Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : experimental pop / new wave /

TPAL    001     TENTENKO                TENTENKO                        LP      09.2018

        1       Kiken Na Highway
        2       Good Bye, Good Girl
        3       Yakanhiko
        4       Jiro
        5       Hoshi No Densha
        6       Hokago Symptathy
        7       Nantonaku Abunai
        8       Kuruma/Joshu Seki School
        9       Ryuhyo No Kodomo
        10      Robot

Toothpaste Records launches with eponymous debut album from synthpop musician Tentenko.

Those who have done their homework will be aware that Tentenko is a former member of
the notorious Japanese punk Idol group BiS. Yet her Toothpaste debut is a much more
sugary affair, as at times it resembles a sort of J-Pop candyflip of PC Music-fans
of them and SOPHIE will find much to adore here. Totally punk in spirit, yet
undeniably squeaky clean in practice.