Distr.  : UK - Norman
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TEDDYBOY  1 LP  THE SHERLOCKS           WORLD I UNDERSTAND              LP/1    02.2022
                (Note : Lp , black vinyl)
TEDDYBOY  1 CV  THE SHERLOCKS           WORLD I UNDERSTAND              LP/2    02.2022
                (Note : Lp , multi-coloured vinyl)
TEDDYBOY  1 CD  THE SHERLOCKS           WORLD I UNDERSTAND              CD      02.2022

        1.      Porto
        2.      Falling
        3.      Wake Up
        4.      On The Run
        5.      Plastic Heart
        6.      City Lights
        7.      Sorry
        8.      Games You Play
        9.      World I Understand
        10.     Last To Leave
        11.     Slip Road

‘World I Understand’ is the third LP by Barnsley’s indie rock favourites
The Sherlocks. The band have undergone line up changes since their 2019 LP
'Under Your Sky', with guitarist Alex Proctor and bassist Trent Jackson
replacing brothers Josh and Andy Davidson. The new line up seems to have
refreshed and unshackled the band, making an ambitious LP of punchy indie rock.