Distr.  : HU -
          UK - Norman/
Style   : reissue / indie / post punk / alternative / new wave /

PICI    0001 LP BLUE ORCHIDS : THE ONCE AND FUTURE THING                LP+DLc  10.2016
PICI    0001 CD BLUE ORCHIDS : THE ONCE AND FUTURE THING                CD      10.2016

LP      1       Good Day To Live
        2       Jam Today
        3       Feather From The Sun
        4       Motorway
        5       Rosy Hours
        6       August Rebels
        7       Whisky Burn
        8       Iron Tree
        9       Running Blind
        10      Road To Perilous
CD +    11      Groundhog Life
PICI    0002    BLUE ORCHIDS : BOMB MANCHESTER! BOMB HAMBURG!           2CD       .2016

                BOMB MANCHESTER! 1981
        CD1-1   Tighten My Belt                                 3:50
        CD1-2   Work                                            4:04
        CD1-3   Hanging Man                                     4:52
        CD1-4   Sun Connection                                  3:41
        CD1-5   A Year With No Head                             2:27
        CD1-6   No Looking Back                                 4:15
        CD1-7   Bad Education                                   3:16
        CD1-8   The Flood                                       4:30
        CD1-9   Disney Boys                                     4:25

                BOMB HAMBURG! 1985
        CD2-1   Introduction                                    1:36
        CD2-2   Tighten My Belt                                 4:12
        CD2-3   Work                                            4:29
        CD2-4   Sun Connection                                  3:30
        CD2-5   Release                                         3:33
        CD2-6   The Long Night Out                              6:11
        CD2-7   Agents Of Change                                4:07
        CD2-8   Love Transformed                                4:35
        CD2-9   Thirst                                          5:05
        CD2-10  The Unknown                                     4:13
        CD2-11  Sleepy Town                                     6:18
        CD2-12  Audience Noise                                  1:10
        CD2-13  No Looking Back                                 4:47
PICI    0003 CD MARTIN BRAMAH           THE BATTLE OF TWISTED HEEL      CD      10.2016

        1       The Fall Of Great Britain
        2       Coming Forth By Day
        3       I-Super Real
        4       Stone Tumbling Stream
        5       Itíll Be Night Soon
        6       Lucybel
        7       The Moonís Lost Light
        8       Black Comic Book
        9       Strangely Lucid (alternate mix)
        10      Green Rocky Road
        11      Necessity (unheard mix)
PICI    0004 D  BLUE ORCHIDS            SKULL JAM                       10"+DLc 03.2017

        A1      Skull Jam                                       2:27
        A2      Hanging Man                                     5:17
        B1      The Devil's Answer                              5:19
        B2      Work Before The Moon Falls                      4:14

Vinyl EP. Copies are on black or blue vinyl, randomly distributed.
PICI    0005 LP BLUE ORCHIDS            AWEFULL                         LP+DLc  10.2016
PICI    0005 CD BLUE ORCHIDS            AWEFULL                         CD      10.2016

A.      1       The Flood
        2       Disney Boys
        3       Work
        4       The House That Faded Out
        5       The Unknown (demo)
B.      6       Agents Of Change
        7       Conscience
        8       Release
        9       The Long Night Out
        10      Sleepy Town (demo)

CD 1    1       Prams Piers Bitter Tears
        2       Rosemary Smith
        3       First Hour Of The Day
        4       Living Legends
        5       The Boy Sailor
        6       Maybe One Day
        7       Disgust
        8       Consumption
        9       Nylon Rose
        10      One Child
        11      Yo
        12      A Great Binge
        13      Who Snatched The Baby (12Ē)

CD 2    14      Who Snatched The Baby
        15      Mad Dot
        16      When Stars Come Out To Play
        17      The Aspidistra House
        18      The Tide Of Llife

CD 3    19      Donít Stick Knives In Babbies Heads
        20      Leaves ThaT Fall In Spring
        21      Cities
        22      Fishwives
        23      Goodnight Godbless Goodbye
        24      Rosemary Smith (12Ē)
        25      The Aspidistra House (12Ē)
        26      Hanging Johny
        27      live: Donít Stick Knives In Babbies Heads
        28      Mad Dot
        29      Leaves That Fall In Spring
        30      Consumption
        31      The Tide Of Life
        32      One Child
        33      Cities
        34      Rosemary Smith 
        35      Fishwives
        36      Who Snatched The Baby
        37      unreleased:     Mad Dot
        38                      Leaves That Fall In Spring
        39                      Goodnight Godbless Goodbye
        40                      Fishwives
                (Note : 3CD boxset , 400 copies + 12 p. booklet)
PICI    0007 D  THE NIGHTINGALES        BECOME NOT BECOMING             10"     01.2017

SIDE 1: 1.      B-Side At Best
        2.      In
        3.      Too Posh To Push
SIDE 2: 1.      The Divorce That Never Was
        2.      Booze And Broads And Beauty
        3.      Drow
PICI    0009 LP THE GIST                HOLDING PATTERN                 LP      10.2017
PICI    0009 CD THE GIST                HOLDING PATTERN                 CD      10.2017
PICI    0009 CD THE GIST                HOLDING PATTERN                 14FLAC  10.2017

        1       God Knows (Original)                            2:21
        2       Fool For A Valentine                            3:10
        3       Assured Energy                                  2:10
        4       Clean Bridges (Alternate Version)               4:44
        5       Old Mannerisms                                  1:18
        6       Being True                                      3:20
        7       Bongo Headache                                  1:46
        8       Killer Bird                                     3:56
        9       Big Dirty City                                  2:59
        10      Here Comes Love (First Version)                 3:03
        11      The Loving Cup (Original)                       2:26
        12      Night By Night (Rough Trade Version)            3:13
        13      Yeah X 3 (Original)                             2:35
        14      Holding Pattern                                 1:03
PICI    010 7   JON LANGFORD/MARTIN BRAMAH : WORM IN YOUR EAR           7"      06.2018

        A       Worm In Your Ear
        B       Stone Tumbling Stream

Martin Bramah, an early and key Fall member, and key Mekons member Jon Langford present
to you the results of a one-off recording session they had. Worm In Your Ear is a new
song prepared especially for the occasion, whereas the B-side of this 7Ē is a sped-up
take on a Bramah classic.
PICI    011 LP  BAND OF HOLY JOY        FUNAMBULIST WE LOVE YOU         LP      11.2017
PICI    011 CD  BAND OF HOLY JOY        FUNAMBULIST WE LOVE YOU         CD      11.2017

        A1      A Revivalist Impulse                            4:57
        A2      To Leave Or Remain                              3:35
        A3      A Lonesome Dove                                 4:06
        A4      The Song Of Casual Indifference                 8:23
        B1      A Connecting Ticket                             5:12
        B2      The Song Of Passionate Intensity                3:28
        B3      A Beautiful Cat                                 5:18
        B4      Funambulist We Love You                         6:00
PICI    012 LP  ALISON STATTON & SPIKE : BIMINI TWIST                   LP+DLc  09.2018
PICI    012 CD  ALISON STATTON & SPIKE : BIMINI TWIST                   CD      09.2018

        01.     Alison Statton & Spike - Just Us Two
        02.     Alison Statton & Spike - Open Portal
        03.     Alison Statton & Spike - Scuttling Through
        04.     Alison Statton & Spike - Curse Or Pray
        05.     Alison Statton & Spike - Alone Together
        06.     Alison Statton & Spike - Twisted Snippet
        07.     Alison Statton & Spike - Under Cover
        08.     Alison Statton & Spike - Distraction
        09.     Alison Statton & Spike - Sixty Second Window
        10.     Alison Statton & Spike - Crossroads
        11.     Alison Statton & Spike - Sleepless
PICI    013 CD  SPIKE & DEBBIE : ALWAYS SUNRISE, ALWAYS RAIN            CD      08.2018

        01.     Always Sunshine
        02.     Paranoid System
        03.     Assured Energy (Ilkeston Version)
        04.     Seaport Town
        05.     Falling Star
        06.     Stones And Sunlight (Ilkeston Version)
        07.     Houses
        08.     Last Summer
        09.     Learn Not To Be Their Clown (Edit)
        10.     Instrumental
        11.     No Real Place
        12.     Seed (Edit)
        13.     Strike (Compilation Version)
        14.     Separate (Live)
        15.     Same 4 Walls
        16.     Rushing Nowhere
        17.     Wall
        18.     You Don't Know
        19.     Nomansland
        20.     Tunnel Of Trees
                (Note : CD , 500 copies)
PICI    014 7   THE BITTER SPRINGS      LOVE RAT                        7"      10.2017

        A       Love Rat
        B       Less Than Love
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies)
PICI    015 LP  BLUE ORCHIDS            RIGHTEOUS HARMONY FIST          LP      10.2018

        01.     Blue Orchids        The Lad That Time Forgot
        02.     Blue Orchids        Incandescent Artillery
        03.     Blue Orchids        Get Bramah
        04.     Blue Orchids        Deep State
        05.     Blue Orchids        The Art Of Falling
        06.     Blue Orchids        In The Acid Garden
        07.     Blue Orchids        Beached
        08.     Blue Orchids        Lancelot's Last Word
        09.     Blue Orchids        If They Ever Lay A Finger On Us

        A       Commercial Suicide Man
        B1      Ace Of Hearts
        B2      Underdog

In 2011, Stewart Lee curated a series of concerts and included The Nightingales.
Consequently, Robert Lloyd invited Vic Godard and The Subway Sect to be special
guests on the show. Following this decades-overdue reunion, Vic was inspired to
write a duet for Rob to perform with him. For a variety of reasons this project
was long-delayed, but finally, "Commercial Suicide Man" sees the light of day.
Edition of 500.
PICI    017 LP  THE GIST                INTERIOR WINDOWS                LP      07.2020
PICI    017 CD  THE GIST                INTERIOR WINDOWS                CD      07.2020

        1       Yanks
        2       Stones And Sunlight #2
        3       Being True (band version)
        4       This Is Love
        5       Greener Grass
        6       Public Girls (demo)
        7       How To Be
        8       The Landmark
        9       C Me
        10      Working It Out
        11      You Were The One
        12      Unsettled Hash
        13      Here Comes Love #2
        14      Piano Piece
        15      Stones And Sunlight #3
        16      Mistakes In Love

Stuart Moxhamís brief output with Young Marble Giants is rightly honoured, and their
sole album Colossal Youth a cult classic, but much less is made of his similarly
excellent solo career. Following their disintegration in 1980, Moxham formed The Gist
for one startlingly minimalist album Embrace The Herd, and now, Interior Windows adds
13 new performances and alternative versions to the outfitís slim catalogue.
PICI    018 LP  BINGO HARRY             BINGO HARRY                     LP      10.2020
PICI    018 CD  BINGO HARRY             BINGO HARRY                     CD      10.2020

        1       Butterflyís Mantra I
        2       Life Goes On Forever
        3       Fractal Heart
        4       Unification
        5       Butterflyís Mantra II
        6       We Are One
        7       If They Ever Lay A Finger On Us
        8       Strange Dimension
        9       Yes Yes
        10      Knee Deep Fortune

Formed around former Fall member Martin Bramah, Bingo Harry is an intriguing project
about which comparatively little is known. Featuring a demo version of the weary yet
defiant ĎIf They Ever Lay A Finger On Usí, which appeared on Blue Orchidsí 2015 record
Righteous Harmony Fist, Bingo Harry is a great insight, consisting of early demos and
home recordings.

        1.      Tidy Away                                       02:33
        2.      Day Must Come                                   03:09
        3.      It Goes Like This                               03:58
        4.      Love Hangover                                   02:28
        5.      The Devil Laughs                                02:39
        6.      Sky Over Water                                  03:32
        7.      Fighting To Lose                                03:10
        8.      Untitled #2                                     02:36
        9.      Come To Me Nancy                                04:30
        10.     Head In A Song                                  02:32
        11.     Singing Out                                     02:52
        12.     Tiday Away (reprise)                            00:59

Stuart Moxhamís brief output with Young Marble Giants is rightly honoured, and their
sole album Colossal Youth a cult classic, but much less is made of his similarly
excellent solo career. The Devil Laughs, a collaboration with French musician Louis
Philippe recorded a few years ago, is more evidence of his quiet genius.
PICI    020 LP  THE NIGHTINGALES        PERISH THE THOUGHT              LP+DLc  10.2018
PICI    020 CD  THE NIGHTINGALES        PERISH THE THOUGHT              CD      10.2018

        01.     Wrong Headed Man
        02.     The World And His Wife
        03.     Enemy Of Promise
        04.     Lucky Dip
        05.     Chaff
        06.     Eventually
        07.     Big Dave
        08.     Zero At The Bone
        09.     You Don't Know What You're Doing
        10.     The Last Minute
        11.     (I'm A) People Person
        12.     It Is

LP version in gatefold sleeve,180 gram pressing, includes download. It's unusual
for an act to hit its peak after four decades; yet Perish The Thought is evidence
to the contrary. The Nightingales have notoriously had a new label for each new
album, a fact which might reasonably call for consumer caution, but they don't fit
in with anything like a scene, they speak their own musical language, and while they
bust out slogans about being "slightly superior to others of their ilk", the truth
is, they have no ilk. Faust's Hans-Joachim Irmler adds keyboards and The Lovely
Eggs's Holly Blackwell's languid voice features on one song. John Peel noted,
"their performances will serve to confirm their excellence when we are far enough
distanced from the 1980s to look at the period rationally and other, infinitely
better known, bands stand revealed as charlatans". It's doubtful he would have
bothered with such a pre-emptive defense if he'd been able to witness the explosive
growth of the band during their second incarnation.The Nightingales were formed by
vocalist Robert Lloyd, formerly of The Prefects (part of The Clash's "White Riot
Tour," John Peel favorites, etc.), and feature Andreas Schmid on bass, former
Violet Violet drummer Fliss Kitson, and original Prefect Alan Apperley on guitar.
Specially commissioned artwork by the David Yates.
PICI    0021 LP BAND OF HOLY JOY        NEON PRIMITIVES                 LP      06.2019
PICI    0021 CD BAND OF HOLY JOY        NEON PRIMITIVES                 CD      06.2019

        1       Lost In The Night
        2       The Devil Has A Hold On The Land
        3       So Sad
        4       Ecstasy Snowbirds
        5       Take Heed Calumniators
        6       Some People Have Winged Fortune
        7       Urban Pagans
        8       Electric Pilgrims
        9       We Are Sailing To The Island Of Light

        1       Pavement And The Boot
        2       Iím A Living Sickness
        3       Meditation
        4       Donít Sell Your Mind
        5       Addicted To The Day
        6       Iím Higher Than Iím Down
        7       Painted Air
        8       Optical Sound
        9       The Third Eye
        10      Love Is A Wave

PICI    024 LP  THE NIGHTINGALES        FOUR AGAINST FATE               LP      05.2020
PICI    024 CD  THE NIGHTINGALES        FOUR AGAINST FATE               CD      05.2020

        1       Thicko Rides Again
        2       The Top Shelf
        3       Neverender
        4       Wicked Winter (Lost In Highland Park)
        5       Then I Felt
        6       The End Began Somewhere
        7       Devilís Due
        8       Everything, Everywhere, All Of The Time
        9       The Other Side
        10      On The Make
        11      Simple Soul
        12      The Desperate Quartet

With Four Against Fate, the 11th album by Birmingham post-punk band The Nightingales,
you can be assured of itís quality. Band leader Robert Lloyd claims that this is the
only one of his albums, presumably including the one he made with previous band
The Prefects, on which he doesnít skip any tracks when listening back to it.
Like 2018ís Perish The Thought, this is released on Tiny Global Productions, the
first time the band have released two albums on the same label.
PICI    025     THE BITTER SPRINGS:The Odd Shower+Excretus In Completus LP+CD   01.2020
PICI    025 CD  THE BITTER SPRINGS:The Odd Shower+Excretus In Completus CD      01.2020

LP:             One More Sunset
                Girls In F.I.T.S.
                Keep The Rain
                Angry All The Time
                Men Behaving Badly
                The Living Bread
                The Odd Shower
                And Then Forever
                Words Of Love

CD EP:          Cold Semen Rain
                Life Goes On Forever
                Everything Youíve Done
                Until Love Donít Exist
                The Addison Brothers (Vicís mix)
PICI    026 LP  ROSSALL                 THE LAST GLAM IN TOWN           LP      10.2020
PICI    026 CD  ROSSALL                 THE LAST GLAM IN TOWN           CD      10.2020

        1.      Fear Of A Glam Planet
        2.      Never Say Forever Again
        3.      Get Go Girl
        4.      Got My Groove
        5.      Have I The Right
        6.      Equalizer
        7.      Neon Lights
        8.      Blackpool Rocks
        9.      Glitterbomb
        10.     Let's Get Together Again (Again)

If it weren't for the actions of their disgraced leader, we'd probably now be citing
the Glitter Band as forbearers of a particular type of rhythmic stomp that could even
(bear with me on this) have a line in to the beat-heavy neo-glam of the likes of
Animal Collective. Original leader John Rossall left after their second album and
only now has dared return to the fray. Incredibly here he collaborates with the likes
of members of the Nightingales and the Membranes. It's good to be back.

PICILP  028     DAVID LANCE CALLAHAN    ENGLISH PRIMITIVE I             LP      12.2021
PICILP  028     DAVID LANCE CALLAHAN    ENGLISH PRIMITIVE I             CD      12.2021

After a run of fine albums with The Wolfhounds, outstanding work with Moonshake
and collaborations with members of Stereolab and PJ Harvey (among others), Callahan
has outdone himself on this long-awaited solo-album.
PICI    034 LP  THE BITTER SPRINGS:(Suburban Crimes Of) Every Happiness 2LP     10.2020

The Bitter Springs are an indie band from London who have been operating under the
radar and against the grain of trends since the mid Ď90s. (Suburban Crimes Of) Every
Happiness was the bandís fourth album and was originally released in 2001 on Dishy.
This first vinyl pressing comes via Tiny Global Productions.
PICI  0034 12   THE NIGHTINGALES        THE NEW NONSENSE                12"     05.2022

A-side:         Surgeon Irreverent Mix
B-side:         The Go! Team Remix
                Randy Kuntz Remix
LSE     0001 LP THE NIGHTINGALS         NO LOVE LOST                    2LP     01.2020
                (Note : double LP , 500 copies)

CD      Cooking Vinyl       COOKCD 557          2020        UK