Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
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TR      1974    JASON McNIFF            RAIN DRIES YOUR EYES            2CD     04.2017

CD1:    1)      Off The Rails
        2)      Woody's Annie Hall
        3)      Southbound Train
        4)      I Remember You
        5)      Another Man
        6)      Blow Up The Bridge
        7)      Hang On To Your Woman
        8)      Kissing In The Wind
        9)      Summertime In Soho
        10)     Marry Him
        11)     Nobody's Son *featuring Emma Tricca
        12)     Adieu To Lausanne
        13)     Students Of Love
        14)     New York
        15)     Hat
        16)     Journey Home

CD2:    1)      In Our Time
        2)      Hills Of Rome
        3)      Green
        4)      A Different Word
        5)      All Around America
        6)      Tombola
        7)      Delia
        8)      Sun Comes Up
        9)      Coming Back To Life
        10)     Game Over
        11)     Heart Of A Poet
        12)     Bus Of Tears
        13)     Pilgrim Soul
        14)     The Picture
        15)     Sicily
        16)     Weeping Willows Weep
        17)     Cairo (Stuck In The Past)

Jason McNiff is a London based Yorkshireman of Irish and Polish descent.
Rain Dries Your Eyes is a new double CD retrospective anthology of the best of singer
-songwriter Jason McNiff. Spanning more than 15 years and including brand new tracks,
previously unreleased material and songs from his six studio albums, the collection
showcases his fragile, wistful and timeless blend of blues and folk. A modern day
troubadour, McNiff started recording in the early 00s, but he has a sound that harks
back to the great folk rock pioneers of the late 60s/early 70s.
TR      2020 LP JASON McNIFF            DUST OF YESTERDAY               LP      04.2021
TR      2020 CD JASON McNIFF            DUST OF YESTERDAY               CD      04.2021

        1)      For The First Time
        2)      Try For The Sky
        3)      Wherever I Choose
        4)      Mary Jane
        5)      Dust Of Yesterday
        6)      Tom
        7)      If You Could See Me Now
        8)      Damaged Woman
        9)      A Load Along