Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast /
Style   : reissue / prog. rock / psychedelic /

TR      4       SIDDHARTHA              TRIP TO INNERSELF               CD      06.2012

        1.      A Trip To Innerself                             (10:15)
        2.      The Explorer                                    (6:51)
        3.      Desert                                          (3:30)
        4.      Baroque                                         (3:57)
        5.      Nervous Breakdown                               (11:51)
        6.      Beyond Destiny                                  (9:33)
        7.      Distant Cry                                     (6:42)
        8.      Black                                           (8:45)
        9.      Baroque (reprise/bonus)                         (3:15)

Amazing and colourful rock'n'sutra from Turkey! SIDDHARTA swings you mood from serene
and tranquil to wild'n'heavy, and throws in some acid balladry for good measure. The
result is a progressive/psychedelic space cocktail, with at times jammy elements,
suitable for fans of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, a.s.o. This is an intelligent and
well crafted masterpiece that sounds relevant even a decade after it was recorded.
TR      5       SKY CRIES MARY          SPACE BETWEEN THE DROPS         CD      04.2009

        1.      Corner Man                                      (5:30)
        2.      Elephant Song                                   (8:03)
        3.      Rain                                            (8:10)
        4.      These Old Bones                                 (4:01)
        5.      Slow Down Time                                  (5:51)
        6.      Four AM                                         (14:47)
        7.      An Ant, The Stars, An Owl and It's Prey         (5:48)
        8.      Want                                            (6:04)
                (Extended Version)
        9.      Gliding                                         (5:07)
                (Remake version 2006)
        10.     Land of All                                     (5:12)
        11.     Missing                                         (5:24) 

SKY CRIES MARY is a respected trance rock unit from Seattle. 'Space Between The Drops'
collects some of the finest trippy recordings from the band's previous releases, and
also offers tracks that are exclusive to this title. You may expect beautiful
psychedelic music, with ambient elements, poetry, appealing female vocals, use of
acoustic instruments, excellent musicianship and passion for detail.
TR      6       BEYOND-O-MATIC          TIME TO GET UP                  CD      05.2010

This album by San Francisco's space rockers Beyond-0-Matic offers a mixture of
psychotic mind bending melodic jams and extended trippy Can-like loopy textures.
The use of conventional as well as non-conventional instruments provides the music
with a special appeal. Seven tracks, recorded in 2003-2004.
TR      8       OLE LUKKOYE             PETROGLYPHES                    CD      12.2010

        1.      Zapara                                          (8:10)
        2.      Ankara Karachi                                  (5:36)
        3.      Became A Sky                                    (7:43)
        4,      Children                                        (5:48)
        5.      Melting                                         (7:55)
        6.      White Stone                                     (9:12)
        7.      Zagoralos'                                      (11:57)
        8.      Sleepy Herbs                                    (6:48)
        9.      Horse-Tiger [unreleased 2002 version]           (7:31)

This is an interesteing 20th anniversary collection from St. Petersburg's ethnic
influenced band Ole Lukkoye. They describe their music as "folklore from nowhere",
which in practice is a fusing of ancient shamanistic Siberian folk with modern
contemporary music. Expect an amazing combination of electric and acoustic material
with tribal beats, played on ethnic instruments (f.i. ocarina, darabuka, vargan,
djemde) from all over the world. 'Petroglyphs' contains the most trippy 'hits' the
band ever recorded, but also includes some tracks exclusively written for this
compilation. Released with improved sound quality in a limited collectors edition
fold out digipack.
TR      9       SKY CRIES MARY : TAKING THE STAGE-LIVE 1997-2005        CD      09.2011

        1.      Taking The Stage                                (5:03)
        2.      Rain                                            (7:39)
        3.      Walla Walla/Moving Like Water                   (7:39)
        4.      Corner Man                                      (6:14)
        5.      Don't Forget the Sky                            (5:16)
        6.      The Ant, The Stars, The Owl And Its Prey        (5:27)
        7.      Remember Me the Wind                            (6:38)
        8.      Nowhere                                         (7:02)
        9.      Want                                            (6:46)
        10.     Gliding                                         (5:10)
        11.     Elephant Song                                   (6:19)
        12.     Walk of Nothingness                             (4:08)
        13.     California Dreamin' (bonus track)               (3:32)

Here's another interesting title from SKY CRIES MARY, the excellent trance rock unit
from Seattle. This is a selection of the band's best live recordings dating from the
years 1997-2005. You get highlights from a number of stunning performances, very
psychedelic and with adventurous jam vibes. This is your ticket for a truly cosmic
audio experience.
TR      10      V / A                   TRIPWAVE 1                      CD      05.2011

        01.     Eastern Syndrome        Celt
        02.     The Moon Pierrot        Moon Dream
        03.     Do Major                To Rake Your Fingers Through The Grass
        04.     Decadance               Dream #5
        05.     Disen Gage              Solaris
        06.     Rada & Ternovnik        Interlude
        07.     KRTL                    Soda
        08.     Deti Picasso            Happy End Is Inevitable
        09.     Vespero                 Inna Burst Into Tears
        10.             Entrance To Invisibility
        11.     Liompa                  Thee
TR      11      IN THE LABYRINTH        ONE TRAIL TO HEAVEN             CD      12.2011

We were lucky to meet one of the brightest representatives of the Swedish progressive
psychedelic music scene, the artist and musician Peter Lindahl and his psychedelic
folk band "In The Labyrinth". He founded the band In the Labyrinth and in the mid to
late 1990s recorded a number of engaging albums in which Northern psychedelic folk
blends harmoniously with Middle Eastern music. The band's new compilation album "One
Trail to Heaven" includes their most fascinating compositions as well as some
previously unreleased material and alternate versions of songs from Peter's exclusive
personal archive. Produced and engineered by Peter Lindahl in his studio in Stockholm,
Sweden. Compilated and released with an improved sound quality on Trail Records in
2011. Limited collector edition.
TR      12      BARRETT ELMORE          WOODLANDS                       CD      05.2012

Barrett Elmore was founded in 2008 in Sweden. The band started out as a trio that
played raw instrumental blues. Soon they moved on to psychedelic and progressive
inspired music. When singer Mikaela Eriksson joined the band, they finally found the
sound and style reflected in their music today. This has resulted in their debut
album 'Woodlands'. Pink Floyd is obviously one of the main influences, together with
the atmospheres of the Nordic woods (the album's main theme) and melancholic Swedish
folk music.
TR      13      V / A : DISCOVERY-PSYCHEDELIC WORLD MUSIC               CD      06.2012

        1.      Cosmic Vibration        Aurora (Germany)        (6:54)
        2.      Triptych                Origins of Life (UK)    (6:19)
        3.      The Misteriosos         The Sun (USA)           (9:09)
        4.      Mouches A L'orange      Sixty Nine (Belarus)    (6:50)
        5.      Deti Picasso            Kele Lao (Armenia)      (6:45)
        6.      Grey Mouse              Snow (Russia)           (7:24)
        7.      Plootoh                 Caronte (Italy)         (6:06)
        8.      The Narcotic Daffodils:The Crazy Dwarf (Belgium)(6:48)
        9.      Zhaoze : Fishing For The Stars (China)          (6:25)

Led by vocalist/multi instrumentalist Peter Fuhry , San Francisco's Beyond-O-Matic
has been 'putting the fun back in trippy space rock since 1995'. True to the word,
this album takes you on a tongue-in-cheek trip into the cosmos with droning riffs
and hypnotic beats. Expect extended emotional sonic adventures that sizzle with
drama, humility and humanity.
TR      15      POLSKA RADIO 1          COSMOS INSIDE                   CD      01.2014

Polska Radio One is a group from the cold and gloomy Ural city of Yekaterinburg. They
started out as a garage combo but soon drifted towards seriously psychedelic territory.
The music is a combination of influences, including British '60s psych-rock, modern
fuzz-psych and '70s Kraut. This awesome debut full-length is sure to please fans of
a.o. early-mid period Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and Can!
TR      16      OLE LUKKOYE             DYTLY                           CD      05.2015

Whatever the category, OLE LUKKOYE plays music that is captivating and exotic,
incorporating hybrid sounds from Russia, Siberia and East Asia. Aside from the
Russian vocals, the band uses mesmerizing shamanistic and Siberian vocal styles,
as well as elements of psych, dub and native American chanting. They have a clear
bias towards ethno flavoured songs with a tribal percussion background. A world beat
sound that contains space, folk, eastern, jungle, ambient, Shaman and even electronic
tribal music in the vein of Dead Can Dance, Suns Of Arqa and Korai Orom.
TR      17      ZHAOZE                  INTOXICANTINGLY LOST            CD      04.2016

Zhaoze is from Guangzhou, China. They have built an inimitable sound, blending Chinese
classical aesthetics with modern western rock. Most notably, the sound of the guqin
(a Chinese traditional instrument) is prevalent through much of the album.
TR      18      V / A                   TRIPWAVE 2                      CD      10.2016

        1.      Ciolkowska              Below The Grass
        2.      Rada & Blackthorn       Ethno-Song
        3.      Bowl Of Knowledge       Ganja Yoga
        4.      Sonora                  Canyon
        5.      Cosmic Triggers         Syndicate
        6.      Ole Lukkoye             Dyatly (Edit)
        7.      Dead Man Tell No Tales : Suicide Trip
        8.      Kamni                   Forest Song
        9.      Polska Radio One        Shangri-La
TR      19      EASTERN SYNDROME        CELT                            CD      06.2017

Third release in a series of albums by the legendary neo-psychedelic band Eastern
Syndrome from Magadan, one of the major sensations in Russian '80s/'90s alternative
psychedelic rock. It's a collection of the best and the most memorable tracks from
their first two albums, with the addition of rare versions and unique bonus tracks.
Connoisseurs can certainly identify the influence of The Talking Heads and King
TR      20      SPACIOUS MIND           THE DRIFTER                     CD      09.2018
TR      21      SONORA SUNRISE          THE ROUTE THROUGH THE CANYON    CD      01.2019

Sonora Sunrise is a Russian band from Altai.
TR      22      SKY CRIES MARY          SECRETS OF A RED PLANET         CD      03.2020

This band, founded by Roderick Wolgamott and multi-instrumental songwriter Ben Ireland
blends Cabalistic poetry, mysticism, electronic synthesis, with ethereal vocals sung
by Roderick and Debra Reese. Curt Eckman's brooding intentioned bass and meandering
licks by guitarists Kevin Whitworth and Jack Endino create set and setting for a
psychedelic sonic journey.