Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : alternative / indie /

TQLP    1501
TQLP    1502    LOW ROAR                ROSS                            LP      11.2019
TQCD    1502    LOW ROAR                ROSS                            CD      11.2019

        01.     DARKEST HOUR
        02.     SLOW DOWN
        03.     H.A.F.H.
        04.     I'LL MAKE YOU FEEL
        05.     NOT AROUND
        06.     222
        07.     FEEL LIKE DYING
        08.     THE MACHINE
        09.     BLUE EYES
        10.     EMPTY HOUSE

Great art has always incubated in human isolation. Low Roar-the musical vision of Ryan
Karazija---alchemizes those moments of solitude into an album of glacial modern pop
anthems. As a songwriter, Karazija has always understood that far from being
antithetical to universality, honoring your personal experiences as unflinchingly as
you can, is intrinsic to it. Its a record about the sometimes uneasy relationship
between physical and emotional distance. Ryan has made a habit of documenting his
life in honest songs that can swell your spirit or break your heart at any time.
This fourth album, ross., perfectly honors the core sonic ideals at the heart of
Low Roar with expansive atmospherics and a soft neon pulse of electronic beats through
which minimalist arrangements and acoustic textures move.