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MERU    102 LP  EMILA WELLS             IN THE DARK MOVING              LP      06.2020

SIDE A: 1.      Remind Me To Remember
        2.      Stay Up (Minimal Recording)
        3.      Come On Doom, Letís Party (Minimal Recording)
        4.      Eulogy for the Lucky (Minimal Recording)
        5.      Misconceptions on Forever (Minimal Recording)
SIDE B: 6.      I Need a Placebo (Minimal (Minimal Recording) Recording)
        7.      Ruthie (Minimal Recording)
        8.      Rock N Roll Man (Minimal Recording)
        9.      Your Apocalypse Was Fab (Minimal Recording)
        10.     Hymn for the New World (Minimal Recording)

Commissioned by Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music Series after the acclaim
given to last yearís album This World is Too _____ For You, Emily Wells deconstructs
and re-imagines the same tracks on In The Dark Moving. Consisting almost entirely of
just her voice and some gentle guitars, they offer a contemplative take on the
MERU    103 LP  EMILY WELLS             REGARDS TO THE END              LP      04.2022
MERU    103 CD  EMILY WELLS             REGARDS TO THE END              CD      04.2022

SIDE A: 1.      Iím Numbers
        2.      Two Dogs Tethered Inside
        3.      All Burn, No Bridge
        4.      Come On Kiki
        5.      Davidís Got A Problem
SIDE B: 6.      Love Saves The Day
        7.      Oracle At Dog
        8.      Arnie And Bill To The Rescue
        9.      The Dress Rehearsal
        10.     Blood Brother