Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : psychedelic /

TLE     008 LP  THE LAZY EYES           SONGBOOK                        LP      03.2022

SIDE A  1.      intro
        2.      The Seaside 
        3.      The Island
        4.      Tangerine
        5.      Hippo
        6.      Starting Over
SIDE B  1.      Fuzz Jam
        2.      Nobody Taught Me 
        3.      Trance
        4.      Where's My Brain??? 
        5.      Imaginary Girl
        6.      Cheesy Love Song

"Songbook" is the debut album by Australian psychedelic band The Lazy Eyes.
The four-piece make weird psychedelic pop. Their songs have addictive, driving bass
grooves, woozy melodies and lots of guitar strangeness. Some tunes seem hewn
directly from the psychedelic rock of the 1960s whilst some tunes offer a fresh
approach to the genre.