TIMEBOX                                 UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue /


01.     Jimmy Nicol - When The Sun Goes Down (Cuando El Sol Cae)
02.     Jimmy Nicol - Beyond My Life (Mas Alla De Mi Vida)
03.     Jimmy Nicol - I'm Lost (Estoy Perdido)
04.     Jimmy Nicol - The Same Old Way (La Misma Vieja Forma)
05.     Jimmy Nicol - Black Sun (Sol Negro)
06.     Jimmy Nicol - Whims And Fancies (Antojos)
07.     Jimmy Nicol - Easy (Facil)
08.     Jimmy Nicol - I'm On My Way (Estoy En Camino)
09.     Jimmy Nicol - Unknown (Desconocido)
10.     Jimmy Nicol - Something Stupid (Algo Tonto)
11.     Jimmy Nicol - Jumping Jack Flash (as The Jimmy Nicol Show)
12.     Jimmy Nicol - Humpty Dumpty (as Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs)
        A-Side February 1964)
13.     Jimmy Nicol - Night Train (as Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs)
        B-Side February 1964)
14.     Jimmy Nicol - Husky (as Jimmy Nicol) A-Side June 1964)
15.     Jimmy Nicol - Don't Come Back (as Jimmy Nicol) B-Side June 1964)
16.     Jimmy Nicol - Clementine (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        A-Side March 1965)
17.     Jimmy Nicol - Bim Bam (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        B-Side March 1965)
18.     Jimmy Nicol - Roaring Blue (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        Usa-Only B-Side April 1965)
19.     Jimmy Nicol - Jimmy Nicol With The Beatles (1964)
20.     Jimmy Nicol - Jimmy Nicol (Beatles Press Conference In Adelaide) (1964)

Timebox presents the story of the missing "fifth Beatle", Jimmy Nicol, highlighting
his post-Beatles exploits as a recording star both in the UK and in Mexico. This
exclusive edition offers a valuable missing piece of the Beatles puzzle, complimented
by revealing and in-depth liners, interviews, and rare archival photographs, It's
Getting Better combines Nicol's Mexican-only album release from 1967 as Los Nicolquinn,
together with a generous selection of his solo UK and USA-only singles and more.
Digitally remastered. Revealing and in-depth liners, interviews and rare archival
photographs. Includes an Interview with the Beatles and a press conference from 1964.