Distr.  : UK - Volcanic Tongue
Style   :

TP#     7       ANNE WALDMAN            OASIS AT BISKRA                 CS      05.2014
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies)
POLICYTAPE 001  BILL ORCUTT             REAL FEEL GEEL REEL             CS      03.2020
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

Interesting title here from Bill Orcutt using a similar system to how I used to name
my fish as a child.  Not sure what Harry, Barry, Larry or Gary would thing of this
limited tape on Taping Policies but it is a very limited release (just 100) and is
a recording of Bill live at the Taping Policies HQ. Bill as you may know is an American
guitarist who was once in Harry Pussy but now plays a kind of primitive guitar style
with influences from blues, punk and free-jazz improvisation.