Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : 60's / psychedelic / folk /

TDP     54001   ZIOR                    ZIOR                            LP      04.2019

A.      01.     I REALLY DO
        02.     ZA ZA ZA ZILDA
        03.     LOVES DESIRE
        04.     NEW LAND
        05.     NOW IM SAD
        06.     GIVE ME LOVE
B.      07.     QUABALA
        08.     OH MARIYA
        09.     YOUR LIFE WILL BURN
        10.     I WAS FOOLING
        11.     BEFORE MY EYES GO BLIND
        12.     ROLLING THUNDER

British blues-rock quartet Zior had their roots in the bourgeoning R&B scene that
arose during the late 1960s in the southeast coastal city of Southend; they built
a strong reputation in live performance, opting for 'happenings' in the style of
Hawkwind and Pink Floyd that went beyond mere musical events. By the time they recorded
their self-titled debut album, issued on Larry Page's short-lived Nepentha label in
1971, they were clearly influenced by the emergent hard rock/heavy metal scene of the
West Midlands, drawing from Black Sabbath's discordant riffs and occult influences,
along with shrill vocal attacks in Led Zeppelin mode; there were shades of Steppenwolf
and the odd Doors-sounding keyboard riff as well (and the Black Sabbath link was
heightened by an album design from Keith McMillan, who was responsible for Black
Sabbath's debut cover too). The resultant Zior is a varied ride through different
kinds of rock terrain, from blues rock to hard rock and on to whimsical psychedelia
and prog-rock, making it hard to classify. Though this debut LP should have heralded
a bright beginning, misfortune seemed to dog the band from the start; other recordings
were released under the name Monument, the band members listed under aliases, and
a second album, 'Every Inch A Man', was issued in Germany after Zior's breakup in
1973, without the band's knowledge or permission.

LP      Nepentha            6437 005        1971        UK
TDP     54002   APPLE                   AN APPLE A DAY                  LP      04.2019

        02.     DOCTOR ROCK
        03.     THE OTHERSIDE
        04.     MR. JONES
        05.     THE MAYVILLE LINE
        06.     QUEEN OF HEARTS BLUES
B.      07.     ROCK ME BABY
        08.     BUFFALO BILLYCAN
        09.     PHOTOGRAPH
        10.     PSYCHO DAISIES
        11.     SPORTING LIFE
        12.     PRETTY GIRL I LOVE YOU

British psychedelic band Apple was formed in the industrial powerhouse of Cardiff,
north Wales, in 1968 by guitarist Robbo Ingram and bassist Jeff Harrad. Joined by
drummer Dave Brassington, keyboardist Charlie Barber and singer Dennis Regan, their
debut single 'Thank U Very Much,' arranged by session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan,
sparked the interest of Larry Page, who signed them to his Page One label to cut the
debut album 'An Apple A Day' with producer Caleb Quaye (the son of the multi-instr.
Cab Quaye and older brother of future singer Finley Quaye). Unfortunately, Apple's
mixture of pop, psychedelia and heavy blues was probably a bit too ahead of its time;
the album sold poorly on release and the group proba bly would have been totally
forgotten, if not for belated critical acclaim, especially for Harrad's haunting
'The Otherside.' With rare originals incredibly hard to find, regularly selling for
thousands of pounds, this reissue is long overdue.

LP      Page One            POLS 016            1969        UK
TDC     54003   SANDY COAST             SHIPWRECK                       LP      04.2019

                & DESPAIR/LAND/THE END
        02.     I MAY HAPPILY FORGET
        04.     BLUE BLACKMANS BLUES
        05.     ADVICE
        06.     TIMOTHY
        07.     RE RE LE LOUP
        08.     DEEP DOWN DOWN*
        09.     BACK TO THE CITY*
        10.     ELEANOR RIGBY*
        11.     IN MY OPINION*

Pioneering Dutch quartet Sandy Coast formed in the town of Voorburg, near Den Haag,
in 1961. Early work found release on a series of singles on the Delta label during the
mid-1960s. referencing an American pop-rock sound, framed by choral harmonies; soon,
the evolving close harmony of songs like 'We'll Meet Again' saw them edging towards
the realm of the Moody Blues, while 'Milk And Tranquilers' was based more strongly on
a rhythm-and-blues framework. Moving to the Relax label in 1967, they began issuing
spacious psychedelic songs such as 'Capital Punishment,' and their debut album 'From
The Workshop' was thoroughly in psychedelia mode. Larry Page issued sophomore album
'Shipwreck' in 1969, the disc an early concept album focussing on a lengthy suite
that recounted a doomed voyage, captained by one Derrick Holmes in 1779. Much of the
rest of the album recalls the spacey sounds of King Crimson, but there is also raw
blues, psychedelic pop-rock, and an individual reading of Paul McCartney's 'Eleanor

LP      Page One            MORS 201            1969        UK
TDC     54004   IRMA THOMAS             IN BETWEEN TEARS                LP      04.2019

A.      01.     IN BETWEEN TEARS
        02.     SHELL NEVER BE YOUR WIFE
        03.     THESE FOUR WALLS
        07.     SAVE A LITTLE BIT FOR ME*
B.      08.     COMING FROM BEHIND
        10.     TURN MY WORLD AROUND
        11.     I'D DO IT ALL OVER YOU*
        12.     THATS HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU*

After signing to the Canyon label in 1970, Irma Thomas cut a couple of singles in
Macon, Georgia, with Jerry Williams Junior, a singer and producer from Portsmouth,
Virginia that issued gritty, lewd funk under the alias Swamp Dogg; though the singles
sold well in the south, they were largely overlooked elsewhere. Nevertheless, Williams
brought Thomas to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record the album that would eventually
surface as 'In Between Tears', but the collapse of Canyon delayed its release until
1973, when Williams issued it on his Fungus label. This long-awaited vinyl reissue
on deluxe 180 gram format comes complete with 4 bonus tracks.

LP      Fungus              FB 25150            1973        US
TDC     54005   LARRY PAGE ORCHESTRA : KINKY MUSIC                      LP      04.2019

        02.     COME ON NOW
        04.     YOU REALLY GOT ME
        05.     DONT EVER CHANGE
        06.     GOT MY FEET ON THE GROUND
        08.     ONE FINE DAY
        09.     JUST CANT GO TO SLEEP
        10.     REVENGE
        11.     I TOOK MY BABY HOME

Aspiring Welsh pop singer Leonard Davies became Larry Page in the mid-1950s, when
Columbia Records issued his material on 78s and 45s, including a cover of Buddy
Holly's 'That'll Be The Day'; he also played banjo in the Crane River Jazz Band.
Known as "Larry Page the Teenage Rage," he toured Britain with Cliff Richard and
regularly appeared on national television. Shifting to a management and record
production role in the early 1960s, he struck gold in 1964 upon signing a management
contract with a band called The Ravens, who he re-named The Kinks, which swiftly
became one of the most popular acts of the day. Noting that Rolling Stones producer
Andrew Loog Oldham had formed his own orchestra to cut orchestrated versions of Stones
hits, Page put together the Larry Page Orchestra for debut disc, 'Kinky Music', which
similarly reconfigured the Kinks' work. A pleasant romp through first-phase Kinks
classics, it is also noteworthy as an early showcase for future Led Zeppelin guitarist,
Jimmy Page.

LP      Decca               LK 4692         1965        UK      mono
TDP     54006   MIKE COOPER             OH REALLY!?                     LP      06.2019

A.      01.     DEATH LETTER
        02.     BAD LUCK BLUES
        03.     MAGGIE CAMPBELL
        04.     LEADHEARTED BLUES
        05.     FOUR WAYS
        06.     POOR LITTLE ANNIE
B.      07.     TADPOLE BLUES
        08.     DIVINITY BLUES
        09.     YOUR GONNA BE SORRY
        10.     ELECTRIC CHAIR
        11.     CROW JANE
        12.     PEPPER RAG
        13.     SATURDAY BLUES

The guitarist and singer-songwriter Mike Cooper was a key figure in the British blues
boom of the late 1960s. Born in Reading in 1942, Cooper began playing guitar as a
teen in local skiffle groups. After seeing Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee perform in
1961, Cooper caught the blues bug and began to play the harmonica and formed The Blues
Committee, supporting John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Alexis Korner and Long
John Baldry, while Cooper was also performing solo. Acquiring a lap steel guitar in
1963, he studied Blind Boy Fuller's work and in 1965, teamed with Dave Hall to support
Bert Jansch, Al Stewart and others; after releasing work on the Kennet, Sydisc and
Matchbox labels, Cooper soon began incorporating country blues aspects into his work,
drawing from Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell, as well as non-blues artists
such as David Bowie, John Martyn, Roy Harper and Dave Van Ronk. Then, in late 1968,
Cooper was approached by producer Peter Eden, resulting in debut album 'Oh Really!?'
for Pye; aside from agreeable covers of Son House's 'Death Letter' and Blind Boy
Fuller's 'Bad Luck Blues,' the rest of the disc is pure Cooper, with his deft picking
accompanied by Derek Hall's guitar work only on 'Leadhearted Blues' and 'Electric
Chair.' Comes on 45 rpm 180 gram vinyl.

LP      Pye Records         NSLP 18281          1969        UK
TDP     54007   EMMET SPICELAND         THE FIRST...                    LP      06.2019

        01.     REYNARD THE FOX
        02.     MY LAGAN LOVE
        03.     STOR, STOR A GHRA
        04.     LOVERS GHOST
        05.     A COUPLE OJIGS
        06.     BUNCLODY
        07.     MARY FROM DUNGLOE
        08.     AUTUMN HAS COME
        09.     PRETTY SUSAN
        10.     SLIEVE GALLION BRAES
        11.     OCAROLANS CONCERTO
        12.     THE CURRAGH OF KILDARE

Innovative folk group Emmet Spiceland was formed during the late 1960s through the
merger of two acts: noted guitarist, mandolin and bouzouki player Donal Lunny had
been playing with Mick Moloney and Brian Bolgor in the Dublin-based Emmet Folk group,
while brothers Brian and Michael Byrne had been active in The Spicelanders, based in
Sheffield, England, which had a large following in Ireland; when Moloney left Emmet
Folk to join another act, Lunny and Moloney joined the Byrne Brothers to form Emmet
Spiceland, though Bolgor would not remain for long. The new group's approach to the
traditional Irish folk was different from their contemporaries, since they aimed to
bring the folk form into the real of modern pop music through accessible, chart-bound
arrangements, helped along by their pop-idol looks. Signing to Larry Page's Page One
label in 1968, their sole album was produced by the hitmaking team of Bill Martin
and Phil Coulter, who added occasional orchestration; their rendition of the
traditional 'Mary From Dungloe' topping the Irish charts. Though a cover of a Leonard
Cohen song was also popular for the group, they disbanded shortly thereafter, leading
Lunny to enjoy a long and industrious solo career as a session musician and producer
that would ultimately work with Christy Moore, Elvis Costello and countless others.
Comes on 45 rpm 180 gram vinyl.
TDP     54008   JUDD                    JUDD                            LP      06.2019

        02.     MERRILEE THOMPSON
        04.     ODDJOB
        05.     LETS WORK TOGETHER
        06.     DAYLIGHT
        08.     (ARE OVER)
B.      09.     DOWN ON THE CORNER
        10.     STRONGER THAN A MAN
        11.     (CAN ONLY BE A WOMAN)
        12.     UNTIL TOMORROW
        13.     LOUISIANA SUNDAY
        14.     THEE
        15.     SNARLIN MUMMA LION

Alsatian wunderkind Mark Wirtz led many successful pop music projects during the 1960s
and 70s, especially during his long tenure at Abbey Road. A gifted painter, musician
and actor, Wirtz's college band was signed to EMI as Mark Rogers and the Marksmen,
while Wirtz was still attending the RADA in London; by 1965 he was producing music
independently and became an in-house producer at Abbey Road in 1967, working with
Keith West & Tomorrow and fronting the Mark Wirtz Orchestra, AKA The Mood Mosaic.
The blues and soul-tinged Judd album, issued in 1970 on Larry Page's Penny Farthing
label, featured Wirtz on keyboards and rhythm guitar, fronting a studio band with
bassist Roger Flavell, guitarist Roger McKew and drummer Tat Meager (who had played
on Siren's eponymous, John Peel-produced debut LP); backing vocalists such as Madeleine
Bell, Doris Troy and sisters Yvonne and Heather Wheatman, AKA Sonny and Sue, gave
a more rounded sound. Much of the material was co-written by Kris Ife, who had worked
with McKew in The Quiet Five, though there is also an individual cover of Creedence
Clearwater Revival's 'Down On The Corner,' made livelier by Wirtz's piano chords.

LP      Penny farthing      PELS 504            1970        UK
TDP     54009   V / A                   THE SIGNAL TO NOISE SET         LP      08.2019

A.      01.     Informatics             The Great X-1
        02.     Modern Jazz             Radio Scream
        03.     Dono-Detti              Man Unlimited
        04.     Second Glance           Shackles & Chains
        05.     Software Seduction      Try
        06.     Shanghai Au Go-Go       Talk Back
B.      07.     Dono-Detti              Flesh And Steel
        08.     Into The East           I Stand Still
        09.     Nuvo Bloc               Living Brigade
        10.     Human Backs             Frankenstein
        11.     Dono-Detti              Forbidden

The ultra-rare various artists release 'The Signal To Noise Set', issued in small
numbers in 1984 on London's short-lived Only A Revolution label, showcased the
Australian variant of minimalist wave, analogue synth-pop. The eleven exclusives
featured on the compilation are all prime examples of Australia's synth band
underground, and although each group was totally unknown outside of their sphere
of influence, some have gone on to attain legendary status.

LP      Only A Revolution   ONLY 2          1984        UK
TDP     54010   STEEL MILL              GREEN EYED GOD                  LP      08.2019

        A1      Blood Runs Deep                                 5:14
        A2      Summers Child                                   4:22
        A3      Mijo And The Laying Of The Witch                7:49
        A4      Treadmill                                       3:56
        A5      Zangwill                                        3:42
        B1      Green Eyed God                                  9:41
        B2      Turn The Page Over                              3:49
        B3      Black Jewel Of The Forest                       6:01
        B4      Har Fleur                                       0:44
        B5      Get On The Line                                 4:12

Fabled British prog-rock band Steel Mill was formed in Wandsworth, a working-class
district of south London, during the late 1960s. After singer/keyboardist David Morris
began working with saxophonist/flautist John Challenger, who had played with folk
group The Garret Singers, the initial Mill line-up was completed once they were joined
by former Roadrunners' Colin Short on drums, Derek Chandler on bass and Terry Williams
on guitar. The nascent band rehearsed for about one year, before cutting demos in
April 1970. Their pensive sound remained miles away from the British blues sound that
dominated London then, though there was the occasional hardrock element beneath their
pastoral prog. "Green Eyed God" remains an enticing slice of little-known prog,
unjustly ignored at its time of creation.

LP      Penny Farthing      PELS 549        1975        UK
TDP     54011   CHRIS BRITTON           AS I AM                         LP      08.2019

        A1      Sit Down Beside Me                              3:27
        A2      Will It Last                                    3:06
        A3      That Was The Time                               2:56
        A4      No Sense In Fighting                            4:04
        A5      Maybe Time Will Change You                      2:58
        A6      Fly With Me                                     3:35
        B1      If You Really Care                              3:24
        B2      Run And Hide                                    3:58
        B3      How Do You Say Goodbye                          2:53
        B4      Sleep My Love                                   2:51
        B5      Why Did I Let You Go                            3:49
        B6      Evil Woman                                      3:19
        B7      Learn To Love Life You'll Be Living             2:51

Recording a solo album in 1969 allowed Troggs guitarist Chris Britton to take a greater
artistic freedom, though 'As I Am' didn't veer too far from The Troggs' standard blend
of poppy psychedelia and garage rock, constructed with a particular English bent.
Yet, with Britton composing all of the songs except one (his version of Larry Weiss'
'Evil Woman'), the material is surprisingly varied, with opener 'Sit Down Beside Me'
and tracks like 'Fly With Me' are rocking grooves with bright brass, Latinesque
percussion and a bit of psychedelic phasing, while 'No Sense In Hiding' is a slinky
blues and 'Sleep My Love' is pure dreamy psych. A rare and underappreciated gem that
will appeal to all Troggs fans and lovers of British psychedelia more generally.

LP      Page One            POLS 022            1969        UK

A.      01.     LAUGH LAUGH
        03.     JUST A LITTLE
        04.     JUST WAIT AND SEE
        05.     OH LONESOME ME
        06.     AIN'T THAT LOVING YOU BABY
B.      07.     STICK LIKE GLUE
        08.     THEY'LL MAKE YOU CRY
        09.     THAT'S, IF YOU WANT ME TO
        10.     I WANT MORE LOVING
        11.     I WOULD BE HAPPY
        12.     NOT TOO LONG AGO

Influential beat group The Beau Brummels was formed in San Francisco in 1964, when
Italian-American singer Sal Valentino needed a backing band for a nightclub residency.
The band eventually comprised of Ron Elliott on guitar, Ron Meagher on bass, drummer
John Petersen and rhythm guitarist Declan Mulligan. Their early recording sessions,
produced by future funk hero Sly Stone, yielded the monster hit 'Laugh Laugh'. this
song has widely been cited as a forerunner to the San Francisco Sound that emerged
later in the decade.

LP      Autumn              LP 103          1965        US      mono
TDP     54013   BRIDGET ST. JOHN        ASK ME NO QUESTIONS             LP      11.2019

A.      01.     TO B WITHOUT A HITCH
        02.     AUTUMN LULLABY
        03.     CURL YOUR TOES
        04.     LIKE NEVER BEFORE
        08.     LIZARD-LONG-TONGUE BOY
        09.     HELLO AGAIN (OF COURSE)
        10.     MANY HAPPY RETURNS
        11.     BROKEN FAITH
        12.     ASK ME NO QUESTIONS

Blessed with a distinctive voice largely defined by a rich, cello-like timbre, the
English singer and guitarist Bridget St. John was brought to the attention of the
adventurous guitarist John Martyn by fellow singer Robin Frederick. Recorded in a
brief session that lasted for some nine or ten hours, debut album 'Ask Me No
Questions' features Martyn on second guitar on opener 'To Be Without A Hitch' and
the equally chilling 'Curl Your Toes,' as well as the haunting title track, while
future Fairport Convention and Soft Machine member Ric Sanders appears on 'Lizard
Tongue Boy' and 'Many Happy Returns.'

LP      Dandelion           S63750          1969        UK
TDP     54014   EMERALD WEB             SOUND TREK                      LP      11.2019

        A1      Earthrails                                      8:05
        A2      The Moving Mountains                            5:03
        A3      Beyond The Towers                               11:05
        B1      Stellar Wanderer                                10:29
        B2      Nightsong                                       10:15
        B3      Voice Of The Sage                               3:22

Pioneering space music duo Emerald Web, comprised of Bob Stohl and soulmate Kat Epple,
made some of the most ethereal, divine and healing sounds between 1979 and 1990. When
the duo moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, it brought an extended stay at an
Indonesian martial arts ashram, where the duo produced 'Sound Trek'. An incredible
space rock album drawing on their immersion in fantasy realms, sci-fi, martial arts
and UFOs. Created mostly with monophonic synths and a sequencer, it also features
Shakahachi flutes, electronic flutes and more standard acoustic instruments.

LP      Stargate            SG 3002         1980        US
TDP     54015   IMPLOSION               IMPLOSION                       LP      11.2019

        A1      Green Dawn                                      6:16
        A2      6000 Miles From Home                            8:47
        A3      Watch Your Step                                 7:08
                Colors Of The Mind                              (19:05)
        B1.a    Mesmerized
        B1.b    Tossing And Turning
        B1.c    Overcast
        B1.d    The Twins
        B1.e    Spectres
        B1.f    Country Joy
        B1.g    Moonstruck
        B1.h    I Should Have Known
        B1.i    Epilogue
        B2      End Of The Contest                              6:48

Outstanding Italian outfit that combines prog, space rock, psych and electronic music
in an album that could have come from the early 1970s. Long spacey, dreamy and mostly
instrumental tracks made of killer, acid-leaking electronics. Released in an edition
of 500 copies in 1988, this rare LP has never been reissued in any format for more
than 30 years. This long-awaited reissue was digitally remixed and remastered from
the master analog tapes. The inner sleeve features a 2019 foreword by Implosion's
guitarist, as well as lyrics to three songs.

LP      Amtal Rec.      IMP 01              1988        IT
TDP     54016   SAMANTHA JONES          A GIRL NAMED SAM                LP      08.2020

        1       The Feeling That I Get
        2       Until Tomorrow
        3       Today (without You)
        4       Taking The Heart Out Of Love
        5       I'll Never Fall In Love Again
        6       I Go To Sleep
        7       Do I Still Figure In Your Life
        8       In The Morning
        9       Come To Me Slowly
        10      Put a little love in yourh eart
        11      Im Sorry But I Think I Love You
        12      You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
        13      Ford Leads the Way (bonus track)

Born Samantha Owens in Liverpool, Jones began her recording career in The Vernon
Girls, a female singing group affiliated with the Vernon Football Pools company;
they created a popular Beatles tribute album in 1964 with producer Charles Blackwell,
who launched Jones's solo career that same year. Blackwell producer a debut solo LP
for Ascot in 1968; two years later, Larry Page released sophomore set A Girl Named
Sam, with Austrian wunderkind Mark Wirtz casting her in the broad realm of pop,
though most of the songs describe romantic failures. The album thus has a tongue
in-cheek cover of Burt Bacharach's "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" and credible
renditions of Aretha's "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" and Jackie DeShannon's
"Put A Little Love In Your Heart". Includes one bonus track. 180 gram, green vinyl.

LP      Penny Farthing      PELS 501        1970        UK
                FROM ALEX

A.      01.     WOKE UP THIS MORNING
        02.     SKIPPIN'
        03.     HERBIE'S TUNE
        04.     STORMY MONDAY
        05.     IT'S HAPPENING
B.      06.     ROBERTA
        07.     JONES
        08.     CABBAGE GREENS
        09.     CHICKEN SHACK
        10.     HAITIAN FIGHT SONG

Alexis Korner's third album, originally released on the Transatlantic Label in 1964,
after two live albums recorded at The Cavern and The Marquee, featuring his all-time
hits 'Stormy Monday' and Chicken Shack'. A true masterpiece from one of the godfathers
of the white blues movement from the '60s.

LP      Transatlantic       TRA 117         1964        UK      mono
TDP     54018   TIM BLAKE               BLAKE'S NEW JERUSALEM           2LP     01.2020

LP 1    A1      Song For A New Age                              5:00
        A2      Lighthouse                                      6:45
        A3      Generator (Laserbeam)                           3:46
        A4      Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révélations)           7:30
        B       Blake's New Jerusalem

LP 2    C1      The Woodland Voice                              3:39
        C2      Jupiter To Jerusalem                            16:07
        D       From Outer Space                                19:09

This is Blake's first studio release after the '70s experience with Gong and the
Crystal Machine live duo with Patrice Warrener. Recorded between Sussex and the
Barclay Studio in Paris, 'Blake's New Jerusalem' is a masterpiece of the drug culture
of the 1970s. It comes with a whole bonus LP filled with bonus tracks from the same

LP      EGG                 90 288          1978        FR
TDP     54019   STACK WADDY             BUGGER OFF!                     LP      01.2020

A.      01.     ROSALYN                                         2:31
        02.     WILLIE THE PIMP
        03.     I'M YOUR HOOCHIE-COOCHIE MAN                    4:19
        04.     IT'S ALL OVER NOW                               3:13
        05.     SEVERAL YARDS                                   5:58
        06.     YOU REALLY GOT ME                               2:43
B.      07.     I'M A LOVER NOT A FIGHTER                       2:05
        08.     MEAT PIES 'AVE COME BUT BAND'S NOT 'ERE YET     5:19
        09.     IT AIN'T EASY                                   3:50
        10.     LONG TALL SHORTY (MAINLY)                       3:26
        11.     REPOSSESSION BOOGIE                             5:32
        12.     THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA                           1:27

'Bugger Off!' picked up where its predecessor left off, and rampaged on from there.
Covers of Zappa's 'Willy The Pimp' and The Kinks' 'You Really Got Me' might have
seemed a little obvious, but both are battered down with such a glorious lack of
finesse that it's impossible to object - anybody familiar with, respectively, Juicy
Lucy and the Hammersmith Gorillas' versions of the same songs will come in with at
least a vague idea of what to expect, but that's about it. 'Hoochie Coochie Man' is
even more disheveled, and when John Peel's liner notes reminisce on the group's
insistence on recording live, you can tell he's not necessarily looking back with
any fondness. On one occasion, he suggested they do a little overdubbing. The band's
response to his words would become the album's title. Including 'Mama Keep Your Big
Mouth Shut' as bonus track taken from the 1972 John Peel Session.

LP      Dandelion           2310 231        1972        UK
TDP     54020   JAN DUKES DE GREY : MICE AND RATS IN THE LOFT           LP      01.2020

A.      01.     SUN SYMPHONICA
B.      02.     CALL OF THE WILD

Led by the inscrutably gnomic Derek Noy, Yorkshire-based outfit Jan Dukes De Grey
briefly emerged in the late sixties to deliver two of the rarest, most soughtafter
albums in the British acid folk lexicon, their 1969 debut 'Sorcerers' and the
extraordinary 'Mice And Rats In The Loft', here represented in all its beauty.
One of the most mysterious and iconoclastic albums of the whole hippie era.

LP      Transatlantic       TRA 234             1971        UK
TDP     54021   EMERALD WEB             VALLEY OF THE BIRDS             LP      06.2020

        1       Valley Of The Birds                             11:55
        2       The Dragon’s Gate                               6:58
        3       Openings                                        3:31
        4       Interlude                                       1:32
        5       Rainforest                                      6:14
        6       Photonos                                        10:09
        7       Through The Garden Of Mirrors                   2:22

CS      Stargate            SG 1005         1981        US

A rarefied blend of vintage synthesizers and acoustic instruments, the Valley Of
The Birds album by Emerald Web was created in 1981 by two pioneers in electronic
music, space music, and audio technology, Bob Stohl and Kat Epple. Originally recorded
and composed in their 4-track, reel-to-reel home studio, they created their signature
thickly-layered timbres by serving as recording engineers, and simultaneously playing
an array of monophonic synthesizers, flutes, other acoustic instruments, and Lyricons.
The Lyricon Electronic Wind Instrument is a remarkable hybrid synthesizer/woodwind
instrument that uses additive synthesis, and a bass clarinet mouthpiece. The album
liner notes, written by Kat Epple, lists music instruments and recounts some of the
band's experiences in 1981, in the San Francisco Bay Area where the couple lived.
180 gram vinyl; Gatefold sleeve; edition of 500.
TDP     54022   NITE PEOPLE             P.M.                            LP        .2020

        A1      P.M.
        A2      Rock Island Line
        A3      Train And A River
        A4      Reach Out I'll Be There
        A5      Funky Hoe
        B1      Season Of The Rain
        B2      Native Land
        B3      North Canadian Paradise
        B4      Delilah
        B5      Peaches In Regalia
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)

LP      Page One            POLS 025            1970        UK

Obscure rock group Nite People was formed in 1964 in the southern English town of
Poole by drummer/singer, Chris "Fergy" Ferguson; later, guitarist Jimmy Shipstone
joined (as Jimmy Warwick), along with organist Barry Curtis and Jimmy's brother
Francis on bass (as Francis Gordon). Following inconsequential singles for Fontana,
with bassist Scott Kirkpatrick, the group signed to Larry Page's Page One. P.M.,
issued in 1970, showed heavier leanings and although originals "Funky Hoe" and "P.M."
were captivating, the album probably had too many covers, though the driving cut of
The Four Tops' "Reach Out" was certainly unique. Page also had the group record as
The Banana Bunch, before the final split. 180 gram, orange vinyl.
TDP     54023   IMPLOSION               2020                            2LP     09.2020

LP 1    A1      Tumbling Down A Staircase                       6:37
        A2      On Your Way Down                                7:18
        A3      Sea Wave Eyes                                   5:34
        A4      Leftovers For Lunch                             5:34
        B1      Happiness Is Drumming                           4:55
        B2      X' mas On The Rocks                             5:28
        B3      Mona                                            5:21
        B4      Nothing New                                     5:11
        B5      Forty Days And Forty Nights                     4:07

LP 2    C1      O Caroline                                      5:24
        C2      Alone In The Ozone                              5:53
        C3      Thin Ice                                        4:03
        C4      Good ' Til The Last Drop                        8:54
        D1      Glorified Gloom                                 4:05
        D2      The Housebreaker                                6:07
        D3      Sunwheel                                        12:22

Obscure yet outstanding '80s Italian outfit Implosion released one album in 1988,
combining space rock, prog, psychedelia, and proto-electronics. This limited edition,
double-LP set contains 16 previously unreleased tracks originally recorded between
1983 and 1989. Digitally remixed and remastered in 2020 from the master analog tapes.
Limited super-deluxe, double-LP; gatefold sleeve with lyrics and detailed liner notes.

        a1      Washington D.C.
        a2      Winter in America
        a3      Is That Jazz
        a4      Blue Collar
        b1      Johannesburg
        b2      Three Miles Down
        b3      Gun
        b4      Save the Children
        b5      Shut 'em Down

Gil Scott-Heron was one of the foremost singer-songwriters of his generation.
A committed civil rights activist that also wrote a couple of unusual novels exploring
negative elements of the black experience and the punitive societal attitude against
black people in the United States, Scott-Heron recorded an exceptional body of work
during the 1970s and '80s, and although longstanding issues with drug addiction
resulted in repeated bouts of imprisonment and an ultimately shortened lifespan,
he continued to produce noteworthy material into the new millennium. Anyone that
had the pleasure of seeing Scott-Heron and His Amnesia Express band during the mid
-1980s is unlikely to forget it; percussionist Larry McDonald, drummer Rodney Young,
saxophonist Ron Holloway, and backing vocalist/keyboardist Kim Jordan provide a full
yet uncluttered backdrop to the man and his piano, as evidenced by these stunning
excerpts from the summer 1986 tour, with "Winter In America", "Johannesburg",
"Blue Collar", and "Shut 'Em Down" being among the standouts. Licensed by Prestige.
180 gram black vinyl.
TDP     54025   GEORGE CLINTON & P. FUNK ALL STARS : MAKE MY FUNK       LP        .2020
                THE P-FUNK

        A1      Flashligjht
        A2      Standing On The Verge
        A3      State Of The Nation
        A4      Ain't Nuthin' But A Jam Y'All
        B1      Good Love (Instrumental)
        B2      Bop Gun
        B3      Aquaboogie
        B4      Maggot Brain
                (Note : LP , neon-violet vinyl)

Musical maverick and interstellar comedian George Clinton changed the shape of modern
funk with his Parliament and P Funk projects, the first yielding a harder-edged
somewhat more traditional form of funk, the latter a goofy, loose and sloppily playful
Afrofuturist take on funk innovation. The live shows always stretched the boundaries
of plausibility, as well as musical contours, with our hero beaming himself on stage
from a massive "mothership" to deliver an excessive funk tour-de-force. Make My Funk
The P-Funk takes its name from the group's ubiquitous catchphrase and the tracks are
drawn from various live performances stretching from the late 1970s to the early
1990s, and there are some studio recordings as well, such as the instrumental
"Good Love". Licensed by Prestige. 180 gram neon violet vinyl.
TDP     54026   JONESY                  NO ALTERNATIVE                  LP      06.2020

A.      01.     NO ALTERNATIVE
        02.     HEAVEN
        03.     MIND OF THE CENTURY
B.      04.     1958
        05.     POLLUTION
        06.     RICOCHET

One of the lesser-known acts to arise during the plethora of prog rock acts in
Britain, Jonesy was formed in 1971 by frontman John Evans-Jones and his bassist
/multi-instrumentalist brother Trevor 'Gypsy' Jones, who had both been in Anno
Domini just before (though they had first played in various groups together during
an Australian sojourn in the 1960s, including the hit-making Choas & Co).
The early line-up shattered after a brotherly dispute, leading to the arrival of
bassist David Paul and drummer Jim Payne, who had both played in the National Head
Band, with Chicago-born Scouser, Jimmy Kaleth on keyboards lending a defining
treble element, especially through his use of a Mellotron. The prevalence of that
instrument on their 1972 debut LP, 'No Alternative', has naturally drawn comparisons
with King Crimson in retrospect, but Jonesy had a sound all their own, with
undercurrents of blues rock on 'Mind Of The Century' and the title track, plus
jazz leanings and uncommon time signatures on '1958' and 'Ricochet.' This edition
features bonus tracks 'Everyday's The Same' and 'Reprise,' taken from a 1973 single.

LP      Dawn                DNLS 3042           1972        UK
TDP     54027   BRIDGET ST. JOHN : SONGS FOR THE GENTLE MAN             LP      04.2020

        A1      A Day A Way                                     3:14
        A2      City-Crazy                                      2:42
        A3      Early Morning Song                              1:50
        A4      Back To Stay                                    4:42
        A5      Seagull-Sunday                                  3:05
        A6      If You'd Been There                             4:05
        B1      Song For The Laird Of Connaught Hall - Part 2   1:26
        B2      Making Losing Better                            3:50
        B3      The Lady And The Gentle Man                     3:06
        B4      Downderry Daze                                  3:18
        B5      The Pebble And The Man                          3:30
        B6      It Seems Very Strange                           0:40

The English singer and guitarist Bridget St John was introduced to the bourgeoning
London folk scene by guitarist John Martyn, her rich and unusually deep voice being
highly distinctive. BBC Radio disc jockey John Peel became one of her greatest
champions, and when Peel formed the Dandelion label in 1969 with former Elektra
record plugger Clive Selwood, the original intention was to issue St John's music.
Following debut album 'Ask Me No Questions', which featured Martyn on a few tracks,
the 1971 follow-up 'Songs For The Gentle Man' was produced by Ron Geesin, who supplied
a more orchestrated arrangement with woodwinds; the album also features a cover of
Donovan's 'The Pebble And The Man.'

LP      Dandelion           DAN 8007            1971        UK
TDP     54028   PICADILLY LINE : THE HUGE WORLD OF EMILY SMALL          LP      04.2020

        01.     EMILY SMALL (THE HUGE WORLD THEREOF)            2:28
        02.     SILVER PAPER DRESS                              2:42
        03.     AT THE THIRD STROKE                             2:56
        04.     CAN YOU SEE ME?                                 2:08
        05.     YOUR DOG WON'T BARK                             2:55
        06.     HOW COULD YOU SAY YOU'RE LEAVING ME?            2:37
        07.     GONE, GONE, GONE                                2:17
        08.     TWIGGS                                          3:44
        09.     TUMBLE DOWN WORLD                               2:50
        10.     VISIONS OF JOHANNA
        11.     COME AND SING A SONG                            2:57
        12.     HER NAME IS EASY                                3:25

Short-lived British psychedelic project Picadilly Line was created by singer/guitarist
Roger Hand and singer/guitarist/keyboardist Rod Edwards, who would later find greater
fame as Edwards Hand. Using some of Britain's top session players, including organist
Alan Hawkshaw, guitarist Alan Parker, Jamaican-born flautist Harold McNair and double
bassist Danny Thompson from Pentangle, the album was expertly arranged by composer
John Cameron, who had worked on television and film soundtracks, and co-produced by
folk singer Roy Guest. The result was a particularly enticing slice of British
psychedelia, driven by an overriding feel of small-town Englishness, with a touch
of Californian vocal harmony here and there and a nice take of Bob Dylan's 'Visions
Of Johanna.'

LP      CBS             (s) BPG 63129           1967uk
TDP     54029   ZIOR                    EVERY INCH A MAN                LP      04.2020

A.      01.     ENTRANCE OF THE DEVIL                           2:10
        02.     THE CHICAGO SPINE                               4:10
        03.     HAVE YOU HEARD THE WIND SPEAK                   3:10
        04.     TIME IS THE REASON                              2:44
        05.     SHELL TAKE YOU DOWN                             3:45
        06.     DUDI JUDY                                       2:50
        07.     STRANGE KIND OF MAGIC                           3:21
B.      08.     RIDE ME BABY                                    1:55
        09.     EVOLUTION                                       3:55
        10.     EVERY INCH A MAN                                4:35
        11.     CATS EYES                                       3:20
        12.     SUSPENDED ANIMATION                             3:15
        13.     ANGEL OF THE HIGHWAY                            5:55

The obscure British blues-rock quartet Zior grew out of the thriving late -60s R&B
scene in Southend-On-Sea, their live performances often taking the form of hippie
happenings. Soon they were drawing from the hard rock and emerging heavy metal scenes
of the West Midlands, with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin the most obvious musical
influences (along with Steppenwolf). Self-titled debut LP trampled through diverse
rock terrain, but there was discord and diversions that stopped the bands ascent.
After Zior broke up, Every Inch A Man surfaced in Germany, without the bands knowledge
or permission; as with the debut, there is heavy psych, hard rock and straight-up
blues rock, with a touch of Kraut-rock influence.

LP      Intercord Global    26009 1U            1973        GE
TDP     54030   (s) JOHN BARRY : ZULU                                   LP      06.2020

A.      01.     MAIN TITLE THEME - ISANDHLWANA 1879             2:32
        03.     WAGONS OVER                                     1:38
        04.     FIRST ZULU APPEARANCE AND ASSAULT               5:22
                (THE THIRD ASSAULT)                             3:05
        06.     ZULU'S FINAL APPEARANCE AND SALUTE              3:10
        07.     THE V.C. ROLL AND MEN OF HARLECH                1:00
B.      08.     STAMP AND SHAKE                                 2:15
        09.     HIGH GRASS                                      2:10
        10.     ZULU STAMP                                      1:55
        11.     BIG SHIELD                                      2:13
        12.     ZULU MAID                                       2:12
        13.     MONKEY FEATHERS                                 2:00

One of the most important British film composers of all time, John Barry's body of
work is simply astounding. In a career that spanned more than half a century, Barry
composed some of the most popular soundtracks for British film and television,
including eleven James Bond themes, winning numerous awards and accolades in the
process. The son of a projectionist from York in the north of England, Barry was
raised in a cinematic environment from a very young age and after a stint as an
army trumpeter in Cyprus, he began to work back home in Britain for Jack Parnell
and Ted Heath's Orchestra and after the subsequent formation of The John Barry
Seven in 1957, he began to work in film and television. The highly evocative "Zulu"
soundtrack of 1964 is the work that brought him to the attention of a wider audience,
shortly before the first James Bond theme that would turn him into a household name;
here the music shifts between an overriding tension and the kind of military fanfares
reserved for pitched skirmishes on battlefields, the orchestrates peaks and troughs
sounding every bit as stirring as anything recorded in Hollywood.

LP      United Artists      NR 5012         1964        UK      mono
TDP     54031   CATAPILLA               CATAPILLA                       LP      06.2020

        01.     NAKED DEATH
        02.     TUMBLEWEED
        03.     PROMISES
        04.     EMBRYONIC FUSION

Jazz-infused prog rock act Catapilla began in London in 1970, with saxophonists
Robert Calvert (who later worked with Daevid Allen in various Gong spin-off projects)
and Hugh Eaglestone, bassist Dave Taylor (of chart-topping pop act Edison Lighthouse,
and later active in hard-rock group, Liar), along with drummer Malcolm Frith,
guitarist Graham Wilson and clarinet player/flautist, Thierry Rheinhardt; original
vocalist 'Lady' Jo Meek quit early (to work with the keyboardist, poet and science
fiction author Julian Jay Savarin) and was duly replaced by her sister, Anna, whose
gutsy gasps gave the band its noteworthy difference, along with the woodwinds and
horns. Former Millionaires' bassist Cliff Cooper (who had worked with producer
Joe Meek before founding Orange Amplifiers), brought Catapilla to the attention
of Black Sabbath's manager, Patrick Meehan, who swiftly got them a contract with
Vertigo, Philips' prog subsidiary; this self-titled debut has four freaky tracks,
including the side-long closer, "Embryonic Fusion".

LP      Vertigo             6360 029            1971        UK
TDP     54032   THE DORIANS             ROCK CONCERTO                   LP      06.2020

A.      01. TORCH SONG
        02. OWL PUSSY CAT
        03. ROCK CONCERTO
B.      05. JUDITH
        06. MEANS AND WAYS
        07. GOOD LOVE

Obscure Canadian psychedelic rock band The Dorians was formed in 1968 in the town
of Kingsville, Ontario, by singer John Unger and bassist Bob Nixon, formerly of
The Doomsday Machine; guitarist/chief songwriter Bill Loop drafted esteemed drummer
Mike Betts, who joined in September 1967 after playing with Loop in Living Ends.
Since Kingsville lies less than an hour away from Detroit by road, the band began
recording at noted soul spot, GM Studios, in 1969, working with the songwriter,
trumpeter and arranger Floyd Jones. Early singles such as the catchy 'Psychedelic
Lipstick' were licensed to European labels, including Giacomo Mazzini's Swiss-based
PDU, which issued their sole long- player, 'Rock Concerto,' in 1970. Although
'Means And Ways' and 'Good Love' are framed as easy-going psych driven by strong
vocal harmony, 'Torch Song' drifted into spaced-out territory via extended
instrumental jamming, led by the parallel playing of bass, violin and keyboards.
This edition of the highly collectable LP includes bonus track 'Worm Conquers All,'
taken from the 'Torch Song' single B-side.

LP      PDU                 PLD A5033           1970        IT
TDP     54033   SIR LORD BALTIMORE      KINGDOM COME                    LP      06.2020

A.      01.     MASTER HEARTACHE                                4:35
        02.     HARD RAIN FALLIN'                               2:55
        03.     LADY OF FIRE                                    2:50
        04.     LAKE ISLE OF INNERSFREE                         4:03
        05.     PUMPED UP                                       4:03
B.      06.     KINGDOM COME                                    6:40
        07.     I GOT A WOMAN                                   3:00
        08.     HELL HOUND                                      3:17
        09.     HELIUM HEAD (I GOT A LOVE)                      4:00
        10.     AIN'T GOT HUNG ON YOU                           2:20

Hard-rocking Brooklyn trio Sir Lord Baltimore's highly sought-after debut album is
a legendary precursor of the heavy metal genre, a 1971 Creem review of the disc
perhaps the first to ever use the term. The group benefited from the songwriting
and production team of Mike Appel and Jim Cretecos, Appel, the future manager of
Bruce Springsteen and Cretecos already heady from success with The Partridge Family;
recorded at Vantone Studios in New Jersey, it was mixed to fine effect by Eddie
Kramer at Electric Ladyland, fresh from his work with Jimi Hendrix. Guitarist Louis
Dambra co-arranged the material with Appel and Cretecos; he had earlier played in
garage band The Koala as Louis Caine, and here his screeching guitar is a major draw,
backed by plodding bass from Gary Justin, as front man John Garner shrieks his vocals
while pounding furious drumbeats. Aside from a tough cover of Ray Charles'
'I Got A Woman' and a track inspired by Yeats' poem 'Lake Isle Of Innersfree,'
the album features heavily-stoned acid rock originals, delivered the Sir Lord
Baltimore way.

LP      Mercury             SR 61328            1970        US
TDP     54034   ASTRUD GILBERTO         THAT GIRL FROM IPANEMA          LP      07.2020

        A1      The Girl From Ipanema
        A2      Meu Piao
        A3      Far Away
        A4      We'll Make Today Last Night Again
        A5      Black Magic (A Gira)
        B1      All I've Got
        B2      Love For Sale
        B3      Wanting You
        B4      The Puppy Song
        B5      Mamae Eu Quero / Chica Chica Boom Chic

The daughter of a Brazilian mother and German father, Astrud Gilberto achieved
international prominence with 'The Girl From Ipanema,' an inauspicious debut recorded
for the landmark album her husband, Joao Gilberto, created with Stan Getz in 1963.
Moving to the USA, where she was subsequently based, she continued her solo career
and also toured with Getz, with whom she later began a relationship. Over-the-top
classic 'That Girl From Ipanema' allowed her to revisit the hit in the sweeping
high-fidelity full-spectrum setting of a disco big-band, the album overseen by MFSB
and Salsoul mainstay, Vince Montana. Along with individual takes of Cole Porter's
'Love For Sale' and Harry Nilsson's 'The Puppy Song,' original 'Far Away' benefits
from the understated trumpet of Chet Baker, but the album ultimately revels in all
things disco, the Brazilian element coming courtesy of percussionist Dom Um Romao
on select tracks. Crank up the volume and tune in to the brass, piano and percussion
that percolates under Astrud's characteristically soft and sultry vocals to fully
experience this underrated gem.

LP      Image Rec.          IM 305          1977        US
TDP     54035   TEAR GAS                PIGGY GO GETTER                 LP      07.2020

        01.     LOST AWAKENING
        03.     NIGHT GIRL
        05.     LIVING FOR TODAY
        06.     BIG HOUSE
        07.     MIRRORS OF SORROW
        09.     IM FALLIN FAR BEHIND
        10.     WITCHES COME TODAY

Glaswegian boogie rockers Tear Gas grew out of a band called Mustard, featuring
former Poets vocalist Andy Mulvey and future Squeeze drummer Gilson Lavis, with
guitarist Zal Cleminson, bassist Chris Glen and keyboardist Eddie Campbell; Mulvey
was replaced by David Batchelor and Lavis by Wullie Munro, who had played in Mandrake
Root with Ritchie Blackmore. Debut album 'Piggy Go Getter', released on Paramount's
Famous subsidiary, was a blend of hard boogie rock with psychedelic prog-rock
leanings, the spaced-out hippie aspects heard most plainly on tracks like 'Night
Girl' and 'Nothing Can Change Your Mind,' a direct contrast to the blues underpinning
of 'Lost Awakening' and 'Witches Come Today.' The album made little impact on release,
leading to further line-up changes and an eventual shift to the core members taking
their places in The Incredible Alex Harvey Band, with Batchelor taking on the role
of producer and arranger; he would also work with Nazareth, Skidz, Dr Feelgood and
many others, including Oasis in later years, while Cleminson joined Nazareth and
later played with Elkie Brooks and Midge Ure.

LP      Famous          SFMA 5751           1970        UK
TDP     54036   OSIBISA                 BLACK MAGIC NIGHT               2LP     07.2020

DISC #1 01.     THE DAWN
        02.     WELCOME HOME
        03.     AYIKO BIA
        05.     WOYAYA
        06.     SPIRITS UP ABOVE

DISC #2 01.     KELELE
        02.     FIRE
        03.     MUSIC FOR GONG GONG
        04.     BEAUTIFUL SEVEN / Y SHARP
        05.     SUNSHINE DAY
        06.     ENCORE-SURVIVAL

Esteemed Afro-rock fusion band and world music pioneers Osibisa have enjoyed a long
reign, with unwavering popularity, despite numerous line-up changes. Saxophonist
Teddy Osei, drummer Sol Amarfio and flautists Mamon Shareef and Farhan Freere had
all been in the highlife band The Star Gazers in Ghana, and were joined by Osei's
trumpeter brother, Mac Tontoh, in spin-off group, The Comets; after moving the London
in the early 1960s, Osei formed short-lived fusion band, Cat's Paw, and after
convincing Tontoh and Amarfio to join him in London, Osibisa was formed with the
Antiguan guitarist and vocalist, Wednell Richardson, Grenadian bassist Spartacus R,
Nigerian percussionist Loughty Lasisi Amao, and Trinidadian keyboardist, Robert
Bailey; a contract with Mercury brought greater exposure. Always strong in live
performance, this excellent double-LP set was captured at London's Royal Festival
Hall in 1977, with the group delivering spot-on renditions of their best-known works,
from the extended opening invocation of 'The Dawn' to the irresistible grooves of
'Welcome Home' and 'Sunshine Day.'

2LP     Bronze/Island       BRSP 3          1977        UK
TDP     54037   CATAPILLA               CHANGES                         LP      07.2020

        A1      Reflections
        A2      Charing Cross
        B1      Thank Christ For George
        B2      It Could Only Happen To Me

Jazz-infused prog-rock act Catapilla began in London in 1970, with saxophonists Robert
Calvert and Hugh Eaglestone, bassist Dave Taylor (of pop act Edison Lighthouse),
drummer Malcolm Frith, guitarist Graham Wilson and expressive clarinet player, Thierry
Rheinhardt; vocalist Jo Meek was quickly replaced by her sister, Anna, whose gutsy
gasps gave the band its noteworthy difference, along with the woodwinds and brass.
Former Millionaires' bassist Cliff Cooper brought the group to the attention of Black
Sabbath's manager, Patrick Meehan, who got them a contract with Vertigo; like their
self-titled debut, second LP Changes has four freaky tracks, but here the band is
completely reborn, with bassist Carl Wassard, drummer Brian Hanson and keyboardist
Ralph Rolinson backing Rheinhardt and Meek. Throughout, Rheinhardt's searing sax blows
a musical foil to Meek's mercurial vocal moods, drifting between atmospheric interludes
and brooding bursts on 'Reflections,' while 'Charing Cross' gets its point across by
subjecting Meek's fragmented vocals to heavy delay. A super esoteric and ultra-rare
relic from the stranger end of prog. Comes in die-cut sleeve with flap.

LP      Vertigo             6360 074            1972        UK
TDP     54038   ULTRAFUNK               MEAT HEAT                       LP      07.2020

        A1      Gotham City Boogie                              5:31
        A2      Sunrise                                         6:02
        A3      I Wish                                          8:00
        B1      Temptation                                      12:00
        B2      Meat Heat                                       9:10

Anonymous British funk band Ultrafunk was spearheaded by Blues & Soul magazine
proprietor John Abbey, who ran a record shop and label called Contempo during the
1970s; he conceived of the group as the UK counterpart to US studio bands like MFSB.
Arranger Gerry Shury, who had worked with Barry White and Maurice Gibb of the Bee
Gees, drafted guitarist Chris Rae and bassist Frank McDonald (who often composed
library music together) and future Rubettes drummer John Richardson. A lack of
band photos, suggestive song titles and a predilection for American cover tunes
led many to believe the band was US-based. Their second LP 'Meat Heat' shows the
group at the peak of their powers, with five choice hard funk instrumentals,
including a tasteful synth-led adaptation of Stevie Wonders' 'I Wish' (beautifully
arranged by session guitarist Gordon Hunte, who had worked with Osibisa and Rebob
Kwaku Baa), while their take on Norman Whitefield's 'Sunrise,' from the 'Carwash'
soundtrack, is exceptionally rendered. Sadly, Shury's death in a car crash would
soon squash the group, leaving 'Meat Heat' the best reminder of their musical talents.

LP      Contempo            CLP 601         1977        UK
TDP     54039   HEAD MACHINE            ORGASM                          LP      09.2020

        02.     MAKE THE FEELING LAST
        03.     YOU MUST COME WITH ME
        05.     ORGASM
        06.     THE FIRST TIME
        07.     SCATTERING SEEDS

Before Uriah Heep there was Fat Toe, and before Fat Toe there was The Gods, who
recorded this hard prog album, 'Orgasm', as Head Machine. Produced by David Paramour,
who had worked with Garnett Mimms and The Nocturnes, it was recorded in late 1969
and released in small number by Major Minor; this reissue comes as a 45rpm version.

LP      Major Minor     SMLP 79             1970        UK
TDP     54040   BEN                     BEN                             LP      09.2020

        01.     THE INFLUENCE                                   (10:08)
        02.     GIBBON                                          (9:30)
        03.     CHRISTMAS EXECUTION                             (7:20)
        04.     GISMO                                           (11:49)

Canterbury-based progressive jazz-rock act Ben only released one obscure album,
issued on Philips' prog subsidiary Vertigo in 1971. It's a collective of extended
instrumental jams, worthy of discovery for those that missed it the first time
around. Includes two tracks written by Keith Jarrett.

LP      Vertigo         6360 052            1971        UK
TDP     54041   THE KNIGHTS             THE KNIGHTS                     LP      09.2020

        01.     GIMMIE SOME LOVIN'
        02.     JUST A LITTLE
        03.     I CAN'T HELP MYSELF
        04.     UNCHAIN MELODY
        06.     STAND BY ME
        07.     I'M CRYING
        08.     THE SUN
        09.     LITTLE LATIN LUPE LU
        10.     SINCE I FELL FOR YOU
        11.     BRING IT ON HOME
        12.     UNDER THE BOARDWALK

The self-titled album by the Knights was recorded at Boston's Ace Recording Studios
in 1967 is a cult classic of multi-genre cover tunes, including sensitive renditions
of Sam Cooke's 'Bring It On Home' and The Spencer Davis Group's 'Give Me Some Loving'.
A mix of rhythm and blues, heart-drenched ballads, soul, and garage rock.

LP      Ace Recording Studios MS 201        1967        US
TPD     54042   SIR LORD BALTIMORE      SIR LORD BALTIMORE              LP      09.2020

        01.     MAN FROM MANHATTAN                              11:26
        02.     WHERE ARE WE GOING                              3:20
        03.     CHICAGO LIVES                                   3:45
        04.     LOE AND BEHOLD                                  3:45
        05.     WOMAN TAMER                                     5:10
        06.     CAESAR LXXI                                     5:17

Brooklyn-based "heavy metal" trio Sir Lord Baltimore recorded their self-titled
sophomore album, released by Mercury in late 1971. It includes guitarist/keyboardist
/vocalist Joey Dambra, brother of guitarist co-founder Louis Dambra, adding a
dual-guitar element to their hefty sound. Somehow, the band did not survive long
after its release, though Joey later recorded with John Lennon. This reissue comes
as a 45rpm version.

LP      Mercury         SRM 1 613           1971        US
TPD     54043   BRIDGET ST. JOHN        THANK YOU FOR                   LP      09.2020

        01.     NICE
        02.     THANK YOU FOR
        03.     LAZARUS
        04.     GOODBABY GOODBYE
        05.     LOVE MINUS ZERO, NO LIMIT
        06.     SILVER COIN
        07.     HAPPY DAY
        08.     FLY HIGH
        09.     TO LEAVE YOUR COVER
        10.     EVERY DAY

The English singer and guitarist Bridget St. John was introduced to the London folk
scene by guitarist John Martyn. Following her debut album 'Ask Me No Questions' and
follow-up 'Songs For The Gentle Man', her 1972 album 'Thank You For' features John
Martyn on guitar.

LP      Dandelion       2310 193            1972        UK
TDP     54044   FAT MATTRESS            FAT MATTRESS                    LP      02.2021

        01.     ALL NIGHT DRINKER
        02.     I DON'T MIND
        03.     BRIGHT NEW WAY
        05.     MR. MOONSHINE
        06.     MAGIC FOREST
        07.     SHE CAME IN THE MORNING
        08.     EVERYTHING'S BLUE
        10.     HOW CAN I LIVE

As bassist in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Noel Redding made an indelible impression,
but guitar was his chief instrument since the age of 17, when he backed Neil Landon
in The Burnettes, and when Landon reconnected with Redding after a spell with Engelbert
Humperdinck, Fat Mattress was born with Humperdinck's drummer, Eric Dillon, and
bassist/keyboardist Jim Leverton. This indispensable debut was the only LP to feature
Redding, the sound a pleasantly-melodic shade of psychedelic folk rock, with a few
rough edges. Reproducing the original fold-out poster cover, this edition has four
bonus tracks from the same sessions, two of which were issued on a 1969 single, the
other two left in the can. Limited 180 gram vinyl reissue in poster sleeve, faithfully
reproducing the original version.

LP      Polydor         582/583 056         1969        UK      nono/stereo
TDP     54045   HERON                   HERON                           LP      12.2020

        01.     YELLOW ROSES                                    4:00
        02.     CAR CRASH                                       2:30
        03.     HARLEQUIN 2                                     4:15
        04.     SMILING LADIES                                  2:15
        05.     LITTLE BOY                                      3:00
        06.     SALLY GOODIN                                    0:20
        07.     UPON REFLECTION                                 2:35
        08.     LORD & MASTER                                   3:40
        09.     LITTLE ANGEL                                    3:30
        10.     GOODBYE                                         3:30
        11.     FOR YOU                                         2:25
        12.     SALLY GOODIN                                    0:20
        13.     CARNIVAL & PENITENCE                            1:15

LP      Dawn            DNLS 3010           1971        UK

 Trading Places present a reissue of Heron's self-titled album, originally released
 in 1970. Short-lived British folk-rock band Heron was formed in the suburban town
 of Maidenhead, Berkshire, in 1967, when guitarist/pianist Roy Apps and singer
 Tony Pook began playing with guitarist Robert Collins, inspired by the music of
 Bob Dylan and The Incredible String Band. Collins soon quit the group, yet Heron
 solidified into a noteworthy entity upon the entry of the broadminded and perceptive
 guitarist and mandolin player Gerald T. Moore, a veteran of R&B bands in nearby
 Reading, who brought a higher level a musical dexterity, song-writing ability and
 arrangements; guitarist Martin Hayward was another early member that did not remain
 with the group for long. Once accordionist/keyboardist Steve Jones was in the fold,
 things leapt forward through Apps' role as Student Entertainments Secretary at the
 Reading College of Technology, which allowed the group to open for Ralph McTell
 and other established performers. Signed as songwriters to Essex Music, they were
 spotted by Donovan's producer, Peter Eden, who signed them to Dawn Records, an
 alternative subsidiary of industry giant, Pye. Their self-titled debut album,
 produced by Eden, was recorded in the open air at a Pook's family farm in rural
 Appleton-On-Thames. For the rare 12-inch single "Bye And Bye," the title track was
 a wistful wish for the romance of travel, written by Moore, followed by his heart
 broken "Through And Through"; Moore's unusual reading of Bob Dylan's "Only A Hobo"
 sparked considerable media interest and Pook's "I'm Ready To Leave" was a
 contemplative closer, again tinged with melancholy. "Bye And Bye" received
 considerable airplay, but a vinyl delivery strike ultimately curtailed demand.
 As expanded Heron went on to record sophomore set Twice As Nice & Half The Price
 (1971), before Moore quit the group to back his Persian girlfriend, Shusha;
 he subsequently founded the world's first white reggae act, GT Moore and the
 Reggae Guitars. Licensed by BMG.
TDP     54046   SPHINCTER ENSEMBLE      HARRODIAN EVENT #1              LP      02.2021

        01.     EVENT#1 (FREEN-JOSP)
        04.     EVENT#4 (PIGEONS AWAKE!!!)
        05.     EVENT#5 (MORTLAKE MOOCH)
        06.     EVENT#6 (GOLEEG'MK)
        07.     EVENT#7 (COUNTRY KNEES)
        08.     EVENT#8 (INTERLUDE #29B)
        09.     EVENT#9 (PRELUDE BEFORE A CUPPA)

The incredible sonic beauty of the Sphincter Ensemble results from musical spontaneity,
a random jam session undertaken by a loose group of friends in the unlikely setting of
the Harrodian Club in Barnes, west London, on 2 January 1972. The sumptuous free
jazz/prog rock/avant-classical fusion features top session players at their peak,
with Trevor Morais' funky drumming loosely tied to Quatermass bassist John Gustafson's
rough melodic lines, embellished by Anne Odell's far-out synths, Martyn Ford's French
horn and arrangements by Elton John's orchestrator Paul Buckmaster. This hugely
enjoyable rarity is appearing on vinyl here for the very first time - a thing of
wonder for all discerning prog fans.

CD      Esoteric        ECLEC 2398          2013        UK
TDP     54047   MOODY BLUES             THE MAGNIFICENT MELODIES        LP      12.2020

        01.     ILL GO CRAZY
        02.     SOMETHING YOU GOT
        03.     GO NOW!
        04.     CANT NOBODY LOVE YOU
        05.     I DONT MIND
        06.     IVE GOT A DREAM
        07.     AND MY BABYS GONE (BONUS)
        08.     EVERYDAY (BONUS)
        09.     YOU DONT (ALL THE TIME) (BONUS)
        10.     LET ME GO
        11.     STOP
        12.     THANK YOU BABY
        13.     IT AINT NECESSARILY SO
        14.     TRUE STORY
        15.     BYE BYE BIRD
        16.     I DONT WANT TO GO ON
        17.     WITHOUT YOU(BONUS)
        18.     TIME IS ON MY SIDE (BONUS)
        20.     (I LOVE YOU) (BONUS)

Although chiefly associated with art rock and progressive rock due to the symphonic
bent of their breakthrough second album, 'Days Of Future Past', as the group name
attests, The Moody Blues began as a rhythm and blues band, formed in Eridngton, a
suburb of Birmingham, England in 1964, spinning off from local bands El Riot & The
Rebels and the Krew Cats. Keyboardist Mike Pinder, flutist/percussionist Ray Thomas,
guitarist Denny Laine, drummer Graeme Edge, and bassist Clint Warwick are the featured
players on their debut disc, released by Decca in 1965 following the chart success
of outstanding single, 'Go Now,' (a cover of an emotive R'n'B song by black American
female singer, Bessie Banks) and unlike every subsequent release, this album has a
heavy Mersey Beat rhythm and blues influence, as well as an overarching blues-pop
grounding. The first side is made up of covers, including a great cut of Chris
Kenner's 'Something You Got,' while side two is mostly taken up with original numbers
penned by Mike Pinder and Denny Laine; this edition has 6 bonus tracks. A crucial
piece of the Moodies' archeology, The Magnificent Moodies captures the group at their
very beginnings.

LP      Decca           LK 4711             1965        UK      mono
TDP     54048   JULY                    THE SECOND OF JULY              LP      12.2020

        01.     YOU MISSED IT ALL
        02.     MY CLOWN
        03.     THE STAMPING MACHINE
        04.     A BIRD LIVED
        05.     LOOK AT HER
        06.     THE WAY
        07.     FRIENDLY MAN
        08.     I SEE
        09.     THE GIRL IN THE CAF
        10.     YOU SEE ME, I SEE YOU
        11.     MAN OUTSIDE
        12.     MOVE ON SWEET FLOWER
        13.     HALLO TO ME

LP      Essex           1008 CD             1995        UK

Trading Places present a reissue of July's The Second of July, demos for their
debut album recorded in 1968. The obscure west London psychedelic rock act, July,
arose from the ashes of rhythm and blues group The Tomcats, who had some success
in Spain in the mid-60s after absorbing members of fellow musical travelers,
Second Thoughts. Back in London in 1968, co-founder Tom Newman, later known for
his engineering and production work on Tubular Bells, shifted the group into
psychedelic mode with his guitar friend, Pete Cook, writing material that would
draw the guitarist/bandleader Spencer Davis in a management role, leading to
a contract with Major Minor records for their self-titled debut LP, which failed
to chart, but the inclusion of songs such as "My Clown", "Dandelion Seeds", and
"The Way" on various compilations have assured a strong underground following.
The rare demos that make up The Second of July date from before the debut album
was recorded and reveal the group in all their evolving experimental glory,
the sound not only blending psychedelic rock and pop with lush harmonies,
intricate lead guitar, and scintillating keyboards, but also including Indian
elements such as sitar and tabla (and Indian-derived chord sequences), plus
trippy tape loops and phasing. Licensed by Cherry Red.
TDP     54049   CURTIS MALDOON          CURTIS MALDOON                  LP      02.2021

        01.     MAN FROM AFGHANISTAN
        02.     FLY LIKE AN EAGLE
        03.     SO NICE
        04.     LONG LONG TIME
        05.     IBIZA BEACH SONG
        06.     WARM ON THE RIDGE
        07.     SEPHERYN
        08.     I'M WAITING
        10.     FIND A LITTLE PEACE

After playing in Bodcast with future Yes guitarist Steve Howe, Dave Curtiss and Clive
Maldoon formed blues-rock duo Curtiss Maldoon, and released their self-titled debut
on Deep Purple's label Purple Records in 1971. For the LP, the pair was backed by top
session players including Mighty Baby's drummer Roger Powell, as well as Howe on the
final track; contemplative folk-rock track 'Sepheryn' would later be immortalized in
altered form by Madonna as techno classic 'Ray Of Light,' but is included here in all
its original glory, along with four rare bonus tracks from the same sessions, left
off the original release, making this expanded reissue the best way to experience the
band at their finest.

LP      Purple Rec.         TPS 3501            1971        UK
TDP     54050   MIGHTY BABY             MIGHTY BABY                     LP      08.2021

Trading Places present a reissue of Mighty Baby's self-titled album, originally
released in 1969. The obscure British prog band Mighty Baby evolved from an earlier
group called The Action, a London Mod act that signed to Parlophone after building
a strong live reputation, with guitarist Alan King, bassist Mike Evans and drummer
Roger Powell, later expanded to include former Savoy Brown guitarist Martin Stone
and keyboardist/sax player, Ian Whiteman. Moving heavily into experimental
psychedelia in 1969, they cut this incredible debut album for the Head label,
which is rightly hailed as one of the greatest psychedelic records of all time.
With jazz, blues and improvisational references abounding, tracks like "Egyptian
Tomb" and "House Without Windows", the latter with its dramatic stereo drum
panning, demonstrate why this disc is such a lost classic.
180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve. Licensed by Cherry Red.

LP      Head            HDLS 6002           1969        UK      GATEFOLD
TDP     54051   TIM BLAKE               CRYSTAL MACHINE                 LP      11.2020

British synthesizer wizard Tim Blake became a mainstay of the adventurous musical
Gong collective in the mid-1970s and joined legendary rockers Hawkwind by the end
of the decade. In between, he recorded a number of experimental solo albums, of which
the first, 'Crystal Machine', was the most innovative and ambitious. An album taken
from epic live performances staged at the Seasalter festival in 1976 and at Paris'
Palace Theatre in 1977, the disc had four extended synthesizer suites and a locked
fragment at the end, all featuring Blake on various futuristic keyboards, including
an EMS Synthis A, a Minimoog, and an Elka Rhapsody, as well as an EMS Frequency
Shifter, an MXR Flanger, and a Sony TC Tape Deck Echo, performing in tandem with
a Spectra Physics 164 Argon Laser and a Crystal Machine Projector, operated by Patrice
Warrener for maximum trippy-ness. The result is an innovative masterpiece of ambient
electronica with a touch of jazz-funk, as heard most noticeably on 'Metro Logice'
and 'Last Ride Of The Boogie Child.' This is a deep dive into all that is possible
in the realm of the synthesizer, repeated listening revealing the hefty skill woven
in layers of dexterous playing.

LP      Egg             900 545                 1977        FR
TDP     54052   TUCKY BUZZARD           BUZZARD                         LP      03.2021

        01.     WHO DO YOU LOVE
        02.     RUN IN THE MORNIN'
        04.     SUPERBOY ROCK N' ROLLER-"73"
        05.     BO-BO'S HAMPTON
        06.     WINE AND WIMMIN'
        07.     SUPERFINE LADY
        08.     NEAR TO ME
        09.     SHY BOY

The roots of hard rock act Tucky Buzzard lie in psychedelic group The End, who
supported The Rolling Stones on an early tour, leading Bill Wyman to produce their
sole LP. The band then morphed into Tucky Buzzard, now with scorching lead guitar
licks and Hammond organ parts to the fore, and Wyman still on board as producer
and manager. For their final album, 'Buzzard,' released on Deep Purple's Purple
imprint in 1973, there is a mix of hard-edged blues rock, with a fine interpretation
of perennial classic 'Who Do You Love,' and wistful originals like 'Hanging On In
There.' As ever, Wyman's sterling production and presence on acoustic and electric
piano makes this one a must for all Stones fans.

LP      Purple Rec.         TPS 7512            1973        UK
TDP     54053   ULTRAFUNK               ULTRAFUNK                       LP      12.2020

        01.     KUNG FU MAN
        02.     BOOGIE JOE THE GRINDER
        03.     WHO IS HE AND WHAT IS HE TO YOU
        04.     STING YOUR JAWS PART 1
        05.     STING YOUR JAWS PART 2
        06.     USE ME
        07.     BUFFALO SOLDIER

Anonymous British funk studio outfit Ultrafunk was spearheaded by Blues & Soul
magazine proprietor John Abbey, who ran a fashionable record shop and label called
Contempo in London's West End during the 1970s; he conceived of the group as the UK
counterpart to US studio bands like MFSB. Arranger Gerry Shury, who had worked with
Barry White and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, drafted guitarist Chris Rae and bassist
Frank McDonald (who often composed library music together) and future Rubettes drummer
John Richardson to form the group, in situ. A lack of band photos, suggestive song
titles and a predilection for American cover tunes led many to believe the band was
US-based. Their self-titled debut LP is where the myth all begins, with a number of
truly atmospheric and cinematic hard funk instrumentals, given added textural depth
through full orchestration, including covers of Bill Withers' 'Use Me' and Stevie
Wonder's 'Living In The City.' Though not quite as compelling as the better-known
follow-up set, 'Meat Heat', there is still plenty to savour on Ultrafunk, making
this debut companion disc a must-have for all true funk afficionados.

LP      Contempo        CLP 509             1975        UK
TDP     54054   TEAR GAS                TEAR GAS                        LP        .2021

        A1      That's What's Real
        A2      Love Story
        A3      Lay It On Me
        A4      Woman For Sale
        B1      I'm Glad
        B2      Where Is My Answer
        B3.1    Jailhouse Rock
        B3.2    All Shook Up
        B4      The First Time
LP      Regal Zonophone   SLRZ 1021             1971        UK
TDP     54055   FAT MATRESS             II                              LP      03.2021

        A1      The Storm                                       4:13
        A2      Anyway You Want                                 3:47
        A3      Leafy Lane                                      2:50
        A4      Naturally                                       3:03
        A5      Roamin'                                         4:25
        B1      Happy My Love                                   3:43
        B2      Childhood Dream                                 3:20
        B3      She                                             2:36
        B4      Highway                                         4:24
        B5      At The Ball                                     4:13
        B6      People                                          4:00
        B7      Hall Of Kings
        B8      Black Sheep Of The Family

Originally out in 1970, now reissued on vinyl, it's the second album by the psychedelic
rock/folk-rock band featuring ex-Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player Noel Redding..
on guitar! This edition comes with two bonus tracks!

LP      Polydor         2383 025            1970        UK
TDP     54056   AGINCOURT               FLY AWAY                        LP      03.2021

        A1      When I Awoke
        A2      Though I May Be Dreaming
        A3      Get Together
        A4      Joy In The Finding
        A5      Going Home
        A6      All My Life
        A7      Mirabella
        B1      Take Me There
        B2      Lisa
        B3      Dawn
        B4      Barn Owl Blues
        B5      Kind Sir
        B6      Through The Eyes Of A Lifetime (Parts I-III)

A UK underground psych-folk holy grail, originally released in a tiny private run
in 1970, returns to vinyl. Agincourt featured Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, who
also were responsible for collectable acid/psych-folk LP's by Ithaca and Friends,
as well as the score to the low budget movie 'Tomorrow Come Someday' and the cult
'Alice Through The Looking Glass' theatre soundtrack. Agincourt's 'Fly Away'
arguably is the best of their catalogue, partly due to the wonderful voice of female
vocalist Lee Menelaus and the duo's incredible songwriting. In the '70s Peter Howell
would become an influential member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

LP      Merlin              HF 3            1970        UK
TDP     54057   ITHACA                  A GAME FOR ALL WHO KNOW         LP      03.2021

        A1      Journey (Destruction - Rebirth - Patterns Of Life)
        A2      Questions (Did You Know - Will We Be Alive)
        A3      Times (Seven Seasons - The Path - Given Time)
        B1      Feelings (Look Around - I Want To Feel You)
        B2      Dreams (Story Of Our Time - Beneath This Sky)
        B3      Journey II (A Game For All Who Know)

A UK underground psych-folk holy grail, originally released in a tiny private run
in 1973, returns to vinyl. Ithaca featured Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, who
also were responsible for collectable acid/psych-folk LP's by Agincourt and Friends,
as well as the score to the low budget movie 'Tomorrow Come Someday' and the cult
'Alice Through The Looking Glass' theatre soundtrack. Also present on a couple of
tracks is female vocalist Lee Menelaus, who's just as impressive here as on
Agincourt's 1970 'Fly Away' album. If your looking for pastoral psych-folk at its
best, look no further! In the '70s Peter Howell would become an influential member
of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

LP      Merlin              HF 6            1973        UK

        01.     GATES TO INFINITY
        02.     THROUGH AND THROUGH
        04.     BURNING DOWN
        05.     DESDEMONA
        06.     SPANISH CASTLE MAGIC
        07.     THE VEIL
        08.     THE LAUGHTER CASTLE
        10.     INFINITY ... BEYOND ... BEYOND
        12.     LOVIN FIRE (BONUS TRACK)

After debut LP 'Lord Of The Dark Skies', London-based acid psych trio Outskirts Of
Infinity released 'Scenes From The Dreams Of Angels' in 1989 on their own Infinity
imprint. Heading deeper into space rock, the album had bassist Nick Saloman on
keyboards in places and front man Bari Watts on synth, but his ripping is really
spectacular throughout and there's a nod to the Hendrix influence on a killer cover
of 'Spanish Castle Magic.' Arguably their best album, it has style, grace, and
hallucinogenic power, this edition reproducing the inner gatefold lyrics.
TDP     54059   OUTSKIRTS OF INFINITY : LORD OF THE DARK SKIES          LP      12.2021

        A1      Invocation / Warning
        A2      Gemini Machine
        A3      Eastern Spell
        A4      Stoned Crazy
        A5      Tales Of Brave Ulysses
        B1      Eyes In The Back Of My Head
        B2      Lord Of The Dark Skies
        B3      Reaching Upwards
        B4      Celebration / Peace

Trading Places present a reissue of Outskirts of Infinity's Lord Of The Dark Skies,
originally released in 1987. Channeling the jagged edges of Hendrix's fuzztones and
the spaced-out virtuosity of Cream, hard psych trio Outskirts Of Infinity formed
in London in 1986 with guitarist/vocalist Bari Watts, bassist Nick Saloman
(of neo-psych/indie band Bevis Frond) and drummer Ric Gunther. Debut LP Lord Of
The Dark Skies was one of the first on Saloman's Woronzow label and it remains
one of the best. A delightfully stoned set of searing guitar jams with a nice cut
of Cream's "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" to boot. Epic acid psychedelia to savor.
Licensed by Cherry Red.

LP.CD   Woronzow            WOO 7.CD            1987/92     UK
                WHICH WAY

        01.     ALL IN TIME
        02.     WHAT YOU LIKE
        03.     THE LIGHT
        04.     BED AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE
        05.     CASTLE SAND
        06.     GO PLACIDLY

Esteemed drummer Brian Davison was a key part of The Nice during the mid-60s, and when
Keith Emerson quit to form ELP, Davison put together Every Which Way with former Skip
Bifferty frontman Graham Bell, bassist Alan Cartwright, guitarist John Hedley and
saxophonist Geoffrey Peach. Self-titled debut LP, released by Charisma in 1970, was
an intense slice of prog with excellent sax solos, emotive vocals, tasteful bass,
soaring guitar and forceful drumming, but Cartwright soon joined Procol Harum and
Davison drifted into Refugee, making this album the group's sole release. Well worth
exploring, it's another highly sought-after album for fans of well-produced prog.

LP      Charisma            cas 1021            1970        uk
TDP     54061   MIGHTY BABY             A JUG OF LOVE                   LP      02.2022

        01.     JUG OF LOVE
        03.     KEEP ON JUGGIN
        04.     VIRGIN SPRING
        05.     TASTING THE LIFE
        06.     SLIPSTREAMS

Evolving from London Mod act The Action, Mighty Baby signed to Parlophone on the
reputation of their live sets, featuring guitarist Alan King, bassist Mike Evans
and drummer Roger Powell, with former Savoy Brown guitarist Martin Stone and
keyboardist/sax player Ian Whiteman joining after. Their 1969 debut moved into
heavy psych and sophomore set 'A Jug Of Love' (1971) took semi-acoustic form,
blending bluesy folk and a touch of North African spice into their psychedelic
prog, the style reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, but very much their own.
An unsung masterpiece, feted by Julian Cope, and here with lyrics insert.
TDP     54062
TDP     54063   SILVERHEAD              16 AND SAVAGED                  LP        .2021

        A1      Hello New York
        A2      More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
        A3      Only You
        A4      Bright Light
        B1      Heavy Hammer
        B2      Cartoon Princess
        B3      Rock Out Claudette Rock Out
        B4      This Ain't A Parody
        B5      16 And Savaged

LP      MCA                 MCA 391             1973        US
TDP     54064   DORIS DUKE              WOMAN                           LP      12.2021

        A1      Woman Of The Ghetto
        A2      Hey Lady
        A3      Love Is Here And Now Your Gone
        B1      Pick Up The Pieces
        B2      Please Come Back
        B3      Grasshopper
        B4      To Chicago With Love
        B5      A Little Bit Of Your Love
        B6      Full Time Woman

Trading Places present a reissue of Doris Duke's Woman, originally released in 1975.
Georgia-born soul singer Doris Curry began her career as Doris Whittingham after
marrying Gus Whittingham of the Cadillacs and after backing Nina Simone on live
album A Very Rare Evening, Swamp Dogg renamed her Doris Duke for her acclaimed solo
debut, I'm A Loser. The 1975 swansong, Woman, recorded for the British Contempo
label and arranged by Gerry Shury, gets it contours from Ultrafunk's top-notch
rhythm section and enhanced by the Armada Orchestra. A neglected classic that
remained unjustly obscure, it has superb takes of "Woman Of The Ghetto" and Mavis
Staples' "Pick Up The Pieces," plus spirited originals. Licensed by Cherry Red.

LP      Contempo            CLP 519         1975        UK
TDP     54065   KINGDOM COME            KINGDOM COME                    LP      12.2021

        A1      Water
        A2      Love Is A Spirit
        A3      City Melody
        A4      Traffic Light Song
        B1      The Teacher
        B2      The Experiment
        B3      The Whirlpool
        B4      The Hymn

Trading Places present a reissue of Kingdom Come's self-titled album, originally
released in 1972. "God of Hellfire" Arthur Brown made an indelible impact in The
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, performing outlandish theatrics with a burning helmet
and being deported from Italy after a naked appearance at the Palermo Pop Festival
in 1970. When his bandmates quit to form Atomic Rooster, Brown formed Kingdom Come
to cut three esoteric albums for Polydor, this self-titled sophomore set inspired
by the element of water. It's a deep dive into prog concept territory, with
churning organ, pounding bass and drums, wah-wah excursions and Brown's internal
conversations drifting between the speakers. Licensed by Cherry Red.

LP      Polydor         2310 178            1972        UK
TDP     54066   SAMURAI                 SAMURAI                         LP      01.2022

        01.     SAVING IT UP FOR SO LONG
        02.     MORE RAIN
        03.     MAUDIE JAMES
        04.     HOLY PADLOCK
        05.     GIVE A LITTLE LOVE
        06.     FACE IN THE MIRROR
        07.     AS I DRIED THE TEARS AWAY

In 1971 the group called Web changed its name to Samurai and started working on
their eponymous studio album released on the obscure Greenwich Gramophone label.
'Samurai' is a great gem of early British progressive rock, and although it was
clearly influenced by legendary groups such as King Crimson, and Gentle Giant,
it represented a unicum in the music panorama. Unfortunately, the group disbanded
shortly after the release, partly compromising its highly deserved recognition.

LP      Greenwich Gram. GSLP-R 1003     1971        UK
TDP     54067   GIL SCOTT-HERON : & HIS AMNESIA EXPRESS LIVE '86        LP      02.2022

        01.     B MOVIE
        02.     ALIEN (HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM)
        03.     THE BOTTLE
        04.     ANGEL DUST

Born to an African-American opera singer and a Jamaican footballer who played for
Celtic in Glasgow, Gil Scott-Heron was a ground-breaking musician and writer whose
melding of poetry, soul and political activism paved the way for the arrival of rap
and prefaced neo-soul by some decades. In live performance, Scott-Heron was always
a force to be reckoned with, especially with his Amnesia Express behind him, with
Jamaican percussionist Larry McDonald and saxophonist Ron Holloway. This album
collects four exceptional moments of their 1986 tour, with excellent versions
of landmark 'B Movie' and substance-misuse epics 'The Bottle' and 'Angel Dust,'
as well as an extended 'Alien (Hold On to Your Dream).'
TDP     54068   DANDRO BRUGNOLINI       FANTABULOUS                     LP      12.2021

        A1      Cup                                             2:18
        A2      Fantabulous                                     1:16
        A3      Op                                              4:51
        A4      Fantabulous                                     1:15
        A5      Sal                                             2:19
        A6      Susp                                            3:11
        A7      I've Glimpsed At You                            2:35
        A8      Fantabulous (alt. mix)                          3:33
        B1      Sog                                             2:30
        B2      I've Glimpsed At You                            2:13
        B3      Ryth                                            2:03
        B4      Fantabulous                                     3:28
        B5      Vol                                             2:11
        B6      I've Glimpsed At You                            1:22
        B7      Fantabulous                                     3:35
        B8      I've Glimpsed At You (alt. mix)                 2:28

Trading Places present a reissue of Sandro Brugnolini's Fantabulous (La Donna,
il Sesso e il Superuomo), originally released in 1968. Roman saxophonist and
clarinetist Sandro Brugnolini began his long recording career in the Junior
Dixieland Gang in the early 1950s and came to greater prominence as chief composer
in the Modern Jazz Gang, awarded best original composition for his 'Arpo' at
Italy's National Jazz Festival in 1958. Of the many film soundtracks he scored
in the '60s, Fantabulous is the most legendary, Brugnolini bringing a jumble of
mod jazz, psych-beat, freaky soul, and off-kilter pop into the mix, as an aural
accompaniment to a film inspired by superheroes, secret agents, and swinging dames.
One of the ultimate soundtrack rarities, this one is a must-have, far-out listening
experience. 180 gram turquoise vinyl; edition of 500.

LP      Beat Rec.           LP 002          1968        IT
TDP     54069   HOWLIN' WOLF : THE LONDON HOWLIN' WOLF SESSIONS         LP      02.2022

        01.     ROCKIN' DADDY
        02.     I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS
        03.     SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD
        04.     WORRIED ABOUT MY BABY
        05.     WHAT A WOMAN!
        06.     POOR BOY
        07.     BUILT FOR COMFORT
        08.     WHO'S BEEN TALKING?
        10.     THE RED ROOSTER
        11.     DO THE DO
        12.     HIGHWAY 49
        13.     WANG-DANG-DOODLE

Tutored on guitar by Charley Patton and harmonica by Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin'
Wolf impacted the Southern Club circuit in the late 1930s, and after a spell in the
army cut impressive work at Sun, but really came into his own in Chicago, bridging
the delta and modern blues styles. In May 1970, 'The London Sessions' teamed him
with Rolling Stones alumni Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, and Ian Stewart, as well as
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, revisiting immortal numbers like 'Little Red
Rooster,' 'Wang Dang Doodle' and 'Rockin Daddy' with a new flair; this edition
also has their enticing rendition of the classic 'Killing Floor.'
TDP     54070   KINGDOM COME            JOURNEY                         LP      02.2022

        01.     TIME CAPTIVES
        02.     TRIANGLES
        03.     GYPSY
        05.     CONCEPTION
        06.     SPIRIT OF JOY
        07.     COME ALIVE

Theatrical rocker Arthur Brown gained notoriety and fame in equal measure through
'Fire,' an anthem to their pyrotechnic excess. When his backing musicians quit to
form Atomic Rooster, Brown formed Kingdom Come to further explore the nexus of music
and theatre and of the series of albums they cut for Polydor, 'Journey' is the
strangest and greatest. Stretching to the deepest reaches of space rock, 'Journey'
used the Bentley Rhythm Ace drum machine, and Victor Peraino's synths, theremin and
mellotron, to chart the astral records of history. This is Brown's true masterpiece,
an astounding record that was aeons ahead of its time.

TDP     54072   BEAU                    BEAU                            LP      11.2021

        01.     WELCOME
        02.     IMAGINATION
        03.     1917 REVOLUTION
        04.     SOLDIER IN THE WILLOW
        05.     FISHING SONG
        06.     THE PAINTED VASE
        07.     PILLAR OF ECONOMY
        08.     A NATION'S PRIDE
        09.     THE SUN DANCER
        10.     RAIN
        11.     MORNING SUN
        12.     THE SUMMER HAS GONE
        13.     THE WAYS OF WINTER
        14.     WELCOME-TAG PIECE
        15.     SLEEPING TOWN
        16.     TIME

Leeds-born folk-rocker John Trevor Midgely, alias Beau, was known for his deft
twelve-string guitar work, his poignant voice and distinctive song-writing, which
brought him onto the roster of John Peel's Dandelion label in 1969. His self-titled
debut album is arguably his best and includes the outstanding single '1917
Revolution,' said to have inspired America's smash, 'Horse With No Name,'
the LP ably demonstrating that all the artist needed was his voice, his guitar,
and his individual approach to song writing, the work bearing his haunting hallmarks
throughout. In short, an unjustly obscure release that is ripe for current

LP      Dandelion/CBS       S 63751             1969        UK
TDP     54073   GILLI SMYTH             MOTHER                          LP      11.2021

        01.     I AM A FOOL
        02.     BACK TO THE WOMB
        03.     MOTHER
        04.     SHAKTI YONI
        05.     KEEP THE CHILDREN FREE
        07.     O.K. MAN, THIS IS YOUR WORLD
        08.     NEXT TIME RAGTIME
        09.     TIME OF THE GODDESS
        10.     TALIESIN

The London-born vocalist and former Sorbonne lecturer Gilli Smyth became known
as the 'space whisperer' for the poems she performed in Gong, formed in Paris
in 1967 with her Australian-born partner, Daevid Allen of Soft Machine, with whom
she also performed. Her debut solo album 'Mother', released by French label Charly
in 1978, featured her breathy suppositions on motherhood, the cosmic lifeforce,
and the powers of Mother Earth, cut with fellow Gong members such as bassist
Christian Trisch, saxophonist Didier Malherbe, drummer Pip Pyle, and Allen
himself, as well as their children. A must for all Gong fans!

LP      Charly          CRL 5007            1978        UK


TDP     54076   J.P. SUNSHINE           J.P. SUNSHINE                   LP      04.2022

        01.     J.P. SUNSHINE
        02.     HEY GIRL
        03.     LOVE SCENE
        04.     THIS SIDE UP
        05.     OCTOPUS
        06.     WATCH OUT
        07.     EYES ARE RAINING
        08.     DARK STAR
        09.     SWAN SONG
        10.     RISING FREE
        11.     HAND IN HAND
TDP     54077   BEAU                    CREATION                        LP      04.2022

        01.     NINE MINUTES
        02.     THERE ONCE WAS A TIME
        03.     SPIDER
        04.     APRIL METEOR
        05.     IS THIS YOUR DAY
        06.     CREATION
        07.     BLIND FAITH
        08.     FERRIS STREET
        09.     RELEASE
        10.     A REASON TO BE
        11.     SILENCE RETURNS

Leeds-born folk-rocker John Trevor Midgely, alias Beau, was celebrated for deft
twelve-string guitar, a poignant voice and distinctive song-writing, which brought
him onto John Peel's Dandelion label. Second LP "Creation" was recorded over three
days and features more of Beau's beautiful twelve-string work and mournful vocals,
this time with accompaniment from Steve Clayton and Jim Milne of The Way We Live
(later known as Tractor), mostly subtle, but rocking in places, as heard on
"The Silence Returns"; this edition comes with rare bonus track, the contemplative
"Sky Dance," from a 1972 Dandelion compilation LP.

        01.     SWEET THANG
        04.     STOP BY
        05.     BAD LUCK
        06.     HITCHING A RIDE
        08.     IN THE SWEET BYE & BYE
        10.     IF THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY
        11.     WHAT'S IN THE HEADLINES
During his long and fruitful career, multifaceted singer-songwriter Don Covay
recorded in a variety of styles, including gospel, doo-wop, soul, rock, and blues,
and his enviable skills as a songwriter were responsible for the likes of Chubby
Checker's 'Pony Time,' as well as Aretha Franklin's 'See Saw' and 'Chain Of Fools.'
Following his departure from Atlantic, 'Different Strokes For Different Folks' was
cut for the small Janus label at the esteemed Swampers HQ in Muscle Shoals, Alabama,
the resultant groove irresistibly mixing funk, soul, gospel, and rock, all the while
working in plenty of Covay's individual humour.
TDP     54079   DORIS DUKE              I'M A LOSER                     LP      02.2022

Emotive soul singer Doris Duke got her start backing gospel artists and was a mainstay
at the Apollo in the early 1960s, cutting some demos for Motown that remain unreleased.
After a debut single that made little impact (credited to Doris Willingham), she
became Doris Duke at the behest of Swamp Dogg, who produced this acclaimed solo
debut, "I'm A Loser," regarded by many as one of the best "deep soul" albums ever
issued. Cheating saga 'To The Other Woman (I'm the Other Woman)' was a top-fifty
pop hit and 'Feet Start Walking' also reached the US R&B charts, assuring Duke's
ternal reputation, despite the collapse of Canyon Records, the label that first
released this hefty gem. Originally released in 1969.













TDP     75001   IMPLOSION               IMPLOSION                       CD      04.2020

Obscure yet outstanding Italian outfit that combines prog, space rock, psych and
electronic music in an album that could have come from the early 1970s. Long spacey,
dreamy and mostly instrumental tracks made of killer, acid-leaking electronics.
Released in an edition of 500 copies in 1988, this monster-rare album is now on CD
for the first time ever, in a limited edition including 3 bonus tracks and a 16-page
booklet featuring lyrics and liner notes.
TDP     12901   HERON                   BYE & BYE                       12"     09.2021

SIDE 1  1.      Bye & Bye
        2.      Through Time
SIDE 2  1.      Only A Hobo
        2.      I'm Ready To Leave

British folk-rock group Heron was formed in suburban Maidenhead in 1967, when
guitarist/pianist Roy Apps and singer Tony Pook began playing with guitarist
Robert Collins, inspired by Dylan and the Incredible String Band, with Collins
soon replaced by the guitarist and mandolinist Gerald T. Moore. The rare 12-inch
'Bye & Bye' featured Moore's wistful wish for the romance of travel, his
heart-broken 'Through And Through' and an unusual reading of Dylan's
'Only A Hobo,' plus Pook's contemplative 'I'm Ready To Leave.' Airplay
was considerable, but a delivery strike rendered the release unjustly
obscure; this long overdue reissue ably emphasizes the band's musical
excellence and their unique take on folk-rock.
All notes taken from: