Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie

TCD1    G1      ABERFELDY               SOMEWHERE TO JUMP FROM          CD      09.2010

Claire / Somewhere To Jump From / Malcolm / Mean Of Misery / If I Were A Joiner / Turn
The Record Over / In Denial / Lisa-Marie / Talk Me Around / Wendy / Play The Music Loud
/ California , West Lothian

TRLP    1 G3    DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL : WOODLAND CASUAL                LP      02.2015
TRCD    1 G3    DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL : WOODLAND CASUAL                CD      02.2015

        1)      Colinial
        2)      Wednesday
        3)      Nightwatchman
        4)      Swansong
        5)      End Of The World
        6)      An Unkindness Of Crakes
        7)      Hell On Earth
        8)      Thursday (searching)
        9)      Scarecrow
        10)     Janitor
        11)     Fly
        12)     Albert Terrace
        13)     Ambitio
TR 1 F 1 LP     EDINBURGH LEISURE       DIE GEFAHR IM JAZZ              LP      06.2019

        1)      Call This Number
        2)      Dada’s Boys
        3)      Scorpio Leisure
        4)      Happy Birthday
        5)      Mammals and Birds (FINAL FINAL)
        6)      Get A Good Job
        7)      Startup
        8)      Yes
        9)      Edinburgh Dungeon
        10)     Edinburgh Leisure
        11)     Trapped In Ikea

Edinburgh Leisure is the partnership of Keith Farquhar and T Fraser. Die Gefahr Im
Jazz is their first recorded work together. Farquhar is an established visual artist
whose work has been exhibited internationally. He is also the former vocalist of The
Male Nurse, sister band to Country Teasers, best known for their two Peel sessions
in 1997 and 98. Fraser is one half of the duo ********, a collaboration also known
as [Fraser, Ormston], which featured at Counterflows 2019 and also includes artist
Ailie Ormston. Since 2016, Edinburgh Leisure have recorded two albums, Contemporary
Art In Digital Culture and Die Gefahr Im Jazz. They have performed in various venues,
galleries and club spaces. Recorded mostly on iPhone 5s, Die Gefahr Im Jazz merges
the avant-instrumentation of staple guns, masking tape, supplement bottles, and
blister packs with Apple-hack sounds and misuses to create "a harmonious cacophony
of mammal and machine processes," a genre the partnership playfully categorize as
"iPod Shuffle." This is music for Genius Bars and ghost tours, office parties, and
drinks receptions -- songs about RBS, PPI, BBC Planet Earth, and Ikea. Written largely
with the Rhyme Zone search engine tool, Edinburgh Leisure's work is often that of idle
authorship and barefaced piracy. Publishers beware of brash homages, monosyllabic
anthems, and crass interludes. Die Gefahr Im Jazz is like a driverless truck -- free
and dangerous in the post-cultural landscape of dark-net markets and business parks,
where the streets have no name.

TR 1 F 3 LP     PAUL VICKERS AND THE LEG : JUMP                         LP      12.2019

        1)      Hearing My Voice
        2)      Do Your Best
        3)      Chicken Church
        4)      Hopelessadocus
        5)      Sherbet And Chilli
        6)      Little Turtle Wars
        7)      Help This Animal
        8)      Chieftain Of Paradise
        9)      Xmas In The Jungle
        10)     The Blackburn Giant

A chance meeting of two veteran acts from the British alternative rock scenes around
ten years ago - Edinburgh-based quintet The Leg and ex-Dawn of the Replicants frontman
Paul Vickers - produces a fourth collaboration album between the two artists, and the
first on their new home of Tenement Records. Jump sees them indulge in yet more
idiosyncratic indie with touches of punk, folk and reggae.