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BDGB    101     BUDGIE                  SWEET SWEET SPIRIT              LP      08.2020

                The New Messiah
                The Baddest
                Brother Elijah
                Heavenly Spirit
                Church On Shrooms
                Higher Than Before
                With My Soul feat. Action Bronson & Aston Matthews
                Trees & the Sky feat. Mick Luter
                Forgive Me
                This Is Your Life... Or is it?
                A Thief In The Night
                Don't Need No Doctor
                What You Want Me To Be
                An Un-Holy Truth
                Soul On Fire
                So Good To Me
                The Breakthrough
                Party At The Tabernacle
                Going Away
                The Word Is $
                Do Me Like Jesus
                Sweet Sweet Spirit
                Holy Trinitiplets

Londoner-in-LA Budgie has always felt the presence of the holy ghost in his beats,
owing to his collector’s penchant for obscure gospel records. Sweet Sweet Spirit,
released alongside his other LP Chuuch Preach Tabernacle, sees the producer and DJ
do what he does best. Sampling preachers and messianic proselytising into beautifully
evocative beats, such that you might expect frequent collaborator Kanye West to chime
in at any moment. Ranging from the ascendent sermons of ‘The New Messiah’ to the
straight instrumental hip-hop goodness of ‘Heavenly Spirit’ and ‘Church on Shrooms’,
Budgie is adept at channeling some higher beings.
BDGB    102     BUDGIE                  CHURCH PREACH TABERNACLE        LP      08.2020

                You Can Do It
                In-N-Out feat. Buddy, Emmavie & Chris O'Bannon
                Elevator To Heaven
                Recess feat. Joyce Wrice
                Hope & Despair
                Complete Undivided Crucifixion
                CPT feat. Jay Worthy & Buddy
                Ride For Me feat. Traffic & Dreebo
                Bel Air Baptism
                The More I Know, The More I Miss
                By My Side feat. Evidence
                Word Of God feat. Sulaiman
                Salvation & Light
                Contemplating Reality feat. Nyku
                My Life feat. Remy Banks
                Elevator To Heaven [Reprise] feat. Chuck Inglish
                God's Perfect 10
                Just Chuuch Friends
                Glory feat. Nasty Nigel
                Faith Vs. Fantasy
                Best Believe feat. Fatima
                Someone To Understand
                Take It Easy With The Lord feat. Joyce Wrice

Chuuch Preach Tabernacle delivers on its title in the sense that this record finds
the London-born, LA-based beatmaker Budgie serving up a beat tape which revolves
around samples of preachers, gospel choirs and church life. In doing so he creates
a luxurious set of productions which are not dissimilar to the best work of Knxwledge
and Budgie’s one-time collaborator The Alchemist. Guest MCs including Chuck Inglish
and Nasty Nigel jump on the beats across the album, but an appearance from Eglo’s
modern neo-soul star Fatima should tell you that Chuuch Preach Tabernacle is a
collection which is also rich in harmony.