Distr.  : UK - Banquet/norman/
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TKAK    17001 V TO KILL A KING          THE PROBLEM OF EVIL             7"      05.2017

        1.      The Problem Of Evil (Live Acoustic Version)
        2.      I Need My Girl
TKAK    17004 V TO KILL A KING          SPIRITUAL DARK AGE              7"      11.2017

To Kill A King have members from Leeds and London and are lead by the beautifully
named Ralph Pelleymounter. Since 2013 the band have released two albums, Cannabis
With Cutlery (2013) and an eponymous follow-up in 2015. Since then they’ve hit the
road hard, but managed to find a little time to collaborate with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
and Zibra. With new single Spiritual Dark age, they’ve created yet another punchy
indie anthem that will delight the crowds.