Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : 60's / psychedelic / folk /

TDP     54001   ZIOR                    ZIOR                            LP      04.2019

        01.     I REALLY DO
        02.     ZA ZA ZA ZILDA
        03.     LOVES DESIRE
        04.     NEW LAND
        05.     NOW IM SAD
        06.     GIVE ME LOVE
        07.     QUABALA
        08.     OH MARIYA
        09.     YOUR LIFE WILL BURN
        10.     I WAS FOOLING
        11.     BEFORE MY EYES GO BLIND
        12.     ROLLING THUNDER

British blues-rock quartet Zior had their roots in the bourgeoning R&B scene that
arose during the late 1960s in the southeast coastal city of Southend; they built
a strong reputation in live performance, opting for 'happenings' in the style of
Hawkwind and Pink Floyd that went beyond mere musical events. By the time they recorded
their self-titled debut album, issued on Larry Page's short-lived Nepentha label in
1971, they were clearly influenced by the emergent hard rock/heavy metal scene of the
West Midlands, drawing from Black Sabbath's discordant riffs and occult influences,
along with shrill vocal attacks in Led Zeppelin mode; there were shades of Steppenwolf
and the odd Doors-sounding keyboard riff as well (and the Black Sabbath link was
heightened by an album design from Keith McMillan, who was responsible for Black
Sabbath's debut cover too). The resultant Zior is a varied ride through different
kinds of rock terrain, from blues rock to hard rock and on to whimsical psychedelia
and prog-rock, making it hard to classify. Though this debut LP should have heralded
a bright beginning, misfortune seemed to dog the band from the start; other recordings
were released under the name Monument, the band members listed under aliases, and
a second album, 'Every Inch A Man', was issued in Germany after Zior's breakup in
1973, without the band's knowledge or permission.
TDP     54002   APPLE                   AN APPLE A DAY                  LP      04.2019

        02.     DOCTOR ROCK
        03.     THE OTHERSIDE
        04.     MR. JONES
        05.     THE MAYVILLE LINE
        06.     QUEEN OF HEARTS BLUES
        07.     ROCK ME BABY
        08.     BUFFALO BILLYCAN
        09.     PHOTOGRAPH
        10.     PSYCHO DAISIES
        11.     SPORTING LIFE
        12.     PRETTY GIRL I LOVE YOU

British psychedelic band Apple was formed in the industrial powerhouse of Cardiff,
north Wales, in 1968 by guitarist Robbo Ingram and bassist Jeff Harrad. Joined by
drummer Dave Brassington, keyboardist Charlie Barber and singer Dennis Regan, their
debut single 'Thank U Very Much,' arranged by session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan,
sparked the interest of Larry Page, who signed them to his Page One label to cut the
debut album 'An Apple A Day' with producer Caleb Quaye (the son of the multi-instr.
Cab Quaye and older brother of future singer Finley Quaye). Unfortunately, Apple's
mixture of pop, psychedelia and heavy blues was probably a bit too ahead of its time;
the album sold poorly on release and the group proba bly would have been totally
forgotten, if not for belated critical acclaim, especially for Harrad's haunting
'The Otherside.' With rare originals incredibly hard to find, regularly selling for
thousands of pounds, this reissue is long overdue.
TDC     54003   SANDY COAST             SHIPWRECK                       LP      04.2019

                & DESPAIR/LAND/THE END
        02.     I MAY HAPPILY FORGET
        04.     BLUE BLACKMANS BLUES
        05.     ADVICE
        06.     TIMOTHY
        07.     RE RE LE LOUP
        08.     DEEP DOWN DOWN*
        09.     BACK TO THE CITY*
        10.     ELEANOR RIGBY*
        11.     IN MY OPINION*

Pioneering Dutch quartet Sandy Coast formed in the town of Voorburg, near Den Haag,
in 1961. Early work found release on a series of singles on the Delta label during the
mid-1960s. referencing an American pop-rock sound, framed by choral harmonies; soon,
the evolving close harmony of songs like 'We'll Meet Again' saw them edging towards
the realm of the Moody Blues, while 'Milk And Tranquilers' was based more strongly on
a rhythm-and-blues framework. Moving to the Relax label in 1967, they began issuing
spacious psychedelic songs such as 'Capital Punishment,' and their debut album 'From
The Workshop' was thoroughly in psychedelia mode. Larry Page issued sophomore album
'Shipwreck' in 1969, the disc an early concept album focussing on a lengthy suite
that recounted a doomed voyage, captained by one Derrick Holmes in 1779. Much of the
rest of the album recalls the spacey sounds of King Crimson, but there is also raw
blues, psychedelic pop-rock, and an individual reading of Paul McCartney's 'Eleanor
TDC     54004   IRMA THOMAS             IN BETWEEN TEARS                LP      04.2019

        01.     IN BETWEEN TEARS
        02.     SHELL NEVER BE YOUR WIFE
        03.     THESE FOUR WALLS
        07.     SAVE A LITTLE BIT FOR ME*
        08.     COMING FROM BEHIND
        10.     TURN MY WORLD AROUND
        11.     I'D DO IT ALL OVER YOU*
        12.     THATS HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU*

After signing to the Canyon label in 1970, Irma Thomas cut a couple of singles in
Macon, Georgia, with Jerry Williams Junior, a singer and producer from Portsmouth,
Virginia that issued gritty, lewd funk under the alias Swamp Dogg; though the singles
sold well in the south, they were largely overlooked elsewhere. Nevertheless, Williams
brought Thomas to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record the album that would eventually
surface as 'In Between Tears', but the collapse of Canyon delayed its release until
1973, when Williams issued it on his Fungus label. This long-awaited vinyl reissue
on deluxe 180 gram format comes complete with 4 bonus tracks.
TDC     54005   LARRY PAGE ORCHESTRA : KINKY MUSIC                      LP      04.2019

        01.     TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU
        02.     COME ON NOW
        04.     YOU REALLY GOT ME
        05.     DONT EVER CHANGE
        06.     GOT MY FEET ON THE GROUND
        07.     ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT
        08.     ONE FINE DAY
        09.     JUST CANT GO TO SLEEP
        10.     REVENGE
        11.     I TOOK MY BABY HOME

Aspiring Welsh pop singer Leonard Davies became Larry Page in the mid-1950s, when
Columbia Records issued his material on 78s and 45s, including a cover of Buddy
Holly's 'That'll Be The Day'; he also played banjo in the Crane River Jazz Band.
Known as "Larry Page the Teenage Rage," he toured Britain with Cliff Richard and
regularly appeared on national television. Shifting to a management and record
production role in the early 1960s, he struck gold in 1964 upon signing a management
contract with a band called The Ravens, who he re-named The Kinks, which swiftly
became one of the most popular acts of the day. Noting that Rolling Stones producer
Andrew Loog Oldham had formed his own orchestra to cut orchestrated versions of Stones
hits, Page put together the Larry Page Orchestra for debut disc, 'Kinky Music', which
similarly reconfigured the Kinks' work. A pleasant romp through first-phase Kinks
classics, it is also noteworthy as an early showcase for future Led Zeppelin guitarist,
Jimmy Page.