Distr.  : FR - Inouie
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative /

BLB     2004    BLACK BONES             GHOSTS & VOICES                 LP      10.2020
BLB     2004    BLACK BONES             GHOSTS & VOICES                 CD      10.2020

        01.     LOVE AS A CHILD
        02.     CREEPY RAIN
        03.     HEART ON FIRE
        04.     I'M A BELIEVER
        05.     DESTINY
        06.     MARIANNE
        07.     DEAD SKIES
        08.     MONSTER
        09.     NEW ANGEL
        10.     SUDDENLY
        11.     BEAUTY

Ghosts & Voices" is the second album from Black Bones, pop-rock band from Reims
(France). After "Kili Kili", their first album released in october 17, the five
members of the band locked themselves for two weeks in an old monastere to
record the songs of this new LP. If the new titles sometimes wear medieval shades,
the general atmosphere is totally pop sixties, with some time travels in the
psychedelic spirit of the seventies. You just have to watch and listen to the
singles "Destiny", "Creepy Rain" and "Suddenly", released last year, to realise it."