Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / folk / blues /

TRANS   1001    LOS JAIVAS : LOS JAIVAS (AKA EL VOLANTIN)               LP      07.2020

Vinyl reissue of the now classic 1971 album. Produced by Transamericas in collaboration
with the band from original master tapes, in a fully analog process at recording
studios in María Pinto (Chile), London and Haarlem (Holland). 'Los Jaivas' ('El
Volantín') is the first LP by Chilean rock band Los Jaivas, one of South America's
biggest names in the fusion of folk roots and psychedelia during the 1970s. Los
Jaivas were born in the city of Vina del Mar, with their five members determined to
guide their initial sound through improvisation and experimentation, "trusting tha
in time a language would emerge that would give us our identity", in their own words.
This debut album (popularly known as 'El Volantín' -The Kite-, because of its cover
illustration) combined the free-flow of extended electrical pieces with more
conventional three-minute songs filled with references to Chile's popular culture
and the musicians' own upbringing. Theirs was a solitary path, not just for the
band but also for the beginnings of Chilean rock. Los Jaivas blazed a trail that
was rich in musical references, with ideas inspired by Jimi Hendrix, the Congolese
Missa Luba, Argentinian folk (Atahualpa Yupanqui, Ariel Ramírez), South American
avant-garde composers (Ginastera, Villa-Lobos, Violeta Parra), the experimentation
of pianist Henry Cowell, Caribbean rhythms and Miles Davis' trumpet re-inventions.