Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

WB      1       VERT: X                 FROM NOW TO NOW                 LP      06.2017

Armed only with coruscating guitars, metronomic beats and a hanger full of spacey
electronica, VERT:X has been traversing the space rock continuum since 2007, thrilling
the various encountered lifeforms with a unique brand of psych, kraut and spacepunk
meanderings. Drawing on early Hawkwind, Chrome, The Stooges and the unmistakeable
motorik beats of NEU!, the band's high adrenalin, visceral sonic attacks have drawn
praise from every corner of the known musicverse: "A perfect answer to life and the
universe and everything" ~Alive Reports "Pure acid fuelled driving energy to drift
and soar with" ~Steve Judd, Unwashed Territories "Heavy-duty space-freighters drilling
a hole through the fabric of time/space reality" ~Spacerock Reviews
WB      2       BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL : COSMIC CURIOS             LP      11.2017

This is a collection of tracks dug up from the band's huge archive. the material
spans the period 2009-2016, with all but one track never been appearing on vinyl
before. We hear long, entirely improvised tracks of crushing krautrock and face
melting psych, with generous sprinklings of rawk'n'roll. All the songs are played
with skill, dexterity and, most importantly, a genuine love for the music. This run
is limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.
WB      3       MILDRED MAUDE           CPA I-III                       LP      03.2018

Mildred Maude have been making a real name for themselves amongst the cognoscenti of
all things loud and psychedelic, so much so that they have had a stint as Damo Suzuki's
Soundcarriers which is as good a seal of approval as you are gonna get. 'CPA I-III'
is the band's debut album, entirely improvised and captured in one take. The three
tracks are "captured snippets" of an ever-growing, organic beast that is 'CPA'
('Cosmic Pink Alignment'), a song that began at 8pm on 14th November 2014. Taking
the best bits of psych, noise and a sprinkle of post-rock, the tracks positively
crackle with creativity and spontaneity. It's an exhilarating and breathless trip!
Limited to 250 copies on pink vinyl.
WB      4       BLACK TEMPEST           PSYBERSPACE                     LP      10.2018

First full length vinyl release by Stephen Bradbury's Black Tempest on The Weird
Beard. This album is cosmic in every sense of the word. There is is a devout sense
of krautrock throughout its entirety, but touches not only the Berlin School approach,
but motorik and spacerock as well. Features guest appearances by friends and
acquaintances such as White Hills' Dave White, Brett Savage and Chris Hardman from
Dead Sea Apes and other practitioners of sonic craft. Limited to 250 copies on
aquamarine/black marbled vinyl.
WB      5       TABBY SENSIBILITIES     B&W&TABS                        LP      02.2019

First album of solo project by Russell Smith (Terminal Cheesecake, God, A.R. Kane,
Skullflower, Melting Hand etc. Limited to 250 copies on marbled vinyl.
WB      6       VERT:X                  DEATH TO FALSE MOTORIK          LP      05.2019

Run of 250 copies on translucent red vinyl with a black blob.
WB      7       EARTHLING SOCIETY       SCI-FI HI-FI                    LP      08.2019

Earthling Society's 2009 album 'Sci-Fi Hi-Fi' for the first time on vinyl. Fred Laird
has remixed the album completely for a more stripped back darker sound. Remastered
by John McBain of Monster Magnet/Wellwater Conspiracy fame. Limited run of 250 copies
on blue sky and cream vinyl. Intense and layered space rock!