Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : indie /

THR     001 LP  DBH                     MOOD                            LP      10.2015
THR     001 LP  DBH                     MOOD                            LP      04.2019
                (Note : LP , 2019 repress , 500 copies)
THR     001     DBH                     MOOD                            CD      04.2015
THR     001     DBH                     MOOD                            CD      04.2019
                (Note : CD , 2019 repress , 500 copies)

        1)      Kard Loop
        2)      Shed Light
        3)      New Anthem
        4)      Untangle The Jig
        5)      Blues For The Read Sun
        6)      Defy/Win
        7)      Bog Dance
        8)      Low C
        9)      Think
        10)     New Angles
        11)     Revelation Drift

(Note : CD is packaged in a gatefold sleeve – letterpress printed at the Red Plate
THR     002     C JOYNER/NICK JONAH DAVIS : SPLIT ELECTRIC              LP+DLc  12.2015

        1)      The Running Board (CJ)
        2)      Poa Kichizi (NJD)
        3)      Bold William Taylor (CJ)
        4)      William Sathya (NJD)
        5)      Endomorph Vs Ectomorph (CJ)
        6)      Sigil Eyes (NJD)
        7)      St Cloudy Apple Spring (CJ)
        8)      Corksniffers' Delight (NJD)
        9)      Salmontails Spring (CJ)
        10)     The Whittlesey Straw Bear Tune / Molly Gang (CJ)
        11)     Scaraboo (NJD)
        12)     Joynes, NC (CJ)
THR     003     CATH & PHIL TYLER       THE OX AND THE AX               LP      03.2018

        1.      The Two Sisters
        2.      Finest Flower
        3.      Rainbow
        4.      Rained A Mist
        5.      King Henry
        6.      Lady Dysie
        7.      Song Of The Lower Classes
        8.      Wallington
        9.      Talk About Suffering

CD      Feric Mordant           FE 10           2017    UK

Cath & Phil Tyler play Anglo-American folk music using guitar, banjo, voice and fiddle.
Cath was a member of the band Cordelia's Dad when she lived in Masschusetts, USA, in
the 1990s. Phil, from Newcastle upon Tyne, has played in various folk, rock and ceilidh
bands for many years.
THR     004     NICK JONAH DEAVIS       HOUSE OF DRAGONS                CD      09.2016

        1       House Of Dragons
        2       Pila Pala
        3       Howie Heads For The Hills
        4       Double Peace
        5       Zanzibar Chai
        6       The Peace Of Running Water
        7       The Stansville Strut
        8       When THe Fhish Fly And The Seas Run Dry
        9       Farewell Sad Flower
        10      The Illumination Of Nelson Fortune
THR     005     DBH                     MASS                            LP+DLc  12.2017
THR     005 CD  DBH                     MASS                            CD      12.2017

        1.      Out And About
        2.      Funny
        3.      Light Pools
        4.      Med Sun
        5.      Guitar Limb
        6.      Ghost Of Eyeless
        7.      Faith
        8.      Blues II
        9.      Hike
        10.     Mass Appeal

dbh is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester, England.
For a long time he has had a hand in an inordinate amount of the great music emerging
from Manchester’s music scene, as guitarist of NASDAQ and the FTSE 100, and playing
all manner of instruments with Kiran Leonard and Irma Vep, to name but two. Most
recently he has been playing live with New York singer-songwriter, Julie Byrne. Mass
is dbh’s third album of solo instrumentals, and the followup to Mood (Thread Rec.,
2015) and Time Flies (Crowfoot Records, 2013). It was recorded and mixed by Karl
Sveinsson at Queens Ark Audio, Manchester, and mastered by Peter Fletcher at Black
Bay Studio, Outer Hebrides.
THR     006     C JOYNES & THE FURLONG BRAY : THE BORAMETZ TREE         LP+DLc  06.2019

        1.      Triennale
        2.      Tango Wire 334
        3.      Sang Kancil
        4.      The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary 
        5.      Hamasien Wedding Song
        6.      Librarie Du Maghreb
        7.      Gottem Ni Gottem
        8.      Jacket Shines
        9.      Mali Sajyo
THR     007     NICK JONAH DAVIS        WHEN THE SUN CAME               LP      10.2020

        A1.     When the Sun Came
        A2.     Goodfellow of the Riverside
        A3.     Ramsons
        A4.     Like a Teardrop
        A5.     The Muckle Master
        B1.     The Peacock Dance
        B2.     Whistle on Woolf
        B3.     Delta Suey
        B4.     Pebbles from the Brook
        B5.     All Them Symbols

Nick Jonah Davis is a guitarist out of deepest Derbyshire. He plays in a lonesome but
full bodied style on this, his fourth edition of instrumental guitar recordings.
It contains sun-dappled and gentle compositions featuring Davis alone other than one
track which features what is described as 'pigeon whistles'. Lovely stuff to soothe
your soul.