TEMPLES OF JURA                         AUSTRALIA

Isle Of Jura's offshoot label.

Head    : Kevin Griffiths
Distr.  : AU -
          UK - Norman/Boomkat/Piccadilly/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : dub / reggae / disco / boogie / funk /

TEMPLE  001     LEN LEISE/JURA SOUNDSYSTEM : ADRIAN                     12"     03.2018

        1.      Len Leise               'Dear Adrian'
        2.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Original)
        3.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Dub Version)
        4.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Space Mix)

Temples Of Jura is a new offshoot catering for original artist material from a variety
of genres. The first release is a split Dub 12” featuring Melbourne’s Len Leise and
Adelaide’s Jura Soundsystem. As the title suggests Len’s track is a homage to the
legendary Dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood whilst Jura Soundsystem debut with a more Rootsy
excursion across 3 mixes.
TEMPLE  002     JURA SOUNDSYSTEM        MONSTER SKIES EP                12"     04.2019

A.      01.     CARAFE DENIM
        02.     MAMMA CAPES
        03.     MONSTER SKIES
B.      04.     BOOGIE TUNE
        06.     THE LANTERN STORY
TEMPLELP  001   FILMICO                 IN THE SENSES                   LP      11.2018
TEMPLECD  001   FILMICO                 IN THE SENSES                   CS      11.2018
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

        1.      Memory Trees 
        2.      Quest 
        3.      Thinking About You Again 
        4.      Carpark Scene 
        5.      No Sense Of Distance 
        6.      Intervalo 
        7.      Les Visitants 
        8.      Fading Saturday 
        9.      Open Channels 
        10.     Fall 
        11.     Jazz Club 
        12.     Time Lapse 
        13.     Condor

Filmico’s In The Senses sees producer/composer Fernando Pulichino attempting to
recreate the movie score sounds of artists like Angelo Badalamenti, John Carpenter
and Johnny Jewel. With his penchant for drum machine beats, evocative synthesiser
chord progressions, lashings of reverb and general noir-ish atmospherics, he doth
indeed succeed.