Distr.  : SW -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : grunge / psychedelic / space rock / alternative /

TAXI    001
TAXI    002 LP  BRION STARR             GLOBAL IDENTITY                 LP      07.2019

        01.     THE REAL THING
        03.     WONDERFUL
        04.     THE HEART IS A LOADED GUN
        05.     HERE COME THE SUNKEN
        06.     DOWN (UNDERGROUND)
        07.     FACULTY OF THE SENSES
        08.     TIME IS..
        09.     COME ESHATON
        10.     90 DRESDEN
        11.     OH PLEASE
        12.     DREAM CREAM

Brion Starr is a singer, artist, and actor based in New York City, though this debut
album was recorded over three months North London's Konk Studios (home of childhood
musical heroes, The Kinks). This followed a year-and-a-half touring with The Noh
Starrs after releasing their eponymous album via Modern Sky in 2017. Along with former
bandmates Robbie Wood and Lida Fox, Starr follows the experimental drone and psych-rock
elements of their debut album aligned with cut-up pop structures and free jazz
contributions by Matt McAuley (TV Baby, A.R.E Weapons). Starr then explores musique
concrete, loop-based tape compositions and ambient meditations on the latter half of
the album with harpist Marilu Donovan.
TGR     001     THE SOLAR TEMPLE        FLOWING FREE                    7"        .2019

        1       Flowing Free                                    4:01
        2       Mind's Garden                                   3:14
TGR     003     DAWNS MYSTERY : BEFORE LIFE AT THE SEA GROUND           LP      05.2019

        1       Tomorrow Is Goth                                5:08
        2       Dog Bowl                                        3:52
        3       New Dawn                                        4:09
        4       Feels Like A Minute                             5:15
        5       Africa                                          5:44
        6       Sun Shades And Colours                          3:53
        7       Past And Pending Stars                          4:04
        8       Volcano                                         3:54
        9       Let It All Go                                   4:00
        10      1670                                            4:32
TGR     005     ANNIE TAYLOR            NOT YOURS!                      12"+DLc 04.2019

        a1      Under Your Spell                                3:56
        a2      Not Yours                                       3:33
        b1      S.L.E.E.P                                       3:55
        b2      Aerglo                                          4:06
        b3      Deeper (Bonus Track)                            3:15
                (Note : 12" , transp.-orange vinyl)

TGR     007     TRACY BRYANT            HUSH                            LP      08.2019

        02.     THE FOOL
        03.     MASK
        04.     LOOKS LIKE GOLD
        05.     NIGHTMARE
        06.     WHAT I GET
        07.     HANGED MAN
        08.     BURY ME
        09.     EVERENDING STORY
        10.     I TRIED

Tracy Bryant first gained recognition in 2011 as founder and frontman of Los Angeles
group Corners. The band became a staple of the underground L.A. music scene with
their highly regarded live shows and three well-received releases. Corners toured
the U.S. and Europe extensively before Bryant decided to end the band in early 2016
to fully focus on his solo endeavors. His first full-length solo album Subterranean
was released in early 2016 on Burger Records. 2017 saw the release of Bryant's
sophomore album A Place For Nothing And Everything in its Place, revealing a wider
spectrum and depth in Bryant's songwriting. The soaring melodies of Hush are a breath
of fresh air combined with an authentic lyrical perspective which approaches the
sometimes taboo music industry and the characters which inhabit it. Bryant's most
elaborate production yet is realized by the immaculate drumming & percussion of Nick
Murray (Cate Le Bon, White Fence), precision bass by Brian Allen (Burnt Ones) and
Kyle Mullarky. Guitars and piano are all played by Bryant himself. The album is
mastered by world-renowned engineer Dave Cooley (Blood Orange, Ariel Pink, Animal

CD      First And Foremost  FAF 1           2019        UK


TGR     010     BRION STARR             ROPE MEMORIES                   LP      02.2020

        01.     CLOUD 19
        02.     MIND LOVE
        03.     ONLY YOU
        04.     THE LAST CLUB ON EARTH
        06.     TOWARD HEAVEN
        07.     ATMOSPHERICS
        08.     ASCEND AGAIN
        09.     COME DOWN
        10.     SHAME

Brion Starr is a musician based in New York City. Starrs debut album Global Identity
as released in early 2019. The album ws recorded at Konk Studios (home of The Kinks)
in London with a cadre of international musicians including Robbie Wood (Swim Deep,
Lida Fox and Matthew McAuley (ARE Weapons). This is the sister album. Rope Memories
is the diary of a highly successful advertising agent who is at the end of earths
life cycle and has to choose to stay on a fated earth or take all their money earned
to buy seats on a shuttle to an exclusive colony in soace. The album is to be
understood as a concept and varies between highly developed art rock songs with
moments of glam spectacle and punk brevity alternating with slower instrumental
ambient songs reminiscent of early ambient pioneers which are meant to represent
various stages of space travel.
TGR     011     CALVIN LOVE             NIGHT SONGS                     LP      03.2020

        01.     CHAMELEON PT.1
        02.     IF I DIE
        03.     SONG FOR SWIFT
        04.     CROCODILE TEARS
        05.     BLUE AS THE NIGHT
        06.     FOR THE THRILL
        07.     IF I ONLY KNEW THEN
        08.     CHAMELEON PT. 2

There is a palpable mood at the heart of Canadian perennial Calvin Loves work. Only
once in a blue moon comes an artist that seems so familiar yet out of space. Love
arrives as an enigma, a crooning, haunted voice. With nods in comparison to Roy
Orbison, and Bryan Ferry. Love has certainly drawn subtle inspiration from the
classic singers of the 60s, 70s and 80s. But Loves work reflects on the modern
journey. Songs for the introverts, songs for lonely and hopeful, and songs to
soundtrack our lives through the quiet hours, and all the places our minds drift
to as we head toward the uncertain future of the 21st Century.

TGR     013     KYLE AVALON             LAST MINUTE MAN                 LP      06.2020

        02.     SAVAGE SONG
        03.     THE HAUNTED SCREEN
        04.     IM READY
        05.     LAST MINUTE MAN
        06.     BORROWED SPELL
        07.     BORN A BASTARD
        08.     CRUISE CONTROL
        09.     TAKE ME AWAY

While establishing himself in the NYC music scene playing with artists like Cut Worms
and Shilpa Ray, Kyle Avallone began working at home on what would become his new
solo project, a dark and moody world where he could investigate the layers of romantic
turmoil, hedonistic habits, and ordinary life. His debut album, Last Minute Man, is
a sleazy offering of Casiotones covered in barroom smoke and crimson cabaret light;
a scuzzed out tower of songs that takes you on a late night escapade littered with
neon signs, bathroom debauchery, and 3AM rendezvous. You could be nightclubbing in
Berlin with the ghost of Rowland S. Howard, or zig zagging across the floor of the
Black Lodge with holes in your loafers, a tear in your dress.
TGR     014     ANNIE TAYLOR            SWEET MORTALITY                 LP      09.2020
TGRcd   014     ANNIE TAYLOR            SWEET MORTALITY                 CD      09.2020

        1)      Drive
        2)      Telephone
        3)      She Loves You No More
        4)      Smokes
        5)      Where The Grass Is Greener
        6)      A Thousand Times
        7)      Made Up My Mind
        8)      Smoking Teenage Girl
        9)      17 Days
        10)     Lucy
        11)     Words
        12)     The Fool

Releasing two highly acclaimed singles and their first EP, Not Yours!, since their
formation four years ago, Swiss quartet Annie Taylor deliver their debut studio album.
Completing their gradual evolution from anthemic indie-rock to hazy psychedelia, Sweet
Mortality is an accomplished collection for a band so young.


TGR     017     THE SWEETHEARTS         DREAM BIG                       LP      09.2020

        01.     SUZIE
        02.     TONIGHTS THE NIGHT
        03.     SHE THREW OUT HER TOYS
        04.     PINK LEATHER
        05.     ROCK N ROLL STORY
        06.     I CAN MAKE IT FUN

The Sweethearts is a project by Tyler Thacker together with Sam Mehran (ex Test
Icicles). Songs were written on a tiny casio between Sam and Zak Mering. Tyler pretty
much played all the instruments.
TGRLP   018     CHILLEMI                WITH WOMAN                      LP      04.2021

        01.     NEON BRIDE
        02.     STRANGERS
        03.     WORKING CREATURE
        04.     WILD ROSE
        05.     FRIEND
        06.     LOVE
        07.     MOTEL SONG
        08.     ACTRESS
        09.     EVIL EYE
TGRLP   019     CALVIN LOVE             HIGHWAY DANCER                  LP      02.2021

        02.     YOU GOT ME RUNNIN'
        03.     HIGHWAY DANCER
        04.     THE COIN, THE STICK, THE TAKE
        05.     DREAMS KEEP CALLIN'
        06.     WHAT IS REALITY?
        07.     A THOUSAND YEARS
        08.     SHADOWS
        09.     NO GOODBYES
        11.     WILDFLOWER
                (Note : LP , marbled vinyl)
TGRLP   020     ADULT BOOKS             GRECIAN URN                     LP      03.2021
TGRCD   020     ADULT BOOKS             GRECIAN URN                     CD      03.2021

        01.     INNOCENCE
        02.     RECEIVER
        03.     GRECIAN URB
        04.     HOLIDAY
        05.     FLORENCE
        06.     100 DREAMS
        07.     APOLOGIES
        08.     CASSY
        09.     ADRIATICS

Adult Books is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based writer and multi-instrumentalist
Nick Winfrey. With the help of childhood friends Sina Salessi (drums) and Alex Galindo
(guitar/synth), Winfrey crafts lyric-driven dark pop gems that recall the hook-heavy
guitar work of Johnny Marr, the just-below-the-collar angst of Mission of Burma, and
the doomsday bellow of early Echo and the Bunnymen.
TGRLP   022     BRION STARR             2020                            LP      12.2021

The first of two albums to be released by Brion Starr over the same month, the
second of which is produced by the legend that is Tony Visconti (TAXI 028CD/LP).
On 2020, the first full-length album recorded at the infamous Chateau d'Herouville
in France since its closure in 1985, Starr explores a year which none of us will
soon forget. Starr says of the album: "I feel like this is us at our most blunt,
I certainly haven't felt very poetic this last year. I've been writing about what
is right in front of me and have chosen to eschew beauty for the raw reality of
what has been happening in NYC this year." 2020 is a genre-hopping, time-traveling
whirlwind with heavy depth and impeccable range which is set very firmly in the
surreal and manic time we are living in. The music and lyrics found within equal
the surreal with the subtly psychedelic, the manic with a frantic talent.
TGRLP   027     PABLO INFERNAL          MOUNT ANGELES                   LP      12.2021
TGRCD   027     PABLO INFERNAL          MOUNT ANGELES                   CD      12.2021
TGRLP   028     BRION STARR             A NIGHT TO REMEMBER             LP      12.2021
TGRCD   028     BRION STARR             A NIGHT TO REMEMBER             CD      12.2021

        01.     MORNING LIGHT
        02.     THE BUTLER
        03.     PRIVATE EYE
        04.     SHINE
        05.     BLACKOUT
        06.     21ST CENTURY LTD
        07.     NOCTURNE
        08.     ON THE LINE
        09.     A NIGHT TO REMEMBER
        10.     SAME FLAME (STAY WITH ME)
TGRLP   029     SAM HIMSELF             POWER BALLADS                   LP      04.2022
TGRCD   029     SAM HIMSELF             POWER BALLADS                   CD      01.2022

        01.     Sam Himself - Brando
        02.     Sam Himself - La Paz
        03.     Sam Himself - Nothing Like The Night
        04.     Sam Himself - The Missing
        05.     Sam Himself - Way Out
        06.     Sam Himself - What It's Worth
        07.     Sam Himself - Men In My Family
        08.     Sam Himself - Legends Of The Recent Future
        09.     Sam Himself - Cry
        10.     Sam Himself - When I Take The Stage