Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / blues / folk /

TMPLP   1       V / A : YESTERDAY'S SUNSHINE TODAY                      LP      04.2020
                (NEW MAGICAL COVERS OF NIRVANA SONGS (1967-1969))

SIDE 1: 1.      Tiny Goddess - Constantine (Chicago/USA)
        2.      Wings Of Love - Echo Train (Athens/Greece)
        3.      In The Courtyard Of The Stars - The Watch Brigade (L.A./USA)
        4.      You Can Try It - 8x8 (Alexander Kodchenko/Lane Steinberg)
        5.      All Of Us - Costas Stergiou (Athens/Greece)
        6.      Flowers For Friday - The Clockwork Flowers (London/UK)
        7.      The St John's Wood Affair - The St John's Wood Affair
        8.      Rainbow Chaser - Mikah Wilson & Peaches In Honey (L.A./USA)
        9.      Pentecost Hotel - Olaf Putker (Zutphen/Holland)
SIDE 2: 1.      Black Flower - Talk (Andrew Pitrone with members of Mystic
                Braves, Creation Factory, Brian Jonestown Massacre,
                Jeffertitti's Nile) (L.A./USA)
        2.      Aline Cherie - Ben Reed (London/UK)
        3.      Busy Man - Nick Capaldi (Dorchester/UK)
        4.      Lonely Boy - Wyatt Starr (L.A./USA)
        5.      Trapeze/Requiem JC - Pisces People (L.A./USA)
        6.      All I Do Is For You - The Absorbus Machine (Athens/Greece)
        7.      Pentecost Hotel - Henry Priestman (Hull/UK)
        8.      The Show Must Go On/Frankie The Great/I Believe In Magic
                (Medley) - Dor Koren (Green Valley/Israel)
        9.      Rainbow Chaser - Jacco Gardner (Lisbon/Portugal)
        10.     1999 - John Cavanagh (Glasgow/Scotland)

This unique album was recorded in 2019 in 19 different studio locations by new young
"bands who are fans" from around the world rebirthing the classic Nirvana songs in
a magical way for a 2020 release! The songs written by Patrick Campbell-Lyons and
Alex Spyropoulos in the sixties (1967-1969) have a timeless quality that has been
acknowledged by their fans in Europe, Japan, USA and Australia. Now 'Yesterday's
Sunshine Today', conceived and compiled by Patrick, takes us on a new musical journey
of love and vision. A limited edition vinyl only release of 500 copies, it comes with
a printed inner sleeve that has photographs of the participating bands and a quote
from each one explaining their choice of song to record.