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          US - Forced Exposure
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TGB     001     ZWERM                   BADMINTON IN TEHRAN             LP+DLc  11.2018

        01.     Sinter
        02.     Leftovers
        03.     Bob's Infinite Household Appliance Groove
        04.     Cradles
        05.     Badminton In Tehran
        06.     Der Groove
        07.     Mabok Laut
        08.     Having A Tendency To Routine
        09.     Sotol
        10.     Inclined To A Narrow Way Of Live

Badminton In Tehran is Zwerm's first record in which all tracks are composed by Zwerm
and it grooves like a Rube Goldberg-machine; DIY and slightly irregular. Zwerm is an
electric guitar quartet based in Belgium and founded in 2007; its members are Toon
Callier, Johannes Westendorp, Bruno Nelissen, and Kobe van Cauwenberghe.