Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : reissue / soul / jazz /

TWM     001     NINA SIMONE             A VERY RARE EVENING             LP      10.2016

        A1.     In The Morning
        A2.     Turn! Turn! Turn!
        A3.     To Love Somebody
        A4.     Ain't Got No / I Got Life
        B1.     The Other Woman
        B2.     I Think It's Going To Rain Today
        B3.     Save Me
        B4.     Revolution

* One of the most sought after Nina Simone albums
* European recordings from 1969 featuring Weldon Irvine
* Out of print on vinyl since 1979
* Featuring the original artwork by Jazz designer Anne Maria Schnider
TWM     02      STEVE GROSSMAN          SOME SHAPES TO COME             LP      12.2016

        A1.     WBAI
        A2.     Haresah
        A3.     Zulu Stomp
        A4.     Extemporaneous Combustion
        B1.     Alodian Mode
        B2.     Pressure Point
        B3.     The Sixth Sense

This is a quality slice of jazz fusion, recorded by Steve Goodman and his band in 1974.
Goodman himself had played with Miles Davis, so he already had the inside track on
high-end jazz fusion, and sidemen Don Alias and Gene Perla were right behind him.
Some Shapes To Come is a funky but underrated masterpiece: this is the first time it
has been reissued.

* All-star line up that includes members of Miles Davis band, Nina Simone band & Jaco
  Pastorius Big Band
* Out of print on vinyl since 1974
* Now back available as a deluxe limited vinyl edition for the first time since 1974
* Officially licensed from PM Records
* Featuring the original design by Jazz artist Anne Maria Schnider
TWM     003     STONE ALLIANCE          STONE ALLIANCE                  LP      12.2016

        A1.     Vaya Mulatto
        A2.     King Tut
        A3.     Duet
        B1.     Sweetie-Pie
        B2.     Creepin’
        B3.     Samba De Negro

- All star line-up Jazz fusion classic from 1976
- Featuring members of the Nina Simone-Miles Davis & Jaco Pastorius bands
- Out of print on vinyl since 1976
- Featuring the original design by Jazz artist Anne Maria Schnider
- Limited deluxe vinyl edition of 1000 copies
TWM     4       FUNKADELIC              LIVE-MEADOWBROOK 1971           2LP     01.2017

        01.     ALICE IN THE FANTASIES
        02.     MAGGOT BRAIN
        04.     I CALL MY BABY PUSSYCAT
        05.     GOOD OLD MUSIC
        08.     I'LL BET YOU
        09.     YOU & YOUR FOLKS, ME & MY FOLKS

Contained here is a unique snapshot of Funkadelic's live performance at the height of
their powers. Recorded live at Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan on the 12th of
September 1971, this is the only official in-concert recording from their early career.
The crystal clear recordings here (taken from the soundboard master tapes) provide you
with an overdose of free-floating psychedelic black rock and spaced-out jams that can 
only be described as Jimi Hendrix, James Brown & Sun Ra making a love-child live on
stage. This release also includes extensive & exhaustive liner notes from the Grammy
-award winning professor of ethnomusicology Rob Bowman who goes over each track in
detail and also wrote down quotes from Bernie Worrell & Billy Bass. Featuring an all
-star line up that includes George Clinton, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas,
Ray Davis, Tyrone Lampkin, Eddie Hazel, Billy Bass Nelson, Bernie Worrell & former
Isaac Hayes sideman Harold Beane.
TWM     5       FUNKADELIC              FINEST                          2LP     01.2017
TWM     5       FUNKADELIC              FINEST                          2LP     05.2018
                (Note : 2018 re-issue , 1000 copies + obi strip)

        01.     I BET YOU
        03.     FUNKY DOLLAR BILL
        04.     HIT IT & QUIT IT
        06.     A JOYFUL PROCESS
        07.     LOOSE BOOTY
        09.     COSMIC SLOP
        10.     RED HOT MAMA
        12.     GET OFF YOUR ASS & JAM
        13.     UNDISCO KIDD
        14.     SPOKEN (INTRO)
        15.     MAGGOT BRAIN (LIVE)
TWM     6       LINK WRAY               MORDICAI JONES                  LP      06.2017

        A1.     Walkin' in the Arizona Sun
        A2.     Scorpio Woman
        A3.     The Coca Cola Sign Blinds My Eye
        A4.     All I Want To Say
        A5.     All Because of a Woman
        B6.     On the Run
        B7.     Son of a Simple Man
        B8.     Precious Jewel
        B9.     Days Before Custer
        B10.    Gandy Dancer

- Back on vinyl for the first time since 1972
- Comes with gatefold jacket & obi strip
- Insert with exclusive & extensive liner notes included

ower-chord-originator Link Wray was a deserving legend of American guitar. Mordicai
Jones is a 1971 album recorded in an old chicken shed on the Wray family farm, where
Link got down to the business of summing up the country, soul and blues of rural
America into a rock sound. First vinyl release since 1972, out on Tidal Waves Music.
TWM     7       LINK WRAY               BEANS AND FATBACK               LP      04.2017

        01.     BEANS AND FATBACK
        02.     I'M SO GLAD, I'M SO PROUD
        03.     SHAWNEE TRIBE
        04.     HOBO MAN
        05.     GEORGIA PINES
        06.     ALABAMA ELECTRIC
        07.     WATER BOY
        09.     RIGHT OR WRONG (YOU LOSE)
        10.     IN THE PINES
        11.     TAKE MY HAND (PRECIOUS LORD)

Originally released on Virgin Records in 1973, this is the first time the album gets
a vinyl release outside of Europe. Now available as a gorgeously packaged deluxe vinyl
edition, exclusively for Record Store Day 2017. Strictly limited to 2500 copies.
TWM     8       LINK WRAY               BE WHAT YOU WANT TO             LP      04.2017

A.      01.     BE WHAT YOU WANT TO
        02.     ALL CRIED OUT
        03.     LAWDY MISS CLAWDY
        04.     TUCSON, ARIZONA
        05.     RIVERBEND
        06.     YOU WALKED BY
B.      07.     WALK EASY, WALK SLOW
        08.     ALL THE LOVE IN MY LIFE
        09.     YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME
        10.     SHINE THE LIGHT
        11.     MORNING
                (Note : LP , 2500 copies)

* Back on vinyl for the first time since 1973
* Exclusive Record Store Day 2017 Release & only available in participating stores
* All-Star line up featuring guest performances from Jerry Garcia
* Strictly limited to 2500 copies worldwide
TWM     9       NICO & THE FACTION      THE LAST SESSIONS               2LP     04.2017

        01.     THE SOUND I
        03.     YOUR VOICE
        04.     I WILL BE SEVEN
        05.     FATA MORGANA
        06.     ALL SAINT'S NIGHT
        07.     THE SOUND II
        08.     YOU FORGET TO ANSWER

Tidal Waves Music presents exclusively for Record Store Day 2017: Nico & the faction
The last sessions Strictly limited to 2000 copies, this release also comes with an
insert featuring extensive liner notes & background information.
TMW     10      MANU DIBANGO            ELECTRIC AFRICA                 LP      09.2017
TMW     10      MANU DIBANGO            ELECTRIC AFRICA                 LP      06.2018

        A1.     Pata Piya
        A2.     Electric Africa
        B3.     Echos Beti
        B4.     LArbre A Palabres

- Back on vinyl for the first time since 1985
- Comes with the original 1985 artworks & obi strip
- All-star line-up featuring Herbie Hancock, Mory Kante & Bernie Worrell
- Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide

Manu Dibango needs little introduction, born in Cameroon in 1933, Manu developed
a musical style fusing jazz, funk, and traditional Cameroonian music. He's definitely
among the best known African artists outside of Africa.

Collaborations were numerous and include top acts likeFela Kuti, Herbie Hancock,
Bill Laswell, Sly & Robbie, Don Cherry and Bernie Worrell. In addition to selling
hundreds of thousands of copies of the albums he recorded, he played such huge venues
asYankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden.
TWM     11      BERNIE WORRELL          ALL THE WOO IN THE WORLD        LP      12.2017

        1.      Woo Together
        2.      I'll Be With You
        3.      Hold On
        4.      Much Thrust
        5.      Happy To Have (Happiness On Our Side)
        6.      Insurance Man For The Funk
        7.      Reprise: Much Thrust
                (Note : LP , 1500 coloured copies)
TWM     12      HAROLD ALEXANDER        SUNSHINE MAN                    LP      02.2018

        01.     SUNSHINE MAN
        02.     QUICK CITY
        03.     TITE ROPE
        04.     MAMA SOUL
        05.     AQUILLA
        06.     CLEAN-UP

- Back on vinyl for the first time since 1971
- Official reissue of this rare Seventies Soul Jazz classic
- Comes packaged in a gatefold jacket with original artwork and liner-notes
- Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes with obi-strip

Harold Alexander was a competent saxophonist and dynamic flutist whose early and
mid-’70s albums for Flying Dutchman and Atlantic blended originals, soul / jazz and
R&B effectively. Alexander recorded three albums (including a live ‘Montreux Jazz
Festival’ record in 1972) and contributed to various other recordings during his
TWM     13      CEASAR FRAZIER          HAIL CEASAER!                   LP      02.2018

This record is a delight for anyone who likes that 1970s organ groove sound and is
right up there with some of the best of the soul jazz coming out of the early
seventies. 'Hail Ceasar!' is a monster album that could keep you grooving for weeks
if you so desired. Originally released in 1972 on Eastbound Records, super rare and
fetching large sums on the collectors market, and now finally back available as
a limited deluxe vinyl edition featuring the original artwork by Tom Curry.
TWM     14      THE NINETEENTH WHOLE    SMILIN'                         LP      06.2018

        02.     SLIPPIN' INTO DARKNESS
        03.     MONKEY HIPS'N'RICE
        05.     DARK CLOUDS RISING
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

While this 1972 LP from short-lived Indianapolis group The Nineteenth Whole may not
exactly be a household name, some big-hitters were involved in its creation. Rudy Van
Gelder was at the controls for this one, and Cornell Dupree - the guitarist who laid
down the opening lick for Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ - also shows up. They add polish
to the five pieces of organ-led soul jazz that make up Smilin'. Now reissued by Tidal
Waves Music.
TWM     15      THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH : IT'S JUST BEGUN                LP      04.2018

        A1      Creation (Prologue)
        A2      It's Just Begun
        A3      Troglodyte (Cave Man)
        A4      You Better Be Good (Or The Devil Gon' Getcha)
        A5      Psyche
        B1      L. T. D. (Life, Truth & Death)
        B2      My Brightest Day
        B3      Bad
        B4      I Promise To Remember
        B5      Creation (Epilogue)

(Note : coloured vinyl reissue LP on Tidal Waves Music, featuring the original Corrigan
        artwork & liner notes from Al Roberts. Limited edition of 2000 copies)

LP      RCA Victor          LSP 4640            1972        US
TWM     16      DONALD AUSTIN           CRAZY LEGS                      LP      06.2018

        01.     CRAZY LEGS
        02.     YOU WANT IT
        03.     YOU GOT IT
        04.     SEX PLOT
        05.     HOT ROOSTER
        06.     LET THE WOMAN BE THE BOSS
        07.     CAN'T STAND THE STRAIN
        08.     SHAKE YOUR HEAD
        09.     RAINY DAY FUN
        10.     SIDE SADDLE
        11.     NANZEE
        12.     PEA-SHOOTER
        13.     MANASSAS BOOGIE
        14.     DO ME RIGHT

Crazy Legs is the only LP laid down by Memphis guitarist Donald Austin. Originally
released in 1973, the record has become a highly sought-after work of golden-age funk.
It’s no surprise - the likes of the title track and ‘Hot Rooster’ are outrageously
groovy takes from a time where Motown, soul, funk and disco were just beginning to
cross-pollinate. Now reissued as a limited run by Tidal Waves Music.
TWM     17      MELVIN SPARKS           TEXAS TWISTER                   LP      04.2018

        A1      Whip! Whop!
        A2      Gathering Together
        A3      Judy's Groove
        B1      Texas Twister
        B2      Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
        B3      I Want To Talk About You
        B4      Star In The Crescent
                (Note : LP , 1500 copies)

LP      Eastbound           EB 9006         1973        US
TWM     18      BILL MASON              GETTIN' OFF                     LP      06.2018

        01.     GETTIN' OFF
        02.     LET'S STAY TOGETHER
        03.     NOW RUN AND TELL THAT
        04.     STONE
        05.     MISTER JAY

Back on vinyl for the first time since 1972. Official reissue of this rare Seventies
Funky Soul Jazz classic. Comes packaged featuring the original Eastbound artwork.
Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes with obi-strip.
TWM     19      GARY CHANDLER           OUTLOOK                         LP      09.2018

        01.     BABY LET ME TAKE YOU (IN MY ARMS)
        02.     FLAMINGO
        03.     KALEIDOSCOPE
        04.     THE JET SET
        05.     BLUE DUES
(Note : LP , strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes with obi-strip)
TWM     20      OFEGE                   TRY AND LOVE                    LP      10.2018

        01.     NOBODY FALLS
        02.     WHIZZY LLABO
        03.     GBE MI LO
        04.     TRY AND LOVE
        05.     IT'S NOT EASY
        06.     OFEGE
        07.     YOU SAY NO
        08.     LEAD ME

Ofege was formed in the early 1970s by a bunch of teenagers at the St. Gregory's
College in Lagos, Nigeria. They were largely influenced by the guitar solos of Carlos
Santana, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. 'Try And Love' is wild and uncompromising blend of
soul, funk and rock with complex and groovy rhythms. Ofege succeeded in creating
a debut album drenced with fuzzy guitars, plaintive/wailing vocals and a backbeat
as influenced by James Brown as it is by Fela Kuti. Ed of 500 + isert + obi-strip.
TWM     21      CALENDER                IT'S A MONSTER                  LP      10.2018

        01.     HYPERTENSION
        02.     GOOD OLD FUNKY MUSIC
        03.     OH WHAT A PITY
        05.     COMIN' ON STRONG
        06.     OPEN UP YOUR MIND
        07.     RITMO LATINO 

Back on vinyl for the first time since 1976 Reissue of this RARE mid 70s Funk banger
Contains the hit-song Hypertension Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes
with obi-strip. Ed. of 500 copies.
TWM     22      BERNIE WORRELL : PIECES OF WOO-THE OTHER SIDE           2LP     01.2019

        02.     SET THE TONE / VICTORY
        03.     THE MARK
        04.     GLADIATOR SKULL
        05.     MOON OVER BRIXTON
        06.     JUDIE'S PASSION PURPLE
        07.     FIELDS OF PLAY

Bernie Worrell (1944-2016) needs little introduction. He was an American keyboardist,
arranger and composer best known as a founding member of Parliament/Funkadelic and
for his work with Talking Heads. The list of his musical collaborations is extensive
and includes renowned artists and acts from the likes of Manu Dibango, Fela Kuti,
Jack Bruce, Mike Watt and Les Claypool. Bernie Worrell's list of achievements is
equally impressive: highlights include his induction in as a member of the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and receiving an honorary Doctor of Music Degree from the
New England Conservatory of Music in 2016. Next to his important body of work with
Parliament/Funkadelic Bernie Worrell released several amazing solo albums that incl.
classics such as 'All The Woo In The World' (1978), 'Funk Of Ages' (1990) and of
course 'Pieces Of Woo: The Other Side' (1993). This album was the iconic keyboardist's
fourth solo album, recorded and released in 1993. The album has an all star line up
that includes several renowned artists from the likes of Fred Wesley, Buckethead,
Bill Laswell and Umar Bin Hassan (The Last Poets). 'The Other Side' is absolutely
uncategorizable. Modal strains of jazz, avant-noise, poetry readings, heavy funk
overtones and Hammond organ-drenched experimental atmospheres give a lengthy and
unique flavor to each song. The result of this visionary approach is downright
fascinating & Worrell's attitudes go way beyond the expected boundaries flanking
free-form jazz and funk_he transforms these recordings into a jaw-dropping, delightful
adventure of unexplored and unexpected sonic realms. Available as a deluxe 180 gram
2LP set with silkscreened D-side, limited to 500 copies worldwide.
First time on vinyl!
TWM     23      PURPLE IMAGE            PURPLE IMAGE                    LP      01.2019

        01.     LIVIN IN THE GHETTO
        02.     WHY
        03.     LADY
        04.     WE GOT TO PULL TOGETHER
        05.     WHAT YOU DO TO ME

Back on vinyl OFFICIALLY for the first time since 1970 Reissue of this RARE Psychedelic
Funk-Rock album Comes with insert containing exclusive liner notes.
TWM     24      OFEGE                   THE LAST OF THE ORIGINS         LP      11.2018

        01.     MANDY
        02.     AMAYO
        03.     EVIL CHILD
        04.     TOMORROW
        05.     GOT A LOT TO GIVE
        06.     SORROW
        07.     OFEGE IN CONCERT
        09.     ADIO
        10.     DEVILS WORK

Released exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 Back on vinyl for the
first time since 1976 Reissue of this RARE Nigerian landmark Psy-funk album Comes
with insert containing exclusive liner notes Strictly limited to 1000 copies
worldwide, comes with obi-strip.
TWM     25      PHAROAH SANDERS+IDRIS MUHAMMAD : AFRICA                 2LP     03.2019

        01.     YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE FREEDOM
        02.     NAIMA
        03.     ORIGIN
        04.     SPEAK LOW
        05.     AFTER THE MORNING
        06.     AFRICA
        07.     HEART TO HEART
        08.     DUO

First vinyl reissue since 1987 Deluxe 180g Double vinyl edition, comes with liner
notes Contains two bonus tracks never before released on vinyl Strictly limited to
500 copies worldwide, comes with obi-strip Pharoah Farrell Sanders (born 1940) is
a leading figure in the world of jazz and one of the last living legends with
connections to players like Sun Ra and John Coltrane. His tenor saxophone playing
has earned him royal status amongst free jazz players, critics and collectors.
TWM     26      TONY NEWTON             MYSTICISM AND ROMANCE           LP      01.2019

        02.     LES GIRLS
        03.     MYSTIC PIPERS
        04.     B C 2 CHANT
        05.     GROUNDSHAKER
        07.     THE DEVIL WALKS AMONG US

Tony Newton (born 1948) is a multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, MI who began his
professional career at the age of 13, playing bass guitar with blues legends like
John Lee Hooker and T-Bone Walker.
Deluxe 180 gram vinyl edition (limited to 500 copies) with insert containing exclusive
and extensive liner notes.
TMW     27      EXILE ONE               EXILE ONE                       LP      03.2019

        01.     FUNKY CROOKIE
        02.     IF YOU TURN YOUR BACK
        04.     MISS TOMORROW
        05.     AMIDST THE LONELY
        06.     WHICH ONE IS ME HOME
        07.     GETTING AHEAD

Today (their self-titled debut from 1974) became an instant hit. With a lot of airplay
and intense touring, Exile One had in no time become one of the most influential
Caribbean bands of its generation. The recording itself was done by the legendary
producer Henri Debs, whose studio and label helped bring Crole music international
recognition. The music on this album is rich, diverse and colorful in musical styles;
from Island Funk stompers to bass-organ driven Reggae grooves and soulful ballads
influenced by American greats like Otis Redding & James Brown. The cover depicts the
band dressed in self-designed Afro gowns, holding large dried beans of a local
tropical tree to spell the band name. Deeply inspired by the Pan-Africanism movement,
the bands lyrics reflect the social and political spirit of the post sixties. First
vinyl reissue since 1974. Deluxe 180g vinyl edition. Contains insert with liner notes.
Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide, comes with obi-strip.
TWM     28      WENDELL HARRISON        DREAMS OF A LOVE SUPREME        LP      05.2019

        01.     TAKE TIME OUT
        02.     SEA MINOR BLUES
        04.     BELLE ISLE
        05.     WHERE AM I
        06.     DREAMS OF A LOVE SUPREME

A monster album from 1980 that features an all-star line-up that includes Phil Ranelin
(Freddie Hubbard, Solomon Burke, Mulatu Astatke) on trombone, Harold McKinney (Tribe)
on keyboards and Roy Brooks (Yusef Lateef, Chet Baker, Mingus) on percussion. Although
you can hear the '80s creeping in with a smoother sound, more synths, and disco/R&B
vocals, this remains a very spiritual (and soulful) jazz record. The record's an
irresistible blend of soul jazz combined with funky electric instrumentation, a groovy
sound which is very much of its time, yet overtly timeless and as relevant today as it
was back when it was initially released. This official reissue is available as a deluxe
180 gram vinyl edition (limited to 500 copies) and comes with an unreleased bonus
TWM     29      REAL SHOOBEEDOO         REMINISCING                     LP      06.2019

        01.     THE MORNING SUN
        02.     REMINISCING
        04.     THE WAGON WALK

Presented on vinyl, this is the first ever reissue of a far-out, cosmic jazz
masterpiece by Tribe and Sun Ra collaborator Reggie Fields. The LP is pressed on
180-GRAM VINYL in a limited run of 500 copies.
TWM     30      BERNARD "PRETTY" PURDIE : SOUL IS...PRETTY PURDIE       LP      04.2019

        A1      What's Going On / Ain't No Sunshine             3:58
        A2      Don't Go                                        3:15
        A3      Good Livin' (Good Lovin')                       3:35
        A4      Day Dreaming                                    5:05
        B1      Song For Aretha                                 7:30
        B2      Put It Where You Want It                        5:15
        B3      Heavy Soul Slinger                              4:16

Official reissue of Bernard Purdie's long time out of print 1972 classic 'Soul Is...
Pretty Purdie'. The album (featuring an all-star line up of guest musicians) is a
fantastic mix of Purdie's own material and cover versions of classics by Aretha
Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers. The rhythm section, wah-wah guitars and
growling horns constantly supply the funk for this uber funky jam while a probing
bass and Pretty Purdie's trademark beat helps showcase his considerable talents on
this career defining album. Purdie's rasping, worldweary vocal which is full of hurt
and hope lifts the album up to unseen heights. Washes of dramatic Hammond organ, stabs
of keyboards and pounding drums grab your attention. It's as if Pretty Purdie's all
-stars are determined to surpass everything thats gone before. Melodic and joyous,
you can't help lose yourself in a band at the top of their game. Originally released
on Flying Dutchman Records in 1972, now back available as a limited deluxe 180 gram
vinyl edition (1500 copies) packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the orig. artwork.
TWM     31      FUZZY HASKINS           A WHOLE NOTHER THANG            LP      04.2019

        A1      Tangarine Green                                 4:18
        A2      Cookie Jar                                      4:45
        A3      Mr. Junk Man                                    3:47
        A4      I Can See Myself In You                         3:24
        A5      The Fuz And Da Boog                             3:28
        B1      Which Way Do I Disco                            4:10
        B2      Love's Now Is Forever                           4:18
        B3      Sometimes I Rock And Roll                       4:14
        B4      I'll Be Loving You                              5:46

A co-founder of the P-Funk movement, Clarence Eugene "Fuzzy" Haskins was born in West
Virginia in 1941 and started as a singer in the doo-wop vocal group The Parliaments,
led by George Clinton in the late 1950s. He was a founding member of the groundbreaking
and influential 1970s funk bands PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC. His 1976 solo album features
funk all-stars from the likes of Bernie Worrell, Donald Austin and Bootsy Collins.
Haskins wrote eight of the nine songs and served as producer, singer, songwriter,
guitarist and even drummer. The result was an album that oozed quality. With his brand
of earthy and heavyweight funk, Fuzzy Haskins' solo work fits right in with many of
the other great P-Funk side projects. Also featured on the album is the track 'Cookie
Jar', which was later recorded by Prince. Despite the quality of music, the album
didn't sell in vast quantities and didn't find the audience it deserved. 'A Whole
Nother Thang' is a true gem to funk fans, mint vinyl copies are hard to find and
pricey these days. If you are a funkateer, this ones for you. Originally released on
Westbound Records in 1976, now back available (for the first time since 1976) as a
limited deluxe 180 gram vinyl edition (1000 copies) packaged in a gatefold jacket
featuring the original artwork and liner notes.
TWM     32      ALBERT WASHINGTON       SAD AND LONELY                  LP      04.2019

        A1      No Matter What The Cost May Be
        A2      You're Messing Up My Mind
        A3      Wings Of A Dove
        A4      Sad And Lonely
        B1      Feel The Need
        B2      My Mother's Prayer
        B3      Mischievous
        B4      If I Lose Your Love
        B5      I Can't Stand It No More
        B6      Do You Really Love Me
TWM     33      FUNKPROOF               REVIVAL                         LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
TWM     33      FUNKPROOF               REVIVAL                         LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , gold vinyl)

        1       Mo' Funk
        2       Funk Proof
        3       The Bumble Bee Song
        4       The Smiling Children
        5       Don't Throw This Love Away
        6       Let's Funk
        7       Just Look At Your World
        8       Super Pimp
        9       Brother Puff (Inst)
        10      Smiling Faces
        11      Don't Throw This Love Away (Inst.)
        12      Theme From Soul (Inst.)
        13      Doo-Bee-Doo

A totally killer Bay Area funk album, recorded in 1972, but unissued at the time,
finally sees its first ever release! Funkproof largely revolved 'round the talents
of producer, composer and musician George Semper, who began his career in the late
1950s as a leader of several R&B/soul groups including The Kingsmen, Imperialites
and Chessmen. An insert with liner notes and a download for additional tracks plus
interviews is included.
TWM     34      MACK PORTER             PEACE ON YOU                    LP      08.2019
TWMCD   34      MACK PORTER             PEACE ON YOU                    CD      10.2020

        01.     MILES TO GO
        02.     BACK HOME
        03.     PEACE ON YOU
        04.     SUNDAY IN NEON LIGHTS
        05.     THE SEVENTH HOUSE
        06.     TILL THE FALL
        07.     FREEDOM

Rare 1972 Psychedelic folky-soul from Ghana First OFFICIAL vinyl reissue since its
original release in 1972 Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to
500 copies, comes with obi strip.
TWM     35      MICHAEL ORR             SPREAD LOVE                     LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
TWMLITA 35      MICHAEL ORR             SPREAD LOVE                     LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on clear vinyl)

        02.     LET ME BE WITH YOU AWHILE
        04.     FEELINGS
        05.     A PIECE OF MINE
        06.     SPREAD LOVE
        07.     KEEP MY FIRE BURNING
        09.     AFTERWHILE
TWM     36      OFEGE                   HIGHER PLANE BREEZE             LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
TWMLITA 36      OFEGE                   HIGHER PLANE BREEZE             LP      08.2019
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on brown vinyl)

        01.     BAZOOKA BASH
        02.     TO BE WISE
        03.     CONTRABAND
        04.     COME RIGHT BACK
        05.     H.P.B.
        06.     OUR PEOPLE
        07.     MAGIC MUSIC
        08.     IT'S ALL OVER

Originally released by Polydor in 1977, the splendid third full-length by the fabulous
Nigerian psychedelic rock/funk/Afrobeat band is now available again as a reissue.
TWM     37      JADE                    IN PURSUIT                      LP      08.2019

        02.     MUSIC SLAVE
        03.     HOME ORPHEUS
        06.     TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE
        07.     EVIL WAYS
        08.     LITTLE JAM NO. ONE

Originally released in 1975 (original copies go for silly money), this is such an
unknown and underrated beast of a soul-funk album that begs for a place in your record
collection. Tidal Waves Music now proudly presents the first official reissue of In
Pursuit. Available as a deluxe 180g vinyl edition (limited to 500 copies).
TWM     38      PHAROAH SANDERS         MOON CHILD                      LP      09.2019

        1       Moon Child
        2       Moon Rays
        3       The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
        4       All Or Nothing At All
        5       Soon
        6       Moniebah

- Rare French Recordings from 1989 (with an all-star line-up).
- First vinyl reissue since 1990.
- Deluxe 180g vinyl edition limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip.
TWM     39      MALAKU DAKU             LOVE DRUMS FROM THE GHETTO      LP      11.2019

        01.     THE BUMP BANG U BANG
        02.     MULOGO
        03.     A PYGMY HAPPENING
        04.     GETTIN' DOWN IN THE HUT
        05.     IFE BOBOWA
        07.     SPIRITS OF THE WATOTO
        08.     MY LAND MY WOMAN
        09.     SHANGO
        10.     BUMP BANG U (BONUS)
        11.     BUMP BANG U BANG II (BONUS)

Rare Philadelphia Tribal Afro-funk private pressing First vinyl reissue since 1974
Remastered from the original tapes Deluxe 180g vinyl edition (available on both black
and clear vinyl) Limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip & insert/liner notes.
TWM     40      LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY       LOLEATTA                        LP      09.2019

A.      01.     THE MAN I LOVE
        02.     WE DID IT
        03.     OUR LOVE
        04.     CAN I CHANGE MY MIND
        05.     PART TIME LOVER
        06.     FULL TIME FOOL
B.      07.     SO CAN I
        08.     ONLY A FOOL
        09.     LOVE WOKE ME UP
        10.     MOTHER OF SHAME
        11.     REMEMBER ME

Loleattas classic 1973 Soul/Funk debut First vinyl reissue since 1973 Remastered from
the original tapes Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies,
comes with obi strip.
TWM     41      KING HANNIBAL (FEAT. LEE MOSES) : TRUTH                 LP      11.2019

        01.     I GOT THAT WILL
        03.     PARTY LIFE
        04.     SAME OLE FOOL AGAIN
        05.     BLACK GIRL
        06.     WAKE UP
        07.     IT'S WHAT YOU DO
        08.     HYMN NO. 5
Featuring Lee Moses On Guitar First vinyl reissue since 1973 Remastered from the
original tapes Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies,
comes with obi strip James Shaw (aka The Mighty Hannibal aka King Hannibal) was an
American R&B, soul and funk singer, songwriter and record producer known for his
showmanship and outlandish costumes. Several of his songs often carried deeper
social or political themes. His biggest hit was "Hymn No. 5," a commentary on the
effects of the Vietnam War on servicemen, which was banned on radio.
TWM     42      THE APOSTLES            BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL              LP      12.2019

        1       Don't Huzzle For Love
        2       Please Yourself
        3       Don't Be Mischevious
        4       Enyim
        5       Today Is The Tomorrow
        6       I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
        7       Black Is Beautiful
        8       Ndi Nkwa

Rare Nigerian Afrobeat-funk album First vinyl reissue since 1977 Originally released
on EMI Nigeria in 1977 Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500
copies, comes with obi strip.
                AND STARSEEKERS

SIDE A  01      Shades Of
        02      No Boundries
        03      Face Reality
SIDE B  04      Contemporary Folk
        05      Third Eyes
        06      This Way

Rare Cosmic Jazz album (with all-star line-up) First vinyl reissue since 1982 Comes
with insert/liner notes Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to
500 copies, comes with obi strip.
TWM     044     MARCOS VALLE & AZYMUTH : FLY CRUZIERO                   LP      01.2020

        01.     JINGLE CRUZEIRO
        03.     ZAZUEIRA - MAS QUE NADA
        04.     TRISTEZA
        05.     PAI?S DO FUTEBOL
        06.     ATE? PENSEI
        07.     ZANZIBAR
        08.     NAO TEM SOLUCAO - MARINA - ROSAS
        09.     SAMBA DE VERAO
        10.     PRENDA MINHA
        11.     ASA BRANCA
        12.     WAVE

Brazilian Jazz-funk trio Azymuth and singer-songwriter Marcos Valle once decided to
collaborate on a promotional record for South American airline company ‘Cruzeiro’.
Luckily for you we've unearthed it from the hazy sun-bleached skies of history.
Strap yourselves in for a flight back in time with generous helpings of jazz, funk
& bossa nova.
TWM     045     BOBBY PATTERSON         THE STORYTELLER                 LP      02.2020

SIDE A  01      Bricklayer
        02      Right Place - Wrong Time
        03      Let's Do Something Different
        04      I've Got To Forget You
SIDE B  05      I Got A Suspicion
        06      I Fell Asleep (One Time Too Many)
        07      If Every Man Had A Woman Like You
        08      Charity Begins At Home
        09      I'll Take Care Of You

(Note : LP , deluxe 180g black vinyl reissue LP on Tidal Waves Music. Edition of
        500 copies incl. obi strip)
TWM     046     OFEGE                   HOW DO YOU FEEL                 LP      02.2020

        01.     WORLD PEACE
        02.     BURNING JUNGLE
        03.     CHECK IT OUT
        04.     BOMP YOUR BOOTY
        05.     TAKE YOUR MIND AWAY
        06.     HOW DO YOU FEEL
        07.     IDEAL SITUATION
        08.     NAIRA POWER
        09.     NATURE QUEEN
        10.     FRUSTRATION

Rare 1978 Nigerian Afrobeat classic First vinyl reissue since its original release
in 1978 on Polydor Nigeria Deluxe 180g vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition Limited to
500 copies, comes with obi strip Comes with insert containing exclusive liner notes
by founding member Melvin Ukachi.
TWM     047     PHAORAH SANDERS         WELCOME TO LOVE                 2LP     03.2020
TWM     047     PHAORAH SANDERS         WELCOME TO LOVE                 2LP     03.2020

        01.     YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS
        02.     THE NEARNESS OF YOU
        03.     MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE
        04.     I WANT TO TALK ABOUT YOU
        05.     SOUL EYES
        08.     SAY IT (OVER AND OVER AGAIN)
        09.     LAMENT
        10.     THE BIRD SONG
        11.     MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT

First time on vinyl (2XLP set) Featuring rare 1990 French Recordings omes with Japanese
bonus track from the same session eluxe 180g DOUBLE vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition
Limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip.

First time on vinyl (2XLP set) Featuring rare 1990 French Recordings omes with Japanese
bonus track from the same session eluxe 180g DOUBLE vinyl edition Black Vinyl Edition
Limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip.
TWM     048     JAKE SOLLO              BOOGIE LEGS                     LP      05.2020

        01.     BOOGIE LEGS (ORIGINAL MIX)
        03.     EVERYDAY (ORIGINAL MIX)

Rare Nigerian Afrobeat Classic First Vinyl Reissue Since 1980 Deluxe 180g vinyl ed.
TWM     049     SYLK                    SYLK                            LP      05.2020
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
TWMLITA 049     SYLK                    SYLK                            LP      05.2020
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on clear vinyl)

        01.     YOU KNOW HOW TO GET DOWN
        02.     MOVIN ON
        03.     I'LL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU
        05.     BE SOMEBODY
        06.     LOVE IS THE KEY
        07.     LOST & LONELY
        08.     SEEKIN
TWM     050     OLIVER NELSON           SKULL SESSION                   LP      07.2020

        A1      Skull Session                                   5:59
        A2      Reuben's Rondo                                  2:57
        A3      125th St. And 7th Ave.                          6:19
        A4      One For Duke                                    4:30
        B1      Dumpy Mama                                      4:38
        B2      Baja Bossa                                      7:16
        B3      In A Japanese Garden                            3:07
        B4      Flight For Freedom                              4:25

Deluxe 180g vinyl gatefold reissue LP on Tidal Waves Music. Edition of 500 copies
incl. obi strip.
TWM     051     JPQ                     QUINTESSENCE                    LP      07.2020

        A1      Have A Little Faith In Me
        A2      You Had A Chance For Love
        A3      Take It To The Bank
        A4      Baby, That's The Way I Feel
        B1      E-Jam Sammich
        B2      If I Could Make You Understand
        B3      Put The Music In Your Ear
        B4      Don't Cop No Attitude

JPQ (Jimmy Person Quintet) was a short-lived soul and funk band from Greensboro,
North Carolina who released just one album in 1983. This album 'Quintessence' would
become very sought-after. Tidal Waves Music comes with the first ever vinyl reissue,
in a limited edition of 500 copies complete with original artwork and insert.
TWM     052     SHOCK                   ELECTROPHONIC FUNK              LP      08.2020

        01.     SHOCK
        02.     DANCE AND HAVE SOME FUN
        03.     CAN'T HAVE ALL OF YOU
        04.     NITE LIFE
        05.     LET YOUR BODY DO THE TALKIN'
        06.     IT'S OVER
        07.     BEEN WAITIN' SO LONG
        08.     THE DOG

In 1979, the band Shock recorded a debut 7" EP with the financial help and support
by their families. Fired up by the initial success of this EP, they released their
first full-length album 'Electronic Funk' on the Nebula Circle label in 1980.
It would become one of the most sought-after and highly-rated funk albums ever.
This reissue includes the longer versions of both tracks from their first 7" EP.
Comes on 180 gram vinyl.

LP 1    A1      Ain't no reason                                 0:18
        A2      Green And Yellow Daughter                       4:25
        A3      Cry And Show Me                                 6:27
        A4      Hussein (I'm Lucky)                             5:32
        B1      Forget Her                                      6:30
        B2      Get So Mad                                      5:05
        B3      Keep On Trying                                  5:32

LP 2    C1      Feelin' Good                                    6:28
        C2      Forever (My Darling Don't Cry)                  5:34
        C3      All Over The World (Ain't That Lovin'?)         3:41
        C4      Angry Fire (Intestical Swing)                   4:32
        D1      Feeling Like Ahh Lover Should                   4:14
        D2      Lovin' Toll Man Suite                           5:51
        D3      It Was (Wars Of Armageddon)                     7:30
TWM     054     LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY       CRY TO ME                       LP      09.2020

        A1      Cry To Me                                       5:45
        A2      I Know Where You're Coming From                 3:19
        A3      The Show Must Go On                             3:50
        A4      The World Don't Owe You Nothing                 3:10
        A5      Just Be True To Me                              3:16
        B1      Something About The Way I Feel                  3:23
        B2      I'll Be Gon                                     4:08
        B3      I Can't Help Myself                             3:48
        B4      Casanova                                        3:42
        B5      H.E.L.P. M.E. M.Y. L.O.R.D.                     2:48

This reissue comes as a deluxe 180g vinyl edition (strictly limited to 500 copies)
with obi stripÖreleased exclusively for Record Store Day 2020.
TWM     055     THELONIOUS MONK         PALAIS DES BEAUX-ARTS 1963      LP      09.2020

        A1      Bye-Ya
        A2      Monk's Dream
        A3      Drum Solo
        B4      Criss-Cross
        B5      Epistrophy
        B6      Just A Gigolo (Encore)
TWM     056     CHET BAKER              MR. B.                          LP      09.2020

        A1      Dolphin Dance
        A2      Ellen And David
        A3      Strollin'
        B1      In Your Own Sweet Way
        B2      Mister B
        B3      Beatrice
        B4      White Blues
        B5      Father X-Mas
TWM     057     MELVIN SPARKS           I'M FUNKY NOW                   LP      08.2020

        01.     COMO DE ALLSTARS
        02.     THE SKIPPER
        03.     CATALINA
        04.     EXECUTIVE PARTY
        05.     WARM BRASS
        06.     BORN INTO SPACE
        07.     COMPLETE BREAKFAST
        08.     LES IMPERIALS
        09.     REBOUNDER

(Note : 180g vinyl LP. Edition of 500 copies incl. insert + obi strip)

Melvin Sparks (1946–2011) was a talented American Soul Jazz, Hard Bop, Blues and Funk
guitarist. The Texas native picked up a guitar at age 11 and was only 13 when he sat
in with B.B. King. As a high school student he first joined Hank Ballard and the
Midnighters, and then the Upsetters (a touring band formed by Little Richard, which
also backed Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye). Sparks and his guitar were
very much in demand during the 60ies-70ies and he was featured on sessions by Idris
Muhammad, Lonnie Smith, Charles Earland, Ceasar Frazier, Bernard Purdie…and many
TWM     058     NORMAN FEELS            NORMAN FEELS                    LP      10.2020

        A1      Don't
        A2      Till I Found You
        A3      They Said It Couldn't Be Done
        A4      Something In Me
        B1      My World Is Empty Without You
        B2      Yes You Did
        B3      Something About You (Makes Me Love You)
        B4      Today
        B5      Everything Is Going Our Way

180g vinyl reissue LP. Edition of 500 copies in gatefold jacket with obi strip.
A first-ever vinyl reissue of the highly sought-after eponymous debut album from
underground soul star Norman Feels. Originally released in 1973 and subsequently
sampled by mainstream hip-hop artists such as Kanye West, Nas and Ghostface Killah,
Norman Feels is a masterclass in emotional expression in music.
TWM     059     ARICA                   HEAVEN                          LP      11.2020

        01.     HEAVEN
        02.     CLOUD
        03.     LAKE
        04.     WIND
        05.     OCEAN
        06.     ROCK
        07.     THORN
        08.     RIVER
        09.     CANDLE
        10.     UTOH

Rare Ambient Cosmic Jazz from 1973 First ever vinyl reissue Comes packaged in
a Gatefold jacket 180g vinyl edition.
TWM     060     QUINN HARRIS            STATEMENTS                      LP      10.2020
DE      003

        01.     GET DOWN                                        2:50
        02.     SLOW BUMPING                                    3:39
        03.     SUPERNATURAL THING                              5:20
        04.     FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE                           4:39
        05.     WHEN YOU'RE IN MY ARMS                          5:44
        06.     LOVE                                            4:25
        07.     LOVIN' YOU                                      6:32

- Rare Private Pressed Funky Soul-Jazz
- Recorded in 1970 – Released in 1975
- First-ever vinyl reissue
- 180g vinyl edition
- Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip
- A co-release between Day End Records and Tidal Waves Music

The career of sax player Quinn Harris was shaped by listening to the likes of John
Coltrane and Charlie Parker, a stint in an Army band, attending Berklee College of
Music and turning down an offer to lay in Janis Joplin’s backing band. His classic
funk / soul / jazz album Statements was originally released in 1975 and mixes original
tunes with songs made famous by the likes of Al Green, Roberta Flack and Minnie
TWM     061     NORMAN FEELS            WHERE OR WHEN                   LP      11.2020

        01.     SHAME
        02.     MOVIE
        03.     I'LL SHOW YOU THE WAY
        04.     TILL YOU COME BACK
        05.     YOU MADE ME FEEL BETTER
        06.     I'LL ALWAYS LOVE JUST YOU
        07.     YOU CAN'T STOP MY LOVE
        08.     WHERE OR WHEN
        09.     JOHNNY GET YOUR GUN
        10.     MR. WANNA BE

Rare Funk/soul from 1974 First ever vinyl reissue Sampled by Ghostface Killah & Nas
180g vinyl edition comes with obi strip.
TWM     062     BUBHA THOMAS            LIFE AND TIMES                  LP      01.2021

        01.     SKIPP HOPP
        02.     LIFE & TIMES (OF DADDY JIVE)
        04.     LIVIN' ON LOVE
        05.     PLEASE BE MINE
        06.     LET ME PLAY THE MUSIC

"* Rare Houston Funk-Soul-Boogie * Originally released in 1985 * First ever vinyl
reissue * Featuring an all-star line-up * Exclusive 180g LITA CLEAR Vinyl Edition
Limited to 100 copies * 180g Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies, comes with
obi strip".
TWM     063     MUTINY                  A NIGHT OUT WITH THE BOYS       LP      01.2021

        A1      In The Pocket
        A2      And You Know That
        A3      Hand Maid (Old Lady Mine)
        A4      Peanut Butter And Jam
        B1      A Night Out With The Boys
        B2      Child Support
        B3      Raise
        B4      Just Want To Know
        B5      P. Moe	0:14
TWM     064     ANDRE & JOSI            AMANDLA                         LP      01.2021

        02.     MOTHERLESS CHILD
        03.     AFRODISCO
        04.     DREAMING & SCHEMING
        05.     ZIMBABWE
        06.     CHILDREN OF TODAY
        07.     AMANDLA
TWM     065     FRANK DERRICK TOTAL EXPERIENCE-YOU BETCHA!              LP      05.2021

        A1      Socialite Suburbanite
        A2      You Betcha!
        A3      Inspiration
        A4      Good Evenin' Rev
        B1      Jazz Scene
        B2      No Jive
        B3      Poor Man's Blues
        B4      Variations In Jazz

On Frank Derrick's album 'You Betcha!', some all-star players like Bill Payne
(John Cale-Lionel Richie) and Edwin Williams (Syl Johnson) are backing up Frank.
'You Betcha!' was recorded in 1974 at the Chicago nightclub Fiddler's. Only 1000
copies of this album were privately pressed back in 1974, so it comes as no surprise
that this record became one of the rarest sought-after vinyl albums by jazz collectors
worldwide. Tidal Waves Music presents the first ever vinyl reissue of this album,
and is now available as a limited 180 gram vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies.
Complete with original artwork and sleeve notes by jazz bassist Eldee Young (Prince
Billy Mahdi Wright, Ramsey Lewis).
TWM     066     STREETLIFE              NIGHT SONGS                     LP      05.2021

        A1      Livin' Lovin' Lady                              5:35
        A2      Head Over Heels                                 4:08
        A3      Everlasting Love                                5:17
        A4      What Am I Gonna Do                              3:48
        B1      I Need A Woman                                  4:05
        B2      Loving You                                      4:34
        B3      Interlude                                       2:05
        B4      Nite Song                                       7:51

 Tidal Waves Music presents the first-ever vinyl reissue of this originally private
 pressed album, complete with original artwork.

        A1      Bolivia                                         10:10
        A2      Naima                                           8:37
        B1      5/4 Thing                                       7:53
        B2      Bittersweet                                     6:54
        B3      Mode For Joe                                    7:51

        A1      Wait For Love
        A2      Bring Her Back
        A3      This Is The Living
        A4      I Need You
        B1      Down The Highway
        B2      Mr. T.
        B3      Perfect Timing
        B4      Evolution

Melvin Ukachi formed Ofege in the early 1970's. Due to their vibrant combo of sweet
harmonies, hooks and fuzz, Ofege would become one of the most famous Nigerian groups
of all time. Melvin recorded four albums with Ofege, and when the Ofege story came
to an end, Melvin recorded two solo albums: 'Evolution-Bring Back The Ofege Beat'
(1981) and 'I Am Ok' (1985). Both of his solo recordings have become much sought-after
items. 'Evolution-Bring Back The Ofege Beat' was released on EMI Nigeria in 1981 and
is an Afro-psych-funk classic which is tight, funky and completed by Melvin's soulful
vocals. Tidal Waves Music presents the first-ever reissue, available as a limited
180 gram edition complete with original artwork.
TWM     069     ANTONIO L. NOVAPHONIA   NOVAPHONIA                      LP      04.2021

        A1      Breakthrough                                    3:40
        A2      Odyssey                                         6:53
        A3      Lento                                           9:00
        B1      Astro                                           5:05
        B2      Star Romance                                    7:40
        B3      Novatron                                        7:05

Antonio L. Newton a.k.a. Tony Newton is a multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, who
began his professional career playing bass guitar with blues legends like John Lee
Hooker and T-Bone Walker. Later he became the touring bassist with Smokey Robinson
and he has recorded with Motown artists like The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder
and The Jackson 5. Newton also recorded several solo albums during his impressive
career, of which 'Novaphonia' from 1987 now has been reissued. On the album, Newton
is a real multi-instrumentalist, playing synthesizers, bass and programming the drum
machine. Experimental is the keyword througout the album, sounds vary from psych/trance
like a soundtrack from a space movie, to funk, fusion, rock, R&B, soul and jazz.
Comes on 180 gram vinyl.
TWM     070     ART BLAKEY AND HIS JAZZ MESSENGERS : CHIPPIN IN         2LP     06.2021

LP 1    A1      Brain Stormin'                                  6:32
        A2      Byrdflight                                      6:19
        A3      Hammerhead                                      6:51
        B1      Aquarius Rising                                 5:26
        B2      Kay Pea                                         5:58
        B3      Chippin' In                                     9:57

LP 2    C1      Raincheck                                       5:34
        C2      Chandek's Den                                   6:20
        D1      Kenji's Walk                                    8:58
        D2      Love Walked In                                  8:16

2LP     Music On Vinyl  MOVLP 2951 C        2022        NE      red
TWM     071     CHET BAKER              COOL CAT                        LP      07.2021

        A1      Swift Shifting
        A2      'Round Midnight
        A3      Caravelle
        B1      For All We Know
        B2      Blue Moon
        B3      My Foolish Heart
TWM     072     HOWARD ROBERTS          LORD SHANGO                     LP      06.2021

        A1      Jenny's Theme                                   2:41
        A2      Funky, But??                                    2:24
        A3      Some People                                     3:22
        A4      Walk Softly                                     3:07
        A5      Sailin'                                         2:59
        A6      It Was You                                      3:25
        A7      Streak O'Lean                                   2:30
        B1      Jesus, Sweet Jesus                              2:50
        B2      Glory, Glory                                    2:58
        B3      Be Ready For The Judgement Day                  1:57
        B4      Banjoko                                         1:35
        B5      Come To The Water                               2:40
        B6      My Lord, He Calls Me                            1:42
TWM     073     PAT THOMAS              STAGE TWO                       LP      06.2021

        A1      Let's Think It Over                             3:59
        A2      La La La La La La                               4:18
        A3      We're Coming Home                               5:54
        A4      Think About It                                  3:10
        A5      Sweet Gloria                                    2:33
        B1      I Need You Around                               7:06
        B2      Fishes (Mankind)                                3:38
        B3      Let's Do It Now                                 2:55
        B4      Let Me Feel As I Am                             4:14
TWM     074     HARARI                  GENESIS                         LP      12.2021

        A1      Genesis                                         6:53
        A2      Feel Hear And See                               2:08
        A3      We've Got Rhythm                                9:37
        B1      Marabi                                          4:57
        B2      Senyamo                                         4:50
        B3      The Love Of God                                 8:43

(Note : LP/180 g. , 100 copies on clear vinyl with hype sticker)
TWM     075     LARRY DOUGLAS ALLTET    DEDICATIONS                     LP      01.2022
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
TWM     075     LARRY DOUGLAS ALLTET    DEDICATIONS                     LP      01.2022
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on clear vinyl with hype sticker)
TWM     075     LARRY DOUGLAS ALLTET    DEDICATIONS                     LP      01.2022
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on black ice vinyl with hype

        A1      Dedications (The Theme)                         4:39
        A2      Untitled                                        6:10
        A3      Jammin' In The 'Boro                            6:49
        B1      Illusions                                       6:58
        B2      Traces                                          6:13
        B3      Dedications (The Variation)                     7:12

(Note : LP , 180 gram vinyl edition, complete with original artwork and sleeve
        notes by Larry Douglas himself)

LP.CD   Swajola Rec.    LTD 2620        1985        US



TWM     079     MELVIN UKACHI           OFEGE AS ONE-I AM OK            LP      02.2022

        1       I'm Ok
        2       I Don't Mind
        3       Come and Dance
        4       We are Fine
        5       Keep on Loving Him
        6       Wanted
        7       I Wanna Hide You

LP      180g vinyl LP. Edition of 500 copies including obi strip.
        - Rare Nigerian Afrobeat-Afropop Album.
        - First vinyl reissue since 1985.
        - Solo Album by Ofege Frontman Melvin Ukachi.
        - First Ever Release Outside Of The African Continent.

TWM     081     JOHN HICKS TRIO         IS THAT SO?                     2LP     12.2021

LP 1    A1      Is That So
        A2      Autumn Leaves
        B1      How Insensitive
        B2      April Eyes
        B3      Yesterdays

LP 2    C1      Emily
        C2      I'll Remember April
        D1      Never Let Me Go
        D2      Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
        D3      Sonnymoon For Two

180g vinyl 2LP on Tidal Waves Music. Edition of 1000 copies incl. obi strip.

John Hicks Trio had a number of line-up changes over its time. For the 1990 LP
‘Is That So?’ the trio is composed of pianist John Hicks, drummer Idris Muhammad
and bassist Ray Drummond. All have played on some of the greatest jazz LPs of all
time, and here, each individual plays their part with some terrific piano playing
ably backed by a wonderful rhythm section.
TWM     082     MATATA                  INDEPENDENCE                    LP      12.2021

        A1      Return To You
        A2      Good Good Understanding
        A3      Gettin' Together
        A4      I Believed Her
        A5      Good Samaritan
        A6      I Feel Funky
        B1      I Don't Have To Worry
        B2      Something In Mind
        B3      I Want You
        B4      Love Is The Only Way
        B5      Gimme Some Lovin'
        B6      Talkin' Talkin'
                (Note : LP ,  1000 copies with obi strip)
















TWM7INC 2       SIGLO XX                THE NAKED AND THE DEATH         7"      04.2017
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

Siglo XX was a cold-wave band from Genk, Belgium, active from 1979-1989.
TWM7INCH03      COMPANY OF STATE        COMPANY OF STATE                7"      06.2019

        1       DARK
        2       DISCIPLINE
        3       DANCE REMOTION
        4       HERE AS I AM
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

- Originally released in 1983 on State Rec., featuring Rudolf Hecke (Pop In Wonderland)
- Rare Belgian Classic Electro New Wave 7”
TWM7INC 4       GRUPPENBILD             TRANQUILLITY                    7"      04.2018
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
TWM7INC 5       QUINN HARRIS            PROTECT ME FROM MYSELF          7"      10.2020

        1       PROTECT ME FROM MYSELF
        2       I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
                (Note : 7" , 250 copies)
All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl