THE SPEEDY R!                           NEW ZEALAND

Distr.  : NZ - PseudoArcana/
Style   :

R!      016     Mattin, Marhaug, Capece, Fetvelt & Grenager             cdr
R!      015     Sun Stabbed             Radio
R!      014     Peter Wright  : unvarnished, untreated, unzipped
R!      013     XNOBBQX.                Blues
R!      012     Organorganorganorgan    self titled
R!      011     Two Limited             La Mano de Dios
R!      010     'Toitu Seance'                                          CDR
R!      009     Van the Van             Road to Kyogle                  CDR
R!      008     Vluba                   untitled                        CDR
R!      007     Rise of the City Cat Cult : Rise Up City Cats           CDR
R!      006     Guerra/Nidek            nb                              CDR
R!      005     Anla Courtis            Live in L.A                     CDR
R!      004     Keijo & Friends         untitled                        CDR
R!      003     Armpit                  Frenzy                          CDR
R!      002     The Futurians           Robot in Disguise               CDR
R!      001     Clay Man in the Well    Steps Towards Dusk              CDR