TEMPO DISCHI                            ITALY

Distr.  : IT -
          NE - Shiny Beast/
          UK - Norman/Boomkat/Piccadilly/
Style   : disco / boogie / funk /

TD      01      STEEL MIND              BOSS MAN                        12"     03.2019

        1       Boss Man (Original Mix)
        2       Boss Man (Tempo Dischi Edit)
        3       Lionel (Original Mix)
        4       Summer In The City (Original Mix)

Tempo Dischi are reissuing a bunch of Italo Disco classics. Boss Man by Steel Mind
is a 12” that’s been loved by DJs and those in-the-know since the early '80s. It is
the work of Piero Torsani who was previously in the band Caelestium. Two tracks
- Boss Man and Lionel incorporate elements of Krautrock to his disco leanings.
Tempo Dischi have also unearthed a worthy nugget from Torsani’s archives - Summer
In The City, which features vocals by Caelestium singer Marisa Luca. 4 track 12”
on Tempo Dischi.
TD      02      AUTOMAT                 AUTOMAT                         LP      08.2019

        1       Automat Rise - Advance - Genus
        2       Droid
        3       Ultraviolet
        4       Mecadence

Automat by Automat is, for the uninitiated, what can only be described as a space
disco album. The Italian duo of Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi were inspired
after meeting ground-breaking electronic instrument maker Mario Maggi. The album
includes the track ‘Droid’, a classic piece of early electronica. Originally released
in 1978, Automat is reissued by Tempo Dischi.
TD      03      CONTACT MUSIC           KEEP ON DANCE                   12"     05.2020

The third release on Tempo Dischi is 'Keep On Dance' by Contact Music, a gem that
is part of the Italo disco history, but has characteristics of the early proto house
TD      04      LOGIC SYSTEM            UNIT/CLASH                      12"     08.2020

        1       Unit
        2       Clash (Tempo Dischi Edit)
        3       Unit (Mito Version)

Logic System is the solo project of Hideki Matsutake, ace synth programmer and
ex-member of Yellow Magic Orchestra. Unit and Clash are tracks taken from his 1981
proto-techno debut album, Logic. This 12” also comes with an Italo Disco version of
Unit, produced by Italian production group Mito, on the flip. On Tempo Dischi.
TD      05      ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK     COMPUTER SOURIRE                12"     05.2021

The fifth release on Tempo Dischi comes from one of the true pioneers of Italian
disco: Maurizio Dami a.k.a. Alexander Robotnick. 'Problemes d'Amour' and 'Computer
Sourire', included in the mini album 'Ce N'est Q'un Début' are two fundamental songs
in the history of electronic music made in Italy.