TIME FOR ACTION RECORDS                 Ederstrasse 14
***********************                 60486 Frankfurt


Distr.  : DE - Cargo/Sonic Rendezvous/Sound Of Subterrania/
Style   : freakbeat / garage rock / psychedelic / r&b / soul / mod / power pop
          / mod revival / mod punk / beat / indie / punk /

TFA             MOVING SOUNDS           GROUND SHAKER                   LP        .2006

        A1      Ground Shakker
        A2      About You (LP Version)
        A3      Look At Your Face
        A4      Down On My Knees
        A5      All I Can Do
        A6      Get Yourself Together
        B1      Adventures Of Gunnar Gnauck
        B2      You Have Me
        B3      Igor The Dog
        B4      Do The Wolf
        B5      All Good Things
                (Note : LP , first release for TFA Rec., without cat. number)

LP      CopaseDisques   CDLP    002     2006    GE

        A1      Breaking The News
        A2      European Holiday
        A3      Streetlights
        A4      Nights And Days
        A5      The Lighthouse
        A6      In Place
        A7      Long Journey
        B1      Saturday Night Out Again
        B2      Outskirts Of Town
        B3      Piano Interlude
        B4      The Paperback
        B5      Better Times, City Nights (For The Goth Kids)
        B6      The Children's Courtyard
        B7      A Lesson Learned

Press info:     100     coloured
                ???     black
TFA     04      THE SUBCANDIES          OUT OF THE BLUE                 LP        .2008

        A1      Out Of The Blue
        A2      Over Your Shoulder
        A3      Captain John
        A4      Give It A Try
        A5      Take A Chance
        B1      Hey You
        B2      Out Of Here
        B3      Little Man
        B4      Hey Jules
        B5      Dirty Names

Press info:     100     coloured
                ???     black
TFA     05      THE Q                   ISSUES                          10:     11.2008

        A1      Through Your Eyes                               3:41
        A2      She                                             3:03
        AA1     Big Issue                                       4:05
        AA2     Interlude                                       3:26

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     06      THE JAYBIRDS            TAKE YOUR CHANCE                7"        .2008

        A       Take Your Chance
        B       Boy Meets Girl Storyline

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     07      LONG TALL SHORTY        THE SOUND OF GIFFER CITY        LP        .2009
TFA     08      LONG TALL SHORTY        THE SOUND OF GIFFER CITY        CD        .2009

        A1      What A Nice Day
        A2      Turn It Up
        A3      Born To Loose
        A4      Ships In The Night
        A5      Family Tree
        A5      I Know What Made Marvin Gay
        A6      At The Weekend
        A7      Anti C.N.D.
        B1      Giffer City Rockers
        B2      I Aint Gonna Be A Mule For You
        B3      One Track Mind
        B4      Have Jaguar, Will Travel
        B5      Why Do Lovers?
        B6      Going To A Jihad
        B7      The Other Side

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     09      THE PIKES               NO-NAME STREET                  12"       .2009

        A1      No-Name Street
        A2      Office Song
        A3      Empty Faces
        B1      Something New
        B2      Streamdog
        B3      Small Town

Press info:     100     coloured        
TFA     10      THE JAYBIRDS            NAKED AS                        LP        .2010
TFA     11      THE JAYBIRDS            NAKED AS                        CD        .2010

        A1      Over Your Shoulder
        A2      Look Out Baby
        A3      Take Your Chance
        A4      Vented Feelings
        A5      I Try To Find
        A6      Most Likely You'll Go Your Way
        A7      Anything You Do
        B1      Sixty Minutes (Of Your Love)
        B2      Femme Fatal
        B3      Naked As A Jaybird
        B4      Nancy's Minuete
        B5      Mr. Ryan
        B6      A Big Thing
        B7      Boy Meets Girl Storyline

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black

LP      A1      Giffer Beach
        A2      Kick Out The Shams
        A3      Holidays In Dignitas
        A4      Noize
        A5      No No No
        A6      Play In A Day
        A7      Time
        A8      Let's Play ... Celebrity
        B1      Shoplifting
        B2      Pillhead
        B3      Hey You
        B4      I Hate This More Than You Hate Me Doing This
        B5      Six & Six
        B6      Beeing Fat Is A Crime
        B7      Police Oppression
        B8      Tamazipam

CD      1       Giffer Beach                                    2:16
        2       Kick Out The Shams                              3:02
        3       Holiday In Dignitas                             2:24
        4       Noize                                           1:32
        5       No No No                                        2:42
        6       Play In A Day                                   2:24
        7       Time                                            2:17
        8       Let's Play... Celebrity                         2:03
        9       Shoplifting                                     2:35
        10      Pillhead                                        1:29
        11      Hey You                                         1:49
        12      I Hate This More That You Hate Me Doing This    1:49
        13      Six & Six                                       1:57
        14      Beeing Fat Is A Crime                           2:16
        15      Police Oppression                               2:24
        16      Tamazipam                                       1:47

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     14      THE Q                   SONICALLY SOUND                 LP        .2011
TFA     15      THE Q                   SONICALLY SOUND                 CD        .2011

        A1      Growing Up
        A2      Ego
        A3      Taste Of Honey
        A4      Promise
        A5      No Compromise
        A6      Good Enough
        B1      Trinity
        B2      Being Totally Frank
        B3      Penny Piniching
        B4      Sunday's Girl
        B5      Sonically Sound

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     16      AUNT NELLY              AUNT NELLY                      LP        .2011
TFA     17      AUNT NELLY              AUNT NELLY                      CD        .2011

                Hip Side
        A1      Day Tripper
        A2      You're Gonna Beg
        A3      Love & A Woman
        A4      Dna Groove
        A5      Never Gonna Sleep At Night
        A6      Bring It Down Troat
        A7      Rescue Me
                Flip Side
        B1      Get Off My Track
        B2      Knocking At My Back Door
        B3      The Faker
        B4      Waiting For Alex
        B5      Sunlight
        B6      Smile

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     18      THE RIOTS               OUT OF CONTROL                  7"      01.2012

        A       Out Of Control
        B1      Tomorrow
        B2      End Of The Night
                (Note : A-side 45 RPM/B-side 33.3 RPM; hand-numb.)
TFA     19      THE RIOTS               DANCE ON YOUR PROBLEMS          7"      01.2012

        A       Dance On Your Problems
        B1      Sell Out
        B2      One Step (Demo)
                (Note : A-side 45 RPM/B-side 33.3 RPM; hand-numb.)
TFA     20      THE STAMPLETONES        EARLY TAPES                     2LP       .2012

LP 1            First Album
        A1      Do The Shake
        A2      Treat Me Right
        A3      You're Free
        A4      Break My Heart
        A5      Be My Girl
        A6      From A Window
        A7      Pretty Little Girl
        B1      All Your Love
        B2      Because I Love You
        B3      I Cry
        B4      I Say Goodbye
        B5      Waiting For Me
        B6      Why
        B7      The Sweetest Girl In Town
        B8      No Longer With You (Studio Version)

LP 2            Unreleased Second Album (Live)
        C1      I Feel Allright
        C2      I'm A Dreamer
        C3      Watch Out
        C4      Who Am I To You?
        C5      You Drive Me Crazy
        C6      No Longer With You (Bonus Song)
        D1      She Said
        D2      I've Told You Once Before
        D3      I Wish You Were Mine
        D4      Come Home
        D5      If You'd Like To Change Your Mind
        D6      Goodbye My Love

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     21      THE PIKES               SOMETHING'S GOING ON            LP      08.2012
TFA     22      THE PIKES               SOMETHING'S GOING ON            CD      08.2012

        A1      Something's Going On
        A2      Changing Of The Guard
        A3      Another Show Tomorrow
        A4      Ain't Got A Clue
        A5      Trouble
        A6      Midnight Shopping
        B1      Best Time
        B2      Fine Excuses
        B3      Waiting Room
        B4      Know Better Now
        B5      From Love To Hate
        B6      Where The Action Is

Press info:     100     coloured
                ???     black
TFA     23      THE WHITE TRAINERS COMMUNITY : THE LONG PLAY            LP      12.2012

        A1      What Ever Happened To You?
        A2      Dance
        A3      This Town
        A4      You Don't Like Us, We Don't Care
        A5      Where Does All The Money Go?!
        A6      Bitter Pills
        A7      Friday Night
        A8      Face To Face
        B1      Goodbye, Girl!
        B2      I Believe You
        B3      We Are The White Trainers Community (And We Are Proud Of It)
                Bonus Tracks:
        B4      Modern Boys
        B5      So Mad About You
        B6      Get Away!
        B7      Watching TV
        B8      Lullaby

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     24      THE RIOTS               TIME FOR TRUTH                  LP+DLc  05.2013

        A1      Time For Truth
        A2      Me And My Friends
        A3      Hate To See You Go
        A4      One Step
        A5      The Only Life I Know
        B1      Heroes
        B2      Brixton
        B3      My Own Way
        B4      Living On The Edge
        B5      There's One Thing You Can't Hide

Press info:     100     coloured        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     25      AUNT NELLY              SHADES OF ORANGE                LP        .2013
TFA     26      AUNT NELLY              SHADES OF ORANGE                CD        .2013

                Pip Side
        A1      Helena
        A2      Satisfaction
        A3      Shades Of Orange
        A4      Slip The Stick
        A5      Fierce Woman Blues
        A6      Misery
                Flip Side
        B1      Snowballing
        B2      Purple Haze
        B3      Pearl & Dean
        B4      Let Me Sleep
        B5      Round & Around
        B6      Landslide

Press info:     100     marbled         hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     27      THE RIOTS               ONE SEVEN WONDERS               7"      10.2013

        A       One Seven Wonders
        B       On The Run

Press info:     25      coloured        stamped white labels
TFA     28      RAF                     COME ON!                        10"     02.2014

        A1      (It's A) Modern World                           2:39
        A2      Nothing Seems To Fit                            3:27
        A3      We Are The Mods                                 2:29
        B1      Come On!                                        2:29
        B2      Hadrian's Wall                                  3:09
        B3      Ready, Steady, Go (Tonight)                     2:20
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)

Press info:     25      coloured        stamped white labels
TFA     29      THE DUKES OF HAMBURG    THE TRILOGY OF BEAT             10"       .2014

        A1      Balla Balla                                     2:03
        A2      Greensleeves                                    1:48
        A3      Poor Boy                                        2:32
        A4      Don't Ha Ha                                     2:02
        A5      Come On And Sing                                2:05
        B1      Dizzy Miss Lizzy                                1:53
        B2      Candy Man                                       2:16
        B3      Jenny, Jenny, Jenny                             2:46
        B4      Wishin' And Hopin'                              2:25
        B5      Uncle Willy                                     2:20

        C1      Rosalyn                                         2:18
        C2      Off The Hook                                    2:35
        C3      Big City                                        1:58
        C4      Rainin' In My Heart                             3:10
        C5      Treat Her Right                                 3:20
        D1      Midnight To Six Man                             2:15
        D2      I Gotta Move                                    2:31
        D3      Chicago                                         2:13
        D4      Buzz The Jerk                                   1:48
        D5      I Need You                                      2:14

        E1      She's So Fine                                   2:05
        E2      Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')             2:16
        E3      Say Alright                                     2:22
        E4      Just A Little Bit                               1:40
        E5      You'll Never Do It Baby                         2:35
        F1      Sorry                                           2:50
        F2      La La La La La                                  2:50
        F3      I'm A Hog For You Baby                          3:09
        F4      I Feel Fine                                     1:59
        F5      So Mystifying                                   2:47

Press info:     100     splatter        hand-numb.
                ???     black

10"     Moonshake       SHAKE 3-1/3-2/3-3
TFA     30      DIRT ROYAL              THIS IS NOW                     LP      09.2014
TFA     31      DIRT ROYAL              THIS IS NOW                     CD      09.2014

        A1      Sick-Boy Method
        A2      Girl In The Shop
        A3      Bobby's With Out A Cause
        A4      Army Of Dogs
        A5      Something To Believe
        B1      Busy Man
        B2      North Street
        B3      Sob Story
        B4      Factory Fodder
        B5      That Isn't Me

Press info:     100     splatter        hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     32      BJ'S NEW BREED          BABY'S GONE FOR GOOD            7"      11.2014

        A       Baby's Gone For Good
        B       One Man Woman

Press info:     100     silver          hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     33      BJ'S NEW BREED          I'M SORRY                       7"      11.2014

        A       I'm Sorry
        B       The Harder They Come

Press info:     100     silver          hand-numb.
                ???     black
TFA     34      THE RIOTS               TAKE NO PRISONERS               10"+DLc 12.2014

        A1      Sulphate
        A2      There's No Future (For All Those Who Forget The Past)
        B1      Take No Prisoners
        B2      Alright

Press info:     200     red
                100     blue                    numbered
                ???     black
TFA     35      BJ'S NEW BREED          HOW COME                        7"+DLc  06.2017

        A       How Come
        B       I'll Never Come Back Again
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 yellow-green copies)
Another freakbeat monster from Austria's soulful garage-psych supergroup.
TFA     36      THE WEEKS               GET AWAY                        7"+DLc  06.2017

        A       Get Away
        B1      Law And Order
        B2      2 Fingers Raised
TFA     37      THE GIFT                RUNNING AROUND THIS TOWN        LP      06.2017

        A1      Blank Stare
        A2      Many Defeats
        A3      Golden Gate
        A4      No Time To Wait
        A5      Can´t Fade And Die
        B1      Running Around This Town
        B2      Make Up Your Mind
        B3      White Light
        B4      Fly On The Wall
        B5      Louisa

        A1      She Said Yeah                                   1:41
        A2      Teenage Letter                                  2:31
        A3      Cry To Me                                       3:02
        A4      Hullabaloo                                      2:05
        A5      No Money, No Honey                              2:20
        A6      Indiano                                         3:11
        A7      Talkin' 'Bout You                               1:54
        B1      Down The Road Apiece                            2:23
        B2      It's So Hard                                    2:32
        B3      Heidi-Heidi-Ho (Minnie the Moocher)             2:28
        B4      I’m So Restless                                 2:05
        B5      I’m Henry The VIII                              1:48
        B6      Always You                                      2:33
        B7      Yockomo                                         2:38

Here's the exciting 2017 full-length from the German beat-revivalists!

LP      Moonshake           shake 8         2017        GE
TFA     39      SAMUEL S. PARKES        LOCK & KEY                      7"+DLc  06.2017

        A       Lock & Key
        B       Let Me Go
TFA     40      THE REACTION            HARD RAIN IN THE CITY           7"+DLc  02.2018

        01.     HARD RAIN IN THE CITY
        02.     DOWN AND OUT
TFA     41      THE REACTION            TASTE FOR LIFE                  7"+DLc  02.2018

        01.     TASTE FOR LIFE
        02.     DONT WASTE YOUR WORD
TFA     42      THE THREADS : AT THE HEIGHT OF THE SEASON               2LP+DLc 06.2018

LP 1    01.     COSTA DEL SOL
        02.     BRINKS MAT 26 MILLION
        03.     A MILLIONAIRE
        04.     THE MAGNIFICENT 7
        05.     FORTUNE TELLER
        07.     WITH OURSELVES
        08.     HEY LITTLE LADY
        10.     SORRY

LP 2    11.     RUPERT THE BEAR
        12.     THE GOOD LIFE
        13.     THE ART OF MAKING A LIVING
        14.     PAISLEY PARADISE
        15.     IM ONLY DREAMING
        16.     SHES THE ONE
        17.     FEELING BLUE
        18.     SORRY
        19.     LOUS BLUES
        20.     ALISON
                (Note : 2LP , 400 black or 100 hand-numb. gold copies)

The Threads were on the forefront of the Mid 80s Mod Scene along with the likes of
The Prisoners & MakinTime. This album here shows the full live concert from their
legendary gig in Retford 1987, plus some bonus songs from The Mod Aid Alldayer 1985
and their gig in Wellinggore 1985. To summarize: 20 songs, fully re-mastered, all for
the first time on vinyl and lots of them previously unreleased. Comes in deluxe
gatefold sleeve with lots of memorabilia and download code!
TFA     43      LES CONCORDES           CARREMENT PEUT-ETRE             LP      05.2018

        A1      Home Again
        A2      The Kid's Growin' In Me
        A3      Takin' You Home
        A4      Burger King
        A5      Stop
        B1      Loneliness
        B2      Something You Should Know
        B3      Lovin' You (takes all my time)
        B4      Lendemain
        B5      Where I Wanna Be
                (Note : LP , 200 black/100 blue-sky copies)

New Brussels (originally Marseille) based 3 piece outfit which gonna bring you to
Punky Powerpop City in less than 1 hour. This 10 song maiden flight celebrate Brighton
chords from 79 with stopovers by The Nerves and The Boys - passing by Telephone and
Les Dogs and tanked with lots of teen angst. Put on the pilots vest, buckle up, quick
check - thumbs up and take off!!
TFA     44      LONG TALL SHORTY        LOTTSAPPOPAZ                    LP+DLc  09.2018

A.      01.     ALL I NEED
        02.     CAR BODY REPAIR SHOP
        03.     I WANT TO BE ALONE
        04.     ALRIGHT
        05.     THE CHASE
        06.     THE GAMBLER
        08.     RAISE YOUR VOICE
        09.     SEE HOW THEY RUN
        10.     HYPOCRITE
        11.     TO BE
        12.     IM WITH STUPID
        13.     GIZMO
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 yellow copies)
TFA     45      THE TRANCE              FAREWELL TO A WORLD UNTORN      LP      12.2018

        01.     OFFICER PEARSON
        02.     MAGIC SPHERE
        03.     PALACE OF MY DREAMS
        04.     CLOUD NINE
        05.     FEMME FATALE
        06.     WHY ME
        07.     THE RIDE
        08.     FALLING FOR YOU
        09.     TRANCE
        10.     RUNNING AWAY
        11.     MAGIC SPHERE (4 TRACK)
TFA     46      THE REACTION : THE WORLD CUP OF LIES                    10"     11.2018

        A1      The World Cup Of Lies
        A2      (I'll Never Be Your) Boyfriend
        B1      Tonight
        B2      To A Reason
        B3      Don't Want You Around
TFA     47      RAF                     WANT YOU TO KNOW                7"      05.2019

        01.     WANT YOU TO KNOW
        02.     GET WHAT YOU GET

Portlands best dressed foursome is back with two foot-stomping smasher, cut on 45
RPM with loud, proud, three-minute power anthems echoing the British Beat of 64 and
the Mod Revival of 79. Limited to 300 copies only.
TFA     48      THE THREADS             A TEENAGE DREAM                 3LP     08.2019

LP 1    A1      A Teenage Dream
        A2      Hey Little Lady
        A3      17/16
        A4      Hang The Consequences
        A5      What's This
        A6      A Millionaire
        B1      The Art Of Making A Living
        B2      Rock Cliché
        B3      The Daily Commute
        B4      Mr Wonderful
        B5      Mick's In
        B6      Strong

LP 2    C1      Share The Hour
        C2      Hearn
        C3      Alison (Self-Mix)
        C4      Sorry
        C5      In This Town
        D1      International Times
        D2      My Friend Johnnie Walker
        D3      Break Down The Barriers
        D4      She's The One

LP 3    E1      Surreal
        E2      Rainy Town
        E3      Round & Round
        E4      Work It Out
        F1      Green Circles
        F2      Almost Grown
        F3      Ejector Seat
        F4      Just Dont Know
                (Note : triple LP , 200 black/100 gold copies)
TFA     49      THE REFLECTORS          TEENAGE HEARTS                  7"        .2019

        A       Teenage Hearts                                  2:14
        B       Desert Crusader                                 2:29
TFA     50      RAF                     SPLIT TOWN                      LP      11.2019

        A1      Want You To Know                                2:41
        A2      Zombie Girl                                     2:25
        A3      Little Generals                                 2:39
        A4      Bombs                                           1:51
        A5      Mary Goes Round                                 3:10
        A6      Something To Believe                            3:23
        B1      New Mod Song                                    3:05
        B2      Split Town                                      3:27
        B3      Get What You Get                                2:09
        B4      Sussed Up And Free                              3:09
        B5      Good Reaction                                   2:41
        B6      Right Way                                       2:02

After their quickly sold out 7" here now the anxiously LP by Portland best dressed
foursome. The new album Split Town features 12 original songs which draw influences
from 1960s-era bands like The Kinks, The Zombies and the Yardbirds, as well as late
1970s bands such as The Clash, The Jam and The Buzzcocks. But not to be pigeonholed,
RAF branches out into more traditional PowerPop owing to a deep respect for bands
like The Beatles, Squeeze and Jellyfish. There are even some surprises like a ska
number reminiscent of the English Beat and The Specials or a splendid powerful R&B
tune. Tally ho!!! Packaged with a release party poster and double sided printed inlay.
TFA     51      THE JAYBIRDS : THE RHYTHM AND BLUES YEARS               2LP     12.2019

LP 1    01.     OH BABY
        03.     LET IT ROCK
        04.     51 MAINSTREET
        05.     DON TELL ME LIES
        06.     WHY DO YOU PUT THE HURT ON ME
        07.     JUST ONE CHANCE
        08.     IFS YOU COULD BE MINE
        09.     BUT YOU'LL NEVER DO IT BABY (LIVE)

LP 2    11.     HOLD ON IM COMING
        12.     JUST A LOOSER
        13.     ITS TOO LATE
        14.     YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME
        15.     SAVE MY SOUL
        16.     KING LONELY THE BLUE
        17.     SHAKE 
        18.     BABY I NEED
        19.     NIMM MEIN HERZ
        20.     IT WASN'T RIGHT
        21.     HAPPY DAY
        22.     TAKE GOOD CARE

Stunning compilation, a fantastic round-up of the early years and a timely reminder
about that band and era. Beside of The Clique in UK, the JAYBIRDS were unanimously
acclaimed the coolest Mod band on the authentic side of the Mods and R&B/ Freakbeat
-Scene in Europe during the 90s. Just in time for their 30th years anniversary this
22 song amalgamation contains all their early singles, eps and some true rarities.
Smokestack Lightning, an extended 9.19 min live cut, recorded in 1995 at the 1st
Beat-O-Mania festival in Munich shows in a perfect way the typical JAYBIRDS sound:
authentic and rough R&B !!! Fully analogue remastered by Dennis Rux in Hamburg,
housed in a gatefold sleeve designed by Murphy Morphine (Wild Evel & The Trashbones)
and original band poster of this era included.
TFA     052     THE REFLECTORS          FIRST IMPRESSIONS               LP        .2020

        A1      Act A Fool
        A2      Teenage Hearts
        A3      Attraction
        A4      Situation Critical
        A5      Champagne
        A6      Storm And Thunder
        B1      Baby It's You
        B2      Break Me Down
        B3      It's Alright
        B4      U Should Be My Girl
        B5      Caught Me Off Guard
                (Note : LP , 150 black/100 clear copies, all numbered)

Undertones & Buzzcocks tinged teenage frustration rock n roll in 2 and a half minutes
bring the timeless raucous pop punk heaven from this brand new combo on the Power
Pop planet. The Reflectors are a 4-piece PowerPop/Punk outfit out of Los Angeles CA.
TFA     053     THE RIOTS : THE NIGHT BEFORE/THE MORNING AFTER          7"      10.2020

        01.     THE MORNING AFTER
        02.     THE NIGHT BEFORE

The forgotten 7" single by Russian Mod darlings THE RIOTS. This double A side single
was recorded in 2015 after their ,30 gigs in 30 days" tour and was planed to release
for a 2nd tour in autumn the same year. Once again the luck was not on their side,
they finally broke and the single disappeared in the archives. This 45rpm platter
shows once again that they were without doubt one of the Mod facesof their time!
Strictly limited pressing of 300 copies only.
TFALP   054     DIRT ROYAL              GREAT EXPECTATIONS              LP      10.2020

        01.     AS GOOD AS IT GET
        02.     HOMEMADE HELL
        03.     GLORY DAYS
        04.     I WONT REMEMBER
        05.     STAND WITH ME
        06.     WAITING FOR THE RADIO
        07.     GREAT EXPECTATIONS
        08.     LEMSIP
        09.     NEVER SO
        11.     WHEN YOU SAY WHO KNOWS
        12.     LOSE OUR WAYS

The long awaited 2nd album by Brightons craziest royal offspring. Instantly catchy
and addictive buzzsaw UK three-chord-punky PowerPop on exactly 12 cuts. The two
vocalists sing with equal measures of punk snottiness and sugary sweetness, including
their unique call and response which makes the album to a true gem. But it evokes
also the sound and spirit of early The Clash, The Buzzcocks and the Kinks.
So a full packed ballroom where they share the stage with THE SPEEDWAYS, YUM YUMS 
and surely THE REFLECTORS could be a really special coronation at the royal court!
Strictly limited pressing of 300 copies only.
TFA     055     LONG TALL SHORTY        TAKE IT EASY                    7"      10.2020

        01.     TURN IT UP
        02.     IM WITH STUPID
        03.     LOVE IN VAIN
        04.     WISH YOU HAD BLED

Legendary UK Mod Punk band with a new 4 song EP. LONG TALL SHORTY. well-known for
never standing still or to wallow in nostalgia. Always with a true passion to be
different. Mississippi-Delta feeling with sunglasses and short trousers turns up
by ,Love In Vain". But by ,Wish You Had Bled" they change again the short with the
long trouser to make a lot of noise with the typical angry & insurgent lyrics from
Tony Feedback. Completed with the splendid ,Im With Stupid" from the last album as
well the cracking ,Turn It Up" from their long out of print GIFFER record.! Strictly
limited to 300 copies only.
TFA7    056     THE GIFT (FRANCE)       BEAT THE STRAIN                 7"      09.2020

        01.     BEAT THE STRAIN
        02.     EMILY

After their sold out debut LP finally 2 brand new recordings from Nantes based
Post-Punk New Mod Sound" sensation. THE GIFT displaying again grim Post Punk, Mod,
PowerPop and Cold Wave moments by the means of JOY DIVISION or early THE CURE.
Being intercepted within their hopeless desperation by the febrile unrest and
atmosphere of departure of the 1979 Mod Revival to be finally canalised into
magnificent two songs with a distinct vibe of their own. Limited pressing of
300 copies only.