[10TH PLANET]                          13 Barricane
                                        St.John's , Woking
                                        Surrey  GU21  1RB


Owner  : David Wells
Distr. : UK - Bleep (2013)/
Style  : reissue label - psychedelic / psych folk / blues rock / garage rock /
         space rock /

TP      001     OLIVER                  Standing Stone                  LP        .1992

        A1      Off on a Trek
        A2      Trance
        A3      Flowers on a Hill
        A4      Freezing Cold Like an Iceberg
        A5      Royal Flush
        A6      Cat and the Rat
        A7      Instamatic
        A8      Telephone
        B1      Getting Fruity
        B2      Tricycle
        B3      Motorway
        B4      Primrose
        B5      In Vain
        B6      Multiplex
        B7      Orbit Your Factory
        B8      Tok Tic
        B9      Where's My Motorbike
                (Note : LP 500 copies , reissue of the 1974 , Olive OL 1)
TP      002     V / A                   Syde Tryps 1                    LP        .1993

        A1      The Pleasure Garden     Permissive Paradise
        A2      Giorgio and Marco's Men : Baby I Need You
        A3      Whispers of Truth       Sunday Afternoon With Emily
        A4      Free Expression         Nightmares
        A5      The Purge               The Mayor of Simpleton Hall
        A6      The Poets               Fun Buggy
        A7      The Maniax              The Devil's House
        B1      The Tidal Wave          Spider Spider
        B2      Whispers of Truth       Reality
        B3      Blackthorn Winter       I Will
        B4      The Purge               The Knave
        B5      The Poets               Heyla Hola
        B6      Euphoria                Hangman's Rope
        B7      Kat                     Tell the World
TP      003     MIRKWOOD                Mirkwood                        LP        .1993

        A1      Take My Love                                    4:35
        A2      Love's a Glass of Sunshine                      11:28
        A3      Just Because                                    5:17
        B1      The Leech                                       5:19
        B2      The Vision                                      3:27
        B3      Clockwise                                       6:02
        B4      Lavendula                                       7:23
                (Note " LP 500 numbered copies , reissues of the
                1973 LP , Flams Rec. PR 1067)
TP      004     V / A                   Syde Tryps 2                    LP        .1993

        A1      Just Plain Smith        Don't Open Your Mind
        A2      Mic Read                Edward E. James' Rainbow
        A3      Amber                   Time And Time
        A4      Mic Read                Nicola
        A5      Amber                   Yellow And Red
        A6      Mic Read*               Pictures On My Wall
        A7      Lost, The               Ernest Seymour, The Man From 66c
        B1      Lost, The               What's The Matter (With You Babe)
        B2      Mic Read                Charley Brewster's DJ Show
        B3      Just Plain Smith        February's Child
        B4      Mic Read                What The Dickens
        B5      Amber                   Shirley
        B6      Mic Read                If She's A Day
        B7      Lost, The (11) 	Don't Open Your Mind
                (Note : feat. MIc Read , Just Plain Smith , Amber ,
                The Lost)
TP      005     HOLY MACKEREL           Closer To Heaven                LP        .1993

        A1      Gemini
        A2      Ballad of John McCann
        A3      Burglar Man
        A4      Blue Eyed Redeemer
        A5      (Closer to Heaven on) Judgement Day
        B1      Hard Times, Good Times
        B2      Near You
        B3      Walk Through the Valley
        B4      Waterfal
                (Note : LP 500 numbered copies)
TP      006     V / A                   Syde Tryps 3                    LP        .1993

        A1      Jason Crest             King Of The Castle
        A2      Enough's Enough         Please Remember
        A3      Harverson Apricot       Wax Candle
        A4      Jason Crest             Collected Works Of Justin Crest
        A5      Charlotte Black         Charge Of The Light Brigade
        A6      Telegraph               Putrefaction
        A7      Jason Crest             Teagarden Lane
        B1      Extreem                 Out Of The Sky
        B2      Charlotte Black         So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
        B3      Thor                    You're My Cream
        B4      Jason Crest             Charge Of The Light Brigade
        B5      Enough's Enough         Look Around You Baby
        B6      Tidal Wave              Crazy Horse
        B7      Jason Crest             You Really Got A Hold On Me
TP      007     TEAM DOKUS              Tales From The Underground      LP        .1994

        A1      Fifty Million Megaton Sunset
        A2      Night of the Living Dead
        A3      Here's Hoping
        A4      On the Way Down
        B1      Visions
        B2      Tomorrow May Not Come
        B3      Big Red Beast
        B4      I Can't Wait
        B5      Feel Your Fire
        B6      Fifty Million Megaton Sunset (reprise)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , unissued LP from 1969)
TP      008     V / A                   Syde Tryps 4                    LP        .1994

        A1      Brass Alley             Dr. Beecham's Pink Pills
        A2      The Mode                Eastern Music Back to Front
        A3      Urban                   When My Train Comes In
        A4      The Influence           Driving Me Wild
        A5      Tinkerbells Fairydust   Marjorine
        A6      The Mode                Backing Britain
        A7      2OW                     What's It All About
        A8      Complex                 Witch's Spell
        B1      The Good Thing Brigade : My House Is Burning
        B2      The Object              Blue Skies and Green Grass
        B3      C.M.J.                  In the Midnight Hour
        B4      The Mode                Girl
        B5      The Montanas            Together
        B6      Tinkerbells Fairydust   You Keep Me Hangin' On
TP      009     THE LOST                Lost In Action                  LP+7"     .1994

LP      A1      What's the Matter (With You Babe?)
        A2      Gotta Have a New Dress
        A3      Bread Van
        A4      Something to Us
        A5      SWLABR
        A6      Now
        A7      Problems of Day to Day Living
        B1      Don't Open Your Mind
        B2      Manic Drepression
        B3      High in the Sky
        B4      The Times Are Gone
        B5      Neighbour Neighbour
        B6      Ernest Seymour, the Man from 66c
        B7      Music to Eat Cakes by

7"      C1      What's The Matter (With You Babe)
        D1      Don't Open Your Mind
        D2      Ernest Seymour (The Man From 66c)
TP      010     V / A                   The Story Of OAK Records        2LP       .1994

        A1      The Wild Oats : You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover
        A2      Bo Street Runners       Shame Shame Shame
        A3      The Thyrds              Hide & Seek
        A4      The A-Jaes              I'm Leaving You
        A5      The Rats                Spoonful
        A6      The Betterdays          Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
        A7      The Five of Diamonds    Route 66
        A8      Hickory Stix            Hello My Darling
        A9      The Jaguars             Now You Wonder Why
        B1      'Im and The Uvvers      Wake Me Now
        B2      Miller                  Baby I've Got News For You
        B3      The Act                 I Turn to Love You
        B4      Peter and the Persuaders : Cross My Heart
        B5      The 4 Leaved Clovers    Alright Girl
        B6      The Game                The Addicted Man
        B7      The Kingpins            Maybe Sometimes
        B8      Five Steps Beyond       Faint Heart

LP 2    C1      Amber                   Yellow and Red
        C2      The Ice Show            I Remember Susannah
        C3      Mike Stuart Span        Concerto of Thoughts
        C4      Lavender Grove          Lavender Grove
        C5      Pneumania               I Can See Your Face
        C6      Keith Dangerfield       No Life Children
        C7      The Herd                Good Citizen
        D1      The Velvet Frogs        Jehova
        D2      Velvet Hush             Lover Please
        D3      The Brew                Play Your Tune
        D4      Factory                 Time Machine
TP      011     THE FREEDOM             Nerosubianco                    LP        .1994

        A1      Relation                                        3:20
        A2      We Say No                                       3:20
        A3      Attraction                                      7:00
        A4      Childhood Relection                             3:15
        A5      To Be Free                                      3:21
        B1      The Truthe Is Plain to See                      3:00
        B2      The Better Side                                 4:33
        B3      Born Again                                      4:20
        B4      Decidedly Man                                   4:15
        B5      Seeing Is Believing                             3:13
                (Note : soundtrack previously only released in Italy)

LP      Atlantic        ATLLP 08028         1969        IT
TP      012     THE RATS : The Rise And Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone     LP        .1994

        A1      Spoonful
        A2      I've Got My Eyes on You Baby
        A3      I've Gotta See My Baby
        A4      New Orleans
        A5      The Rise and Fall of Bernie Gripplestone
        A6      Stop and Get a Hold of Myself
        A7      Mick's Boogie
        B1      Morning Dew
        B2      Early in Spring
        B3      Telephone Blues
        B4      It Ain't Easy
        B5      I Feel Free
                (Note : compilation feat. Mike Ronson)
TP      013     THE WILD OATS           Timespan                        LP (m)    .1995

        1       Ram Bunk Shush
        2       I'm With You
        3       (Ain't That) Just Like Me
        4       You Better Move On
        5       Walking The Dog
        6       Hungry For Love
        7       Boys
        8       I'm Talking 'Bout You
        9       I'll Never Get Over You
        10      Shadoogie
        11      I Saw Her Standing There
        12      I Know
        13      Pointed Toe Shoes
        14      Sweets For My Sweet
        15      Put The Blame On Me
        16      Poison Ivy
        17      Shake Sherry
        18      Money (That's What I Want)
                (Note : rec. in the mid-60's in Leiston, mono format)
TP      014     MIKE STUART SPAN        Mike Stuart Span                LP        .1995

        A1      Children of Tomorrow
        A2      Second Production
        A3      Remember the Times
        A4      Time
        A5      Concerto of Thoughts
        A6      Flames
        B1      Through the Looking Glass
        B2      Rescue Me
        B3      World in My Head
        B4      Evil Woman
                (Note : compilation , 1000 copies)
TP      015     DANTALIAN'S CHARIOT     Chariot Rising                  LP        .1995

        A1      Madman Running Through the Fields               4:12
        A2      Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud              3:00
        A3      Fourpenny Bus Ride                              3:39
        A4      Soma (Part 1)                                   4:35
        A5      Coffee Song                                     2:46
        B1      World War Three                                 4:06
        B2      Recapture the Thrill                            3:49
        B3      Four Firemen                                    3:29
        B4      Soma (Part 2)                                   1:45
        B5      High Flying Bird                                3:43
                (Note : LP 1000 numbered copies , compilation)
TP      016     THE KINGPINS            Kingpins For Sale               LP        .1995

        A1      Kingpins, The           Diamond Girl
        A2      Kingpins, The           For Your Love
        A3      Kingpins, The           Living In The Past
        A4      Kingpins, The           Hurting My Pride
        A5      Kingpins, The           Maybe Sometime
        A6      Kingpins, The           You're My Girl
        A7      Kingpins, The           Baby I Need
        B1      Kingpins, The           Mysterious
        B2      Kingpins, The           Travelling Man
        B3      Kingpins, The           Do You Love Me
        B4      Kingpins, The           Raining In My Sunshine
        B5      Orange Seaweed          Pictures In The Sky
        B6      Orange Seaweed          Stay Awhile
        B7      Orange Seaweed          Skinny Minnie
                (Note : band's acetates from OAK Rec.)
TP      017     WRITING ON THE WALL : Cracks In The Illusion Of Life    LP        .1995

        A1      Words and Music [as The Jury]                   2:18
        A2      Peter Gunn [as The Jury]                        2:51
        A3      Felicity Jane                                   3:17
        A4      Flight of the Mind                              3:35
        A5      Katie's Been Gone                               2:38
        A6      Fishers of Men                                  6:28
        B1      Buffalo                                         6:54
        B2      Nobody Knows                                    3:58
        B3      Bellyful of Rock                                5:37
        B4      Man of Renown                                   3:28
        B5      Tripsy Lady                                     4:03
                (Note : LP gatefold sleeve)
TP      018     WRITING ON THE WALL     Burghley Road                   LP        .1995

        A1      Times were Rough                                4:11
        A2      Fishers of Men                                  6:29
        A3      Rocky Island                                    2:57
        A4      Dream Yourself a Hero                           7:09
        B1      Diane's Big Daddy                               5:29
        B2      Live and Learn                                  4:57
        B3      Down Home People                                3:49
        B4      Burghley Road                                   4:01
        B5      Henry Dawson                                    4:57
                (Note : LP 1000 copies , previously unreleased 1972
                sessions capturing legendary Scottish hard rockers)
TP      019     FIVE STEPS BEYOND : Faint Hearts And Fair Maids         LP )m)    .1995

        A1      Come on Back
        A2      Baby Mine
        A3      Yes I Do
        A4      Remember (Walking in the Sand)
        A5      I Can't Get It Over to You
        A6      Don't Let It Worry You
        A7      In Finding Love
        A8      Heartbreak Love or Paradise
        A9      You've Cooled
        A10     Love Me
        B1      Not So Young Today
        B2      Meanwhile Back in My Heart
        B3      Is This What I Get for Loving You?
        B4      Get Away From the Wall
        B5      Faint Heart
        B6      Sunshine Girl
        B7      Take Her Away
        B8      Waited for Her
                (Note : LP 600 hand-numb. copies)
TP      020     V / A                   Syde Tryps 5                    LP        .1995

        A1      Geranium Pond           Dogs in Baskets
        A2      The Toast               Time of Year
        A3      Doves                   Smokeytime Springtime
        A4      Geranium Pond           No Elephants in My Garden
        A5      Killing Floor           Soon There Will Be Everything
        A6      The Toast               Lincoln's Rocking Chair
        A7      Killing Floor           Acid Bean
        B1      Geranium Pond           Fire
        B2      Doves                   I'll Cry If You Make Me
        B3      Geranium Pond           Marshmallow Man (Version 1)
        B4      Lee & Dorey             I've Been Wrong
        B5      The Sir Percy Quintet   Margaret Elspeth
        B6      Geranium Pond           Marshmallow Man (Version Two)
        B7      Killing Floor           Lost Alone
TP      021     FIVE STEPS BEYOND       Smile                           LP        .1996

        A1      Go Away My Friend                               2:40
        A2      She'll Always Love Me                           2:43
        A3      That Kind of Day                                3:06
        A4      Waited for Her                                  3:42
        A5      Crazy Days                                      3:52
        A6      Little Peter                                    3:03
        A7      No Heart                                        3:01
        A8      Lifetime of Smiles                              3:14
        B1      She Smiles...                                   3:12
        B2      The Girl's in Love                              2:15
        B3      Smile Theme                                     1:39
        B4      Nothing Out of the Ordinary                     3:29
        B5      Too Much Loving                                 3:05
        B6      Nothing That I'd Rather Do                      3:09
        B7      Hold Your Horses                                3:37
        B8      Shame                                           2:58
        B9      Caroline, No                                    2:09
                (Note : LP , 600 copies with A4 book)
TP      022     LEFT-HANDED MARRIAGE    On The Right Side               LP        .1996

        A1      Civil Servile                                   2:39
        A2      Another Kind of Love                            2:44
        A3      City Girl                                       2:30
        A4      The Day You Came                                2:56
        A5      Another Shoulder                                2:53
        A6      Ten Years From Now                              3:07
        A7      Limousine                                       2:32
        A8      Arthur (Alt. Vers.)                             2:38
        A9      Happiness Is You-Shaped (Alt. Vers.)            4:19
        B1      On a String                                     2:39
        B2      Secret Girl                                     2:47
        B3      Threescore and Ten                              2:39
        B4      Arthur                                          2:46
        B5      Remember Me                                     3:00
        B6      Looking for Love                                2:51
        B7      Happiness Is You-Shaped                         4:19
        B8      Another Shoulder (Alt. Vers.)                   2:57
        B9      That Was the Boy                                2:19
                (Note : 1000 copies , 1967 private pressing)
TP      023     STUDIO G'S              Beat Group                      LP (m)    .1996

                Instrumental Beat Group
        A1      Movin'                                          3:00
        A2      Sounds A Gogo                                   2:50
        A3      Hi, Bird                                        2:28
        A4      Bluesy Group                                    3:02
        A5      Freaky                                          2:37
        A6      Beat the Shadows                                2:37
        A7      Beat for Bach                                   1:34
        A8      Freakout No. 1                                  1:53
                Vocal Beat Group
        B1      Final Time                                      4:08
        B2      Hard Selling Woman                              2:26
        B3      Lighter in Your Pocket                          4:11
        B4      Juggernaut                                      4:35
        B5      Make Me Happy                                   4:10
        B6      Together in the Night                           2:57
                (Note : LP 600 copies)
TP      024     V / A               Syde Tryps 6                        LP        .1996

        A1      The Summer Set          Cos It's Over
        A2      Tropical Fish           Captain Man Pt 1
        A3      Tropical Fish           Live for the Sun
        A4      The Longboatmen         Viva L'Amour
        A5      The Name                Hello Edythe
        A6      Tropical Fish           Waterloo Station
        A7      The Flames              Steamliner
        A8      Tropical Fish           You Keep Me Hanging On
        B1      The Longboatmen         Trouble and Tea
        B2      Tropical Fish           Brave New Sights
        B3      Tropical Fish           Upside Down Inside Out
        B4      Solent                  My World Fell Down
        B5      The Name                What Do I Care?
        B6      Tropical Fish           Captain Man Pt 2
        B7      Tropical Fish : You Are the Moon & the Stars & the Sun
                (Note : feat. The Summer Set , Tropical Fish ,
                The Phoenix , The Name. 1000 nand-numb. copies))
TP      025     THE END                 In The Beginning...The End      LP        .1997

        A1      I Can't Get Any Joy
        A2      Hey Little Girl
        A3      I Want You Around
        A4      Lost Without You
        A5      Baby Stay Like You Are
        A6      It Won't Be Long
        A7      She Believed Me
        A8      I Got Wise
        A9      You're So Right
        B1      You Better Believe It Baby
        B2      Please Do Something
        B3      Why
        B4      Yo-Yo
        B5      Searching for My Baby
        B6      Daddy Loves Baby
        B7      I Can't Believe It
        B8      We've Got It Made
        B9      Shades of Orange (mono track)
                (Note : LP , 1000 numb. copies , gatefold)
TP      026     BIG BOY PETE            Homage To Catatonia             LP        .1997

        A1      Sheer Lunacy
        A2      Crocogators
        A3      I Am Seldom Twenty One
        A4      Knit Me a Kiss
        A5      1,500,000 Volts
        A6      Captain of My Toy Balloon
        A7      John Celery
        B1      Paranoia
        B2      Chinaman
        B3      Music Created by Dust
        B4      A Dog Called Doug
        B5      The Procession
        B6      The Candleman
        B7      The Treacle Dance
                (Note : unreleased recordings. 1000 hand-numb. copies)
TP      027     THE ALAN BOWN           Outward Bown                    LP      02.1997

        A1      Toyland
        A2      Magic Handkerchief
        A3      Mutiny
        A4      Little Lesley
        A5      All Along the Watchtower
        A6      Sally Green
        A7      Penny for Your Thoughts
        B1      Story Book
        B2      Technicolor Dream
        B3      We Can Help You
        B4      Love Is a Beautiful Thing
        B5      Violin Shop
        B6      You're Not In My Class
        B7      My Girl the Month of May
                (Note : 1000 vinyl copies , reissue of the band's
                pop-psych album from 1968 ; Music Factory MF 12000)
TP      028     MEIC STEVENS            Ghost Town                      LP      07.1997

        A1      Roedd Gennyf I Gariad (I Had a Love)
        A2      Factory Girl
        A3      One Night Wonder
        A4      Love Owed
        A5      It Takes a Country Boy to Sing a Country Song
        A6      Need for Need
        A7      Ghost Town
        B1      Myfi Yw'r Dechreuad (I Am the Beginning)
        B2      Sing a Song of Sadness
        B3      Ghosts of Nothing Lie
        B4      Clown in the Alley
        B5      Yorric
        B6      Ghosts of Solva
                (Note : 1000 vinyl copies , 13 previously unreleased
                1968-69 recordings from Welsh folk-psych legend)
TP      029     FIRE : Underground And Overhead:The Alternative Fire    LP      08.1997

        A1      Father's Name Is Dad (#1)
        A2      Treacle Toffee World
        A3      Happy Sound
        A4      Spare a Copper
        A5      Will I Find Love
        A6      Man in the Teapot
        A7      Only a Dream
        A8      It's Just Love
        A9      Father's Name Is Dad (#2)
        B1      Magic Shoes
        B2      I've Still Got Time
        B3      I Know You Inside Out
        B4      Reason for Everything
        B5      Alison Wonderland
                (Note : LP gatefold sleeve , 1000 numbered copies ,
                previously unreleased material)
TP      030     PETE MILLER             Summerland                      LP      08.1997

        A1      Where Did It Go (february 1968)
        A2      The In Things  (june 1966)
        A3      Time Has No Meaning  (september 1967)
        A4      Time And Time Again  (february 1966)
        A5      Forget Me Not (july 1967)
        A6      Who Cares About The Moon (september 1967)
        A7      Soho Solitaire (february 1967)
        B1      Sweet Talk Town (may 1966)
        B2      Peter Pan (june 1966)
        B3      Willow Tree (june 1966)
        B4      Antoinette (october 1966)
        B5      Fiesta Time (august 1966)
        B6      Listen Girl (april 1966)
        B7      Oh Miss Halliday (december 1966)
                (Note : 1000 vinyl copies , 14 previously unreleased
                1966-67 garage pop recordings)
TP      031     THE ELECTRIC BANANA     Blows Your Mind                 LP (m)  08.1997

        A1      Alexander
        A2      It'll Never Be Me
        A3      I Love You
        A4      Grey Skies
        A5      What's Good For The Goose
        A6      If I Need Somebody
        A7      Street Girl
        B1      Blow Your Mind
        B2      Eagle's Son
        B3      I See You
        B4      Love, Dance And Sing
        B5      Danger Signs
        B6      Walking Down The Street
        B7      A Thousand Ages From The Sun
        B8      Rave Up
                (Note : 1000 vinyl copies , numbered , The Pretty
                Things fame)
TP      032     ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS                         LP        .1997

        A1      The Alice Theme                                 2:49
        A2      The March of the Chessmen                       2:23
        A3      Jabberwocky                                     3:45
        A4      Dance of the Talking Flowers                    4:11
        A5      Alice's Train Journey                           2:31
        A6      Through Looking Glass Wood                      2:49
        B1      Dum and Dee                                     1:27
        B2      The Walrus and the Carpenter                    3:20
        B3      Alice Meets the Knights                         1:48
        B4      A-Sitting on a Gate                             4:03
        B5      Her Majesty Queen Alice                         3:50
        B6      Whose Dream?                                    2:44
                (Note : 1968 English pastrol folk psych)

LP      Sound News Prod.    SNP 11/12           1969        UK
TP      033     THE END                 Retrospective                   LP        .1997

        A1      Loving, Sacred Loving
        A2      Building Up A Dream
        A3      Little Annie
        A4      Morning Dew
        A5      Tears Will Be The Only Answer
        A6      Today Tomorrow
        A7      Lady Under The Lamp
        B1      Black Is Black
        B2      Mister Man
        B3      Call Me
        B4      Shades Of Orange
        B5      Mirror
        B6      We've Got It Made
        B7      Bypass The By Pass
TP      034     TALES OF JUSTINE        Petals From A Sunflower         LP        .1997

        A1      Albert (A Pet Sunflower)
        A2      Monday Morning
        A3      Sunday School
        A4      Evil Woman
        A5      Obsolete Incident
        A6      Music to Watch Us By
        A7      Sitting on a Blunestone
        B1      So Happy
        B2      Morpheus
        B3      Aurora
        B4      Something Special
        B5      Pathway
        B6      Saturn
        B7      Jupiter
        B8      So Much Love to Give You
                (Note : LP gatefold sleeve , numbered , 1000 copies,
                baroque English flower power rec. at Abbey Road in
                1967-68 with sitar , mellorton , ...)
TP      035     BIG BOY PETE            Return From Catatonia           LP        .1998

        A1      'T Was Not So Short Ago
        A2      Me
        A3      Summerland
        A4      Nasty Nazi
        A5      The Raid
        A6      Creosote and Cream
        A7      Crystal's Tune
        B1      Strontium Ninety Nel
        B2      Convercircles
        B3      The Day Stares Straight Back
        B4      Henry Nut (Part Two)
        B5      Hung Up'
        B6      Sums
        B7      The Shelter
                (Note : 14 previously unreleased sitar-based UK psych
TP      036     V / A : Freakout At The Facsimile Factory-De Wolfe      LP      02.1999

        A1      The Lemon Dips          I Am the Man
        A2      The London Studio Group : March of the Defiant Ones
        A3      The Cool                Highway Song
        A4      Tilsley Orchestral      Shot in the Arm
        A5      The Cool                We Met in December
        A6      Electronic Sounds       Eye of Horus
        A7      The Lemon Dips          Poor Lonely Woman
        A8      Electronic Sounds       Skid Track
        B1      The Lemon Dips          Who's Gonna Buy
        B2      The London Studio Group : Pageing Sullivan
        B3      Electronic Sounds       Guitar Suspense
        B4      The Lemon Dips          Unpack Your Bags
        B5      Pierre Sciortino        Alchemie Rhythmique
        B6      The Lemon Dips          Travelling Man
        B7      Kansara                 Romantic Scene No. 1
        B8      The Cool                Emily Waits
                Library Recordings
TP      037     MOON'S TRAIN            Moon's Train                    LP      04.1999

        A1      The Life I Lead
        A2      Wait for Me
        A3      You Got Me
        A4      Say What I Mean
        A5      Loving, Sacred Loving
        A6      Bakerman
        A7      Telephone Talker
        A8      My Town
        B1      I'm Not the Marrying Kind
        B2      I Get Excited
        B3      My Love for You
        B4      Shades of Orange
        B5      Home and Dry
        B6      Nervous
        B7      Moanin'
        B8      Memories of You
                (Note : 16 track collection of 1966-67 recordings
                ranging R&B/soul to full blown psych by Bill Wyman
                proteges Moon's Train)
TP      038     COMPLEX                 Complex                         LP      02.1999

        A1      Funny Feeling                                   2:49
        A2      Message from the Year 2000                      2:44
        A3      Green Eyed Lucy                                 3:17
        A4      Josie                                           2:34
        A5      Witch's Spell                                   3:36
        A6      Norwegian Butterfly                             2:51
        B1      Self Declaration                                6:01
        B2      Images Blue                                     2:55
        B3      Storm on Way                                    3:58
        B4      Madamoiselle Jackie                             3:56
        B5      Live for the Minute                             4:03
                (Note : reissue from the band's 1970 debut, Complex CLPM 001)
TP      039     COMPLEX                 The Way We Feel                 LP      02.1999

        A1      Every Time I Hear That Song                     2:40
        A2      Am I                                            4:02
        A3      We Don't Exist                                  5:48
        A4      Lemon Pie Fair                                  3:13
        A5      The Way I Feel                                  3:15
        B1      Moving Moor                                     4:42
        B2      Jeananette                                      4:24
        B3      Hey Girl You've Got Style                       2:57
        B4      If You Are My Love                              6:35
                (Note : second Complex LP, 1000 numb. copies)

LP      Deroy           DER 671 S           1971        UK
TP      040     JOHN PANTRY             The Upside Down World Of        LP      12.1999

        A1      The Factory             Try a Little Sunshine
        A2      Peter and The Wolves    Birthday
        A3      John Pantry             Red Chalk Hill
        A4      John Pantry             Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red
        A5      Peter and The Wolves    Lantern Light
        A6      Peter and The Wolves    Woman on My Mind
        A7      Peter and The Wolves    Break Up Break Down
        A8      John Pantry             Upside Down
        A9      Norman Conquest         Two People
        B1      The Bunch               Spare a Shilling
        B2      Peter and The Wolves : Little Girl Lost and found
        B3      The Factory             Red Chalk Hill
        B4      John Pantry             Every Single Word
        B5      Peter and The Wolves    The Old and the New
        B6      John Pantry             Smokey Wood Air
        B7      John Pantry             How It Is
        B8      Peter and The Wolves    Lantern Light
        B9      Peter and The Wolves    Julie
        B10     Norman Conquest         Upside Down
                (Note : Panty's recordings with Peter & The Wolves ,
                Norman Conquest , The Bunch & The Factory ; 1967-69
         a      ctivities)
TP      041     JASON CREST             Radio Sessions 1968-1969        LP      08.1999

        A1      Hold On
        A2      A Hazy Shade Of Winter
        A3      Fresh Garbage
        A4      California Dreaming
        A5      Paint It Black
        B1      What's It Like
        B2      Come Together
        B3      It's A Way To Pass The Time
        B4      Good Times, Bad Lines
        B5      Better By You, Better Than Me
        B6      Percy's On The Run
                (Note : previously unreleased performances. 1000 copies)
TP      042     BILLY NICHOLS           Would You Believe               LP      10.1999

        A1      Would You Believe                               2:45
        A2      Come Again                                      2:32
        A3      Life Is Short                                   3:04
        A4      Feeling Easy                                    3:10
        A5      Daytime Girl                                    2:40
        A6      Daytime Girl (Coda)                             1:36
        B1      London Social Degree                            2:23
        B2      Portobello Road                                 2:05
        B3      Question Mark                                   2:26
        B4      Being Happy                                     2:23
        B5      Girl From New York                              2:28
        B6      It Brings Me Down                               4:45
                (Note : reissue of the ultra-rarity (Immediate IMCP 009 , 1968)
TP      043     THE PEEP SHOW           Mazy                            LP      12.1999

        A1      Your Servant Stephen
        A2      Mazy (single version)
        A3      Big Giant Man
        A4      Lost My Lover
        A5      Lovey Dovey Feeling
        A6      Silver Queen of the Screen
        A7      When You're Getting Tired
        A8      Rum Sensation
        B1      Called and Chosen
        B2      Esprit De Corps
        B3      The Hovercraft Song
        B4      Goodbye Child
        B5      Morning
        B6      Do Not Wait for Better Times
        B7      Mazy (Two-Track Original)
        B8      My Friends and I
                (Note : LP , 1000 hand-numb. copies)
TP      044     THE MARMALADE : Kaleidoscope , An Alternate Hist.       LP      12.1999
                Of The Marmalade

        A1      I See The Rain
        A2      There Ain't No Use In Hangin' On
        A3      It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night
        A4      Chains
        A5      Hey Joe
        A6      Butterfly
        A7      Laughing Man
        B1      Kaleidoscope
        B2      Mr. Lion
        B3      Man In A Shop
        B4      Mr Tambourine Man
        B5      And Yours Is A Piece Of Mine
        B6      Mess Around
                (Note : band's psychedelic numbers. 1000 numb. copies)
TP      045     V / A : Nice - An Anthology Of Peter Eden Production    LP      06.2000

        A1      Crocheted Doughnut Ring : Azalia & Rhododendron
        A2      The Fingers             Just Like Loving You Baby
        A3      Bill Fay                Garden Song
        A4      Clive Palmer            Stories of Jesus
        A5      The Fingers             I Go to Sleep
        A6      Sadie's Expression      Yesterday Was Such a Lovely Day
        A7      The Fingers             Look Away
        A8      Crocheted Doughnut Ring : Nice
        B1      Gerald Moore            Pilgrim
        B2      River                   California Here I Come
        B3      Bill Fay                The Sun Is Bored
        B4      The Jubilee Lovelies    I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
        B5      The Fingers             I Hear the Sun
        B6      Bill Fay                The Room
        B7      The Fingers             Oh
        B8      Barry Fantoni           Sadie Moonshine
                (Note : LP 1000 copies)
TP      046     THE KLUBS               Midnight Love Cycle             LP      11.1999

        A1      Can't Ebenezer See My Mind #1
        A2      Indian Dreams
        A3      The Stripper
        A4      Only John Tring
        A5      I Found The Sun
        A6      Ever Needed Someone
        B1      Midnight Love Cycle
        B2      Fire
        B3      Can't Ebenezer See My Mind #2
        B4      Oh Baby
        B5      Indian Dream (Acoustic Version)
        B6      Livin' Today
                (Note : collection of 1967-69 recordings. 1000 numb. copies)
TP      047     THE END                 The Last Word                   LP      02.2002

        A1      Son of Lightning
        A2      Second Glance
        A3      Mistress Bean
        A4      For Eleanor
        A5      So Free
        B1      North Thames Gas Board
        B2      Do Right Woman Do Right Man
        B3      Turn on Watersone
        B4      Smartypants
        B5      My Friend
                (Note : LP , 1000 numbered copies)
TP      048     V / A : The Electric Lemonade Acid Test-An Anthology    LP      06.2000

        A1      The Symbols             (The Best Part of) Breaking Up
        A2      Hat and Tie             Finding It Rough
        A3      The Explosive           Cities Make the Country Colder
        A4      Chords Five             Some People
        A5      The Exception           Don't Torture Your Mind
        A6      Rhubarb Rhubarb         Moneylender
        A7      The Cape Kennedy Construction Company : Armageddon
        B1      Rhubarb Rhubarb         Rainmaker
        B2      The Symbols             Again
        B3      The Explosive : (Who Planted Thorns in) Miss Alice's Garden
        B4      Sheridan & Price        Lighting Never Strikes
        B5      The Gass Company        Nightmare
        B6      The Cape Kennedy Construction Company : The First Step on the Moon
        B7      The She Trinity         Climb That Tree
                Of The President Label 1967-1970)
                (Note : LP 1000 copies)
TP      049     GILES , GILES & FRIPP   Metamorphosis                   LP        .2001

        A1      Hypocrite                                       3:40
        A2      Newly Weds                                      2:00
        A3      Erudite Eyes                                    6:50
        A4      Tremelo Study In A Major From The Spanish Suite 1:40
        A5      Scrivens                                        2:15
        A6      Make It Today (i)                               4:50
        A7      Digging My Lawn                                 1:55
        B1      I Talk To The Wind                              3:15
        B2      Murder                                          2:40
        B3      Make It Today (ii)                              3:25
        B4      Wonderland                                      6:15
        B5      She's Loaded                                    3:15
        B6      Why Don't You Just Drop In?                     3:40
                (Note : pre-King Crimson band mwembers)
TP      050     V / A : THE ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST VOL.2           LP        .2001

        A1      The Purple Gang         Granny Takes a Trip
        A2      Brass Tacks             Maxwell Ferguson
        A3      The Deviants            First Line (Seven the Row)
        A4      The Pentangle           Travellin' Song
        A5      The Sallyangie          Lady Mary
        A6      1984                    Rosalyn
        A7      The Movement            Head for the Sun
        B1      The Deviants            Billy the Monster
        B2      The Purple Gang         The Wizard
        B3      1984                    This Little Boy
        B4      Particular People       What's the Matter With Juliet
        B5      The Pentangle           Light Flight
        B6      Ola                     What a Way to Die
        B7      The Deviants            Death of a Dream Machine
                (Note : psychedelic nuggets from the Transatlantic
TP      051     THE FLOWERPOT MEN       Midsummer Dreaming              LP      12.2002

        A1      Let's Go To San Francisco
        A2      Mythological Sunday
        A3      Say Goodbye To Yesterday
        A4      Radio One Jingle #1
        A5      Midsummer Dreaming
        A6      Mr Light
        A7      Blow Away
        B1      A Walk In The Sky
        B2      The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness
        B3      Radio One Jingle#2
        B4      The Laughing Man
        B5      A Night To Be Remembered
        B6      Children Of Tomorrow
        B7      Let's Go Back To San Francisco
                (Note : LP , 1000 numb. copies)
TP      052     V / A                   Syde Tryps 7                    LP        .2001

        A1      Brain, The              Nobody Knows The Game
        A2      Those Fadin' Colours    Blow Up
        A3      Jygsaw, The             0099
        A4      Brain, The              Shot On Sight
        A5      Fire                    Can't Be So Bad
        A6      Brain, The              One In A Million
        A7      Snappers, The           Smiley's Tram
        B1      Outer Limits, The       I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
        B2      Those Fadin' Colours    Try Me On For Size
        B3      Brain, The              Murder
        B4      6AX                     Penelope Breedlove
        B5      Brain, The : Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine
        B6      Snappers, The           She's A Lover
        B7      Cliff Ward              Path Through The Forest
                (Note : LP , 1000 numbered copies)

        A1      Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller
        A2      Don't Lie To Me
        A3      Talkin' "Bout You
        A4      Boys
        A5      Johnny B. Goode
        A6      Reelin' And Rockin'
        A7      Blue Feeling
        A8      I've Gotta Find My Baby
        B1      Back In The USA
        B2      Blueberry Hill
        B3      Route 66
        B4      Great Balls Of Fire
        B5      I'll Never Get Over You
        B6      Lucille
        B7      Don't Lie To Me
        B8      Honey What's Wrong
                (Note : teenege beat/r&b from drummer Tony Chapman's
                1st band , recorded in mid-1964)
TP      054     CHIMERA                 Chimera                         LP      12.2002

        A1      Come Into the Garden
        A2      The Grail
        A3      Sad Song for Winter
        A4      Mary's Mystery
        A5      Lady With Bullets in Her Hair
        B1      Black Hat Babe
        B2      Song in E
        B3      Episode at Telegraph Hill
        B4      Morning Sounds
        B5      Peru
                [Note : late 60's acid folk rock with support from
                Wil Malone (Orange Bicycles) , Mal Luker (Smoke) and
                Nick Mason - Rick Wright from some promising little
                combo going by the name of the PINK FLOYD , 1000
                numbered copies)
TP      055     V / A : THE ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST VOL.3           LP        .2003

        A1      Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera : To Be With You
        A2      Just William            Cherrywood Green
        A3      A New Generation        Sadie and Her Magic Mr. Galahad
        A4      Carter / Keen / Shaw    Rain Rain
        A5      The Fruit Machine       The Wall
        A6      Carter / Keen / Shaw    In the Sky
        A7      Timothy Blue            She Won't See the Light
        A8      Icarus                  The Devil Rides Out
        A9      The Fruit Machine       I'm Alone Today
        B1      The Baby                Heartbreaker
        B2      The Fruit Machine       Cuddly Toy
        B3      Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera : Reactions of a Young Man
        B4      A New Generation        Digger
        B5      Simon de Lacy           Baby Come Back to Me
        B6      John Carter & Russ Alquist : Midsummer Dreaming
        B7      The Eggy                Hookey
        B8      Eartha Kitt             Hurdy Gurdy Man
                (Note : incl.tracks from Spark label)
TP      056     MEIC STEVENS : SEPTEMBER 1965-THE TONY PIKE SESSIONS    LP        .2003

        A1      It Ain't For Me To Ask The Reason Why
        A2      The Vulture And The Dove
        A3      Up On The Mountain
        A4      Walking Talking London Blues
        A5      If I Had You Next To Me
        A6      Red Rain Blues
        B1      The Clown In The Alley
        B2      Bad Luck Baby Blues
        B3      First Love
        B4      Winter Of The Clan
        B5      Not For Me Mr. MP
                (Note : 1000 copies , 190 g.vinyl)
TP      057     ANGEL PAVEMENT          MAYBE TOMORROW                  LP        .2003

        A1      Man in the Shop on the Corner
        A2      Maybe Tomorrow
        A3      Time Is Upon Us
        A4      Green Mellow Hill
        A5      Little Old Man
        A6      When Will I See June Again
        A7      Genevieve
        B1      Water Woman
        B2      Napoleon
        B3      Socialising
        B4      Jennifer
        B5      Carrie
        B6      I'm a Dreamer
        B7      Baby You've Gotta Stay
        B8      I'm Moving On
                (Note : LP 1000 numbered copies , 190 g.vinyl)
TP      058     V / A : THE ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST VOL.4           LP        .2004

        A1      The Fruit Machine       Sunshine of Your Love
        A2      The Illusion of Happiness : Talk of the Devil
        A3      Timothy Blue            Room at the Top of the Stairs
        A4      A New Generation        Smokey Blue's Away
        A5      John Carter & Russ Alquist : The Laughing Man
        A6      Simon de Lacy           Goodbye Love
        A7      Jasper                  Liberation Interlude 1
        A8      Carlew Choir            Give a Hand to the Clown
        A9      The Fruit Machine       Follow Me
        B1      The Eggy                You're Still Mine
        B2      Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera : And I Remember
        B3      A New Generation        She's a Soldier Boy
        B4      The Fruit Machine       Willow Tree
        B5      Carter / Keen / Shaw    Magic People
        B6      Icarus                  You're in Life
        B7      The Baby                Michael Blues
        B8      Jasper                  Liberation Interlude 2
        B9      Eartha Kitt             Wear Your Love Like Heaven
                (Note : tracks from Spark label)
TP      059     NICK NICELY             PSYCHOTROPIA                    LP        .2004

        A1      Hilly Fields (1892)
        A2      D.C.T. Dreams
        A3      Treeline
        A4      49 Cigars
        A5      Beverly
        A6      Elegant Daze
        A7      On The Coast
        B1      The Other Side
        B2      On The Beach
        B3      1923
        B4      Remember
        B5      6B Obergine
        B6      Everyone Knows
                (Note : LP 1000 numbered copies , 190 g.vinyl)
TP      060     FOREVER AMBER          THE LOVE CYCLE                   LP      12.2007

        A1      Me Oh My
        A2      Silly Sunshine
        A3      Bits Of Your Life, Bits Of My Life
        A4      For A Very Special Person
        A5      The Dreamer Flies Back
        A6      Misunderstood
        A7      Better Things Are Bound To Come
        A8      On A Night In Winter
        B1      On Top Of My Own Special Mountain
        B2      Mary (The Painter)
        B3      All The Colours Of My Book
        B4      Going Away Again
        B5      A Chance To Be Free
        B6      I See You As You Used To Be
        B7      Letters From Her
        B8      My Friend
                (Note : Cambridge pop-psych band , 1968)

        A1      Forget About You                                3:11
        A2      Theatre King                                    2:12
        A3      Things I Never Had                              3:41
        A4      Everybody's Told You                            2:52
        A5      Sunny Day Rain                                  3:05
        A6      Classical Misconceptions Part I & II            2:23
        B1      Tomorrow Your Sorrow                            3:40
        B2      Helping Hand                                    2:39
        B3      That's All There Ever Was                       2:09
        B4      I Wondered If You Knew                          1:48
        B5      Yesircantoo                                     3:39
        B6      The Seed That Grows                             2:07
                (Note : from Ojai, CA west coast psych folk, 12.1970)

LP      Two:Dot         HRH 81670       1970    US