TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS                   2825 Van Dyke Ave.
*********************                   Raleigh, NC 27607-7021


Found  : Will Butler
Distr. : US - Lumberjack/Very Distro (both not exist)
              Independent Label Ditr./Ebullition
         NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style  : hardcore / trash-grind core / anarcho hardcore / hardcore punk /
         grindcore / powerviolence / death grind / black metal / sludge metal
         psychedelic / crust / 

TLAL    01      GODSTOMPER/MAGRUDERGRIND : SPLIT                        7"      08.2015

        1       Godstomper              Family Crisis
        2       Godstomper              French Fry
        3       Godstomper              Negative Impact
        4       Magrudergrind : End of Season Sale at the Cerebral Department
        5       Magrudergrind : I'd Like a Refund or Expect Arson Against Your
                Place of Business
        6       Magrudergrind : Mr. Arnold Palmer? Nice Meal for Jeffrey Dahmer
        7       Magrudergrind : My Inner Self is Telling Me That Something in
                This Room is at It's Unintelligent High Point
        8       Magrudergrind : Spicy Delight 
TLAL    02      RHINO CHARGE            RHINO CHARGE                    7"      11.2005

        1       Circular Evolution
        2       Life Is a Life Lived
        3       Molten Monument of Man
        4       Business Is Next to Godliness
        5       Rhino Charge the Mall Rats
        6       Perspective as Law
TLAL    03      MAGRUDERGRIND           62 Trax Of Trash                CD      11.2005

        1       A Reaction with a Steak Knife
        2       Casablanca Detonation
        3       The 2nd Wave
        4       Fascist Found Hung
        5       End of Season Sale at Cerebral Department
        6       I'd Like a Refund or Expect Arson Against Your Place
                of Business
        7       Mr. Arnold Palmer? Nice Meal for Jeffrey Dahmer
        8       My Inner Self is Telling Me That Something in This Room
                is at Its Unintelligent High Point..
        9       Spicy Delight
        10      Anti Scenester Motivation
        11      Spock Cut Depletion
        12      Esteem on the Floor
        13      Inventory of Flesh
        14      Thresh Strike on #63
        15      Circle Pit Casserole
        16      My Lai Massacre
        17      Letter Bomb to Real Estate Company is Less Sign Distribution,
                But More Economic Value for Me
        18      The Symptom Undiagnosed
        19      Terror Through Exile
        20      Power Client Power Washing
        21      Workers Pride to Die
        22      Thrash Unit Three Five Five
        23      211
        24      The Stench of My Cat's Shit is Equivalent to Your $50 Perfume
        25      Culture of Violence
        26      Blood Not Milk
        27      In My Quest for the Forsaken Necro Remote, I Stumbled
                Across Your Mother's Lifeless Corpse Eating a Shit Burrito
        28      Inhalation White Powder Substance Self-Extermination
        29      Not A Happy Meal for a 13 Year Old Girl Who Found Razor
                Blades in Her French Fries
        30      Trophy Case Full of Decapitated Human Corpses Won at Last
                Year's YMCA Youth Dismemberment/Suicide Day Event
        31      TPDG
        32      Reversal Am Funeral
        33      Pieces of Glass Stuck in Your Bloody Knuckles
        34      The Plastic Cancer
        35      Served Chunky Blood Instead of Marinara Sauce
        36      Slave Labor in a Cup
        37      MyLeftHand (Japanese)
        38      Spitting Up Sin
        39      Stop Drop Sweatshop
        40      Religious Baffle
        41      The Fast One
        42      Vomit Soup
        43      MyLeftHand (English)
        44      War for Oil, Spill More Blood for Soil
        45      Gangrene on Your feet
        46      Agnostic Technology
        47      Army of None
        48      Hitler Only Had One Testicle Pt. 1
        49      Humanity Aid
        50      Kill to Thrash
        51      Song Seven
        52      Suburban Bloodshed
        53      Elitists Have No Place in Hardcore
        54      Hitler Only Had One Testicle Pt. 2
        55      Ballad of Christ
        56      The Prick Has Made Its Name
        57      America on Alert
        58      Grind / Jazz Fusion
        59      3:28 AM
        60      Fuck Your Protein Source
        61      Blood Covered Hands
        62      Housewife Plague
TLAL    04      UNHOLY GRAVE/ARCHAGATHUS : SPLIT                        7"      05.2006

        A1      Archagathus             Sick Life
        A2      Archagathus             Who
        A3      Archagathus             Snacks?
        B1      Unholy Grave            Confession
        B2      Unholy Grave            Danger Mines!
        B3      Unholy Grave            Murderer
        B4      Unholy Grave            Goddamn Bullshit
        B5      Unholy Grave            No Racial Superiority
TLAL    05      I OBJECT!/F.P.O.        SPLIT                           7"      05.2006

        1       I Object!               Burn
        2       I Object!               Hate Words
        3       I Object!               Pretty Good for a Girl
        4       F.P.O.                  Deserter
TLAL    06      AxRxMx/FINAL DRAFT      SPLIT                           7"      06.2006

        A1      AxRxMx                  Stay Away From the Boof Cloud
        A2      AxRxMx                  Jacking Off Satan
        A3      AxRxMx                  Cowboys Can Skate Too
        A4      AxRxMx                  Gimme Waffles
        A5      AxRxMx                  Omar Where's My Weed?
        A6      AxRxMx                  Macho Dickhead
        A7      AxRxMx                  That Tie Makes a Good Noose
        B1      Final Draft             Lacirated Logically
        B2      Final Draft             Dehuminization
        B3      Final Draft             Hi-Tech Death II
        B4      Final Draft             Three One Zero
TLAL    07      V / A                   SKATE ATTACK: VOL.1             CS      06.2006

        A1      Killed In Action        Destroy Cleveland
        A2      Temper                  xFadesx
        A3      Street Sharks           Spiritus Sanctus
        A4      Street Sharks           Slummin' It
        A5      Makhlok Perosak         Revolution
        A6      ANS                     Skate Zombies Must Shred
        A7      ANS                     Thrash To Be Free
        A8      ANS                     The Deep End
        A9      ANS                     The Grip
        B1      Bail Out!               N/A
        B2      Bail Out!               N/A
        B3      Concrete Evidence       White Belts
        B4      Common Enemy            Skate Of The Dead
        B5      Common Enemy            Let's Have Fun
        B6      Common Enemy            Park Scabs And Ramp Tramps
        B7      Badeatinghabits         Florida
        B8      Badeatinghabits         Too Many Problems
        B9      Media Circus            Media Circus
        B10     Media Circus            Been Nowhere Done Nothing
        B11     Media Circus            Hipster Holocaust
                (Note : cassette , 300 copies)
TLAL    08      V / A : FOUR BANDS TO DRAIN YOUR POOL                   LP      12.2006

        A1      Badeatinghabits         Skate And/Or Die
        A2      Badeatinghabits         Student
        A3      Badeatinghabits         Here's The Door, Now Use It
        A4      Badeatinghabits         Your Way To The Finish Line
        A5      Badeatinghabits         My God Rides A Skateboard
        A6      No Comply               Growing Up In..
        A7      No Comply               South Park Crew
        A8      No Comply               A.S.A.P.
        A9      No Comply               Prelude to Untitled
        A10     No Comply               Don't Forget
        A11     No Comply               Blinded Vision
        A12     No Comply               Brutal Female Torture Faceless Beatdown
        A13     No Comply               New Monster Pt.2
        B1      ANS                     Skate Zombies Must Shred
        B2      ANS                     A Suit, A Tie, And A Gun
        B3      ANS                     Try Try Again
        B4      ANS                     Turn It Off
        B5      ANS                     Beach Blanket Bongout
        B6      Rat Byte                Speed
        B7      Rat Byte                Frustration
        B8      Rat Byte                Break Yourself
        B9      Rat Byte                Fun
        B10     Rat Byte                No Mind
        B11     Rat Byte                Not For Me
TLAL    09      XBrainiaX/NO COMPLY     SPLIT                           7"      11.2006

        1       No Comply               Who We Are...?
        2       No Comply               Ogar Part II
        3       No Comply               Still Pole Bashin'
        4       No Comply               Song #32
        5       No Comply               Judy's Back In Court
        6       No Comply               I'd Rather Wear Speedos
        7       XBrainiaX               KOB 2006
        8       XBrainiaX               Snake Culture
        9       XBrainiaX               Pwn3d Community
        10      XBrainiaX               Fedaykin
        11      XBrainiaX               International Gang Of Bastards
        12      XBrainiaX               Not In My Circle Pit
        13      XBrainiaX               No Surprise
        14      XBrainiaX               Reprezent
        15      XBrainiaX               Sunken Tomb
        16      XBrainiaX               Red Out
TLAL    10      TERMINAL YOUTH          TERMINAL YOUTH                  LP      12.2006

        1       Nightmare
        2       So Sincere
        3       Varicose Vein, Poison Stomach
        4       At A Loss
        5       Coutervail
        6       Lever
        7       Left For Dead
        8       Pound By Pound By Pound
        9       Spoonful Of Dependency
        10      Burnt Up
        11      Pleasure To Serve
        12      Bridge Game
        13      Run Under
        14      Dead Weight
        15      Down Your Throat
        16      Panic
        17      Nervous Wreck
        18      Dilemma
TLAL    11      LxExAxRxNx              FIRST LESSON                    7"      08.2006

        A1      Fake!
        A2      You Skate / We Feel Hate
        A3      Spring
        A4      8-Bit Fight!
        A5      Back to Mythology
        A6      Just a Phonecall
        B1      Tough Guy
        B2      Last Minute Pinups
        B3      Closet Friends
        B4      Smartness
        B5      Seeing Red
TLAL    12      MEHKAGO N.T.            MEHKAGO N.T.                    CDEP    04.2007

        1       Negative Outlook
        2       Siafu Attack
        3       Holy Shit
        4       Innocent but Accused
        5       Programmed Society
TLAL    13      ATHRENODY               CRAZED DVELOPMENT               CD      06.2007

        1       Throne of Civilization                          1:50
        2       At War with Shadows                             2:08
        3       Wired                                           1:58
        4       Cracked                                         1:55
        5       Imprisoned                                      2:00
        6       Crazed Development                              2:08
        7       Grind Monkey                                    0:47
        8       Nonsense                                        3:05
        9       Frustration                                     0:44
TLAL    14      AGATHOCLES/SMG          Split                           7"      08.2007

        A1      Agathocles              Alexandra's End
        A2      Agathocles              Slaves to the Beat
        A3      Agathocles              Mutilated Regurgitator
        A4      Agathocles              Cash Will Do the Job
        A5      Agathocles              Superiority Overdose
        B1      Self Made God           Unhappy Meal
        B2      Self Made God           Ode to Agathocles
        B3      Self Made God           Mincing the Fascist
        B4      Self Made God           Fun Scum 2006
        B5      Self Made God           Utopia Denied
        B6      Self Made God           Last Laughter of Job
TLAL    15      BLOODY PHOENIX          War , Hate & Misery             CD      07.2007

        1       War, Hate, & Misery                             2:52
        2       A Brother's Bertrayal                           0:53
        3       Lost Sense Of Reality                           0:38
        4       40 Hours Of Waste                               0:46
        5       Dead Weight                                     0:53
        6       Panic Attacks                                   0:40
        7       No Remains Left                                 1:27
        8       With My Rifle                                   0:35
        9       Here At The End Of Everything                   0:44
        10      Opiates                                         1:03
        11      Blasting Media                                  1:35
        12      Violent Earth                                   0:56
        13      Showered With Hypocrisy                         0:31
        14      Nine Months                                     1:20
        15      Harsh Introductory                              0:55
        16      Destroy Ourselves                               0:26
        17      Haly Way Dead                                   0:49
        18      Malaise                                         1:09
        19      I Understand                                    1:40
        20      Snipers                                         0:49
        21      Defiance                                        0:30
        22      Funeral For An Enemy                            0:39
        23      No Great Accomplishment                         0:49
        24      Step Down                                       0:43
        25      Your Words Mean Nothing                         1:23
        26      Spoiled Lungs                                   2:14
TLAL    16      PROLETAR                BACK TO HATEVOLUTION            CD      09.2007

        1       Intro
        2       Physical And Mental Torture
        3       Mystical Media Exploration Of The Backward Of Human Thought
        4       A Design For Destruction
        5       Nature Warning For Human Extinction
        6       Arise
        7       The Wait For Death
        8       Underground Bullshit
        9       The Arrogant
        10      Siap Saji Siap Mati
        11      Empty Head Temperamental
        12      Grind Your Soul Green Your Earth
        13      War Against The New World
        14      The Braindwash System Of National Education
        15      Emo No More!!!
        16      The Broken Of Your State Like My Broken Songs
        17      Lost Hope
        18      Universal Ideas
        19      Di Bawah Penghisapan Negara (Live)
        20      George War Bush (Live)
        21      Intro
        22      Dibawah Penghisapan Negara
        23      1...2...3... Let's Rock
        24      Born Live Death
        25      George War Bush
        26      You're The State Your The Leader
        27      Buta Hati
        28      Investors Asshole
        29      Kontaminasi Otak
        30      Discrimination
        31      Polusi... Erois... Ambisi
        32      Manusia Tak Lagi Berarti
        33      Born To Opress
        34      Hulu Ledak / Nuisance Of The World
        35      Terror And Violence
        36      Zero Army
        37      Bad Day Of The Judgement
        38      Forcest Destroyer
        39      No Compromise To Zionist
        40      Final War
        41      Pengecut Bangsat Pecundang Biadab
        42      Buruh Wanita
        43      Yang Kultus Yang Bodoh
        44      Bullshit Propaganda
        45      Akhir Zaman
        46      Subversive Tendencies
        47      Be Yourself
        48      Capitalist Victim
        49      Kiss Or Kill
        50      Badai!!!
        51      Imperialism Burning
        52      Busuk Sebelum Maut
        53      DIY Or Die
        54      Hancurkan System
        55      Stigma
TLAL    17      GATE/HIP COPS           Split                           7"      02.2008

        A1      Hip Cops                Exterminate Man
        A2      Hip Cops                N.I.M.B.Y.
        A3      Hip Cops                Laugh With the Like
        A4      Hip Cops                Sac Tap
        A5      Hip Cops                Chainsawed to Pieces
        A6      Hip Cops                Responsibility?
        A7      Hip Cops                Jerry Fallwell's Fucking Dead
        A8      Hip Cops                All for Nothing
        A9      Hip Cops                Savage Beating
        B1      Gate                    The Pleasure to End All Pleasures
        B2      Gate                    Fundamental Human Condition
        B3      Gate                    Collapsed
        B4      Gate                    Desperate
        B5      Gate                    Satan Loves Me
TLAL    18      FINAL DRAFT             FINAL DTAFT EP                  7"      03.2008

        A1      Gun Slaughter
        A2      Broken
        A3      Life on a Respirator
        A4      Crucifying the Earth
        A5      My Westside Horizon
        B1      Socially Deceased
        B2      Road Kill
        B3      Drenched in Blood
        B4      Mark Your Words
TLAL    19      F.P.O.                  2003-2007 RECORDINGS            CD      04.2008

        1       Borders Suck
        2       Billboard Revolution
        3       All People Are Equal
        4       Black and White
        5       Out of Time
        6       Time to Make a Choice
        7       This Is the End
        8       Each Day Is the Same
        9       Kill Me
        10      I'm Sorry for You Man
        11      Straight to the Point
        12      Choice
        13      Killburger
        14      Scene
        15      Here and Now
        16      You're Shit
        17      You Told Me Yesterday
        18      Hatred Is the Product of Your Fear
        19      Are We Gonna Change the World?
        20      Because of the Love
        21      You Suck, They Suck Too
        22      Why Don't You Kill Yourself?
        23      Deserter
        24      Giving Birth in Order to Kill
        25      Straight Is Great, Gay Is Okay
        26      One Beautiful Day
        27      Come On Girls
        28      I Know I'm Losing the Battle
        29      My Letter Is a Part of History
        30      I Broke the Edge! So What?
        31      You Call It Life
        32      Questions
        33      Is There Anything Beyond Death?
        34      What Is the Meaning of All This?
        35      Why Am I Born on This Planet?
        36      At This Moment
        37      I Can Imagine What Will Happen.....
        38      Anarchy Loves to Sleep on the Floor of My Room
        39      I Hate My Neighbour
        40      Whose Grave Is This?
        41      F.P.O. Live (19.08.06)
TLAL    20      V / A : TO LIVE A LIE THREE YEAR SAMPLER                CD      07.2008

        1       Mehkago N.T.            Siafu Attack
        2       Final Draft             Drenched In Blood
        3       P.L.F.                  Massacred In Totality
        4       Bloody Phoenix          No Remains Left
        5       Magrudergrind           My Inner Self
        6       Terminal Youth          Bridge Game
        7       Archagathus             Sick Life
        8       Rhino Charge            Perspective As Law
        9       Godstomper              French Fry
        10      Conga Fury              True News
        11      Mesrine                 One Time Killer
        12      Proletar                Arise
        13      Hip Cops                Chainsawed To Pieces
        14      SMG                     Mincing The Facists
        15      Sakatat                 Birleşmiş Milletler, Bölünmüş Halklar
        16      Unholy Grave            Danger Mines! (Perigo Ninjas!)
        17      Gate                    The Pleasure To End All Pleasures
        18      Agathocles              Superiority Overdose
        19      Athrenody               Throne Of Civilization
        20      Kakistocracy            Claustrophobia
        21      Nux Vomica              Empty Out The Parking Meters
        22      xBrainiax               No Suprise
        23      Apathetic Ronald McDonald : Gimme Waffles
        24      Badeatinghabits         Student
        25      l.e.ä.r.n.              Closet Friends
        26      I Object                Hate Words
        27      FPO                     Time To Make A Choice
        28      Temper                  Sharpie Stains, What Remains
        29      Media Circus            Hipster Holocaust
        30      Rat Byte                Speed
        31      ANS                     Turn It Off
        32      Common Enemy            Skate Of The Dead
        33      Makhlok Perosak         MxPx Revolution
        34      Street Sharks           Slummin It
        35      No Comply               Who We Are
        36      Archagathus             Throat Shovers
        37      Badeatinghabits         Skate And Or Die
        38      Bloody Phoenix          Defiance
        39      Final Draft             Lacirated Logically
        40      Final Draft             Road Kill
        41      FPO                     Deserter
        42      Godstomper              Family Crisis
        43      Hip Cops                Laugh With The Like
        44      Magrudergrind           Spicy Delight
        45      No Comply               Blinded Vision
        46      Proletar                George War Bush
        47      Rhino Charge            Circular Evolution
        48      Sakatat                 Tarih?
        49      SMG                     Fun Scum 2006
        50      Terminal Youth          So Sincere
        51      xBrainiax               Pwn3d Community
TLAL    21      KAKISTOCRACY/NUX VOMICA : Split                         7"      07.2008

        A1      Nux Vomica              Empty Out The Parking Meters
        A2      Nux Vomica              Abandoned
        B1      Kakistocracy : Counting The Rings On A Tree Recently Felled
        B2      Kakistocracy            D.J.S.
TLAL    22      ARCHAGATHUS/SAKATAT     SPLIT                           7"      08.2008

        A1      Archagathus             Slaughter-Extinction
        A2      Archagathus             Been Mincin'
        A3      Archagathus             Abusive Authority
        A4      Archagathus             Throat Shovers
        B1      Sakatat                 Ucuz Can Pazari
        B2      Sakatat                 Birlesmis Milletler, Bölünmüs Halklar
        B3      Sakatat                 Tuzak
        B4      Sakatat                 Kimin Ellerinde?
        B5      Sakatat                 Tair?
        B6      Sakatat                 Televizyon Bizi Olduruyor
        B7      Sakatat                 Hippie Cult
        B8      Sakatat                 Pislik
TLAL    23      MESRINE/P.L.F.          Split                           7"      10.2008

        A1      Mesrine                 Need to Stop
        A2      Mesrine                 One Time Killer
        A3      Mesrine                 Your Life Ends
        A4      Mesrine                 Viateur Julien
        B1      P.L.F.                  Massacred in Totality
        B2      P.L.F.                  Walls of Ancient Stone
        B3      P.L.F.                  Festering Fetus
        B4      P.L.F.                  Punishing Ferocity
                (Note : 7" , grey vinyl)
TLAL    24      PARTY BY THE SLICE/!MALPARIDO! : SPLIT                  7"      09.2009

        A1      Party By The Slice      Text Text Text Text Text Die!
        A2      Party By The Slice      Stupid People Make Me Hungry
        B1      Malparido!              Blood In
        B2      Malparido!              Fronerizo
        B3      Malparido!              Dinero
        B4      Malparido!              Rey De Reyes
        B5      Malparido!              Hazlo Tu Mismo O Muere
        B6      Malparido!              Malparido!
        B7      Malparido!              Anti Straight Edge
        B8      Malparido!              Skate Hasta La Muerte
        B9      Malparido!              El Sueno Americano
        B10     Malparido!              Blood Out
TLAL    25      V / A                   A PRODUCT OF SIX CENTS II       CD      04.2009

        1       Assholeparade           Freedom Fighters
        2       NoComply                Van Halen
        3       Coke Bust               No One To Impress
        4       Coke Bust               Lines In The Sand
        5       Final Draft             Road Kill
        6       GeorgeXHarrison         GxHx Vandal Crew
        7       GeorgeXHarrison:How Emo Will You Get When I Kick You In The Balls
        8       The Scrotums            Keeping It Posi
        9       The Scrotums            Lets Make This Shit Fun
        10      Lake Effect             My World
        11      Spazz                   Jeb Song (Live At Last Show)
        12      A.N.S.                  85 And Loving It
        13      Death Jungle Death      Carbon Copy
        14      Children's Crusade      Cave Dweller
        15      Asshole Assassination Squad : Calm As A Hindu Cow
        16      Asshole Assassination Squad : No Tengas Verguenza
        17      Ansojuan                Sutter Kane
        18      Ansojuan                Dr. Phloby
        19      Bizarre X               Drum And Bass
        20      Common Enemy            Skate The Day Away
        21      xBrainiax               Yamakazi
        22      Sudden Seizure          Stressed
        23      Bastardass              Step Down
        24      Hoy Pinoy               Helmet
        25      Rhino Charge : I Wish I Could Die, But I've Been Dead
        26      Mobile Terror Unit      Untitled Track
        27      Magrudergrind           The 3rd Wave
        28      The Beginning Of The End : Deadly Spawn
        29      Charred Remains aka Man Is The Bastard : No Concern For
                The Inhuman
        30      Bombarde                Ethanol
        31      50/50                   No Grindin', Just Carvin'
        32      PHC aka Pissed Happy Children : Gravel Truck
        33      Rocket Attack           Cave Man
        34      Ummm                    I Shit Steve Jobs
        35      Apathetic Ronald McDonald : King Of The Asses
        36      Apathetic Ronald McDonald : I'm In ARM
        37      Ignor Anus              Econolust
        38      Slapendehonden          Positive HxC Up Your Ass
        39      Max Ward                Poser Disposer
        40      Max Ward                625 Fuck Yeah
                APOSC I (7") BONUS TRACKS
        41      NoComply                Travolta's Lil' Piece
        42      Palatka                 Belief In A System
        43      Spazz                   DanLiftingBanner (Live)
        44      Assholeparade           Through Inheritence
        45      The End Of The Century Party : Preserving Shit
        46      Suppression             Bludgeon
        47      Lack Of Interest        Ignorance
        48      Laceration              Analog Pride
        49      Short Hate Temper       A Penny For A Spoon Of Thread

        1       Bloody Act Of Terror    Bloody Act Of Terror            1:27
        2       Bloody Act Of Terror :  Lets Talk About Nothing         1:52
        3       Bloody Act Of Terror:Their System Has Stolen My Life    0:38
        4       Bloody Act Of Terror    Fight Your Wars                 0:21
        5       Bloody Act Of Terror    Shut Up.!!!                     1:19
        6       Goner                   Total Fucking Misanthropy       1:06
        7       Goner                   Devoid Of Substance             0:47
        8       Goner                   Japanese Title                  0:26
        9       Goner                   Minced Martyr Sauce             1:38
        10      Haemophagus             Contamination                   2:26
        11      Haemophagus             Rivers Run No More              3:21
        12      Haemophagus : Grotesque Laceration Of Mortified Flesh   1:32
        13      Sakatat                 Özgür Ol, Yok Ol                0:29
        14      Sakatat                 Elli Yillik Rüyamiz             0:52
        15      Sakatat                 Humanity Of Stupidity (S.O.B.)  0:30
        16      Sakatat                 Ulusal Basin                    1:06
        17      Sakatat                 Sinirlar Bizi Ayirmaz           0:27
        18      Sakatat                 Game Of Hypocrisy (Rot)         0:50
        19      D-Compose               Bad Side Of Social Existance    3:06
        20      D-Compose               Kill Yourself Now               4:07
        21      D-Compose               I'm Not Jesus                   3:16
        22      Splattered Mermaids     Female Dermal Body Coat         3:00
        23      Splattered Mermaids     Torch To Face Reconstruction    2:05
        24      Splattered Mermaids     Last Wish                       0:56
        25      Splattered Mermaids     Take The Pain                   1:59
TLAL    27      XBrainiaX               HAIL FASTCORE                   CD      06.2009

        1       Dead Things
        2       Disdain
        3       Sex Offender
        4       Sing The Blues
        5       Nice Leather Jacket
        6       Witch Trial
        7       Aka Charred Bridges
        8       Nails
        9       Masheihk
        10      Nihilist
        11      Cult
        12      Bocki Blank Mit
        13      5 Minute Speed
        14      No More Blood
        15      Schadenfreude
        16      Fuck Your Punk Rock
        17      Fucked Up Forever
        18      Skull Theif
        19      HG
        20      Cull The Herd
        21      Mindhack
        22      This Is Supposed To Hurt
        23      Kob
        24      Snake Culture
        25      Cloned Community
        26      Fedaykin
        27      Not In My Circle Pit
        28      International Gang Of Bastards
        29      No Surprise
        30      Reprezent
        31      Sunken Tomb
        32      Mos Eisley II
        33      Red Out
        34      My Life
        35      32%
        36      No Refuge
        37      Do Me A Favor
        38      Tsunami
        39      Yamakazi
        40      Jaded, Twisted And Evil
        41      The End
        42      Inelligent Design Is Fucking Stupid
        43      I Hate Myself Blah, Blah, Blah
        44      Shitting Where You Eat
        45      A Song About Crusties (Not A Hellnation Cover)
        46      Bananarama Bloodbath
        47      Trekkie Killer
        48      This Time It's Impersonal
        49      All Killer
        50      Nothing Punk
        51      Book Burners (Beware)
        52      Too Late
        53      Shanking The American Dream
        54      Actually, Freedom Is Free
        55      Mos Eisley
        56      M.S.M.P./Young Republicans Fuck Off
        57      Admitting Defeat
        58      Capitalist Have Nagasaki Wet Dream
        59      Idiot Box
        60      Bullet Hell
        61      Sinking Your Battleship
        62      My Way
        63      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        64      Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
        65      Kiss The Whip
        66      B-Beat
        67      Pick Up Real Change
        68      Revenge!
        69      Believe It
        70      Hacked To Chunks
        71      Lenny Kravitz Is His Answer
        72      Sink Your Flagship
        73      Pick Up Real Change
        74      Idiot Box
        75      Capitalist Have Nagasaki Wet Dream
        76      B-Beat
        77      My Way
        78      Revenge!
        79      Young Republicans Fuck Off
        80      Hacked To Chunks
        81      Admitting Defeat
        82      Bullet Hell
        83      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        84      Profstitutes
        85      You Suffer
        86      Finishing Last In The Human Race
        87      Believe It
        88      Profstitutes
        89      Bullet Hell
        90      Spitting Shit
        91      Admitting Defeat
        92      Kiss The White
        93      All Terrorists Want iPods
        94      Closed Mind, Clenched Fist
        95      Mindless
        96      Believe It
        97      Idiot
        98      First Show, March 2005
        99      Another Live Show

        1       Full Spectrum Dominance                         2:20
        2       News Flash                                      2:49
        3       Specter of Fear                                 0:36
        4       Walk Away                                       0:30
        5       You'll Be Next                                  0:36
        6       Enhanced                                        0:12
        7       Not Winning the C. Montgomery Burns Award for
                Outstanding Achievement in the Field of
                Excellence                                      1:26
        8       Not for Babies                                  0:38
        9       Planetary Civilization                          0:55
        10      Ours Not Theirs                                 0:55
        11      Swallowed                                       0:44
        12      Archaic Technologies                            0:12
        13      Carnies                                         1:24
        14      I Stopped Caring                                2:06
        15      Speed of Armageddon                             0:17
        16      Status Tats                                     0:42
        17      Awkward                                         1:07
        18      Now and Forever                                 0:11
        19      Fuck Settling Down                              0:22
        20      Scared Little Fuck                              0:21
        21      Mockery                                         1:09
        22      Panocide                                        11:18
TLAL    29      DEATHRATS               DEATHRATS EP                    7"      08.2009

        A1      Sense Of Entitlement
        A2      I'm Fine
        A3      Self-Obsessed
        B1      Girl Style
        B2      Fuck It
        B3      Let Down
TLAL    30      V / A : TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS 2010 SAMPLER              CDR     03.2010

        1       Hummingbird Of Death    Status Tats             0:41
        2       xBrainiax               No Surprise             0:15
        3       Get Destroyed!          Subtle Hate             0:42
        4       Deathrats               I'm Fine                0:55
        5       Arctic Choke            Just One Please         0:50
        6       Axed Up Conformist      Get Crackin             1:01
        7       PLF                     Massacred In Totality   1:06
        8       Goner : Total Fucking Misanthropy               1:04
        9       Henry Fonda             Homophobia Can Suck It  0:22
        10      Archagathus             Crazy Situation         1:44
        11      Mesrine                 One Time Killer         1:01
        12      Coke Bust               No One To Impress       0:37
        13      Thieves                 Hard Kids               0:58
        14      Party By The Slice:Text Text Text Text Text Die 2:12
        15      Assholeparade           Freedom Fighters        0:23
        16      !Malparido!             Hazlo Tu Mismo O Muere  0:16
        17      Mondo Gecko             Brother Of Blasphemy    1:21
        18      Conga Fury              True News               1:20
        19      Sudden Seizure          Stressed                0:37
        20      Bastardass              Bars On My Windows      0:35
        21      Violent Gorge           Picturesque Encystment  1:01
        22      Sakatat                 Elli Yillik Rüyamiz     0:52
        23      Tinner                  Mer Indie Än Due        0:31
        24      Charogne Stone          Orgie Notoire           1:08
        25      Kasatka                 Tongue                  0:12
        26      Agathocles              Numbers                 2:19
TLAL    31      ARCTIC CHOKE            ARCTIC CHOKE                    7"      09.2009

        A1      Just One Please
        A2      9-5
        A3      Frigid Witch
        A4      Full Tilt Bozo
        A5      Friends
        B1      Work Sucks
        B2      MVP
        B3      Purs As Cold Driven Snow
        B4      Jersey Fuck You
        B5      What A Joke
TLAL    32      MONDO GECKO/D9          SPLIT                           12"       .2009

        A1      Mondo Gecko             Feast Of The Beast
        A2      Mondo Gecko             Frozen Mountain
        A3      Mondo Gecko             The Chosen One
        A4      Mondo Gecko             Brother Of Blasphemy
        A5      Mondo Gecko             Blind Horse
        A6      Mondo Gecko             Blastbeat For The King
        A7      Mondo Gecko             Urban Stefan
        B1      D9                      Prolific
        B2      D9                      Shapes Chasing Shadows
        B3      D9                      Cracked
        B4      D9                      Jigsaw Your Existence
        B5      D9                      Died In The Street
        B6      D9                      Fourth Gear Comprehension
        B7      D9                      Divings' Abyss
TLAL    33      GET DESTROYED           BURNT OFFERINGS EP              7"      11.2009

        A1      Subtle Hate
        A2      What Is Best
        A3      Purge
        A4      Clearing Reason
        A5      Burnt Offerings
        B1      Second Guess
        B2      Trial
        B3      Act Exact
TLAL    34      THIEVES                 POSITIVE VIBRATIONS             7"      01.2010

                Side Positive
        A1      Tough Luck
        A2      Hard Kids
        A3      Start A Riot
        A4      Punch Drunk
                Side Vibrations
        B1      Destruction On The Bend
        B2      God Hates Fags
        B3      Rough Life
        B4      Lies
TLAL    35      AXED UP CONFORMIST/ARCHAGATHUS : SPLIT                  7"      01.2010

        A1      Axed Up Conformist      Fuck What You Think
        A2      Axed Up Conformist      Down With Brainwave
        A3      Axed Up Conformist      The Joke Is On You
        A4      Axed Up Conformist      King Shit In A Land Of Crap
        A5      Axed Up Conformist      Get Crackin'
        A6      Axed Up Conformist      First Take
        A7      Axed Up Conformist      Back To The Grind
        B1      Archagathus             Hellish Fury Unleashed
        B2      Archagathus             Of Mince And Men
        B3      Archagathus             Disgruntled Insincerity
        B4      Archagathus             Crazy Situation
        B5      Archagathus             Ratatosk
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    36      CHAROGNE STONE          LIVE 2008                       7"      01.2010

        A1      Yeux Verts
        A2      Amputation
        A3      Fourtre
        A4      Elisabeth
        A5      Attentat
        A6      Boum
        A7      Fees
        B1      Frigide Air
        B2      Assassin
        B3      Poli
        B4      On Sait Jammais
        B5      Y En A Asses
        B6      Raquette
        B7      Femme Droguee
        B8      Gigue
TLAL    37      SICK/TIRED              HIGHLIFE                        LP      05.2010

        A1      Highlife
        A2      Sick/Tired
        A3      Warm Beer Makes Me Puke
        A4      Bark
        A5      Hatchet
        A6      Razors
        A7      30 Pack Attack
        A8      Isolation
        A9      Last Stand For A Dead Man
        B1      Day By Day (Phobia)
        B2      Destruction Anthem
        B3      Sharks
        B4      Resolution?
        B5      Obliteration
        B6      Banishment
TLAL    38      CONGA FURY/SHITSTORM    SPLIT                           7"      07.2010

        A1      Conga Fury              Why?
        A2      Conga Fury              Say Goodbye
        A3      Conga Fury              Do It
        A4      Conga Fury              True News
        B1      Shitstorm               [untitled]
        B2      Shitstorm               [untitled]
        B3      Shitstorm               [untitled]
        B4      Shitstorm               [untitled]
        B5      Shitstorm               [untitled]
        B6      Shitstorm               [untitled]
TLAL    39      CHAROGNE STONE : MR ET MME STONE ONT UNE FILLE          7"      06.2010

        A1      Mauvaise Ecole
        A2      Exploitation
        A3      H5 N1
        A4      Buoy
        A5      Orgie Notoire
        A6      Suceur
        A7      Quoi?
        A8      C'est Faux
        A9      Aigre
        A10     Y'en A Assez
        A11     Stop
        B1      A Poil
        B2      Angelin
        B3      Vino Cours Off
        B4      Neuone
        B5      Catastrophe
TLAL    40      XBrainiaX               DEPROGRAMMED                    CD      01.2011

        1       The True Religion of Broken Necks               2:27
        2       Vigilante                                       0:21
        3       Faith Mask                                      0:25
        4       No Love Lost                                    0:23
        5       Kids Say the Darnedest Things                   0:23
        6       Acrid                                           0:36
        7       Baptism in Glass                                0:20
        8       Desert Power                                    0:45
        9       Altered                                         0:23
        10      Decaf                                           0:42
        11      Candidate for a New Faith                       0:25
        12      We Are the Monster                              0:26
        13      Sirens                                          0:31
        14      Blatant Localism                                0:18
        15      Rosary Noose                                    2:14
        16      Solanum                                         0:19
        17      Good to the Last Drop                           0:33
        18      Secede                                          0:19
        19      The Audacity of Hope                            0:24
        20      Fuck the Swindlers                              0:32
        21      Clandestine Operation                           0:24
        22      Our Thing                                       0:32
        23      This Is...                                      0:16
        24      Moral Vacancy                                   0:29
        25      Kralizec                                        0:22
        26      Trichinosis I                                   0:24
        27      Trichinosis II                                  0:32
        28      Trichinosis III                                 0:20
        29      Friend Request Denied                           0:30
        30      Eroding                                         0:23
        31      Deprogrammed                                    11:27
                Enhanced Content
                Live @ For Real Fest 2008 [video]               24:50
                Live @ Maryland Death Fest VIII 2010            16:26
                Live Practice CA. 2005                          6:56
TLAL    41      D.O.C.                  D.O.C.                          7"        .2010

        A       12
        B1      Communion
        B2      Lapse
        B3      Break Our Bones
        B4      Hall of Mirrors
TLAL    42      VIOLENT GORGE/AGATHOCLES                                7"      03.2011
                :  Untitled / www.myspacenew(de)generation.dumb

        A1      Violent Gorge           Brontomanic Grindcore Addict
        A2      Violent Gorge           Otic Pit Fight
        A3      Violent Gorge           Expensive Funeral
        A4      Violent Gorge           Picturesque Encystment
        A5      Violent Gorge           Sonicated Otorrhagia
        A6      Violent Gorge           Let's Enjoy Agathocles
        B1      Agathocles              Intro
        B2      Agathocles              Will Gone, Lobotomy Done
        B3      Agathocles              New (De)Generation
        B4      Agathocles              Depends Where You Live
        B5      Agathocles              Numbers
        B6      Agathocles              Right For Insight
        B7      Agathocles              Too Fast
        B8      Agathocles              Pathetic
        B9      Agathocles              Braindrill Kill
TLAL    43      SEX PRISONER            SEX PRISONER                    7"      10.2010

        A1      Judgement
        A2      Unconditioned Hate
        A3      Ladies Of The Night
        A4      Piss When I Cum
        A5      Pulp
        A6      Fucked/Marred
        A7      Vanity
        B1      Snuff Film
        B2      Off My Chest
        B3      Lethargy
        B4      Position Of Power
        B5      Soft Skin
TLAL    44      ARCHAGATHUS/PIZZA HI FIVE : SPLIT                       7"      07.2012

        A1      Archagathus             Ridiculous Incision
        A2      Archagathus             Surgery Addict
        A3      Archagathus             Incomprehensable Octogenerian
        A4      Archagathus             War Monger
        B1      Pizza Hi Five           Eh Ran Dyckman?
        B2      Pizza Hi Five : My Amp Smells Like Dan Ryckmans Hair Conditioner
        B3      Pizza Hi Five : Physical Attribute Copyright Infringement
        B4      Pizza Hi Five : Niteskool Kicked Dan Ryckman Out Of Archagathus
        B5      Pizza Hi Five : Ran Dyckman Vs Mr John
TLAL    45      ASSHOLE PARADE          LIVE IN ROSTOCK                 10"     01.2011

        A1      Serve And Protect
        A2      Mr. Rippington's Revenge
        A3      Mopheadboy
        A4      The Uncomfortable Goodbye
        A5      Hash Thrash
        A6      700 Years
        A7      Just A Reminder
        A8      Launch Ramp
        A9      Short Fast Recovery Plan
        A10     You Sunk My Battleship
        A11     Typical Gainesville Clique Scenario
        B1      Sample
        B2      Soldiers 2
        B3      Modern Problems
        B4      Bury You
        B5      Much Preesh
        B6      Dogbite
        B7      Prelude To Ignorance
        B8      Sick Of Talk
        B9      As Nails Rust
TLAL    46      MAGNUM FORCE            SELF-LOATHING                   7"        .2011

        A1      Distort
        A2      Expire
        A3      Failure
        A4      Worthless
        B1      Chin Check
        B2      Fuck Pity
        B3      Self Loathing
        B4      Negative Thoughts
TLAL    47      BACKSLIDER              BACKSLIDER EP                   7"      12.2010

        A1      Harsh Negativity
        A2      Glutton For Punishment
        A3      Lies And Bullshit
        A4      Half-Ass Disguise
        A5      Dull Blade
        A6      Fractionally Factual
        A7      Legacy Of Wrongful Life
        B1      Gender Commodity
        B2      Failed Attemptys At Empathy
        B3      Preditable Epitaph
        B4      Some Kind Of Moron
        B5      Predatory Courtship
        B6      Encroach
TLAL    48      DOS AMIGOS/GODSTOMPER   SPLIT                           7"      12.2010

        A1      Godstomper              World Of Truth Part 2
        A2      Godstomper              Killed Teen
        A3      Godstomper              Trust Your Leaders
        A4      Godstomper              Tattooed Fools
        A5      Godstomper              The Ballad Of Toxic Waste
        B1      Dos Amigos              Whiskey Shots With Pissed Robots
        B1      Dos Amigos              Napalm Asshole
        B1      Dos Amigos              Chainsaw Hipster Splatterfest
        B1      Dos Amigos              Whitebread Grills
        B1      Dos Amigos              Kronic Mind Rot
        B1      Dos Amigos              Gregory Downing Mustache Ride
        B1      Dos Amigos              Snitch Bitch Earsore
        B1      Dos Amigos              Shit Breeds Shit
        B1      Dos Amigos              Ringwuurm Phantomlord
TLAL    49      MEHKAGO N.T. : MASSIVE FUCKING HEADWOUNDS               LP      07.2011

        A1      Body Snatchers
        A2      Left To Rot
        A3      Void
        A4      Strickly Stock
        A5      The Family International
        B1      Walking Target
        B2      Crustfund Youth
        B3      A Deguello
        B4      Tremenda Cagason
        B5      Greyman
TLAL    50      V / A                   TO LIVE A LIE-VOLUME I          7"      06.2011

        A1      Mind As Prison          Desolate Ways
        A2      Matka Teresa            Untitled 1
        A3      Matka Teresa            Untitled 2
        A4      Disciples Of Christ     With Me
        A5      The Kill                Trolley Pushing Zombies
        A6      Old Painless            Street Howitzer
        A7      Total Fucking Destruction : The Pig Of Knowledge
        B1      Archagathus             Invisible System
        B2      Fubar                   The Given (F)actinlife
        B3      Bud Spencer             Multinational Corpse Orations
        B4      Bud Spencer             Genital Hardcore
        B5      Bud Spencer             Green Pis
        B6      Bud Spencer             Sig Hail Veganism
        B7      Worlds                  Hecatomb
        B8      Worlds                  Snub Survival
        B9      Spoonful Of Vicodin : A Miserable Hole In Which To Die
        B10     Spoonful Of Vicodin : Some Things Can Be Done As Well As Others
        B11     Magrudergrind : My Inner Self Is Telling Me That Something
                In This Room Is At Its Unintelligent High Point
        B12     Magrudergrind           Emo Holocaust
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    51      SUFFERING LUNA          SUFFERING LUNA                  LP      06.2011

        A1      Sea of Drugs                                    5:28
        A2      Paranoid Delusions                              10:24
        A3      Oh, Black Pyramid                               4:54
        B       Live in Studio, Feb 2010                        23:42
TLAL    52      ARCHAGATHUS             CANADIAN HORSE                  LP      08.2011

        A1      Intro / Mincecore Fabio
        A2      Perennial Loser
        A3      Brain: Dead?
        A4      System: What?
        A5      Soap a Dope
        A6      Society's Dinner
        A7      Das Monkey
        A8      A Stupid Question
        A9      Insanity Dog
        B1      Intoxicating Aroma
        B2      Sexy Grinder
        B3      Hey Metallica
        B4      Fuck the System
        B5      Canadian Horse
        B6      Hernie dans un voyageur chagrinant
        B7      Endoparasitic Girlfriend
        B8      The Night Wolf
TLAL    53      SISSY SPACEK            VANISHING POINT                 flx.    03.2011

        A1      Phenomena                                       0:06
        A2      Sleeping Sickness                               0:04
        A3      Minor Damage                                    0:28
        A4      Look Alive                                      0:35
        A5      Unapproachable                                  0:07
        A6      Sentences                                       0:11
        A7      Roll Around                                     0:04
TLAL    54      BEARTRAP                NAILED SHUT                     7"        .2011

        1       Intro/Leadmouth
        2       Absentminded
        3       Lack of Effort
        4       Drop Like Flys
        5       Overbearing
        6       Execution Style
        7       Trashtown
        8       No Home for the Restless
        9       Nailed Shut
        10      Shitting Needles
        11      Mouthguard
        12      20/20
        13      Shit End of the Stick
        14      Damaged Kids
        15      God, Fearing Youth
        16      Push and Pull
TLAL    55      DEATHRATS               GIVE UP                         7"      05.2011

        A1      Can't Relate                                    1:32
        A2      Give Up                                         0:51
        A3      Crutch                                          1:05
        B1      What's Fair                                     1:08
        B2      Please                                          1:09
        B3      It's a Shame                                    1:19
TLAL    56      CHARONGE STONE          LA MAIN DE L'ANGE               7"      12.2010

        A1      Lucien
        A2      La Guepe
        A3      Catherine Tramell
        A4      La Main De L'ange
        B1      God
        B2      Ca Va Saigner
        B3      Ou Est Funky Bill?
        B4      Automne-Hiver
TLAL    57      SIDETRACKED             UNIFORM                         7"      04.2011

        1       Misdiagnosed
        2       No Pulse
        3       Probable Cause
        4       Repeat
        5       Uniform
        6       Follower
        7       Runaway
        8       On My Fists
        9       Sociopaths
        10      Repercussions
        11      Who I Thought
        12      Full Circle
        13      Can't Relate
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided , 500 copies on mix-coloured vinyl)
TLAL    58      NO COMPLY               NO COMPLY                       7"      04.2011

        A1      Fiend
        A2      Dick Cop
        A3      Quarantine The Ugly
        A4      Start Shit
        A5      Monopoly II [aka] What's Up Now? Pt.2
        A6      Extend Your Arm For The Fix
        A7      Jesus' Whore
        A8      Who The Hell Are You People
        B1      Fiend
        B2      Dick Cop
        B3      Quarantine The Ugly
        B4      Start Shit
        B5      Monopoly II [aka] What's Up Now? Pt.2
        B6      Extend Your Arm For The Fix
        B7      Jesus' Whore
        B8      Who The Hell Are You People
TLAL    59      MESRINE/SAKATAT         SPLIT                           7"      07.2011

        A1      Mesrine                 Chris Benoit
        A2      Mesrine                 Modern Void
        B1      Sakatat                 Meydanlar
        B2      Sakatat                 Bu duzen hepimizi bir gecede harcayabilir
        B3      Sakatat                 Kayip
        B4      Sakatat                 Truth Behind
        B5      Sakatat                 Tahammul etmek kabul etmek demek

A.      1       Capitalist Casualties : Atomic Energy Commission
        2       Capitalist Casualties : Incorrect
        3       Capitalist Casualties : Fuck the Christians
        4       Capitalist Casualties : Greedy Bastards
        5       Capitalist Casualties : Drinking Alone
B.      6       No Comply               Force Fed Violence
        7       No Comply               Silence Is Golden
        8       No Comply               Disgrace on Jedi Forces
        9       No Comply               Only Built for Cuban Lynx
        10      No Comply               Stop the Nonsensical Jabber
        11      No Comply               Still Got Beef With Roller Bladers
        12      No Comply               Napalm Bath
        13      No Comply               Low Expectations
        14      No Comply               Squatter
TLAL    61      BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA : BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA         7"      06.2011

        A       Defeat                                          3:50
        B       Fucking Mess                                    3:59
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    62      MIND AS PRISON          MARYLAND GRINDCORE 7"           7"      10.2011

        A1      Ramifications
        A2      Delusion Of Dilution
        A3      Breathing The Healing Calm
        A4      Builder
        B1      Rescue
        B2      Give Respect
TLAL    63      GET DESTROYED           SHUT IN                         7"      08.2011

        A1      Shut In
        A2      Horizon
        A3      Tinnitus
        A4      Pyramid Climbers
        B1      Gather Grange
        B2      Sort Out
        B3      If You Please
        B4      An Extension
TLAL    64      ACxDC                   HE HAD IT COMING                7"        .2012

        A1      Dumb n Dumbshit
        A2      Death Spare Not the Tiger
        A3      Anti-Christ Demon Core
        A4      Turtle Power
        B1      Jack Trippin'
        B2      Wookies Have Feelings Too
        B3      We Kill Christians
        B4      Sexual Fantasies of Biblical Figures
TLAL    64      ACxDC                   THE SECOND COMING               7"        .2012

        A1      Milk Was a Bad Choice
        A2      No Fly Zone
        A3      Leech
        B1      Jokes on You
        B2      T-Shirt Time
        B3      Fuck It Dood...Let's Go Bowling
TLAL    64      ACxDC : HE HAD IT COMING/THE SECOND COMING              2x7"      .2014
TLAL    65      LAPSE/EDDIE BROCK       LAPSE/EDDIE BROCK               7"      11.2011

        A1      Lapse                   Bonehead                1:02
        A2      Lapse                   Trend                   0:48
        A3      Lapse                   Barbarize               1:45
        B1      Eddie Brock             Pointer Thumb Pinky     1:56
        B2      Eddie Brock             Absol                   1:59
TLAL    66      CURMUDGEON              CURMUDGEON                      7"        .2012

        A1      32411
        A2      Infallible
        A3      Expel
        B1      Rehashed
        B2      Dysmorphic
TLAL    67      SIDETRACKED             WRENCH                          CS      01.2012

        A1      Fascination With Violence
        A2      Don't Deserve It
        A3      No Recollection
        A4      Inside
        A5      Pick My Battles
        A6      Nothing's Broken
        B1      Easy For You
        B2      The Way Out
        B3      Help Me See
        B4      Wrench
        B5      Dog Eat Dog
        B6      Severed
TLAL    68      THE KILL/WHITE EYES     SPLIT                           5"      01.2012

        A1      The Kill                Brain Sick
        B1      White Eyes              Ophelia Stereotype
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 white copies)
TLAL    69      P.L.F.                  PULVERIZING LETHAL FORCE        CD      09.2011

        1       Pulverizing Lethal Force                        1:43
        2       Have The Will To Stand Alone                    1:33
        3       Siege Of The Headbanger                         1:46
        4       Veteran Of Loserhood                            1:05
        5       Instant Disintergration                         1:02
        6       Human Shield                                    0:35
        7       Pinnacle Of Weakness                            1:24
        8       Black Robe                                      1:38
        9       Strangled In Icy Dreams                         1:19
        10      Fighting The Urge                               0:16
        11      A Grim Afterthought                             1:27
        12      Ripping Tighter                                 1:31
        13      Ripping Tighter                                 0:42
        14      Imprison Yourself                               1:17
        15      Shrapnel Decapitation                           0:52
        16      Webs Of Entanglement                            0:35
        17      No Escape                                       1:06
TLAL    70      V / A : TO LIVE A LIE SAMPLER 2011                      CS      10.2011

        A1      Sex Prisoner            Piss When I Cum         0:50
        A2      Sick/Tired : Last Stand For A Deadman           1:21
        A3      Shitstorm               Nevernding Genocide     0:15
        A4      xBrainiax               Fuck The Swindlers      0:32
        A5      Magnum Force            Distort                 0:34
        A6      Backslider              Some Kind Of Moron      0:29
        A7      Disciples Of Christ     12                      0:56
        A8      Dos Amigos ; Snitch Bitch Eyesore               0:23
        A9      Sissy Spacek            Look Alive              0:34
        A10     Assholeparade           Bury You                1:01
        A11     Beartrap                Nailed Shut             0:22
        A12     Suffering Luna          Go Ask Alice            4:12
        A13     Archagathus             Intoxicating Aroma      1:33
        B1      Sidetracked             Runaway                 0:23
        B2      Mehkago N.T.            Crustfund Youth         1:55
        B3      Capitalist Casualties : Atomic Energy Commission
                (Live)                                          0:48
        B4      Sakatat : Bu Düzen Hepimizi Bir Gecede Harcay
                abilir + Kayip                                  1:18
        B5      Deathrats               Please                  1:09
        B6      Get Destroyed           Shut In                 0:28
        B7      ACxDC : Milk Was A Terrible Idea                0:48
        B8      Lapse                   Trend                   0:46
        B9      Eddie Brock             Pointer Thumb Pinky     1:56
        B10     P.L.F.                  Veteran Of Looserhood   1:04
        B11     Fatal Nunchaku          Track 11                0:33
        B12     Curmudgeon              Infallible              0:54
        B13     OSK                     Knowingly Ignorant      0:45
TLAL    71      FATAL NUNCHAKU : PAVING STONE UNDER THE BEACH           CD      11.2011

1       Nuclear War In My Head                                          1:35
2       Your First Degree Brutal Lyrics Don't Scare Me And Your Porn
        Shit Does Not Make Me Laugh At All, You Stupid Asshole          0:55
3       Zombie A Gogo!                                                  0:09
4       Love                                                            1:05
5       Choupinou                                                       0:23
6       Tuerie T's [Nirvana]                                            0:41
7       It Seems That This Song Would Have Kick Everybody's Ass, What
        A Pity That We Fucked It Up From The Beginning                  0:07
8       Any Animal Species Is Not A Biological Model For Another One    1:02
9       Son Of A Boss, Son Of A Bitch                                   1:34
10      Godzilla Attack Attack !                                        0:32
11      I Do Can Write An Old School Song Too, Dude !                   0:33
12      Deep Down Into The Guts Of Hell...                              1:18
13      Americarm Allowes Firearm Carrying And Find Death Penally Legal,
        So What ?                                                       1:21
14      Decharge                                                        2:09
15      With No Exeption, Every Single Song That Last More Than 30
        Seconds Is A Fucking Boring Song And Should Not Exist !         0:17
16      War                                                             1:12
17      I Believe In Seitan Because It Is Good For My Health And For
        The Animals' One Too !                                          0:10
18      It Is When I See These Bloody Bastards Being Dead Set Against
        A Poor Demonstrator That I Really Feel Protected By The Police  1:04
TLAL    72      CHEST PAIN              CHEST PAIN                      7"      01.2012

        A1      North Coast Wizard Violence                     0:52
        A2      S.O.B. Story                                    0:26
        A3      Wasted Effort                                   0:22
        A4      Wage Assist The Machine                         0:35
        A5      Gandhi 2                                        0:27
        A6      Behold The Infinite Meaninglessness             1:03
        B1      Nihilgasm                                       0:40
        B2      Embrace Despair                                 0:40
        B3      Biscuit's Blues                                 1:04
        B4      Getting Old                                     1:33
TLAL    73      P.L.F./DOWNTRODDEN      SPLIT                           7"      09.2011

        A1      P.L.F.                  Nuclear Summer
        A2      P.L.F.                  Precambrian Disintegration
        A3      P.L.F.                  Denying Identity
        A4      P.L.F.                  Hate-My Mate
        B1      Downtrodden : Stop The Apathetic Disforestation...Now!
        B2      Downtrodden             Crvena (Red)
        B3      Downtrodden             Tamed Into A Capitalist Being
        B4      Downtrodden             Hideous Headchopping
        B5      Downtrodden             D.M.B.
        B6      Downtrodden : Jedinstvo Suprotnosti (Unity Of The Opposites)
        B7      Downtrodden             World Of Commodities
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    74      MIND IS PRISON/DISCIPLES OF CHRIST : SPLIT              7"        .2012

        A1      Mind As Prison : Discouragement Appearing Early
        A2      Mind As Prison          At Gaia's Mercy
        A3      Mind As Prison          Entering A World
        A4      Mind As Prison          Believer
        B1      Disciples Of Christ : Hindsight Blind
        B2      Disciples Of Christ : Father
        B3      Disciples Of Christ : Floater
        B4      Disciples Of Christ : Preying
        B5      Disciples Of Christ : Cross
TLAL    75      OSK : WRETCHED EXISTENCE/BLEAK FUTURE 2007-2010         CD        .2012

        1       E.V.P.V.
        2       Empty White Box
        3       Space Snakes
        4       Giving Up
        5       Endless Repent
        6       Knowingly Ignorant
        7       Arm Yourself
        8       Beyond Control
        9       Heavy Metal T Shirts
        10      It All Means Nothing Now
        11      Assume
        12      No Dice
        13      Blank Page
        14      Stranded At Sea
        15      Mouth Pollution
        16      Walking Asleep
        17      Lie Through Your Teeth
        18      Big Drinker
        19      Ridged Thought
        20      Creeper
        21      Earwig Master
        22      Gobs From Reno
TLAL    76      NEEDFUL THINGS/ROSKOPP : SPLIT                          7"      05.2012

        A1      Needful Things          Chains
        A2      Needful Things          Firewall
        A3      Needful Things          Island Of Clones
        B1      Roskopp                 Breed Specific
        B2      Roskopp                 Brink Of Bleakness
        B3      Roskopp                 Self Indulgent
        B4      Roskopp                 Fuck Everything
        B5      Roskopp                 Mind Struggle
        B6      Roskopp                 Kim After Kim After Kim
        B7      Roskopp                 Outcome Unknown
TLAL    77      TINNITUS                GEHENNA                         7"      04.2012

        A1      Antithetic
        A2      Anxiety
        A3      Bloodlust
        A4      Checkmate
        A5      Condem
        B1      Vain
        B2      Lifeless
        B3      Perdition
        B4      Scorn
        B5      Gehenna
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

                Grind The Bastards
        A       Unholy Grave            Intolerance
                Distort Grind Noise
        B1      Nak'ay                  Strangle The Earth
        B2      Nak'ay                  Self-medicate
        B3      Nak'ay                  No News
        B4      Nak'ay                  Desensitized
        B5      Nak'ay                  Feasts Of War
                (Note : 7" , 45 RPM)
TLAL    79      NASHGUL/MALPRACTICE INSURANCE : SPLIT                   7"      09.2012

        A1      Nashgul                 2012
        A2      Nashgul                 Estigma
        A3      Nashgul                 Estimociver
        B1      Malpractice Insurance : Incompetent Negligent Unethical
        B2      Malpractice Insurance : Ichorhaemia
        B3      Malpractice Insurance : Surgical Sabotage
        B4      Malpractice Insurance : Criminalisation Of Strange Behaviour
        B5      Malpractice Insurance : Post Op Complication
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    80      MAGRUDERDING            CRUSHER                         10"       .2012

        A1      Leech
        A2      Conditioned Minds
        A3      Incapacity Reigns
        A4      Stagnant
        A5      Heaviest Bombing
        B1      Cognition
                (Note : 10" , 400 black/100 red copies)
TLAL    81      PROTESTANT/SUFFERING MIND : SPLIT                       6"      03.2012
TLAL    81      PROTESTANT/SUFFERING MIND : SPLIT                       4DL     03.2012

        A1      Protestant              No Peace
        A2      Protestant              A Sheep In Wolves Clothing
        B1      Suffering Mind          Martwica Mozgu
        B2      Suffering Mind          Obudzony
                (Note : 6" , 33.3 RPM)
TLAL    82      RAPE REVENGE            PAPER CAGE                      7"      04.2012

        1       Rates Of Failure                                0:30
        2       Thirsty Crow                                    0:33
        3       Reject Your Blood                               0:41
        4       Long Walk Home                                  0:39
        5       Stunted                                         0:23
        6       When The Meeting Ends                           0:25
        7       The Messiah Effect                              0:29
        8       You're Over-Reacting                            0:06
        9       Unruly                                          1:18
        10      Root Of Apathy                                  1:39
        11      Lawful Of Shit                                  0:18
        12      All Grown Up                                    0:29
        13      Illusion Of Property                            0:48
        14      Denounce Them                                   0:26
        15      Donor's List                                    0:49
        16      Herbivore                                       1:05
                (Note : 7" , 500 black/100 orange copies + 'zine)
TLAL    83      BACKSLIDER              MALADAPTED EP                   7"      04.2012

        A1      Idiot Hymns
        A2      Sterile and Weak
        A3      Depersonalized
        B1      Mutilated Image
        B2      White Paranoia
        B3      Blasphemy
TLAL    84      TORCH RUNNER            COMMITTED TO THE GROUND         LP      06.2012

        A1      Current
        A2      Incendiary
        A3      Feeding
        A4      Canon Cast
        A5      Clocked In
        A6      Committed to the Ground
        B1      Rede
        B2      Harrow
        B3      The Holy Are the Broken
        B4      Tolled
        B5      Pulpit Plague
        B6      Vestige
TLAL    85      BEARTRAP                SLEEP ERADICATION               7"        .2012

        A1      Identity Crisis
        A2      Sleep Eradication
        A3      Surface
        A4      Death Path
        A5      Sleep Less
        A6      Graveyard Plot
        A7      Human Factory Farm
        A8      Wasting My Life Waiting To Die
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1-sided , 1000 copies total)
TLAL    86      SIX BREW BANTHA         SIX BREW BANTHA                 12"       .2012

        A1      Perpetual Debt
        A2      Violence Fuels Hatred
        A3      North Fucking Korea
        A4      Fisgard Block Party
        A5      Governmentality
        A6      Prolong The Program
        A7      Faceless Power
        A8      Blank Expression
        A9      WIll Of The Sane
        B1      From Vice To Crutch
        B2      Conquering Mind
        B3      Media's Portrayal
        B4      Destructive Energies
        B5      Anti-Music
        B6      Led To Slaughter
        B7      Brought Up Bitter
        B8      Humanufactured
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
TLAL    87      SUFFERING LUNA          BLOOD FILLED BONG               CS      04.2012

        A1      Intro
        A2      Blood Filled Bong
        A3      Go Ask Alice
        A4      Dirge (For All You Greedy Haters)
        A5      Seraphim
        A6      Son of Man
        A7      Outro (The Antichrist Speaks)
TLAL    88      CATHETER/MASSGRAVE      SPLIT                           10"     03.2012

        A1      Catheter                Who's My Savior
        A2      Catheter                Wasted
        A3      Catheter                G.F.D.L.
        A4      Catheter                The Price
        A5      Catheter                Empty
        A6      Catheter                Prophet Of Destruction
        B1      MassGrave               Clouded Mind
        B2      MassGrave               Wasted Life
        B3      MassGrave               Future Uncertain
        B4      MassGrave               Mentally Congested
        B5      MassGrave               Fueling The Hate
        B6      MassGrave               Silenced And Disposed
        B7      MassGrave               Live Life
        B8      MassGrave               Human Plague
        B9      MassGrave               Death Trap
                (Note : 10" , 45 RPM)
TLAL    89      MINDLESS                PLANET OF PESTILENCE            7"      06.2013

        A1      Social Death
        A2      Mock Execution
        A3      Planet Of Pestilence
        A4      Discipline
        A5      Contamination
        B1      Swine
        B2      Brain Torture
        B3      Constraint
        B4      Vow To Sterilize
TLAL    90
TLAL    91      TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION : CHILDHATER                  flx.    06.2012

        A1      Kill For A Cigarette                            1:22
        A2      Grendel                                         3:02
        A3      Childhater                                      1:14
                (Note : 7" flexi disc, 500 copies on red vinyl)

        A1      Antichrist Demoncore    Eye In The Sky          0:36
        A2      Antichrist Demoncore    Crux                    0:54
        A3      Antichrist Demoncore    Trolls                  0:44
        A4      Antichrist Demoncore    Worthless               0:47
        A5      Antichrist Demoncore    Loathe                  0:48
        A6      Magnum Force            Out Of Time             0:53
        A7      Magnum Force            Boxed In                0:48
        A8      Magnum Force            Giving Up               1:08
        A9      Sex Prisoner            Black Basin             0:37
        A10     Sex Prisoner            Crossedfaded            0:20
        A11     Sex Prisoner            Whatever You Say        1:00
        A12     Sex Prisoner            I'm Proud Of You        1:07
        A13     Sex Prisoner            Stripped To The Skin    0:31
                (Note : 10" , 1-sided)
TLAL    93      THE KILL                MAKE 'EM SUFFER                 LP        .2013

        A1      Cactus                                          1:52
        A2      Extreme Little Big Man Syndrome                 0:48
        A3      Mowed                                           1:34
        A4      Another Weirdo In The Mosh                      1:24
        A5      Fuck The Olympics                               1:05
        A6      Die Hards In Denim                              0:47
        A7      Fuckin Doyle                                    1:08
        A8      Shower Of Bricks                                1:11
        B1      Second To None                                  1:13
        B2      Blastasfuk                                      1:44
        B3      Exercising The Demon                            1:19
        B4      Red Rager                                       1:28
        B5      Necrophobic                                     1:42
        B6      Top Notch Stab Job                              0:43
        B7      Face Off                                        1:21
TLAL    94      LAST WORDS              LAST WORDS                      LP      11.2013
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on blue-green vinyl)
TLAL    94      LAST WORDS              LAST WORDS                      LP+DVD  11.2013
                (Note : LP , 100 white copies + DVD)

LP      A1      Worth Nothing
        A2      F L
        A3      Dark Idea
        A4      Human Trainwreck
        A5      Trash And Dirt
        B1      Never Adjust
        B2      Close On My Heels
        B3      Skin
        B4      Forced Opinions
        B5      Last Words

        DVD-1   5/3/2013 @ The Mattress Fortress
        DVD-2   12/8/2012 @ Noct House
        DVD-3   10/13/2012 @ Masonic Temple
TLAL    95      SEASICK                 ESCHATON                        12"     10.2013

        A1      Blitzed
        A2      Think With The Learned
        A3      Crude
        A4      Future Generations
        A5      Outliers
        B1      Myths Of The American Meritocracy Pt. II
        B2      Speak With The Vulgar
        B3      Natural Causes
        B4      Eschaton
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 220 black/120 white copies)
TLAL    96      ABUSE.                  ABUSE.                          LP        .2013

        A1      We're To Blame
        A2      Adrenaline
        A3      Bloodlust
        A4      Cold Sweat
        A5      Enforcer
        A6      Spinless
        A7      Cancerous Growth
        A8      Same Shit, Different Death
        B1      Life's Idiosyncracy
        B2      Disorentation
        B3      Assempely Line
        B4      Act Of Defiance
        B5      Quick Sand
        B6      Cause Of Death
        B7      Surrounded
        B8      Dictation
        B9      Stalemate
                (Note : LP , 400 split coloured/100 green copies)
TLAL    97      ACxDC                   DISCOGRAPHY 03-13               LP        .2014

        A1      Dumb N Dumbshit
        A2      Death Spare Not The Tiger
        A3      Antichrist Demoncore
        A4      Jack Trippin'
        A5      Wookies Have Feelings Too
        A6      We Kill Christians
        A7      Turtle Power
        A8      Sexual Fantasies With Biblical Figures
        A9      Milk Was A Bad Choice
        A10     No Fly Zone
        A11     Leech
        A12     Jokes On You
        A13     T-Shirt Time
        A14     Fuck It Dood... Lets Go Bowling
        A15     Eye In The Sky
        A16     Crux
        A17     Trolls
        A18     Worthless
        A19     Loathe
        A20     Untitled (Instrumental)
        A21     Bone Claw
        A22     Broken/Fixed
        A23     Fiction Monger
        B1      Untitled (Live)
        B2      Milk Was A Bad Choice (Live)
        B3      T-Shirt Time (Live)
        B4      Turtle Power (Live)
        B5      Trolls (Live)
        B6      Loathe (Live)
        B7      Fiction Monger (Live)
        B8      Eye In The Sky (Live)
        B9      Worthless (Live)
        B10     Crux (Live)
        B11     Leech (Live)
        B12     We Kill Christians (Live)
        B13     Broken//Fixed (Live)
        B14     Bone Claw (Live)
        B15     Death Spare Not The Tiger (Live)
        B16     Fuck It Dood... Let's Go Bowling (Live)
        B17     Jokes On You (Live)
        B18     Sword Of The Lord (Live With Chris Dodge)
        B19     Milk Was A Bad Choice
        B20     T-Shirt Time
        B21     Eye In The Sky
        B22     Jack Trippen
        B23     Sexual Fantasies WIth Biblical Figures
        B24     Wookies Have Feelings Too
        B25     We Kill Christians
        B26     Dumb N Dumbshit
        B27     Death Spare Not The Tiger
        B28     Turtle Power
        B29     Antichrist Demoncore (Swt Remix)
TLAL    98      SUPPRESSION/NO COMPLY   SPLIT                           10"       .2013

        A1      Suppression             No Blood
        A2      Suppression             Puritan Grinder
        A3      Suppression             Body Politic
        A4      Suppression             Rotting In Line
        A5      Suppression             Mumm-Ra Vs. Destro
        A6      Suppression             Consciousness Eaters
        A7      Suppression : You Are In Serious Need Of Adjustments
        A8      Suppression             Et Cetera
        B1      No Comply               Illuminati Universal
        B2      No Comply               Tofu Cookie Cutter
        B3      No Comply               Flying Guillotine Slay Area
        B4      No Comply               SxExHxCx!!!
        B5      No Comply               Andrew Reynolds Vs. Wallenberg
        B6      No Comply               The Big Picture
        B7      No Comply               Illuminati Universal 2
        B8      No Comply               Grip Tape Face
                (Note : 10"/45 RPM , 300 black/100 orange/100 green/10 test copies)
TLAL    99      BACKSLIDER              DISCOGRAPHY                     CD      06.2016

        01.     SPEAK ILL OF THE DEAD
        02.     BORN ANNOYED
        03.     SOBRIETY IN PERIL
        04.     THE LORDS WORK
        05.     BLUE LINE
        06.     I WONT STOP HURTING YOU
        07.     LIFE IMPAIRMENT
        08.     IDIOT HYMNS
        09.     STERILE AND WEAK
        10.     DEPERSONALIZED
        11.     MUTILATED IMAGE
        12.     WHITE PARANOIA
        13.     BLASPHEMY
        14.     STEADY DIET OF VITRIOL
        15.     SADISTIC SACK OF SHIT
        17.     JERUSALEM SYNDROME
        18.     HARSH NEGATIVITY
        20.     LIES AND BULLSHIT
        21.     HALF-ASS DISGUISE
        22.     DULL BLADE
        25.     GENDER COMMODITY
        28.     SOME KIND OF MORON
        30.     ENCROACH
        32.     SADISTIC SACK OF SHIT
        33.     NOTHING TO SAY
        34.     VIGILANTE JUSTICE
        35.     POPEATER
        36.     FACE REALITY
        37.     BLANK EXPRESSION
        39.     WHAT A WASTE
        40.     CANT STEP
        41.     YOUR TURN
        44.     SQUATTER STOMPER
        46.     BULLSHIT LOGIC
        47.     EXPOSED MOTIVES
        48.     RAMPAGE
        49.     STANDING IN LINE
        50.     NO AFFILIATION
TLAL    100     V / A                   TO LIVE A LIE VOLUME II         LP        .2014

        A1      Lapse                   Birthing Pit
        A2      Abuse.                  Dead And Gone
        A3      Rabid Pigs              Fuck The Pigs
        A4      Water Torture           Life Inside
        A5      Low Threat Profile      Off The Grid
        A6      Terminal Crisis         Midlife
        A7      Beartrap                High Horse
        A8      Mad Dog                 Fence
        A9      Congenital Death        Ground Flesh
        A10     Hummingbird Of Death    Outlast You
        A11     Grit                    Judgement
        A12     Bridge                  Tunnel Vision
        A13     Sick/Tired              Jonestown
        A14     Callous                 Saccharine
        A15     Chest Pain              Ghola
        B1      Vaccine                 Capital Conquest
        B2      xSwampx                 3:16
        B3      Sidetracked             Pressured Speech
        B4      Weekend Nachos          Song About Tattoos
        B5      Scalped                 Cowardice
        B6      Impulse                 Nothing Special
        B7      Vile Intent             Total Turing
        B8      False Light             Self-Damnation
        B9      Cheap Art               Glory Glory Ole' Georgia
        B10     To The Point            Faces Of Meth
        B11     Super Mutant            Time Of Reckoning
        B12     Street Pizza            Blah, Blah, Blah (We Get It!)
        B13     Söft Dov                Illuminate Decay
        B14     Slave                   Blowout
                (Notre : LP , 400 mix/200 white copies)
TLAL    101     CAVE STATE              CAVE STATE                      7"      01.2014
TLAL    101     CAVE STATE              CAVE STATE                      11DL    01.2014

        A1      Phase One                                       0:29
        A2      Dwell                                           0:47
        A3      Prisoner Mentality                              0:37
        A4      Fossilized Machine                              0:35
        A5      Bloat                                           0:29
        A6      Carving On The Wall                             0:39
        B1      Self Extinct                                    0:55
        B2      Bludgeon                                        0:47
        B3      Rival Tribe                                     0:34
        B4      Mutant Mammal                                   0:50
        B5      Cesspit                                         1:01

Press info:     400     black
                100     pink
                96      grey
                3       purple
                2       blue
TLAL    102     CHEST PAIN              WELTSCHMERZ                     LP      06.2014

        A1      Moron
        A2      Grown Bitter
        A3      Real Talk
        A4      Culturalized
        A5      Hackles
        A6      Riding Man
        A7      Sex Fear
        A8      Red River
        A9      Shut In
        B1      Denial Of Reality
        B2      Carbon Copied
        B3      Wolf Den
        B4      This Island Earth
        B5      Hikikomori
        B6      Don't Come Back
        B7      Ghola

Press info:     350     black
                150     clear
                50      smoky-clear
TLAL    103     IMPULSE                 CHULA VIOLENCE                  7"        .2014

        A1      Externalize
        A2      Alone
        A3      Monster
        A4      Chula Violence
        A5      Guilt
        A6      Sandman
        A7      Lame
        B1      Nothing Special
        B2      Wrong
        B3      Obsession
        B4      Odd God
        B5      Burden
        B6      Dysfunctional
        B7      Just Because
TLAL    104     HOLDER'S CAR            SIN WITHOUT DOUBT               2x7"    11.2015
TLAL    105     FISTULA                 VERMIN PROLIFICUS               LP        .2014

        A1      Smoke Cat Hair & Toe Nails                      5:45
        A2      Harmful Situation                               1:45
        A3      Pig Funeral                                     9:16
        B1      Sobriety                                        0:51
        B2      Upside Down                                     2:59
        B3      Vemin Prolificus                                13:10
        B4      Goat Brothel                                    1:43
TLAL    106     SEX PRISONERS           DEMO                            2x7"    04.2016

        01.     JUDGEMENT
        02.     LADIES OF THE NIGHT
        03.     SNUFF FILM
        04.     FUCKED/MARRED
        05.     PISS WHEN I CUM
        06.     PULP
        07.     VANITY
        08.     UNCONDITIONAL HATE
TLAL    107     THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN : GRIND IN THE MIND             7"      03.2015

        A1      Grind In The Mind                               1:46
        A2      Mind On The Grind                               1:54
        B1      Still By The Still                              3:36
TLAL    108
TLAL    109     SIX BREW BANTHA         INTRAVENOUSLY COMMODIFIED       12"       .2014

        A1      The Architect
        A2      Mass Surveillance
        A3      Intravenously Commodified
        A4      Shadow Bankin'
        A5      Anti-Music Part Two
        B1      Perception Asleep
        B2      Belligerent Apathy
        B3      Development
        B4      Trampled To Death
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
TLAL    110     ACXDX                   POSTCARD FLEXI                  flx.    01.2016






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