TELEPHONE EXPLOSION                     1077 Dundas Street West
*******************                     Toronto, ON M6J 1W9


Owner   : Steve Sidoli, Jon
Distr.  : CA - Scratch/Hit's & Misses/ Rotate This/Sonic Book/
          EU - P-Trash
          US - Revolver/Goner/Tic Tac Totally/Floridas Dying/Deadbeat
          JA - File-Under
          FR - Yakisakanna
          SWE - Savage
Style   : indie / garage / punk / r&r / acid-punk / psychedelic / grunge /
          drone / post rock / new wave / no wave / post punk /

TER     001     TEENAGER                TEENAGER                        CS        .2007

        A1      Novice At Best
        A2      Fast Worms
        A3      Sagers & Growlers
        A4      Homecoming Queen
        B1      Crack The Cardboard
        B2      Captain Eyeliner
        B3      Girls For Days, Legs For Miles
                (Note : cassette , 100 numb. copies)
TER     002     HOLY COBRAS : KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY STUFF              CS+DLc    .2008

        A1      Dismantle My Heart
        A2      Stormy Weather
        A3      Cobra Talk
        B1      Sun Inside
        B2      Strange Green Scene
        B3      Woman Is Poison
                (Note : cassette , 100 red copies)
TER     003     UGLY STICK              UGLY STICK                      CS        .2008

        A1      Don't Tell Me
        A2      Betray Me
        A3      Geek U
        A4      Road Rage
                (Note : cassette , 1-sided)
TER     004     DEMON'S CLAWS           SICK CHILI                      CS      05.2008

        A1      Intro (Live)
        A2      Demon's Claws (Live)
        A3      Feet in the Dark (Live)
        A4      Shadow of a Castle (Live)
        A5      Tied Up (Live)
        A6      Little Thinks (Live)
        A7      Who Needs a Girl (Demo)
        A8      Black Gate Open
        A9      Lost in the Desert
        B1      Hunter of the Night
        B2      Old Hag
        B3      Kick in the Cunt
        B4      Unemployment
        B5      Hambourg
        B6      Mental Revenge
        B7      Fucked on K
        B8      Solo
        B9      Mexicali Baby
        B10     Space Freighter
TER     005     TEENAGER                BANNED FROM THE BEAVER          CS        .2008

        A1      Dr. Ugs
        A2      Junkyard Wife
        A3      Brain Hiccup
        B1      Minimum Wage
        B2      Black Licorice Motorcycle Jacket
        B3      Unbelievable Shithead
        B4      The Hotdog Shake
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. copies)
TER     006     SUPERSTITIONS           SUPERSTITIONS                   CS        .2008

        A1      Intro
        A2      18 Hours To Go
        A3      Saturday Night
        A4      I'm Cookin' Dinner
        B1      UFO Lovin'
        B2      Chainsaw Hands
        B3      Shakin'
        B4      I Got A Car
                (Note ; cassette , 100 white copies)
TER     007     CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS : THUNDERBEAST                 CS      10.2008

        A1      I Hate You
        A2      Thunderbeast
        A3      Charlie Moon (Style Tycoon)
        A4      Cage Mouth
        A5      I Got Mine
        B1      Runaway
        B2      Walla Walla (Washington)
        B3      You've Got No Idea
        B4      Shucka Shucka
        B5      The Prom Song
                (Note : cassette , 100 blue copies)
TER     008     HOLY COBRAS             MAKE PYRAMIDS                   CS        .2009

        A1      Mama Jihad                                      3:25
        A2      Knife Fight                                     2:43
        A3      Sting Ray                                       2:35
        A4      Sun Inside Revisited                            2:53
        A5      Teeth Decay                                     2:52
        B1      He's Rubber I'm Real                            5:40
        B2      WAPNM / In Cult                                 14:20
                (Note : cassette , 100 purple copies)
TER     009     ESTROGEN HIGHS          ESTROGEN HIGHS                  CS        .2009

        1       Chat Perdue
        2       Red/Green
        3       Thinkin' Of My Health
        4       Not Right
        5       New Amphetamine Shriek
                (Note : cassette , 100 clear-blue copies)
TER     010     DEMON'S CLAWS : LOST IN THE DESERT-DEMOS & OUTAKES 1    LP      03.2009

        A1      Loud Mouth
        A2      How the West Was Won
        A3      Kicked in the Cunt
        A4      Itchy Uterus
        A5      Mexicalli Baby
        A6      Old Hag
        B1      Put on My Sunday Dress
        B2      Hambourg
        B3      Mental Revenge
        B4      Sweet Sweet Love
        B5      Untitled
        B6      When You Walk Down My Street
TER     011     ACTUAL WATER            ACTUAL WATER                    CS        .2009

        A1      Chateau Montreux
        A2      Pencil-Legged
        A3      Junk
        A4      Floorboard Speculation
        A5      Caroline Ave.
        A6      Thin Wild Mercury
        A7      Sunshine Classic
        A8      Open Votes
        A9      Natasha
        A10     Leon
        A11     Problems
        A12     Sunday Driving
        B1      Zodiac Letters
TER     012     GARDENS                 TOUR TAPE                       CS
TER     013     CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS/TEEN ANGER : Split             LP      05.2009

        A1      Charlie & The Moonhearts : I Hate You
        A2      Charlie & The Moonhearts : Charlie Moon (Style Tycoon)
        A3      Charlie & The Moonhearts : Animals
        A4      Charlie & The Moonhearts : Walla Walla (Washington)
        A5      Charlie & The Moonhearts : Tequila (WM Version)
        A6      Charlie & The Moonhearts : Cagemouth
        B1      Teen Anger              Minimum Wage
        B2      Teen Anger              Junkyard Wife
        B3      Teen Anger              Hotdog Shake
        B4      Teen Anger              Brain Hiccup
        B5      Teen Anger              Dr. Ugs
TER     014     TY SEGALL/BLACK TIME    Split                           LP      06.2009
                                                                        LP      02.2015
                                                                        LP      07.2018

        A1      Ty Segall               Schwag
        A2      Ty Segall               Swag
        A3      Ty Segall               In Love
        A4      Ty Segall               Be A Caveman
        A5      Ty Segall               Goin Down
        A6      Ty Segall               No No
        A7      Ty Segall               Played (Paid)
                Sitting In The Back Of A Morris Marina Parked AtThe Pier
                Eating Sandwiches Whilst The Rain Drums On The Roof
        B1      Black Time              Contract
        B2      Black Time              Infestation
        B3      Black Time              You Make Me
        B4      Black Time              A Radio In The Dark
        B5      Black Time              Glass Shatters
        B6      Black Time              You Don't Love Me

A 180 gram/2018 repress of a classic record in Ty's career. Constantly referred to as
his best early work. Originally released in 2009, the Ty Segall / Black Time split LP
highlights a dichotomy between two vastly different musical climates. Ty Segall plants
himself firmly in the California sun with seven unreleased (and reverb-drenched)
tracks. Black Time infiltrate their side like a disorienting British fog, stumbling
through six songs in a most cacophonous way. This repress offers fans a chance to lay
their hands on a highly desirable record, priced much lower than the original, which
sells for around 50 USD.
TER     015     HELL SHOVEL : Already Gone // She Called Me Baby        7"      11.2009
TER     016     LE KID & LES MARINELLIS                                 7"      11.2009

        A       T'es Pas D'ici                                  2:23
        B       Camille                                         2:12
TER     017     V / A                   OUR BOY ROY                     LP+DLc  01.2009

        A1      LiveFastDie             Problem Child
        A2      Jacuzzi Boys            Anything You Want
        A3      Bloodshot Bill          Cause of It All
        A4      Haunted George          Rock House
        A5      Holy Cobras             Domino
        B1      Ty Segall               Pretty Woman
        B2      Teenanger               You're My Baby
        B3      Demon's Claws           It's Over
        B4      Red Mass                Running Scared
        B5      Cheater Slicks          Crying
        B6      Charlie and The Moonhearts : Chicken Hearted
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
TER     018     TEENAGER                GIVE ME PINK                    LP      03.2010

        1       Alone On Acid
        2       Carole Pop
        3       Too Nice To Say No
        5       Rats
        6       The Ballad of Robert McNamarra
        7       MDMA Jam
        8       High Risk High Fun
        9       Louisiana Lounger
        10      Red Eye Station
        11      Band Hand
        12      Big Spirit Payback
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
TER     019     HOLY COBRAS : Feed Yr Head // May You Be Free To Roam   7"+DLc  07.2010
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
TER     020     ANAGRAM                 BUTCHER                         7".DL     .2010

        A       Butcher
        B       Fish
TER     021     PUBERTY                 INVITATIONS                     7".DL   02.2011

        A       Invitations
        B       Parties
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
TER     022     HOLY COBRAS             FOREVER                         LP      04.2011

        A1      Never Let Me Down
        A2      I Want You Right Now
        A3      Fly Pilot Fly
        A4      Night Fighter Pt 1
        A5      Untitled 1
        A6      Satellite
        B1      Take My Soul Forever
        B2      Night Fighter Pt 2
        B3      Fire In The Sky
        B4      After Midnite
TER     023     DEMON'S CLAW : LOST IN THE DESERT-PART DEUX             LP      09.2011

        A1      You Owe Me...
        A2      Mona's Lunch
        A3      Desert Flowers
        A4      Lost in the Desert
        A5      Dirtiest Girl
        A6      Gypsy Wind
        A7      North of Carolina
        B1      The Black Gate Opens
        B2      Unemployment
        B3      The Last Ship
        B4      The Ballad of St. Laurent
        B5      Hypnotized
        B6      Pretty Polly
        B7      It Hurt Me...
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
TER     024     TEEN ANGER              FRIGHTS                         LP        .2012

        A1      Cheap Thrills
        A2      Frights
        A3      SLW
        A4      Funeral March
        B1      Cops (But Not You)
        B2      Tired Of You
        B3      Lawyer Up
        B4      Walking On Eggshells
        B5      Bank Account
TER     025     YOUNG MOTHER            FUTURE CLASSICS                 LP      06.2012

        A1      The Well Tempered Male
        A2      Modern Design
        A3      She Makes A Nice Widow
        A4      Motorway (Western Strip, 1915)
        A5      Smart Kids
        B1      In Search Of A Lighter Affair
        B2      High Fashion
        B3      No Straight Lines
        B4      Common Trash
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)
TER     026     SOUPCANS                GOOD FEELINGS                   LP      11.2012
TER     026     SOUPCANS                GOOD FEELINGS                   CS      11.2012

        A1      Shocked!                                        1:48
        A2      Deadbeat                                        2:24
        A3      Outlander                                       1:14
        A4      The Horla                                       3:02
        A5      Blood Sacrifice                                 1:46
        A6      Negative Genes                                  2:19
        B1      Dimwit's Reign                                  1:36
        B2      The Simulant                                    2:04
        B3      Scanners                                        1:07
        B4      All The Same                                    2:08
        B5      Altered States                                  2:48
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
TER     027     CROSS                   OBSIDIAN SPECTRE                LP+DLc  06.2013

                Side A
        A1      Lucky Loki
        A2      Smoke
        A3      Bones Brigade
        A4      Witching Hour
        A5      Sacred Cow
        A6      Mountain King
        A7      Old Sound
        Side B
        B       Will-O'-The-Wisp
TER     028     TEEN ANGER              SINGLES DON'T SELL              LP        .2013

        A1      Singles Dont Sell
        A2      Teenanger
        A3      Psychic Sonya
        A4      Rut
        A5      Surveillance
        A6      Zons
        B1      Power Trip
        B2      Off The Beaten Path
        B3      Confident Idiocy
        B4      Conflicts Of Interest
        B5      Time's Up

LP      Southpaw        SPR 039         2013    US
TER     029     SOUPCANS                PARASITE BRAIN                  7"      11.2013

        A1      Parasite Brain
        A2      No Teeth
        A3      Weedopolis, 2029
        B1      Crimes Of The Future, Pt. II
        B2      Lost Drugs
        B3      2 Much
                (Note : 7" , 500 hand-numb. copies)

7"      Jack Shack          JKSHK 00007         2013        CA
TER     030 LP  BRUCE HAACK             ELECTRIC LUCIFER BOOK II        LP      08.2014

        A1      Mean Old Devil                                  3:29
        A2      Ancient Mariner                                 4:01
        A3      Stand Up Lazaras                                4:19
        A4      Hookin For The Honey                            4:07
        B1      Just A Song At Twilight                         5:05
        B2      Good-Life-Good Life                             2:48
        B3      Gastronomicplentyfication                       3:46
        B4      Noonday Sun                                     1:53
        B5      Moonlight And Roses                             4:54

LP.CD   Q.D.K.Media     LP.CD 037       2001    GE
TER     031     TEENAGER                EPLP                            LP        .2014

        A1      Fly On The Wall
        A2      Sky Saxon
        A3      Twisted
        A4      Mild Survival
        B1      Think About It
        B2      The Sequel
        B3      Negative Zeros
        B4      Hot Rods At The Loser Convention
TER     032     CELLPHONE               EXCELLENT CONDITION             LP      11.2014

        A1      No Wind In Hell
        A2      Greenish Black
        A3      Human Rights
        A4      Storm Chaser
        B1      Dirt Angels
        B2      Sane Bullet
        B3      Bad Medusa
TER     033     LIDS                    LIDS                            7"+DLc  03.2015

        A       Sarsfest
        B       Blank Flag
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
TER     034     MICK FUTURES            BANNED FROM THE FUTURE          LP      06.2015

        A1      My Machine Gun
        A2      Nothing
        A3      Tentative Issue
        A4      A Few Pieces
        A5      What You Wanna Say Now
        A6      Living On A Dark Street
        A7      In Case We Learn
        A8      He's Not For Us
        B1      Whatever You Want
        B2      Romeo Part 2
        B3      Mini Mag
        B4      Cold Emotions
        B5      Two Heads
        B6      Walk With The Prism
        B7      You Want It All
TER     035     CROSS                   LO                              LP      05.2015

        A1      Interlocutor
        A2      Eye Seance
        A3      Golden Hearth
        A4      Mind
        A5      Lo
        A6      Dance Down
        A7      My Body
        A8      Kaloo Kalay
        B1      Enthroning The 4 Acts
TER     036     BRUCE HAACK             HAACKULA                        LP      10.2015

        A1      Lie Back                                        4:26
        A2      Blow Job                                        5:00
        A3      Man Kind                                        5:43
        A4      Play Me Your Album                              3:05
        A5      Invocation                                      2:31
        B1      Death Machine                                   5:58
        B2      Sun Sukd                                        4:48
        B3      Tit For Tat                                     4:03
        B4      Haackula                                        0:37
        B5      Party Machine                                   8:02
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
TER     037
TERLP   38      MOSS LIME               ZOO DU QUEBEC                   10"     12.2015

        A1      Chou Frisé
        A2      Kettle
        A3      I Always Get What I Want
        A4      Dreamboat
        B1      Comfy Cotton Shoes
        B2      Bottom Feeder
        B3      Rock Paper Sizzurp
                (Note : 10"/45 RPM , 300 copies)
TER     039     VISITORS                POET'S END                      LP      04.2016

        A1      Compatibility
        A2      Electric Heat
        A3      Our Glass
        A4      One Line
        A5      Moth
        A6      Visitors
        B1      Pattern
        B2      The Orcadian
        B3      Exploiting The Masters
        B4      Empty Rooms
        B5      Distance
        B6      Poet's End
TER     040     ODONIS ODONIS           POST PLAGUE                     LP      06.2016

        A1      Fearless
        A2      Needs
        A3      Thats How It Goes
        A4      Nervous
        A5      Blitz
        B1      Pencils
        B2      Game
        B3      Vanta Black
        B4      Betrayal
        B5      Lust
TER     041     BRUCE HAACK             THE ELECTRIC LUCIFER            LP      09.2016

A.      1.      Electric To Me Turn                             1:50
        2.      The Word                                        0:30
        3.      Cherubic Hymn                                   2:20
        4.      Program Me                                      4:37
        5.      War                                             3:43
        6.      National Anthem To The Moon                     2:32
        7.      Chant Of The Unborn                             1:22
B.      8.      Incantation                                     3:15
        9.      Angel Child                                     1:01
        10.     Word Game                                       3:48
        11.     Song Of The Death Machine                       3:00
        12.     Super Nova                                      5:22
        13      Requiem                                         3:21
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)

2017 repress. "Bruce Haack's 1970 electronic acid rock masterpiece is back into
production! The Electric Lucifer is the third album in the ongoing Telephone
Explosion X Bruce Haack series (previous releases include Haackula & The Electric
Lucifer Book II)."

LP      Columbia            CS 9991         1970        US
TER     042 LP  NEW FRIES               MORE                            10"     12.2016

        A1.     JZ III
        A2.     Gertrude Stein Greeting Card from Pape Danforth
        A3.     90 Yr Old Girl
        A4.     Butter & Spice Breeze-y
        B1.     INTER
        B2.     Mary Poppins' Pockets
        B3.     Bring the Pressure Washer (BTPW)
        B4.     LUDE
TER     043     NEW FRIES               MORE                            10"     01.2017

        A1      Jz III
        A2      Gertrude Stein Greeting Card From Pape/Danforth
        A3      90 Yr Old Girl
        B1      Butter + Spree Breeze-y
        B2      INTER
        B3      Mary Poppins Pockets
        B4      Bring The Pressure Washer! (BTPW)
        B5      LUDE
TER     044     TEENAGER                TEENAGER                        LP      07.2017

        A1      Two Middle Fingers                              3:15
        A2      Dawn                                            3:53
        A3      Forgot Fun                                      1:12
        A4      Emoji Kush                                      4:25
        A5      Just Drop It                                    2:04
        A6      Media Overload                                  2:31
        A7      Wychwood Heights                                2:55
        B1      It Works With My Body                           3:15
        B2      Weird Money                                     2:25
        B3      The Night Shift                                 3:26
        B4      Pay It Forward                                  2:59
        B5      Fun Forgot                                      3:56
        B6      NOBLO                                           3:37
TER     045 LP  STEVE ROACH             STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE         LP      10.2017

        A1.     Reflections From Suspension                     16:48
        A2.     Quite Friend                                    13:23
        B1.     Structures From Silence                         28:37

Steve Roach’s landmark new age ambient album Structures From Silence was first released
in 1984, and it's been lulling listeners into a deep state of suspended animation ever
since. Structures From Silence is very slow and very spacious, with just a few well
chosen synth elements drifting around the soundfield. Now remastered and reissued on
vinyl for the first time! On Telephone Explosion.
TER     046     ODONIS ODONIS           NO POP                          LP      10.2017

        A1      Night Beat
        A2      Check My Profile
        A3      Nasty Boy
        A4      One
        A5      Eraser
        B1      Tracer
        B2      Vision
        B3      Fluke
        B4      By The Second
        B5      Needle

LP      Felte               FLT 047 LP          2017        US
CD      Felte               FLT 047             2017        US
TER     047 LP  ANDRE ETHIER            UNDER GRAPE LEAVES              LP        .2017

        A1      Psychedelic Music
        A2      Banana Grove
        A3      On Mondays
        A4      Socks
        A5      B.C. Trash Floats Up Island
        A6      Big Wheel At The Ashram
        B1      I'll See Myself In Your High
        B2      Under Grape Leaves
        B3      Parallel Highways
        B4      Making A Living
TER     048     FREAK HEAT WAVES        BEYOND XXXL                     LP      04.2018

        A1      Self Vortex
        A2      Soothing Limbo
        A3      Prime Time Slime
        A4      Moved You Right
        A5      Pushin' Beyond
        A6      Sell A Line
        B1      Bad Mutation
        B2      Subliminal Appeal
        B3      I Can't Tell
        B4      Toxic Talk Show
        B5      In The Dip Of The Night
TER     049 LP  STEVE ROACH             DREAMTIME RETURN                2LP     05.2018

LP 1    1.      Towards the Dream                               07:09
        2.      The Continent                                   04:47
        3.      Songline                                        03:01
        4.      Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost                  07:07
        5.      A Circular Ceremony                             11:18
        6.      The Other Side                                  13:11

LP 2    7.      Magnificent Gallery                             06:02
        8.      Australian Dawn - The Quiet Earth Cries Inside  06:17
        9.      Looking for Safety                              11:10
        10.     The Ancient Day                                 06:07
        11.     Red Twilight with the Old Ones                  09:50
        12.     The Return                                      08:51

"Steve Roach's 1988 double-disc is back in production for the first time in 30 years.
Dreamtime Return was inspired by multiple visits to the Australian Outback. The concept
behind Dreamtime has secured the album as one of the pivotal works in ambient music
today. The tales told over two LPs touch on the earth's origins, and the role humans
have to play in it. Inspired by the stories of Australia's first people, Steve Roach
used a combination of synthesizers and ancient Aboriginal instruments to create the
album's signature sound, most notably the dumbek & the didgeridoo. Dreamtime Return
travels through unexpected pathways with slow moving textures, as tones scatter into
brilliant arrays and evolve into a mystic long-distance journey. Remastered from the
original tapes, Dreamtime Return will be released as a deluxe gatefold double LP."
TER     50      BRUCE HAACK             PRESERVATION TAPES              LP      07.2018

        02.     LITTLE THINGS
        03.     UNTITLED 1
        04.     UNTITLED 2
        05.     UNTITLED 3
        07.     UNTITLED 4
        08.     JESUS LOVES ME
        09.     UNTITLED 5
        10.     GOD BE WITH YOU

Collected on LP are highlights from the respected electronic music pioneer's archive
of previously unissued '70s recordings. On this rare material, recorded for the
Christian Sparrow label (but then shelved), Haack's signature Farad vocoder continues
to feature prominently, but the lyrical content is decidedly more religious. This
release includes a 12-page booklet offering plenty of background info.

A.      1.      Plight Of The Dodo 
        2.      Gallop
        3.      Perriwinkle St
        4.      Rider From Nempnett Thrubwell
        5.      Migration Of The Snails
B.      6.      Escargot 
        7.      Off On A Current 
        8.      Gastropods In Transit 
        9.      Doorway Into Summer

Melodic Energy Commission is a Canadian gem and an interesting branch of the
Hawkwind family tree (featuring Del Delmar on electronics.) Hailing from British
Columbia, their unique blend of space rock, progressive and hippie psychedelia
began in 1977 as a recording-only project titled "The Melodic Energy Commission
of Collected Artists." This LP incorporates the proggy end of the jazz spectrum,
avant garde electronics and a load of lysergic nonsense to provide a full frequency
listening experience.

LP      Energy Discs        NRG 121         1980        CA
TER     052 LP  CHANDRA                 TRANPORTATION EP'S              2LP     10.2018

                Side A (1981 Transportation EP):
        1.      Opposite                                        3:51
        2.      Concentration                                   2:54
                Side B (1981 Transportation EP):
        3.      Subways                                         2:46
        4.      Kate                                            5:48

                Side C (1982 EP)
        5.      Get It Out Of Your System                       3:17
        6.      Stranger                                        3:51
        7.      Something                                       2:43
        8.      Tish Le Dire                                    3:05
                Side D: (1983 Unreleased Demos)
        9.      They’re All Alike                               4:05
        10.     Day Without Success                             5:38
                (Note : 2LP , 750 copies)
TERLP   053     FIST OF FACTS           FUGITIVE VESCO                  2LP     12.2018

        01.     FUGITIVE VESCO
        02.     FUGITIVE RHYTHM
        03.     FIRST STRIKE

In 1985 Ken Man showed up in the studio with this IBM AT computer. It had a 1/2 MB
of RAM and some Voyetra software that could sequence music, becoming the duos backing
band. Fist Of Facts contributors included Mark Cunningham from Mars, Felice Rosser,
Genevieve De Monvel Boutet, Carlos Vivanco, Scott Hartley from the Liquids and a whole
host of others. Fist of Facts expand the natural groove that Liquid Liquid established
over their quick career, with a strong political message combined with abstract dub
TERLP   054     CHARLES DITTO           IN HUMAN TERMS                  LP      02.2019

        1       Pop
        2       Bush
        3       Urban
        4       Eastern
        5       Rock
        6       World Anthem
        7       Slave Waltz
        8       Western
        9       Christmas
        10      Before The War
        11      Basso Continuo

Telephone Explosion (Bruce Haack, Teenanger) reissue a 1987 LP from Charles Ditto.
Beavering away undisturbed in his Texas studio allowed Ditto to come up with a pretty
unique style. Drawing from the melodic ambiences of Brian Eno, avant-garde composition,
new age synthesiser music and more, Ditto’s debut album In Human Terms garnered a
small but dedicated group of fans when it was issued through Ditto’s own Ditto Records.
With renewed interest in the work of the ‘80s synthesiser avant-garde leading all
manner of re-releases, the time feels right for us to Ditto’s unique sound-world once
again. File next to Manos Tsangaris and Rimarimba.
TERLP   055     BOB BELL                NECROPOLIS                      LP      04.2019

Side A: 1.      Necropolis (Four Pieces) Pt. 1                  4:35
        2.      Necropolis (Four Pieces) Pt. 2                  4:36
        3.      Necropolis (Four Pieces) Pt. 3                  5:31
        4.      Necropolis (Four Pieces) Pt. 4                  5:14
Side B: 5.      Track 5                                         14:54

Forthcoming on Telephone Explosion. Bob Bell Necropolis. Canadian private press mega
-rarity/ obscurity from the artistically schizophrenic Bob Bell. Recorded in 1978,
Bell splits the difference between his love of basement psych splatter/pummel and
squalling free jazz ramble, the former occupying side A with a stunning four part
suite of wasted guitar scuzz and churning Krautrock-like drama with an akin to German
Oak, Roland Kirk, Albert Ayler, DNA, Melt Banana (minus the vocals) and Guru Guru.
The latter represents Bell as a saxophonist on side B, and the music itself translates
into a 15-minute free-jazz exploration. Necropolis is a highly sought-after 35 min
doom-laden trip for the connoisseurs of noise.

TER     057 LP  BADGE ÉPOQUE ENSEMBLE : s/t                             LP      07.2019

Side 1  1.      Milk Spilt On Eternity                          6:13
        2.      You Can Build A Palace, Or You Can Please People3:33
        3.      Enormous Profit                                 3:44
        4.      Same Thought On Repeat                          2:18
Side 2  1.      Undressed In Solitude (featuring James Bailey)  10:51
        2.      A Cloud I Dreamt                                3:38

Flute, congas, bass, drums, guitar and clavinet; this unconventional arrangement of
instruments intertwine to form the debut album by Badge Époque Ensemble - a group of
creative improvisers assembled to perform new, largely instrumental compositions by
Maximilian ‘Twig’ Turnbull (formerly Slim Twig).