Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
Style   : americana /

TK      001     FIONN KAY LAVELLE       CLINCH MOUNTAIN                 CD      07.2018

        1       The Moon Forest
        2       Clinch Mountain
        3       Fall With Thunder
        4       The Chief's Eyes
        5       Forest Flame
        6       Three Diamonds
        7       Clinch Mountain Part II
        8       Little Thunder

Time Keeper Records' first release and Fionn Kay-Lavelle's first Album "Clinch Mountain
is a spaghetti western influenced story written, recorded and produced by Fionn Kay
Lavelle. The Album could mostly be described as Americana but floats in and out of
other genres. Fionn has been playing live under the name Nino's Blue Saloon, a five
piece based in Lancaster. With the drummer/producer Joe Ramsden they are currently
recording their first EP which will be Time Keeper Records second release. The CD
comes with a printed narrative by Clare Weze based on the story told through the songs.