Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

DOGAN   008     GRANFALLOON : RGB (Red-Green-Blue)                      LP      10.2019

        1.      Year Of The Rooster                             04:35
        2.      Broken Things                                   03:51
        3.      Lysistrata                                      04:14
        4.      Objects Of Love                                 04:00
        5.      Laughing Out Loud                               04:23
        6.      The Elephant                                    02:55
        7.      EGO                                             04:21
        8.      Force Of Nature                                 04:37
        9.      Ambulance (Bert Mix)                            04:10
        10.     A Happy Death                                   05:48

Granfalloon, is the is the musical project of Manchester based artist and producer
Richard Lomax. Lomax, who is now proudly backed by a group of musicians from the EU,
makes a hybrid of lo-fi folk, experimental music, and electronica - weaving oddball
elements, such as Omnichords and vintage drum machines, into dreamy cinematic
soundscapes. Granfalloon's second album entitled RGB (or Red Green Blue) is out this
September on Spotify, Apple Music, and 12" vinyl. The album was recorded in Manchester
between John Ellis' Limefield Studio, WR Audio, and their own studio The Dogan. They
worked with producer Andrew Glassford (One Little Atlas), and Australian electronic
artist/producer Jack Prest (Jonti/Sampa The Great), as well as Lomax producing a lot
of the album himself.