TEENAGE KICKS RECORDS                   Stadtjagerstrasse 8
*********************                   Augsburg
                                        86 152 Bayern

Distr. : GE -
         UK - Cargo               (1996)
Lab code: LC 04399
Style  : punk / indie / garage rock / lo-fi /

KICKLP  1       THE PICKLES             PIN-UP MACHINE                  LP        .1994

        A1      Oliver Ridley
        A2      Brian The Bunny
        A3      Janelle
        A4      Everything Of You
        A5      The Pad
        A6      Saucyjack
        A7      Mambo Girl
        B1      Licence To Copy
        B2      The Star Of Nairb
        B3      Good Time
        B4      The Egg-A-Minute Man
        B5      What A Drag
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on black vinyl)
KICKLP  2       MARK LEE                OBVIOUS...LEE                   LP        .1995

        A1      A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The...
        A2      Emmaline Bane
        A3      And Slowly Die
        A4      Night Of The Creeping
        A5      Obviously (Stroll On)
        A6      Chains That Bind
        A7      Magnolia Jones
        B1      Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
        B2      Everybody's Strange
        B3      No Plans To Make You Blue
        B4      Bottletop Park
        B5      Mr. Preacher Man
        B6      Time For Bed/Missing Link
        B7      Everybody Loves Her
                (Note : LP , 480 numb. copies)
KICKLP  3       THE PICKLES             MINDYARD                        2LP       .1995

LP 1    A1      The Great Maraccas Debate
        A2      Don't Call Me Shakespeare (A Tale Of The Looney Bard)
        A3      Lovin' Machine
        A4      Bathtime (Jingle No. 1)
        A5      Red Bowler Hat
        A6      The Nuckelaveeglaistighex
        A7      Mrs. Barnes
        A8      Dementia Mansion
        B1      I'm The Park Keeper
        B2      Little Winnie Wazzer
        B3      Candle And The Flame
        B4      The Piano Teacher 1
        B5      The Tea Shoppe Song (English Tea Sold Here)
        B5      Dog Ditty
        B6      A Step In Time (+ Reprise)
        B7      Gong

LP 2    C1      Come To The Mindyard
        D1      Willy The Chinchilla
        D2      Walk On By
        D3      Peter Perfect's Pathetic Piano Piece
        D4      Empty Floors (Waiting For The Winter)
        D5      The Last Of Dr. Grumble
        D6      Take Your Love
        D7      The Piano Teacher 2
        D8      Time, Make Me Wise
                (Note : 2LP , 250 black/250 on transparent/purple vinyl)
KICKLP  4       PROBLEM HAIR            SLIGHTLY FLOORED                LP+7"     .1995

        A1      Been A Fool
        A2      Groovy Movie
        A3      Bitch!
        A4      Down
        A5      In The Rain
        B1      Rythm Oil
        B2      Not Your Kind
        B3      Over You
        B4      Sweetest Ache
        B5      I Don't Care

                Bonus 7"
        C       13 Boundary St.
        D       Filthy Organ
                (Note : LP+7" , 500 copies)
KICKLP  5       LES CONSEILLERS TECHNIQUES : EPS                        LP      07.1996

        1       Teenage Kicks
        2       Boredom
        3       Ulster
        4       Love You More
        5       Male Model
        6       Ever Fallen In Love
        7       Failures
        8       Holocaust
        9       Times Up
        10      Orgasm Addict
        11      Fast Cars
        12      Warsaw
        13      16 Again
        14      Harmony In My Head
        15      You Got My Number
        16      White Riot
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
                TO BABYLON

                This Delightful Idle Life Of Ease
        A1      Fix You Up
        A2      This Delightful Idle Life Of Ease
        A3      P. Montague Crabtree-Tricker Esq.
        A4      Down In The Alley
        A5      Dementia Mansion
        A6      Go Climb Your Own Tree
        A7      The Billy Dark Theme
                How Far To Babylon?
        B1      The Gift Of Silence
        B2      How Far To Babylon?
        B3      And Time Was Sad
        B4      The First Stone
        B5      Remember
        B6      Trying To Get Born
        B7      Jade (Goodbye)
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)
KICKLP  7       HOLLY GOLIGHTLY         THE MAIN ATTRACTION             10" (m)   .1996

        A1      So Far Up There
        A2      I Thought Wrong
        A3      Just Once
        A4      Dropsy
        A5      If I Should Ever Leave
        A6      The Sign
        B1      An Eye For An Empty Heart
        B2      King Of Everything
        B3      The Better Of Me
        B4      Fallapart
        B5      Seashells
        B6      Gullible's Travels
                (Note : 10" , ed of 700-800 copies)
                : CYBER TRASH

        A1      Sonic Boom Drive                                2:58
        A2      Rocket Radio                                    2:31
        A3      Flame City                                      3:34
        A4      Night Beat                                      3:38
        A5      Call Me Skay                                    3:40
        A6      Cyber Trash                                     3:36
        A7      Punk-O-Rama                                     3:22
        A8      Cold & Electric                                 0:57
        B1      Dead & Gone                                     3:07
        B2      Alien Destruktüv Kommando                       2:53
        B3      Running Wild                                    2:57
        B4      My Lovely Nothing                               4:17
        B5      The Wide No/Ware                                3:08
        B6      Pussy Cat Walk                                  1:46
        B7      Scream Queen                                    2:15
        B8      Torrid Heat                                     3:27
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
KICKLP  9       THE PICKLES : Pardon Me But Your Organ In My Back Or It LP      07.1996

        A1      The Greatest Show On Earth
        A2      A Little Less Conversation
        A3      I Wish I Knew
        A4      Just One Of These Days
        A5      Mr. Schneider
        A6      Mr. Maybe
        A7      The Whistling Splat
        A8      We'd Love To Take You Away
        A9      Underneath The Covers
        A10     Instant Quickie
        B1      Thoughts Of An Observer
        B2      Polite Society
        B3      More Tea Vicar?
        B4      Fanciful
        B5      Gong With The Wind
        B6      Geisha Wong
        B7      Party Pooper
        B8      Hey Marcine
        B9      Bonus Song
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on pink vinyl)
KICKCD  10      KLAUS KORNFELD & BUDDY LOVE : STAY ANGRY!               CD        .1996

        1       Stay Angry!
        2       What Can I Do?
        3       I Just Can't Shake My Head No
        4       When Love's Getting Great
        5       Lonesome Cowboy Me
        6       Little Grey Mouse
        7       Bed No Breakfast
        8       Brand New Drama
        9       For A Little While
        10      I'm Not In Love With You
        11      Skinhead I Saw You Crying
        12      Disco Inferno
                (Note : CD , 500 copies)
KICKLP  11      M.O.T.O.                E PLURIBUS M.O.T.O.             LP        .1993

        A1      I'm On Your Side I'm On It
        A2      Straighten It Out
        A3      It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake
        A4      Everybody Knows
        A5      Cubbyhole
        A6      Live On The Edge
        A7      I Wanna Stick Myself
        A8      Go Straight To Hell
        A9      Cancer In My Dick
        B1      Twilight Zone
        B2      Transformoto
        B3      Floating On A Cloud Of Love
        B4      I'm Not Feeling For You
        B5      Fate Takes A Stool
        B6      Reading The Book Of My Life
        B7      Original Party Savior
        B8      The Last Supper
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
KICKLP  12      THE WILDEBEESTS         STICKY DEATH MOLECULE           LP        .1996

        A1      One+One
        A2      Some Kind Of Liberator
        A3      A Woman Of Gradual Decline
        A4      1997
        A5      Hey Mama (KeepYour Big Mouth Shut)
        A6      Don't Prop Me Up
        A7      Diddy Wah Diddy
        B1      Garage-Man
        B2      Alles Aboard
        B3      The Wickerman
        B4      Secret Agent Man
        B5      One Track Mind
        B6      Quarter After Nine
        B7      Ringneck
        B8      Cassandra
KICKLP  13      MARK LEE                RHODODENDRON VALLEY             LP        .1996

        A1      Exordium
        A2      Rhododendron Valley
        A3      Karswell's Speech
        A4      Introducing Dr...
        A5      The Plot Thickens
        A6      What A Carve-Up!
        A7      Plop!!
        A8      The Accidental Death Of One Cyrus J. Sunflower
        A9      Louisa Phoenica
        B1      Miss Mircalla
        B2      The Djinn
        B3      A Suitable Case For Treatment
        B4      Plop?
        B5      The Coldwater Xperiment
        B6      Bedlam
                Descent Sequence
        B7a     Subthoroxic Crainial Disturber
        B7b     House Of Mistress Ann Carroon
        B7c     The Wicked Lady
        B7d     That Cock-A-Doodle Man
        B7e     Exordium
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
KICKLP  14      TELEVISION PERSONALITIES : MOD IS DEAD                  LP        .1996

        A1      You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
        A2      I See Myself In You
        A3      An Exhibition By Joan Miro
        A4      Me And My Big Ideas
        A5      My Very First Nervous Breakdown
        A6      David Hockney's Diaries
        A7      Man Who Paints The Rainbows
        B1      How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
        B2      Reaching For The Stars
        B3      Very Dark Today
        B4      When Emily Cries
        B5      Goodnight Mr. Spaceman
        B6      Love Is Better Than War

(Note : LP , 0 copies pressed and given for free to people who didn't know
        who the Television Personalities were)
KICK    001     BUDDY LOVE VISITS KLAUS CORNFIELD : S/T                 7"        .1994

        A1      Summerfeeling
        A2      I Can See The Whole Thing Tumbling Down
        B1      Put Your Worries In A Sack
        B2      I Dedicate My Life To You
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , transp.-red vinyl)
KICK    002     MONDFAHRE               VIRTUELLE WAHRHEIT              7"        .1994

        A       Wahrheit                                        4:50
        B       Hauptsache Ich                                  4:51
                (Note : 7" , 1000 numb. copies)
KICK    003     THE DAXLS               GREEN FUZZ                      7"        .1994

        A       Green Fuzz
        B1      Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
        B2      See Your Friends
KICK    004     T. ZILLY                MOVIES                          7"        .1994

        A1      Movies
        A2      Johnny
        B1      Girl Like You
        B2      Lullaby
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies)
KICK    005     TENDER WHISKERS         TELL ME FASTER                  7"        .1994

        A1      Tell Me Faster (Whiskers Of Mu Mu Mix)
        B1      Iss Die Marmelade
        B2      Hey Hey We're The Whiskers
                (Note : 7" , 250 black/250 red/??? blue copies)
KICK    006     TEENAGE KICKS           CALL ME ON THE PHONE            7"        .1995

        A       Call Me On The Phone
        B       Right Behind You Baby
                (Note : 7" , 555 copies on red vinyl , numbered)
KICK    007     LES TENDER WHISKERS     THE FLOWER SONG                 7"        .1995

        A1      The Flower Song
        A2      Ice-Blue Pole
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided clear vinyl , 150 numb. copies)
KICK    008     MARK LEE                DOWN IN THE ALLEY               7"        .1995

        A       Down In The Alley
        B       66 Cleveland St. W1
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
KICK    009     SEXTON MING WITH PROBLEM HAIR : 13 BOUNDARY ST.         7"        .1995

        A       Sexton Ming With Problem Hair : 13 Boundary St.
        B       Problem Hair            Filthy Organ
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies , free with KICKLP 4)
KICK    010     DUTRONC : J'AI MIS UN TIGRE DANS MA GUITARE             7"        .1996

        A1      J'ai Mis Un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare               2:05
        A2      L'Opportuniste                                  2:34
        B1      La Fille Du Pere Noel                           2:33
        B2      (Il Est Cinq Heures) Paris S'éveille            2:50
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
KICK    011     THE SANITARY INSPECTORS : E.S.P.                        7"        .1995

        A       Les Conseillers Techniques On Your Left / On Your Right
                The Armitage Shanks + Sexton Ming : E.S.P.
        B       Les Conseillers Techniques On Your Left / On Your Right
                The Armitage Shanks + Sexton Ming : Fast Cars
KICK    012     THE WILDEBEESTS         I FEEL ALRIGHT                  7"        .1996

        A       I Feel Alright
        B       Dinosaur
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
KICK    013     MIRACLE WHIP            I REMEMBER                      7"        .1995

        A       I Remember
        B       Top Of My Head
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
KICK    014     THE PICKLES             A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION      7"        .1995

        A       A Little Less Conversation
        B       Mr. Maybe
                (Note : 7" , 180 numb copies)
KICK    015     TEENGENERATE            DRESSED IN BLACK                7"        .1996

        A       Dressed In Black
        B       Justine
                (Note : 7" , around 1000 copies)
KICK    016     HOLLY HOLIGHTLY         NO HOPE BAR                     7" (m)    .1996

        A       No Hope Bar
        B       Believe Me
                (Note : 7" , mono issue , 500 copies)