TIME BOX                                 UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / pschedelic / pop rock / beat /

LCCD    5032

01.     Jimmy Nicol - When The Sun Goes Down (Cuando El Sol Cae)
02.     Jimmy Nicol - Beyond My Life (Mas Alla De Mi Vida)
03.     Jimmy Nicol - I'm Lost (Estoy Perdido)
04.     Jimmy Nicol - The Same Old Way (La Misma Vieja Forma)
05.     Jimmy Nicol - Black Sun (Sol Negro)
06.     Jimmy Nicol - Whims And Fancies (Antojos)
07.     Jimmy Nicol - Easy (Facil)
08.     Jimmy Nicol - I'm On My Way (Estoy En Camino)
09.     Jimmy Nicol - Unknown (Desconocido)
10.     Jimmy Nicol - Something Stupid (Algo Tonto)
11.     Jimmy Nicol - Jumping Jack Flash (as The Jimmy Nicol Show)
12.     Jimmy Nicol - Humpty Dumpty (as Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs)
        A-Side February 1964)
13.     Jimmy Nicol - Night Train (as Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs)
        B-Side February 1964)
14.     Jimmy Nicol - Husky (as Jimmy Nicol) A-Side June 1964)
15.     Jimmy Nicol - Don't Come Back (as Jimmy Nicol) B-Side June 1964)
16.     Jimmy Nicol - Clementine (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        A-Side March 1965)
17.     Jimmy Nicol - Bim Bam (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        B-Side March 1965)
18.     Jimmy Nicol - Roaring Blue (as The Sound Of Jimmy Nicol)
        Usa-Only B-Side April 1965)
19.     Jimmy Nicol - Jimmy Nicol With The Beatles (1964)
20.     Jimmy Nicol - Jimmy Nicol (Beatles Press Conference In Adelaide) (1964)

Timebox presents the story of the missing "fifth Beatle", Jimmy Nicol, highlighting
his post-Beatles exploits as a recording star both in the UK and in Mexico. This
exclusive edition offers a valuable missing piece of the Beatles puzzle, complimented
by revealing and in-depth liners, interviews, and rare archival photographs, It's
Getting Better combines Nicol's Mexican-only album release from 1967 as Los Nicolquinn,
together with a generous selection of his solo UK and USA-only singles and more.
Digitally remastered. Revealing and in-depth liners, interviews and rare archival
photographs. Includes an Interview with the Beatles and a press conference from 1964.
Incl. 16 p. booklet.
TBCD    3002    GLASS MANAGERIE : Have You Forgotten Who We Are?        CD      11.2019
                (The Anthology 1968-69)

        01.     Glass Menagerie - A: She's A Rainbow
        02.     Glass Menagerie - B: That's When I Start To Love Her
        03.     Glass Menagerie - A: You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
        04.     Glass Menagerie - B: Let's All Run To The Sun
        05.     Glass Menagerie - A: I Said Goodbye To Me
        06.     Glass Menagerie - B: Frederick Jordan
        07.     Glass Menagerie - A: Have You Forgotten Who You Are
        08.     Glass Menagerie - B: Do You Ever Think
        09.     Glass Menagerie - A: Do My Thing Myself
        10.     Glass Menagerie - B: Watching The World Pass By
        11.     Glass Menagerie - She's A Rainbow
        12.     Glass Menagerie - Somebody To Love
        13.     Glass Menagerie - Run Out Of Time
        14.     Glass Menagerie - Love Me Two Times
        15.     Glass Menagerie - Dear Mr. Fantasy
        16.     Glass Menagerie - I Said Goodbye To Me
        17.     Glass Menagerie - I Can't Quit Her
        18.     Glass Menagerie - Putting It Off Till Another Day
        19.     Glass Menagerie - Chequebook Girl
        20.     Glass Menagerie - Life Is Getting It Together
        21.     Glass Menagerie - She Came From Hell
        22.     Glass Menagerie - Have You Forgotten Who You Are (w/ Interview)
        23.     Glass Menagerie - Do You Ever Think

The Glass Menagerie emerged in the late 1960s, in the Lancastrian backdrop of Burnley
in the north of England. A move to London in 1968 led to a handful of singles with
Pye before changes within the band marked a new chapter under Chas Chandler. A rapidly
changing music scene and a lack of investment eventually took its toll on the band
who split at the tail end of the decade. From 1968 to 1969, they recorded five singles,
and various sessions for Top Gear, Saturday Club, and host Brian Matthew. The majority
of songs from these live sessions, would be heading towards their unreleased album.
Have You Forgotten Who We Are? presents a missing link in the British psychedelic
phenomenon, and provides a precious glimpse into the world of "Frederick Jordan"
and what might have been. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with
a handsome 12-page booklet with expansive liners, interviews and rare memorabilia.
TB3CD   3002    V / A                   BRITISH BEAT COLLECTION         3CD       .2020
                (Rare British Broadcasts - The Beat Era 1965-1967)

CD 1    1-1     The Sorrows             Cara-Lin
        1-2     The Sorrows             Take A Heart (With Interview)
        1-3     The Sorrows             You Got What I Want
        1-4     The Koobas : Take Me For A Little While (With Interview)
        1-5     The Koobas              Daddy Rolling Stone
        1-6     The Mindbenders : Groovy Kind Of Love (With Interview)
        1-7     The Mindbenders         Love Is Good
        1-8     The Mindbenders         Don't Cry No More
        1-9     The Mindbenders :  Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without
                You (With Interview)
        1-10    The Mindbenders         All Night Worker
        1-11    The Mindbenders         The Way You Do the Things You Do
        1-12    The Mindbenders         Seventh Son
        1-13    The Mindbenders         Ashes To Ashes (With Interview)	
        1-14    The Mindbenders         Ride Your Pony
        1-15    The Mindbenders         Cook Jerk
        1-16    The Mindbenders         Homework
        1-17    The Mindbenders         The Morning After
        1-18    Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames : Circles
        1-19    Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames : Shake
        1-20    Paul & Ritchie & The Crying Shames : September In The Rain
                (With Interview)
        1-21    St. Louis Union         Things Get Better
        1-22    St. Louis Union         East Side Story (With Interview)
        1-23    St. Louis Union         Don't Worry Girl

CD 2    2-1     The Cherokees           Beg Me
        2-2     The Cherokees           I Love You Yeah
        2-3     The Cherokees : I Will Never Turn My Back On You
                (With Interview)
        2-4     The Shevelles           A Little Piece Of Leather
        2-5     The Shevelles           All Night Worker
        2-6     The Shevelles : Yield Not To Temptation (With Interview)
        2-7     Hedgehoppers Anonymous  Hard Time
        2-8     Hedgehoppers Anonymous  Daytime (With Interview)
        2-9     Hedgehoppers Anonymous  Make Love
        2-10    The Alan Bown Set       Do The Boomerang
        2-11    The Alan Bown Set : Gonna Fix You Good (With Interview)
        2-12    The Alan Bown Set       Headline News
        2-13    The Soulmates : Bring Your Love Back Home (With Interview)
        2-14    The Soulmates : Baby What'cha Want Me To Do
        2-15    The Soulmates           When Love Is Gone
        2-16    The Steampacket : How Long Will It Last (With Interview)
        2-17    The Steampacket         In The Midnight Hour
        2-18    The Steampacket         It's Alright
        2-19    The Steampacket         The Drifter (With Interview)
        2-20    The Steampacket : I Didn't Want To Have To Do It
                (With Interview)
        2-21    The Steampacket         Going to A Go-Go
        2-22    The Steampacket	Everything's Gonna Be Alright
        2-23    Screaming Lord Sutch    The Cheat (With Interview)
        2-24    Screaming Lord Sutch    Good Golly Miss Molly
        2-25    Screaming Lord Sutch    Black And Hairy

CD 3    3-1     The Untamed             Hush Your Mouth
        3-2     The Untamed             It's Not True (With Interview)
        3-3     The Untamed             Land Of 1000 Dances
        3-4     Tony Jackson Group      Almost There
        3-5     Tony Jackson Group      Never Leave Your Baby's Side
        3-6     Tony Jackson Group      You're My Number One
        3-7     The Checkmates          Boom Boom
        3-8     The Checkmates          Around (With Interview)
        3-9     The Checkmates          Alright
        3-10    The Checkmates          Mr. Pitiful (With Interview)
        3-11    The Checkmates          All Night Worker
        3-12    The Boston Dexters      Mary Anne
        3-13    The Boston Dexters      Try Hard (With Interview)
        3-14    The Boston Dexters      Baby Please Don't Go
        3-15    Brian Connell & The Round Sound : You Got What It Takes
        3-16    Brian Connell & The Round Sound : The Same Thing Happened To Me
        3-17    Brian Connell & The Round Sound : Show Me
        3-18    Brian Connell & The Round Sound : Something You Got
        3-19    Brian Connell & The Round Sound : Just My Kind Of Loving
                (With Interview)
        3-20    Alan Price Set          The Walk
        3-21    Alan Price Set : I Put A Spell On You (With Interview)
        3-22    Alan Price Set          Baby Work Out
        3-23    Alan Price Set          Shake
        3-24    Alan Price Set          Hi-Lili Hi-Lo (With Interview)
        3-25    Alan Price Set          When A Man Loves A Woman
        3-26    Alan Price Set          Take Me Home

(Note : triple CD set , BBC recordings from Top Of The Pops (presenter Brian Matthew)
        and originally released on transcription discs by BBC Transcription Services.
        3 CD's in cardboard sleeves with booklet in a clam-shell cardboard box)