Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : Balearic / techno / house /

TMPL    003     R WENG                  LIFE PRINCIPLES                 12"       .2016
TMPL    003     R WENG                  LIFE PRINCIPLES                 12"     02.2018

        A1.     Life Principles
        A2.     Omni
        B1.     Two Lions
        B2.     Seven Years
TMPL    004     EX-TERRESTRIAL          EX-TERRESTRIAL                  12"     08.2017

        A1.     Ka Y
        A2.     Bowed Glass
        A3.     Dance of the Nymph
        B1.     Birds
        B2.     Spacial Dub
        B3.     Light

Adam Feingold (1080p/Apron Records) brings cosmic ambience, and a chilled balearic
tone to his experimental house as Ex-Terrestrial. Its blissed out, odd, futuristic
and just damn nice. Chilled vibes on the sea of tranquility shores. Features
saxophonist Emmanuel Thibau. Six track 12 on Temple.