Owner   : John Moore (Edward Deverell)
                     (Black Box Recorder, Revolution 9 , The Black Arts,
                     The Deverell Twins, The Jesus And Mary Chain)
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie / lo-fi /

GERM    001 LP  JOHN MOORE              LO-FI LULLABIES                 LP      08.2014
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on blue vinyl)
GERM    002 LP  JOHN MOORE              FLORAL TRIBUTES                 LP      08.2014
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on red vinyl)
GERMCD  023     JOHN MOORE              HALF AWAKE                      CD        .2013

        1       Old Habits Die Hard
        2       Tired Of London
        3       Henmania
        4       Brittle Bones
        5       Ave The Rave
        6       Creature Of Habit
        7       Friend Reunited
        8       Little England
        9       Friends And Family
        10      I See Much Too Much Of Myself In You
        11      Unusual Weather
GERM    024     JOHN MOORE              LO-FI LULLABIES                 LP        .2014

        A1      What Do You Want To Talk About?
        A2      Clouds Roll By
        A3      True Intentions
        A4      Path Of Least Resistance
        A5      Work It Out Somehow
        B1      When I'm Dead
        B2      Watching The Lady Dress
        B3      Giving Up The Ghost
        B4      Now That Your Lover Has Gone
        B5      Kisses And Scars
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl , 300 copies)
GERM    025     JOHN MOORE              FLORAL TRIBUTES                 LP+DLc    .2014

        A1      Almost Optimistic
        A2      Then Comes Summertime
        A3      My Old Dancing Shoes
        A4      Life Carves Its Lines On Your Soul
        A5      Sweet Nothing
        B1      Through The Eyes Of A Drunk
        B2      Memories And Morphine
        B3      Smoking On The Cancer Ward
        B4      Sweet Oblivion
        B5      Kisses And Scars
                (Note : LP , red vinyl , 300 copies)
GERM    027 CD  JOHN MOORE              KNICKERBOCKER GLORY             CD      02.2018

        1.      Rabbit Hole
        2.      Philosophical Man
        3.      Controlled Explosions
        4.      Anne of a Thousand Days
        5.      Near Me
        6.      Something About You Girl
        7.      How Do You Turn a Friend into a Lover?
        8.      Girl From Reno
        9.      South of Heaven

John Moore, the man who replaced Bobby Gillespie in Jesus & Mary Chain and formed
Black Box Recorder with Luke Haines has a new solo album out called Knickerbocker
Glory, hence the literal cover art. According to Moore he began working on it in 1702
and itís full of mostly love songs.