Stainless Steel Wellies
        B3      Little Blue Lady
        B4      Give Me A Little Of Your Time
        B5      The Music Teacher / Marie's Wedding
TRASAM   33     STRAY                   TRACKS                          LP        .2975

        A1      All In Your Mind
        A2      Time Machine
        A3      Nature's Way
        A4      Our Song
        A5      Mama's Coming Home
        B1      Get Out Right Away
        B2      Georgia
        B3      Right From The Start
        B4      Gambler
        B5      Move That Wigwam
                (Note : LP , translucent-burgundy vinyl)
TRASAM   34     RALPH MCTELL            STREETS OF LONDON               LP        .1974

        A1      Streets Of London                               4:00
        A2      Hesitation Blues                                2:44
        A3      Mrs. Adlam's Angels                             2:43
        A4      Girl On A Bicycle                               3:20
        A5      Michael In The Garden                           4:20
        B1      Nana's Song                                     3:05
        B2      Rizraklaru                                      1:44
        B3      Summer Come Along                               2:42
        B4      Factory Girl                                    4:49
        B5      Mermaid And The Seagull                         4:07
        B6      Kew Gardens                                     2:13
TRASAM   35     RICHARD DIGANCE         IN CONCERT                      LP        .1975

        A1      I Hear The Press Gang                           5:32
        A2      Drag Queen Blues                                4:32
        A3      How The West Was Lost                           10:04
        B1      Show Me The Door                                9:56
        B2      Working Class Millionaire                       9:13
        B3      Beaver The Believer                             4:52
TRASAM   36     PETER BARDENS           VINTAGE 69                      LP        .1975

        A1      The Answer
        A2      Don't Goof With A Spook
        A3      I Can't Remember
        B1      I Don't Want To Go Home
        B2      Write My Name In The Dust
        B3      Homage To The God Of Light
                (Note : LP , clear or black vinyl)
TRASAM   37     SWEENEY'S MEN           SWEENEY'S MEN 1968              LP        .1976

        A1      Rattlin' Roarin' Willy                          2:25
        A2      Sullivan's John                                 3:15
        A3      Sally Brown                                     2:20
        A4      My Dearest Dear                                 3:53
        A5      Exile's Jig                                     1:39
        A6      The Handsome Cabin Boy                          4:45
        B1      Dicey Riley                                     1:41
        B2      Tom Dooley                                      2:32
        B3      Willy O'Winsbury                                4:57
        B4      Dance To Your Daddy                             2:14
        B5      The House Carpenter                             3:57
        B6      Johnstone                                       3:40
        B7      Reynard The Fox                                 3:26
TRASAM   38     BILLY CONNOLLY          THE BIG YIN                     LP        .1976

        A1      Glasgow Accents                                 4:05
        A2      Near You                                        7:20
        A3      Harry                                           3:30
        A4      Oh Dear                                         4:40
        B1      Why Don't They Come Back To Dunoon              4:19
        B2      Cruisin'                                        3:22
        B3      A Life In The Day Of                            11:30
TRASAM   39     THE RALPH MCTELL COLLECTION VOLUME TWO                  LP        .1976

        A1      Are You Receiving Me
        A2      Sleepy Time Blues
        A3      England 1914
        A4      Willoughby's Farm
        A5      Clown
        A6      The Fairground
        B1      Spiral Staircase
        B2      I've Thought About It
        B3      Father Forgive Them
        B4      Eight Frames A Second
        B5      Too Tight Drag
        B6      Granny Takes A Trip
TRASAM   40     SWEENEY'S MEN           THE TRACKS OF SWEENEY           LP        .1977

        A1      Dreams For Me                                   4:33
        A2      The Pipe On The Hob                             2:14
        A3      Brain Jam                                       2:18
        A4      Pretty Polly                                    4:30
        A5      Standing On The Shore                           2:33
        B1      A Mistake No Doubt                              2:33
        B2      Go By Brooks                                    2:05
        B3      When You Don't Care For Me                      2:40
        B4      Hiram Hubbard                                   3:10
        B5      Hall Of Mirrors                                 3:04
TRASAM  41      MATT MCGINN             THE MATT MCGINN SAMPLER         LP        .1977

        A1      The Red Yo Yo
        A2      Willie MacNamara
        A3      Old Johnny Bull
        A4      Big Sammy
        A5      The Footba' Referee
        A6      Ban The Beatles
        B1      The Heilan' Man
        B2      The First Man On The Moon
        B3      Manura Manyar
        B4      Gallowgate Calypso
        B5      Lots Of Little Soldies
        B6      Unner Alow The Ground

TRASAM   43     HAMISH IMLACH           HAMISH IMLACH                   LP        .1977

        A1      Johnny O'Breadislee                             4:40
        A2      Men Of Knoydart                                 2:20
        A3      The Zoological Gardens                          2:35
        A4      Street Songs                                    2:58
        A5      Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice                  3:43
        A6      The Gaudie                                      2:03
        B1      If It Wasn't For The Unions                     2:15
        B2      The Cumbie Boys                                 1:38
        B3      Erin Go Bragh                                   2:09
        B4      The Soldier's Prayer                            2:10
        B5      Black Is The Colour                             2:46
        B6      Foggy Dew                                       3:18
TRASAM   44     STRAY                   REFLECTING A GENERATION         LP        .1977

        A1      Changes
        A2      Move It
        A3      Only What You Make It
        A4      After The Storm
        A5      Our Plea
        B1      Don't Look Back
        B2      Mystic Lady
        B3      Soon As You've Grown
        B4      Around The World In Eighty Days
        B5      Queen Of The Sea








TRS     100  CAVENDISH DANCE BAND : Dancing Reels                       LP        .1979
TRS     101  ROYAL SCOTS DRAGON GUARDS : Into The 80's                  LP      05.1980
TRS     102  CAVENDISH DANCE BAND : Encore-Scottish Dance Music In      LP      06.1980
             Traditional Style
TRS     103  BILLY CONNOLLY     Live                                    LP        .1981
TRS     104  RALPH MCTELL       Streets Of London                       LP        .1981
TRS     105
TRS     106  PENTANGLE          Pentangling                             LP        .1981
TRS     107  THE HUMBLEBUMS     Gerry Rafferty And Billy Connolly       LP        .1981
TRS     108  KILFENORA CEILI BAND : All Buttoned Up                     LP        .1981
TRS     109  BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK BAND : Floral Dance                 LP        .1981
TRS     110  STRAY              Saturday Morning Pictures               LP        .1981
TRS     111  JOHN BIRD          Collected Of Idi Amin                   LP        .1981
TRS     112  GERRY RAFFERTY     Can I Have My Money Back                LP        .1981
TRS     113  WOODY GUTHRIE      Poor Boy                                LP        .1982
TRS     114  PENTANGLE          Basket Of Light                         LP        .1982
TRS     115  RAY MCVAY AND HIS ORCHESTRA : Come Dancing                 LP        .1982
TRS     116  TWO RONNIES        The Best Of                             LP        .1982
TRS     117  BERT JANSCH        BERT JANBSCH                            CD        .2001
TRS     118  DAVE SWARBRICK     Swarbrick                               LP        .1982





MTRA   2001  V / A              Vintage Years Vol.1                     LP        .1978
MTRA   2002  V / A              Vintage Years Vol.2                     LP        .1978
MTRA   2003  V / A              Vintage Years Vol.3                     LP        .1978
MTRA   2004  V / A              Vintage Years Vol.4                     LP        .1978
MTRA   2005  V / A              Vintage Years Vol.5                     LP        .1978
MTRA   2006  STEFAN GROSSMAN    Anthology                               LP        .1978
MTRA   2007  BERT JANSCH        Anthology                               LP        .1978
MTRA   2008  BILL7Y CONNOLLY    Anthology                               LP        .1978
MTRA   2009  PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA : Anthology                        LP        .1978
MTRA   2010  THE DUBLINERS      Anthology                               LP        .1978
MTRA   2011  SAM RICHARDS/TISH STUBBS : English Folksinger              LP        .1978
MTRA   2012
MTRA   2013  PENTANGLE          Anthology                               LP        .1978
MTRA   2014
MTRA   2015
MTRA   2016  THE MCCALMANS      The Best Of                             LP        .1979
MTRA   2017  BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK BAND : In A Classical Mood          LP        .1981





LTRA    501  AL O'DONNELL       Al O'Donnell                            LP        .1977

        A1      The Granemore Hare
        A2      Bonny Woodhall
        A3      Sliabh Na Mban (The Mountain Of The Women)
        A4      The Connerys
        A5      Án Bunnan Buídhe (The Yellow Bittern)
        B1      The Dark Eyed Sailor
        B2      Donal Óg
        B3      Lord Abore And Mary Flynn
        B4      The Madman
LTRA    502  V / A              Dulcimer Players                        LP        .1977

        A1      Roger Nicholson         The South Wind; Selinger's Round
        A2      Roger Nicholson         The King Of The Faeries
        A3      Roger Nicholson         Who Liveth So Merry
        A4      Roger Nicholson         Greensleeves
        A5      Roger Nicholson         Lillibulero
        A6      Stefan Sobell           Love Minus Zero
        A7      Liz Sobell : Hardiman The Fiddler; Another Jig Will Do
        A8      Liz Sobell : Killarney Boys Of Pleasure; The Swallow's Tail Reel
        A9      Liz Sobell : The Hag's Reel; The Sailor's Bonnet
        B1      Pete Coe                Rozenmarientjesdans; Krebbel
        B2      Pete Coe                La Belle De Charenton
        B3      Pete Coe                Michael Turner's Waltz
        B4      Holly Tannen            Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender
        B5      Holly Tannen            Mike Tickell's Favourite
        B6      Holly Tannen            Copas De La Montagne
LTRA    503  CHRISTOPHER JONES : No More Range To Roam                  LP        .1978

        A1      Dust To Dust                                    3:58
        A2      Hard To Imagine                                 3:38
        A3      Morning Glory                                   3:40
        A4      Holy                                            2:43
        A5      Steelhead Blues                                 3:27
        B1      No More Range To Roam                           3:40
        B2      Road To Spain                                   3:10
        B3      Whatever You Do                                 4:05
        B4      Baby Don't Go                                   4:30
        B5      Ballerina                                       4:16
LTRA    504  BANDOGGS           Bandoggs                                LP        .1978

        A1      The Tailor In The Tea-Chest, Astley's Ride, Up And Away
        A2      The Rose Of Allandale
        A3      Hind Horn
        A4      The Herring's Head, Salmon Tails Up The Water, Little Fishes
        B1      Ladies Dont Go Thieving
        B2      Laird Logie
        B3      The Dragoon And The Lady, Soldier Soldier
        B4      Adam Was A Poacher, Hares In The Old Plantation, Hares
                And Braces, Hunt The Hare
LTRA    505  YORKSHIRE DIALECT SOCIETY : First O'T'Sort                 LP        .1978

        A1      Stanley Ellis           A Babby I T'hahse
        A2      Gwen Wade               To My Sister
        A3      Stanley Ellis           Bite Bigger
        A4      Gwen Wade               Mary's Bonnet
        A5      Bill Cowley             The Enthusiast
        A6      Gwen Wade, Stanley Ellis , Bill Cowley : T'dairymaid's Plaint
        A7      Jack Danby              The Business Proposal
        A8      Stanley Ellis           Afore T'weddin'
        A9      Bill Cowley             Best Man's Toast
        B1      Gwen Wade               How To Treat T'wife
        B2      Bill Cowley             London Piece
        B3      Gwen Wade               A Washday Sandwich
        B4      Stanley Ellis           Goin To T'Messiah
        B5      Gwen Wade               Frustration
        B6      Gwen Wade               Ill Done To
        B7      Jack Danby              Harvest Festival
        B8      Bill Cowley             Sheep I T'chochyard
        B9      Stanley Ellis           First O T'sort
        B10     Gwen Wade               And So Be It
        B11     Bill Cowley             Epitaph For A Countryman
LTRA    506  MICK RYAN/JON BURGE : Fair Was My City                     LP        .1978

        A1      Lucy Wan
        A2      The Football Match
        A3      January
        A4      The Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime
        A5      Brown Robin's Confession
        A6      The Rufford Park Poachers
        B1      Morning Morning
        B2      An English Lord
        B3      Green Beds
        B4      The Cruel Ship's Carpenter
        B5      The Widow Of Westmoreland's Daughter
        B6      The Banks Of The Roses
LTRA    507  NIC JONES          From The Devil To A Stranger            LP        .1978

        A1      The Singer's Request
        A2      Some Say The Devil's Dead
        A3      Billy Don't Weep For Me
        A4      William Glenn.
        A5      The Blind Harper
        A6      The Singer's Request
        A7      The Little Heathy Hill
        B1      Far From Home
        B2      Master Kilby
        B3      The Lakes Of Shillin
        B4      Newport Street
        B5      The Green Mossy Of The Lea
        B6      The Singer's Request
LTRA    508  ANDREW CRONSHAW    Wade In The Flood                       LP        .1978

        A1      Bell Isle
        A2      The Bromley Abbots Horn Dance Tune
        A3      Leaving Rhu Vaternish
        A4      The Eastern Towerships' Waltz
        A5      The Lament For Rory Mor MacLeod
        A6      The Marquis Of Huntly's Strathspey
        A7      Brave Wolfe
        B1      La Valse Du Grand Bois
        B2      The Downfall Of Paris
        B3      Malcolm McPherson's Lullaby
        B4      Table Mountain Road
        B5      The Lark On The Strand


LTRA    511  MICK LINNARD & DAVID HUGHES : RUSSELL SQUARE               LP        .1978

        A1      Phone In
        A2      Khartoum
        A3      Winter Snow Blue Night
        A4      Primrose Walk
        A5      September
        A6      Raining In Nivelles
        B1      French Escalators
        B2      Russell Square
        B3      Fairground Waltz
        B4      Friday Up And Sunday Down
        B5      Jazz Woodbine
        B6      River Man




TRA     608  LITTLE FREE ROCK                                           LP        .1969
TRS    5001  V / A              Contemporary Guitar Album               LP        .1982
GBLP    1/4  V / A              World Of Jazz-Golden Gift Box           4LP        ?
             (Note : Black Lion label)
GTRA      1  BILLY CONNOLLY     Golden Gift Box                         ?LP        ?
GTRA      5  V / A              Golden Guitarist-Golden Gift Box        3LP        ?
GTRA      6  STEFAN GROSSMAN    Gift Box Set                            ?LP        ?
GAR       4  BILLY CONNOLLY     Golden Gift Box                         2LP        ?