Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : punk / hardcore /

TTC     1       CHINAS COMIDAS          CHINAS COMIDAS                  LP      11.2019

This 77 punk band from the first Seattle scene moved to LA during the golden punk era,
and played with Dead Kennedys, Ultravox, Black Flag and many others. This LP compiles
their two EPs ('Peasant/Slave' and 'Snaps') and some more recorded songs that never
saw the light of the day plus one song from a demo and a live cover of 'The Witch'
from The Sonics, that could be perfectly been made by Devo.
TTC     2       THE EXTROVERTS          SUPPLE                          LP      10.2019

The Extroverts are one of those true punk-power pop gems unknown to the mainstream
public but not forgotten to those that remember their old days back in 1979 sharing
the same bill with the likes of D.O.A., Subhumans and other Canadian punk rock
favourites. They could only release one single at the time, but kept some of the best
punk songs written in those days, and recorded them in 2016 in really good sound
quality. Think about the best Exploding Hearts, Pointed Sticks, Nerves or Real Kids
and you'll get a close picture of this 12 explosive bombs of punk rock and power pop.
For the first time on vinyl. 300 copies.