VILLAGE THING RECORDS                   Bristol
*********************                   UK

Exist  : 1970-1974
Owner  : Iam A.Anderson
Distr. : Transatlantic Rec.
Style  : folk /folk rock / psychedelic /

VTSX    1000    V / A                   The Great White Dap EP          7"EP    06.1971
VTSX    1001    STRANGE FRUIT : Cut Across Shorty / Shake That Thing    7"      06.1971
VTSX    1002    IAN A. ANDERSON : One More Chance / Policeman's Ball    7"      06.1971
VTS     1       PIGSTY HILL LIGHT ORCHESTRA:Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra LP        .1970

        A1      Cushion Foot Stomp
        A2      Funny Side Of The Street
        A3      Silk Pyjamas
        A4      Company Policy
        A5      On Sunday
        A6      Second Fiddle
        B1      T'aint No Sin
        B2      Sleepy Time Blues
        B3      My Pet
        B4      Nothing Else Will Do Babe
        B5      Sporting Life Blues
        B6      Men Of Harlech
VTS     2       GRAHAM AND ANNE HEMINGWAY : THE SUN ALSO RISES          LP        .1970

        A1      Until I Do                                      3:47
        A2      Wizard Shep                                     5:01
        A3      Part Of The Room                                3:45
        A4      Green Lane                                      8:05
        B1      Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide                    3:17
        B2      Flowers                                         5:19
        B3      Song Of Consolation                             1:39
        B4      Suddenly It's Evening                           2:30
        B5      Death                                           6:35
VTS     3       IAN A. ANDERSON         Royal York Crescent             LP        .1970

        A1      No Way To Get Along
        A2      Please Re-Adjust Your Time
        A3      Goblets And Elms
        A4      Shining Grey
        A5      The Worm
        A6      Hero
        B1      Silent Night No. 2
        B2      Mr Cornelius
        B3      The Maker/The Man In The High Castle/The Last Conjuring
        B4      Ginger Man
        B5      Working Man
VTS     4       WIZZ JONES              The Legendary Me                LP        .1970

        A1      See How The Time Is Flying
        A2      Willie Moore
        A3      The Legendary Me
        A4      When I Cease To Care
        A5      Nobody Told You So
        B1      Beggar Man
        B2      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
        B3      Dazzling Stranger
        B4      If Only I'd Known
        B5      Slow Down To My Speed
        B6      Stick A Little Label On It
VTS     5       STEVE TILSTON           Acoustic Confusion              LP        .1971

        A1      I Really Wanted You
        A2      Simplicity
        A3      Time Has Shown Me Your Face
        A4      It's Not My Place To Fail
        A5      Train Time
        B1      Sleepy Time On Peel Street
        B2      Prospect Of Love
        B3      Green Toothed Gardener
        B4      Normandy Day
        B5      Rock & Roll Star
VTS     6       DAVE EVANS              Words In Between                LP        .1971

        A1      The Words In Between
        A2      Rosie
        A3      Grey Lady Morning
        A4      Insanity Rag
        A5      Magic Man
        B1      Now Is The Time
        B2      Doorway
        B3      City Road
        B4      Circular Line
        B5      Sailor
VTS     7       FRED WEDLOCK            The Folker                      LP        .1971

        A1      The Folker
        A2      British Bobby
        A3      Moreton Bay
        A4      Thees Got'n Wur Thee Casn't Back'n, Asn't?
        B1      Spencer The Rover
        B2      Skinheads
        B3      Bristol Buses
        B4      Bruton Town
        B5      Lurn Theeself Fawk
VTS     8       PIGSTY HILL LIGHT ORCHESTRA : Piggery Jokery            LP        .1971

        1       Sadie Green
        2       Motorway Song
        3       High Society
        4       The Wiltshire Plumbers Saga
        5       Sweet Miss Emmaline
        6       Let Your Linen Hang Low
        7       Basin Street Blues
        8       Meet Me Where They Play The Blues
        9       Desperate Dan
        10      The Silly Organ Story
        11      Shim Sham Shimmy
        12      Royal Garden Blues
VTS     9       IAN A.ANDERSON : A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust  LP        .1971

        A1      One More Chance                                 5:00
        A2      Black Uncle Remus                               2:55
        A3      Policemans Ball                                 2:22
        A4      Edges                                           3:18
        A5      The Survivor                                    4:18
        B1      Well...All Right                                2:37
        B2      Time Is Ripe                                    4:20
        B3      Wishing The World Away                          4:30
        B4      One Too Many Mornings                           3:02
        B5      Number 61                                       4:35
VTS     10      MUDGE AND CLUTTERBUCK   Mudge And Clutterbuck           LP        .1972
                (Note : unissued)
VTS     11      HUNT AND TURNER         Magic Landscape                 LP        .1973

        A1      Hold Me Now
        A2      Silver Lady
        A3      We Say We`re Sorry
        A4      Magic Landscape
        A5      Mr Bojangles
        B1      Living Without You
        B2      Man Of Rings
        B3      Older Now And Younger Then
        B4      Morning For Eve
        B5      Rockfield Rag
VTS     12      TIGHT LIKE THAT         Hokum                           LP        .1973
VTS     13      TUCKER ZIMMERMAN        Tucker Zimmerman                LP        .1973

        A1      Another Normal Day                              3:42
        A2      Freeway                                         5:07
        A3      A Friend Like You                               2:34
        A4      Left Hand Of Moses                              4:00
        A5      No Love Lost                                    3:53
        B1      She's An Easy Rider                             3:20
        B2      Amusement Park                                  5:40
        B3      Back On The Road Again                          2:10
        B4      Canary Island Rain                              3:25
        B5      Keep That Fire Burning                          3:30
VTS     14      DAVE EVANS              Elephantasia                    LP        .1972

        A1      Only Blue
        A2      Elephantasia
        A3      Lady Portia
        A4      That's My Way
        A5      On The Run
        B1      St. Agnes Park
        B2      Beauty Queen
        B3      Ten Ton Tasha
        B4      Earth, Wind, Sun & Rain
        B5      Take Me Easy
VTS     15      V / A                   Matchbox Days                   LP        .1973
VTS     16      V / A                   U.S.                            LP        .1973
VTS     17      DERROLL ADAMS           Feelin' Fine                    LP        .1972

        A1      Darling Corey
        A2      Apprenticed In London
        A3      Freight Train Blues
        A4      Wildwood Flower
        A5      The Sky
        A6      Muleskinner Blues
        B1      Love Song
        B2      Mr. Rabbit
        B3      Deep Ellum Blues
        B4      Blue Ridge Mountains
        B5      Chattering Jaw
        B6      The Valley
VTS     18      IAN A.ANDERSON          Singer Sleeps On                LP        .1972

        A1      Hey, Space Pilot
        A2      Marie Celeste On Down
        A3      Spider John
        A4      A Sign Of The Times
        A5      Paper And Smoke
        B1      Paint It, Black
        B2      Pretty Peggyo
        B3      The Western Wind
        B4      Out Of The Side
        B5      Shirley Temple Meets Hawkind
VTS     19      AL JONES                Jonesville                      LP        .1973
VTS     20      FRED WEDLOCK            THE FROLLICKS                   LP        .1977

        A1      The Vicar And The Frog
        A2      Robin Hood
        A3      Handier Household Help
        A4      Salvation Army Lassie
        A5      Examinations Rag
        A6      Oh Sha La La
        B1      Vatican Rag
        B2      Robin Head
        B3      Lovely Like Me
        B4      Superman
        B5      Talking Folkclub Blues
        B6      Wild Rover
VTS     21      CHRIS THOMPSON          Chris Thompson                  LP        .1973

        A1      Hugo Spellman
        A2      The Song Of Wandering Aengus
        A3      De Debil Take De Blue-Tail Fly
        A4      The River Song
        B1      London Blues
        B2      Her Hair Was Long
        B3      Young Lust
        B4      Love
VTS     22      DAVE PEABODY            Peabody Hotel                   LP        .1973

        A1      Turn On The Light                               3:23
        A2      Right Now                                       3:49
        A3      Scared At Night                                 2:51
        A4      Mistaken Identity                               2:34
        A5      Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do                 4:07
        A6      Aviator Special                                 1:29
        B1      Jug Band Superstars                             4:22
        B2      Searching The World For You                     2:41
        B3      Long Time Loser Blues                           2:12
        B4      Blue Ridge Breakdown                            1:33
        B5      Last Of The Goodtime Guys                       2:09
        B6      Walking The Dog                                 3:03
VTS     23      LACKEY AND SWEENY       Junk Store Songs For Sale       LP        .1973

        A1      Rosemary's Market
        A2      Nothing To Lose
        A3      Twenty Nine Years
        A4      Sparrow
        A5      Drinking Blues
        B1      Good To Cry
        B2      Yesterday Did Ride Away
        B3      Sweet Marie
        B4      Comfort
        B5      You Are My Sunshine
VTS     24      WIZZ JONES              When I Leave Berlin             LP        .1974

        A1      Living Alone                                    2:35
        A2      Pastures Of Plenty                              2:35
        A3      First Girl I Loved                              6:55
        A4      She's Only Waiting                              3:50
        A5      Cluck Old Hen                                   3:20
        B1      When I Leave Berlin                             3:10
        B2      Frankie                                         3:00
        B3      Skip Rope Song                                  3:50
        B4      Winter Song                                     4:00
        B5      Freudian Slip                                   4:20
VTS     25      NOEL MURPHY             MURF                            LP        .1977

        A1      As I Roved Out                                  2:15
        A2      Rambling Robin                                  2:35
        A3      Love Is Pleasing                                4:30
        A4      Me And Bobby McGhee                             3:55
        A5      The Curragh Of Kildare                          4:20
        A6      The Flowers Of Edinburgh/Chief O'Neill's Fav.   2:45
        B1      Zoological Gardens                              3:05
        B2      Carrickfergus                                   4:20
        B3      The Leather Bottle                              1:20
        B4      The Limerick Rake                               3:30
        B5      The Old Man's Tale                              3:35
        B6      Meet On The Ledge                               3:50
        B7      Is Love Pleasing                                0:35