Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie /

TC      001     BIVOUAC                 PEEL SESSIONS+TUBER             2LP     02.2019

LP 1:           Side A
        1.      Good Day Song
        2.      Big Question Mark
        3.      Dragging Your Weigh Around
        4.      Rue
        5.      Dead End Friend
                Side B
        1.      Drank
        2.      Steel Strung
        3.      Need
        4.      The Bell Foundry
        5.      Bad Day Song

LP2:            Side A
        1.      Drank (Peel Session)
        2.      Lead (Peel Session)
        3.      Trepanning (Peel Session) 
        4.      45 Seated (Peel Session) 
                Side B
        1.      Good Day Song (Peel Session)
        2.      Bad Day Song (Peel Session) 
        3.      Money Song (Peel Session)
        4.      Pop Song (Peel Session)
        5.      Heat Emitter (Peel Session)

Bivouac did everything a 3-piece alternative rock band from Derby, who grew up on
a steady diet of Husker Du, Sonic Youth and The Pixies, could dream of doing in the
nineties. They released a string of records on cool indie label Elemental, recorded
sessions for John Peel, played with Fugazi and Jesus Lizard, danced onstage with
Nirvana, signed to a major label and split up. They’d began in 1992 and were over
by 1996, but in that brief period, Bivouac crafted some essential, skewed and fuzzy
tuneage that has endured and lingered on the cult fringes of alternative rock,
remember fondly by those that were there as the band got on with the rest of their