Isle Of Jura's offshoot label.

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/Piccadilly/
Style   : dub / reggae / disco / boogie / funk /

TEMPLE  001     LEN LEISE/JURA SOUNDSYSTEM : ADRIAN                     12"     03.2018

        1.      Len Leise               'Dear Adrian'
        2.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Original)
        3.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Dub Version)
        4.      Jura Soundsystem        'Udaberri Blues' (Space Mix)

Temples Of Jura is a new offshoot catering for original artist material from a variety
of genres. The first release is a split Dub 12” featuring Melbourne’s Len Leise and
Adelaide’s Jura Soundsystem. As the title suggests Len’s track is a homage to the
legendary Dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood whilst Jura Soundsystem debut with a more Rootsy
excursion across 3 mixes.