Owner   : Gigi Masin
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/Bleep/
Style   : ambient / modern classical /

BAR     003/15  GIGI MASIN              WIND                            LP      09.2015

        A1.     Call Me
        A2.     Tears Of A Clown
        A3.     Swallows Tempest
        A4.     Tharros
        A5.     Consequences Of Goodbyes
        B1.     Underwater Current
        B2.     The Wind Song
        B3.     Conversations
        B4.     Celebration Of Eleven
        B5.     The Sea Of Sands

Gigi Masinís private press LP Wind gets a proper issuing thanks to The Bear On The
Moon. Masinís ambient songs drift on a bed of synths, in a way that plenty of
obscurity-hunters have fallen for over the years. You could let it colour your room,
or you could follow his songcraft: your choice. This reissue is remastered from the
original tapes.