New PIAS imprint.

Distr.  : UK - Norman/PIAS/
Style   :

PODRE   001     ALESSANDRO CORTINI      AVANTI                          2LP     10.2017

        01.     Iniziare
        02.     Perdonare
        03.     Aspettare
        04.     Non Fare
        05.     Vincere
        06.     Perdere
        07.     Finire
PODR    002 LP  THE QUIET TEMPLE        THE QUIET TEMPLE                LP      08.2019
PODR    002 CD  THE QUIET TEMPLE        THE QUIET TEMPLE                CD      08.2019

        1.      The Last Opium Den (On Earth)
        2.      The Bible Black
        3.      Shades Of Gemini
        4.      Rated
        5.      Noah’s Theme
        6.      Utopia & Visions
PODR    003 LP  ED HARCOURT             BEYOND THE END                  LP+DLc  11.2018
PODR    003 CD  ED HARCOURT             BEYOND THE END                  CD      11.2018

        1.      Diving Bell
        2.      Wolves Change Rivers
        3.      Duet For Ghosts
        4.      Empress Of The Lake
        5.      Keep Us Safe
        6.      Faded Photographs
        7.      For My Father
        8.      For My Mother
        9.      Beneath The Brine
        10.     There Is Still A Fire
        11.     Circling Red Kites
        12.     Whiskey Held My Sleep To Ransom
PODR    004 LP  NICO CASAL              ALONE                           LP+DLc  04.2019
PODR    004 CD  NICO CASAL              ALONE                           CD      04.2019

Born in Santiago, Galicia, Nico studied Classical Piano Performance at Vigo University
before moving to London in 2011 to pursue a career as a film composer. After years of
writing to picture one Sunday in early 2017 Nico wrote for himself. Those original
demos are now set for release as his debut album ‘Alone’ on new PIAS imprint Point Of
Departure, label home to Alessandro Cortini and Ed Harcout.
QTWL    01      THE QUIET TEMPLE : THE LAST OPIUM DEN (ON EARTH)        12"     07.2019

(Note : 12" , white label 12" incl. Leyland Kirby remix. Comes in a plain white
        stickered sleeve)

Lead single from The Quiet Temple’s forthcoming debut album. Duke Garwood and
Soulsavers’ Richard Machin’s merry band of players, made up of an ever-changing
collection of musicians like Julian Cope, Spiritualized and Stereolab, prioritise
improvisation to synthesise the underground sleaze of the world’s last opium den.